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Nursing Today Feb 1, 1982

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A proposal calling for a $1.6 million grant to establish a Nursing Research
Consortium based at the UBC School of
Nursing has been submitted fox-^onsideration to the Canadian Nurse's Foundation.
Dr. Joan Anderson, fessociate/Profes-
sor, School of Nursing, Wt-a-fllajor role
in developing the proposal, which is being sponsored jointly by the UBC School
of Nursing, the University of Victoria
School of Nursing, the B.C. Cancer Control Agency and the Health Sciences Centre Hospital. The Registered Nurses Association of B.C.  supports the idea.
The proposal calls for development
of a Nursing Research Consortium to engage in the study of health needs of families, facilitate exchange of information
about nursing research and enhance educational opportunities for nurse researchers.
"The family assumes major responsibility for health care and is the basic
unit within which decisions about health
care are made," Dr. Anderson said.
"Nursing needs to enhance its understanding of family dynamics in order to meet
contemporary health needs more effectively."
Nurse researchers in all the sponsoring units have already undertaken projects that deal with the family, but, as
the brief to CNF points out, researchers
tend to work in isolation and risk duplication of time and effort.
"Coordinated efforts are needed to
develop a body of knowledge within this
specific area," the brief said. "Also,
there are no mechanisms through which
less   experienced   researchers   can   profit
from the experiences of others. If nursing is to build a coherent body of knowledge, nurse researchers and graduate students need opportunities to be socialized
into disciplined methods of scientific
The proposal calls for a research
director and one full-time researcher to
be appointed to the staff during the
first year. Support staff and services
would be available, as would money for
meetings, travel grants and support services for other researchers. The funding
would cover the cost of the Consortium
for four years.
Further information about the proposal can be obtained from Professor
Anderson in the School.
The Cardiac Care Nursing Course being offered this Spring by the Division
of Continuing Nursing Education on the
educational television network has attracted queries from all parts of the
"The interest expressed by telephone
calls and letters from all parts of the
province indicates just how necessary
these courses are," said Prof. Shirley
Brandt, director of the division and project director of the pilot project series. "Nurses in many outlying areas have
expressed interest in following the
course, even although they are not near
enough to one of the three centres to actually register for the course."
Queries about the course have come
from Port Hardy, Gold River, Campbell
River and the Fort St. John area as well
as from nearby areas such as Squamish and
Mission, Prof. Brandt said.
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 3, No. 4
February 1982 The 30-hour, 15-session continuing
education series is on Nursing Assessment
and Management of Acute Cardiovascular
Disorders. The Continuing Nursing Education Division received a $25,000 grant
from the Universities Council of B.C. to
prepare the program as a pilot project
for Kami oops, Kelowna and Prince George
to evaluate the effectiveness of this
teaching/learning experience for programming for outlying areas.
The programs are carried on the
Knowledge Network via the Anik II satellite and can be received throughout the
province. Viewers in the Vancouver area
also can watch the programs if their sets
are equipped with converters so they can
obtain Channel   18.
Several School of Nursing faculty
are teaching in the series. Prof. Ethel
Warbenik and Prof. Brandt have already
appeared in the programs and received
comments on their excellent presentations.
As well, Professors Ann Hilton,
Carol Jillings, Kathleen Christie and
Donna Wilson will  be taking part.
Karen Webber, Pamela Miller and
Marilyn Porter of the Division of Continuing Nursing Education will also be lecturing during the program as will Dianna
Doyle of St. Paul's Hospital. Glennis
Zilm, a part-time lecturer in the School,
is project co-ordinator for the series.
Further information about times or
course content can be obtained from
Glennis Zilm, UBC local  2922.
An inscribed copy of the history of
the establishment and early years of the
nursing program at Mount Royal College,
Calgary, Alberta, has been presented to
the Woodward Biomedical Library by former
UBC Nursing Professor Margaret Street.
The history, written by E. Jean Mac-
kie, is titled A Biographical History of
the Nursing Program at Mount Royal College, Calgary: Part I — The First Three
Years--1965-1968 and was published by
Moii/ital Jtbyal College in June 1981. The
autner; who is a friend of Miss Street,
sent   her   two   inscribed   copies   and   she
sent one to Dr. Marilyn Willman, director
of the School, for use of students and
faculty through the Woodward Library.
In her letter to Dr. Willman, Miss
Street said that the history "is a significant contribution to Canadian Nursing
"It tells the story of the establishment of one of the earliest of the
two-year diploma programs to be given under educational auspices in this country," she wrote. "In fact, I believe
that Mount Royal was the first junior
college in Canada to offer such a program."
Dr. Willman, in accepting the history for forwarding to the Library, said
it would be a fine addition to the nursing collection, which has been growing
rapidly. She has been anxious to see the
nursing history and archival sections
grow and develop and such additions make
excellent material that may not be obtained in any other way.
Third Year nursing student Sharon
Provost, who is also secretary of the
Nursing Undergraduate Society, has been
elected as one of five student "senators-
at-large" for UBC's main governing body.
Ms. Provost led all seven candidates
in the January 19 voting for the one-year
position, which begins with the April
Senate session.
The North Vancouver student has been
active in student affairs since her first
year on campus. She was BSN I sports
representative in 1979, a member of the
Health Sciences Students Committee in
1980 and won the Student Leadership Award
in 1981.
Five UBC research grants from the
Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council monies have been awarded to
School of Nursing faculty for projects to
be carried out this summer.
The grants range from $1,000 to $350
and total $4,150 for the five projects. The faculty and their projects are:
Daniel Jones.    "Career patterns of baccalaureate nursing graduates."
Kathleen Simpson:    "The delegation of
responsibility and authority in the
nursing service hierarchy."
Darlene Steele: "Stress and coping
mechanisms and their effect on
genital  herpes."
Hedi  Uner.    "Employment of a discharge
planning nurse in an active treatment hospital."
Nancy Wells:    "Systematic relaxation
technique for surgical  patients."
Dr. Carrie Lenberg, coordinator of
the Regents External Degrees in Nursing
at the University of the State of New
York, will be guest speaker at the Western Region Conference of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing February 17-19, 1982.
The opening session is on "Accessibility and Flexibility in University
Nursing Education Programs: Options and
Obstacles" to be given at 8 pm Wednesday,
February 17. The conference is being
held in the Begbie (Law) Building at the
University of Victoria.
Thursday's sessions will also be on
Accessibility and Flexibility, with emphasis on "Specific Challenges" and on
"Self-directed Learning in the N.Y. External Degree Program." The speaker will
discuss supports available to students as
well as barriers encountered by students
and program planners and how these may be
Thursday afternoon and Friday morning sessions are reserved for presentation of papers and Friday afternoon is
reserved for the Western Region CAUSN
Registration fee for CAUSN members
is $60 and for non-CAUSN members $70.
One-day registration may be obtained for
Further information and registration
forms are available from Janet Knox, UBC
local 82-7480.
Twenty-seven students from UBC
School of Nursing plan to attend the Canadian University Nursing Students Association conference in Hamilton, Ont., February 10-14.
Eileen Bartel, UBC's CUNSA representative, said students have worked hard to
send the delegation.
Theme of the conference is "Nursing:
A New Outlook" and among the major presentations will be an examination of the
role of males in the profession and the
implications that increasing numbers of
men might have. As well as presentations, business sessions and social sessions, students will hear reports on two
major student research projects.
The national research project this
year has studied the moral reasoning of
fourth-year student nurses, Ms. Bartel
said. The western region of CUNSA did research into the legal implications of
student nurses working in summers and on
conflicts between the skills that they
have learned already and the legal responsibilities of doing these before they
have become registered nurses.
Travel costs for the 27 students
will run about $7,600, Ms. Bartel said.
The student nurses have raised about
$3,000 for the trip through bake sales,
dances and other events. As well, they
have received grants from the Walter Gage
Memorial Fund, from the Nursing Undergraduate Society, from the Alma Mater
Society and from the Student Administration Committee. About $2,000 still is
The Learning Centre in the UBC
School of Nursing is adding toys to its
collection of materials. Contributions
to the collection would be greatly appreciated.
The Centre is setting up a "Pediatric Corner," which will be used for
children who visit the School of Nursing.
Throughout the year, this amounts to
a    fair    number   of   children,    explained Rosemary Knechtel, Learning Centre coordinator.
"For example, in Year III of the
Nursing program student nurses are involved in prenatal assessments as part of
their educational program and use the
Learning Centre as a simulated clinic and
for learning and practising physical assessment skills."
Often, young mothers bring their
youngsters with them, she said. "It
would be great to have a play corner and
toys for the times when their mums are
Mrs. Knechtel said _; one faculty
member has offered to bring"a toy box and
she would like to have faculty and staff
donate toys.
These can be left with either Valery
Bihrer or Barbara Iwasaki in the A-V
Loan-Out area.
Dates for events to mark the retirements of two special School of Nursing
faculty have been set.
The evening of May 25, 1982, has
been reserved for a retirement party to
honor BETH McCANN, Professor in the
School of Nursing, who is retiring this
June after 35 years on faculty. An invitational dinner will be held at the Faculty Club, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
The evening of May 5, 1982, has been
set aside to honor BETTY CAWSTON, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing,
who is retiring after 22 years on faculty. An invitational dinner and "roast"
will be held at the Arbutus Club from 6
p.m. to 11 p.m.
Other events are in the planning
stages as wel1.
The Nursing Undergraduate Society
has decided to recognize hard-working undergraduates with a new kind of award beginning this Spring.
As well as the Leadership Awards,
which are given each year at the Spring
banquet for outstanding leadership in
each year and for the program as a whole,
NUS will also give Service Pins to students who have worked hard on projects
during the year.
Reminder to Faculty: The stress and
strain of exams and assignments will soon
be upon our students. Should you wish to
refer students for personal counselling
on campus, I would recommend Women Students' Office (Brock Hall Rm. 203, phone
228-2415) and the Education Clinic
(Scarfe Building, Rm. 1121, phone 228-
The Education Clinic is staffed by
graduate students in counselling
psychology and supervised by UBC
For further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.
— Ruth Ann English, 82-7433
A-V Media
Communicating and Interviewing. Film-
strips and cassette tapes produced
by Concept Media. Content discusses
basic communication and interviewing
skills as well as some advanced
therapies such as crisis intervention. Instructr's Manual available.
The Prevention and Management of Disturbed Behavior. Videocassette produced
by St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital,
St. Thomas, Ontario. Part I deals
with clues that an individual gives
to staff when he is becoming disturbed and suggestions for staff
about early intervention and prevention. Part II depicts appropriate
physical interventions that can be
used as a last resort when all else
has failed. Learning manual available. Human Development — First 2 1/2 to 6
years. Filmstrips and cassette
tapes produced by Concept Media.
Content discusses physical growth,
motor development and language development for these age groups.
Each series includes an Instructor's
Manual containing guidelines, previewing questions, topic for discussion, study questions and bibliography.
— Rosemary Knechtel
Learning Centre
JOAN M. ANDERSON. "The Social Construction of Illness Experience: Families with a Chronically 111 Child."
Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 6,
No. 6, November 1981, pp. 427-434.
ALISON RICE. "An alternative birth
center proposal." The Canadian
Nurse, Vol. 77, No. 11, December
1981, pp. 34-35, 52.
RUTH ELLIOTT. "Discussion." [Response
to a paper by May Yoshida on Trans-
Cultural Nursing.] In La Recherche
au Service de la Practique, edited
by Marie-France Thibaudeau and Ruth
C. MacKay. Halifax, Dalhousie University School of Nursing, 1981.
DONELDA J. ELLIS. "Breastfeeding: Cultivating Conducive Attitudes." Canadian Journal of Public Health, Vol.
72, No. 5, September/October 1981,
pp. 319-322.
Registered Nurses Association of British
Columbia. Guidelines for Infection
Control for Nursing. Vancouver,
RNABC, March 1981. (SHIRLEY
BRANDT, Chairman of RNABC Infection
Control Standards Committee and author of the Guidelines.)
GLENNIS ZILM. "B.C.'s First Books." Amphora 45, September 1981, pp. 18-
MARGARET KLINGER has joined the faculty of the School of Nursing as an Instructor in second year. A graduate of
the UBC School in 1974, she has recently
completed the requirements for her
M.Sc.N. from the University of Toronto.
Her thesis there dealt with a follow-up
of patients with myocardial infarctions
to discover relationships between their
perceptions of their health and the ways
they complied with the prescribed health
care regimen. Before moving to Toronto
for her master's work, she had clinical
experience in pediatrics and medical-surgical nursing and completed a course in
intensive care nursing.    Welcome!
Another new member of the School of
Nursing faculty is SHELAGH SMITH, who
will be an instructor in first year. Ms.
Smith is presently completing requirements for the M.S.N, degree at the UBC
School and she holds her baccalaureate
degree from UBC as well. Her thesis explored the home self-care, behaviors and
concerns of patients following surgery
for cataracts. She presented results of
her study to ophthalmology nurses at Vancouver General Hospital late in January.
While in the master's program, she was
the recipient of the Ethel Johns-Isabel
Maitland Stewart Memorial Scholarship.
Before returning to graduate school she
was also on faculty of the UBC School.
Welcome back!
Professor KIRSTEN WEBER began a six-
month leave of absence in January to develop a course On "Management of Nursing
Care" that will be offered in fourth year
starting in September. During the next
few months, Prof. Weber will be consulting various directors of nursing in the
Vancouver area about material for the
course. As well, she will travel to a
Nursing Resources conference in San Francisco in March and later to Ontario where
she will be gathering data on similar
courses from university schools of nursing in the Toronto area. Professor SARAH VARGA has taken over
as Coordinator of the fourth-year team
for the remainder of the year.
ANN ENGLISH presented a Continuing Nursing Education Workshop for Registered
Nurses on "Use of Planned Change" in Ke-
lowna at the end of January.
Professor CAROL JILLINGS gave birth
to a 2.92 kilogram (6 lbs. 7 oz.) baby
girl on January 24, 1982. Mother, father
and daughter all doing well.
Professor WIN MILLS will attend a
conference on "Classification of Nursing
Diagnosis" March 10-12, 1982 sponsored by
the North West Region Group at the University of Oregon, Portland.
$9,350 Fell
Care Found
ies at Si
disci pi in
SMITH received a
om the B.C. Health
pursue doctoral stud-
ersity toward an inter-
in psychology and ed-
thesis will explore the
needs of families with children who have
special needs arising from chronic health
The Nursing Undergraduate Society
has sent DEAN MARTIN WEDEPOHL a Nursing
Crest to be attached to his Engineering
sweater to emphasize the relationship of
the School to the Engineering Faculty.
During the year, the Dean has taken a
greater interest in School of Nursing events.
Eight of the nine NUS Executive recently were guests at the first "Dean's
Dinner" at the Faculty Club hosted by
Dean Wedepohl for what he has suggested
will be an annual event.
Recently-graduated BSN students
been selected to present projects on
"Communicating with Chinese Patients with
Cancer" at the Oncology Ngrsing Society
conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in
April. Their presentations are based on
student work completed in clinical areas
of the Cancer Control Agency of B.C. 1n
Spring 1981 under Professor WIN MILLS.
February 10
"Pot Luck" Supper for the Nursing Division Alumni at 6 p.m. at Cecil Green Park.
Dinner table talk will focus on "Concerns
for Nursing," with topics for each table
and guided group discussion. All School
of Nursing Alumni welcome. Bring a dinner dish and come. Further information
from Beth McCann,  UBC local  82-7463.
April   28-30,  1982
National Nursing Research Conference
sponsored by the University of B.C. and
University of Victoria Schools of Nursing. To be held at the University of
Victoria. Full conference programs are
ready and can be picked up in the nursing
office, School of Nursing. Further information and details from Ann Hilton,
UBC, local 82-7498.
Faculty interested in research
should note that Health and Welfare Canada has announced a "Special Competition"
for its National Health Research Development Program grants. The Special Competition will permit significantly more
funding to be granted for "high priority"
areas, some of which may apply to nursing
Full information on the special
areas is available on the Faculty Bulletin Board or from Glennis Zilm (local
Research proposals for review need
to be submitted by March 15, 1982 for
this funding, which will be available after September 1, 1982.
This announcement is in addition to
the regular NHRDP grants, which have a
July 31, 1982 deadline and which also
have several areas where nurses may want
to apply.


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