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Nursing Today Nov 1, 1983

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The Master of Science in Nursing
program this fall has the largest number of
students ever enrolled at one time.
Fifty-two nurses are enrolled, with 30 of
these in the first year of the program.
The newly-admitted students include 18
full-time and 12 part-time students. This
represents three times the number of
students who entered the program in 1982.
The remaining 22 students have taken
first year requirements and are now
completing courses and working on theses.
A majority of the MSN students are
from British Columbia, although a number of
those in the program come from other parts
of Canada and one student is from New
Some of the students have proceeded
directly into the program from a
baccalaureate program, but a majority have
been employed in clinical and teaching
The baccalaureate program continues to
admit a full complement of students up to
the enrolment limit of 113 into first year.
This quota has been set for some years
As well, a full class of 72 returning
registered nurses, who enter the program at
the third year level, was admitted. A quota
on enrollments in this program has also
been in effect for some years.
Seven nurses who are or have been
recently associated with the UBC School of
Nursing rank high on the list of those who
received Fellowships from the Canadian
Nurses Foundation in Ottawa this year. This
year,  the  CNF  awarded  $51,180  to
Three recipients of the 17 doctoral
and master's scholarships given by the
Foundation had taught in the School before
they decided to return for further study:
M. RUTH ELLIOTT, a tenured assistant
professor in the School, currently on study
leave, who is enrolled in a doctoral
program at Simon Fraser University;
MAUREEN ANN LITTLE, a graduate of the
UBC BSN program and a sessional lecturer in
the School last year, who is enrolled in
the Master of Science in Nursing program at
the University of Toronto;
and a former nursing instructor in the
Division of Continuing Nursing Education's
Critical Care Program, who is completing
her master's degree in nursing at Dalhousie
As well, JENNIFER L.F. CHUNG, a recent
graduate from the UBC program and a
research assistant to Dr. Joan Anderson,
has been awarded the Helen McArthur
Canadian Red Cross Award by the Foundation.
She is completing a master's in nursing
program at the University of Washington in
Another recent UBC graduate, CAROLE
EDNA GRIFFIN, has also received a
fellowship; she is enrolled in the MSN
program at UBC.
KATHLEEN NUNN, another of the
recipients of awards for master's study, is
enrolled in the UBC program.
In addition to the 17 main fellowships
awarded by the CNF, this year the
Foundation also made 11 awards for
baccalaureate study, one for each province
and territory. The B.C. winner, NANCY GAIL
THORNTON, is enrolled in the UBC program
for returning RNs.
The Canadian Nurses Foundation,
established in 1962, is a registered
charitable organization supported by gifts,
donations and bequests, mainly from
individual nurses across Canada.	
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 5, No. 2
November, 1983
Wletske Eikelenboom, a fourth-year
student, has been appointed Student
Director on the Board of the Registered
Nurses Association of B.C. She succeeds
Sally Moore, also a UBC student nurse, who
graduated in May.
The Student Director is appointed from
nominees selected by students in programs
throughout the province. She will
represent student interests at the RNABC as
veil as fill regular Board duties.
Ms. Eikelenboom has been active in the
Canadian University Nursing Students
Association (CUNSA) for two years and was a
member of the RNABC nursing research
interest group in the last year. She is
also a volunteer for the Women's Health
Collective and an active supporter of the
peace movement.
Monthly notices about deadlines for
research grants are posted in the Nursing
Office. As well, notice of grant deadlines
are often listed in UBC Reports.
Full information on the monthly
notices are also listed for computer users
in the MTS file "OPRA:" followed by the
month. Only the grants available in the
two most recent months are available.
Other information on grants may be
obtained from Marguerite Howard or June
Prenty in the School of Nursing office. As
well, faculty may get in touch with the
"Grants and Contracts Officer" in the
Office of Research Services, Old Admin.
Building, for more specific Information.
Registered nurses entering the
baccalaureate program may now transfer up
to 15 units of course work from other
institutions to apply toward the 38 1/2
units required In the third and fourth
years of the BSN program — provided the
courses meet the requirements of the
University and the School of Nursing.
This Increase In the number of
transfer-In units, from a previous six
units, was approved by Senate at Its
September meeting.
This means that  registered nurses
entering the UBC program will be able to
take a larger portion of their course work,
provided it meets the School's standards,
at other institutions throughout the
The changes also mean the registered
nurses now have wider options for taking
the 9 units of upper level electives
(courses at the 300 and 400 levels). These
may be taken through other universities in
the province or through the Open Learning
Institute, provided the courses meet the
requirements and the student is registered
in the Nursing program.
Prospective students should apply to
the University and the School. The RN
Advisor can provide direction and guidance
about the kind and quality of courses that
are needed.
For example, Math 102 offered by the
Open Learning Institute is considered
comparable to Math 203 at UBC. Students
may also be able to take other university-
transfer math courses at most community
colleges instead of Math 203. APST 450
from the Open Learning Institute ("Understanding Research in Nursing") is also
transferable to UBC N304.
However, all students should be
advised to check with the Registrar's
Office and with the School of Nursing RN
Advisor before registering for any outside
course to be certain that it does meet
—Olive Simpson
Director, Outreach Program
The Outreach course on "Nursing Issues
in the Health Care System," to be offered
jointly by the University of British
Columbia and the University of Victoria
Schools of Nursing, has been postponed
until May because of budget cuts.
The 1 1/2-unit course Is to be a
package that will contain print materials
complemented by video portions over the
KNOWledge Network, audio tapes and
telephone conferences. It was to have
begun in January 1984; it has now been
rescheduled to May 1984.
* * * *
No door will open for you unless you give
it a push.
The small study on the questionnaire
to faculty about use of the writing consultant position in the School has been
completed. The findings showed that the
position is supported by faculty. At least
69% of faculty (instructor to professor
positions) had made use of the service
during the last two years and 81% predicted
they would use the service in the coming
The study also found that 77% of the
53 (of a possible 56) respondents had submitted at least one article to a professional journal within the last two years
and that acceptance rates were at least
58%; much higher than average acceptance
rates reported by most professional
A brief report on the study has been
completed and is available on loan for
faculty members from Glennis Zilm.
Nursing Today would like to publish
brief reports on research projects completed by faculty members in the School for
the information of our readers. If you
have recently completed a project, please
provide a brief report to the editor for
inclusion in a future issue.
Activity has picked up in the Learning
Centre as students at all levels practise
new techniques and skills. The simulated
clinical settings change many times a day
as students test their various psychomotor
skills. Self-directed learning certainly
seems on the increase by the numbers of
individuals and groups taking part.
Supervised Evening Practice
Supervised open practice sessions are
offered every Monday from 1330 to 2030
hours. Faculty should encourage students
to take advantage of these extended hours
and the available faculty instruction.
Vertical Files
The "Nursing Topic" vertical files in
the Learning Centre are convenient,
well-used resources for both students and
faculty. The "clean-up" and revision of
these files, started this summer, is still
in progress. Faculty are encouraged to
check the files related to their teaching
areas and delete out-dated materials and
add any new reference resources.
Lab Educators of B.C.
Meetings of the Nursing Lab Educators
of B.C. Group reconvened this fall and will
be held every two months.
The next meeting is set for Thursday,
November 12, 1983 at UBC in room T.204 from
1230 to 1600 hours.
Anyone interested in attending or
learning more about this interest group
should call Cheryl Entwistle at UBC
Lunch Time Opportunities
Much interest has been shown in the
new teaching-learning tools received in the
Learning Centre over the summer. However,
many faculty are finding it difficult to
find time to view these tools.
Now, every second Wednesday and
Thursday, beginning October 26, there will
be a lunch-time review of new print
materials and teaching-learning aids.
Program topics will be posted on the
faculty mailbox a few days before the
viewing date.
Bring your brown bags and join in.
—Cheryl Entwistle
Learning Centre
UBC Nursing faculty were well
represented at the 9th National Conference
of Nursing Research, held in Montreal,
October 12-24, 1983. Among the major
presentations were papers by VIRGINIA HAYES
presented the paper on "Experience of
Stress in Parents of Children Hospitalized
with Long Term Disabilities" and Prof.
Mogan presented the paper on "Can Relaxation Reduce Long Term Pain?"
HELEN NISKALA was chairperson of one
of the sessions and GLENNIS ZILM was
discussion leader for one of the
Marketplace sessions.
Four other papers on other current
faculty research were included in The
Research Marketplace, a new addition to the
program at this year's conference.  UBC
Page 3 presenters included: WIN MILLS and
Toward Pain: Tool Development"); WIN MILLS
("Orientation to Academia: The
Socialization of New Faculty"); HELEN
NISKALA ("Does Completion of a Home Cardiac
Rehabilitation Program Improve Post-
Myocardial Infarction Patients' Knowledge
About the Disease Process and Its Management?"); and KATHLEEN SIMPSON ("Delegation
of Responsibility and Authority in the
Nursing Service Hierarchy and its Relationship to Indicators of the Quality of
Patient Care").
Also registered from UBC at the
Research Conference were KAREN FINESTONE,
received a grant from the federal Secretary
of State to continue with their proposed
project on "The Phenomenon of Work: A
Comparative Study of the Working Lives of
Immigrant Women in B.C."
CRISS GREEN presented a report on her
current research into health needs of
working women to the UBC Academic Women's
Association meeting in October.
CAROL JILLINGS was in Newfoundland
during mid-October as a travelling lecturer
for the provincial division of the Canadian
Council of Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN).
She gave presentations in Gander, Corner
Brook and St. John's on "Patient education
as a component of cardiac rehabilitation."
Following the Newfoundland tour, she
attended the CCCN annual meeting and
scientific sessions in Toronto. Prof.
Jillings has also been named to the chair
of the Nursing Program Committee for the
Interamerican Congress of Cardiology, which
is to be held in Vancouver in June 1985.
The congress, which brings together health
personnel involved In cardiology from
North, Central and South America, is held
every five years. Canada is host country
for 1985.
Prof. Jillings has also been appointed
to the editorial board of the journal
Critical Care Nurse, beginning in January,
received a grant of  $9,522  from  the
Canadian Foundation of Ileitis and Colitis
for a research project on "Effectiveness of
a Stress Management Program on Patients
with Inflammatory Bowel Disease." This is
the first project by nurse researchers to
be funded by the Foundation.
HELEN NISKALA presented a paper on her
current research into the value of a home
cardiac rehabilitation program for post-
myocardial infarction patients at the 11th
annual Nursing Research Conference
"Research for Clinical Nursing: Its
Strategies and Findings." The conference,
held in Tucson, Arizona, in late September,
was sponsored by the University of Arizona
College of Nursing and the Beta Mu Chapter
of Sigma Theta Tau.
Dr. Niskala also presented a
preliminary report on her research to the
B.C. Division of the Canadian Council of
Cardiovascular Nurses annual meeting in
September in Vancouver.
SARAH SEARL reports that the translation rights for a Spanish edition of her
text, Communicable Disease Handbook,
written with L. Clare Bennett, have been
sold by her publishers, John Wiley & Sons
of New York. The book is selling well.
Prof. Searl has also been elected to the
Board of Directors of the Alzheimer's
Disease Society.
MARILYN WILLMAN was guest speaker at
the October meeting of the RNABC's Nursing
Research Interest Group. About 50 nurses
attended her presentation on "Research: The
Impetus for Change in Nursing."
M. RUTH ELLIOTT. "Maternal Infant Bonding:
Taking Stock." The Canadian Nurse,
Vol. 79, No. 8, September 1983, pp.
DONELDA ELLIS. "A Support System for New
Mothers." The Canadian Nurse, Vol. 79,
No. 7, August 1983, pp. 50-51.
DONELDA J. ELLIS. "Review of the Month:
Breastfeeding." Australian Nurses
Journal, Vol. 12, No. 11, June 1983,
p. 37.
Page 4 MAUREEN MURPHY. "Why Won't They Shape Up?
Resistence to the Promotion of
Health." Canadian Journal of Public
Health, Voll 73^ Nol 6~t November/
December 1982, pp. 427-430.
KATHLEEN SIMPSON. "Research Rounds: Post-
Care Questionnaire; A Tool to Measure
the Quality of Nursing Care." AARN
Newsletter, Vol. 39, No. 8, September
1983, pp. 12-13.
PATRICIA E.B. VALENTINE. "Nursing Management: Collaboration for Better Care."
The Canadian Nurse, Vol. 79, No. 8,
September 1983, pp. 46-48.
NANCY WELLS. "The Effect of Relaxation on
Postoperative Muscle Tension and
Pain." Nursing Research, Vol. 31, No.
4 July/August 1983, pp. 236-238.
Wednesday, November 26, 1983
The meeting of the Nursing Research
Interest Group of RNABC will be held on
Wednesday, November 16, 1983 at 7.30 p.m.
at the RNABC offices, 2855 Arbutus Street.
Guest speaker will be DR. KATHLEEN SIMPSON
of the School of Nursing at UBC on her
study of "Delegation of Responsibility and
Authority in the Nursing Hierarchy and its
Relationship to the Quality of Patient
Care." For further information, call
Margaret Klinger, 228-7439.
February 15-17, 1984
The Western Region of the Canadian
Association of University School of Nursing
will hold its annual meeting February 15-
17, 1984 at the University of Manitoba.
Theme for the conference is Nursing
Education and Practice:  The Impact of
Economics, and several of the presentations will relate to the implications of
the "Computer Age" for nursing education,
practice and research.
For further information, call Judith
Mogan, 228-7426.
The Canadian Nurses Association has
issued a call for clinical abstracts for
papers to be presented at clinical sessions
at the CNA Annual Meeting in Quebec City,
June 17-20, 1984. Further information can
be obtained from the September issue of The
Canadian Nurse, p. 20. Deadline for
abstracts is November 15, 1983.
The editors and editorial board of
Canada's Mental Health are planning a
special theme issue on mental health in the
workplace and the mental health
implications of unemployment. The issue is
scheduled for the second half of 1984. Submissions addressing this theme are being
solicited and should be received by the
editors no later than December 1, 1983.
Further information in the September 1983
issue of Canada's Mental Health.
The Conference planning committee for
the 2nd National Conference on
Gerontological Nursing, to be held in
Winnipeg, May 22-25, 1984, has issued a
call for abstracts on original and unpublished work relating to gerontological
nursing. Abstracts may relate to a formal
paper, informal seminar or discussion
group. Papers will be refereed for publication following the conference. Outlines
for "Poster Sessions" may also be
submitted. Further information on who to
get in touch with may be obtained from
Glennis Zilm (228-2922).
Faculty members are urged to provide news
and comment for Nursing Today. The success of the Newsletter depends on voluntary contributions. The deadline for the
next issue is December 1, 1983. Please
provide information to the editor.
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