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Nursing Today Mar 1, 1982

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The Division of Continuing Nursing
Education at UBC has received two special
projects grants totaling $11,600 from the
Ministry of Education.
One grant is being used to launch
the Post-RN Clinical Nursing Program in
Long-Term Continuing Care. This 50-hour
course, with classroom study and clinical
practice sessions, started in February.
Laurel Nassi, a graduate of UBC's
BSN program who has been working in the
Extended Care Unit (ECU) of the Health
Sciences Centre Hospital at UBC, is coordinator for the course. Rose Murakami,
Director of Nursing of the ECU and on the
faculty of the School
educational  consultant
The second grant
launch a Post-RN program in clinical psychiatric nursing. Barbara McGuire, an
assistant professor in the School of
Nursing until 1981, is completing the
program development for this course.
"We are delighted that the Ministry
of Education has provided funds for these
projects and has shown continuing support
for post-basic continuing education programs for nurses," said Professor Shirley
Brandt, Director of Continuing Nursing
Education and Principal Investigator for
the projects.
"Nurses throughout the province have
expressed a great concern regarding the
lack of such courses since the need for
them is so great."
Further information about the
courses can be obtained from the Division
of Continuing Nursing Education.
of Nusing,   is  the
for this program,
will   be   used   to
Several faculty members attended the
Western Region CAUSN Annual Meeting held
at the University of Victoria, February
17-19, 1982. The conference theme, "Professional Education and the Adult Learner," resulted in many interesting papers.
Dr. Carrie Lenburg, Co-ordinator, Regents
External Degrees in Nursing, the University of the State of New York, presented
the keynote address, Dr. Lenburg discussed "Accessability and Flexibility in
Nursing Education Programmes: Options and
Three faculty members of the School
of Nursing presented papers. Pam
Thompson addressed "The Present State of
Continuing Nursing Education for Nurses
...Where Do We Go From Here?" Ann Hilton
presented a paper entitled "Nurses' Performance and Interpretation of Urine
Testing and Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring Measures." Winnifred Mills talked
about "What Makes Our Students Want to
Learn? Motivation Orientation and the
Adult Learner."
The Conference, which was attended
by 58 representatives from all University
Schools of Nursing in Western Canada,
stimulated much discussion regarding adult learners in nursing and the need to
look at alternative educational strategies.
At the business meeting, Elizabeth
McCann was awarded an honorary life membership to WR CAUSN in recognition of her
long time commitment and contribution to
university nursing education.
~ Janet Knox
UBC Member-at-Large
School  of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver,  B.C.    V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 3, No. 5
Noted nursing leader and cultural
anthropologist Dr. Madeleine Leininger
will be the speaker at this year's annual
Marion Woodward Lecture. This public
lecture, sponsored by the UBC School of
Nursing, will be held Thursday, May 20,
1982, at 8 p.m. in Lecture Theatre 6 of
the Instructional Resources Centre.
Dr. Leininger, who was the first
nurse to receive a doctoral degree in anthropology, has carried out extensive research into cross-cultural aspects of
health care.
She believes that nursing and health
services cannot be adequate, effective or
comprehensive unless cultural aspects of
health and illness are given full consideration.
"Cultural beliefs, values and patterns of living have been part of man's
development and survival for nearly a
million years," she once told an audience
at the University of Maryland. "A person's reaction to illness, health maintenance, daily activities, body discomforts, changes in life, food preferences
and various caring and curing treatment
practices are all linked with cultural
beliefs, values and experiences."
Dr. Leininger is currently professor
of nursing and anthropology and director
for health research at the College of
Nursing, Wayne State University,
Her presentation is titled "Trans-
cultural Care: The Fourth Major Revolution in Health Sciences." Faculty and
students are encouraged to invite guests
to the lecture.
As well, Dr. Leninger will be on
campus during her visit to Vancouver and
will  be meeting informally with faculty.
Further information about her visit
can be obtained from Prof. Elaine Carty,
local 82-7444.
The Ladies Auxiliary to the Jewish
Home for the Aged, which operates the
Louis   Brier   Home   and   Hosital    in   Van
couver, has made a $1,000 donation to be
used in the Long Term Nursing Program offered by UBC's Division of Continuing
Nursing Education.
The donation was made to honor Mrs.
Lillian McLean on her retirement as Nursing Director of the Louis Brier Home and
The funds will be used to purchase
texts and teaching aids for students in
the program.
"The Division welcomes the donation
and appreciates the very special tribute
to Mrs. McLean," said Professor Shirley
Brandt, Director of Continuing Nursing
Education. "Mrs. McLean has been a great
supporter of an in-depth program in genetic nursing care."
During February, the Learning Centre
and School of Nursing were visited by
Valerie Gunn, a health care programming
consultant in educational and institutional planning from Calgary. Ms. Gunn
has been hired by the Grande Prairie Community College to advise on facilities
for their new nursing program.
She will make recommendations on
curriculum, facilities, programs and
learning resources needed for a proposed
new school of nursing in existing buildings on the campus.
During her three-day stay, Calgary
architect Roger Field also visited and
spent one day touring the UBC Learning
Centre and classroom areas.
As well, 01 ga Anderson, chairman of
Library Services for Grande Prairie Community College, visited the Centre, Biomedical Communications and the Woodward
Biomedical Library. She was especially
interested in the Centre's A-V facilities
and learning aids.
"The UBC Centre has gained a wide
reputation for excellence because of its
emphasis on self-directed learning activities and the ways we make these available for students and faculty," said Rosemary Knechtel, coordinator of the Centre.
"The Alberta visitors were impressed and
likely will model at least some of their
planning on our facilities." RESEARCH COMMITTEE
The Research Committee of the School
of Nursing is looking for ways to make
the research carried out by faculty and
students more readily available.
At a recent meeting the Committee
made several recommendations that could
assist in promotion of its activities,
Professor Ann Hilton, chairman of the
committee said.
If you have written a research report and would like to have it kept in
the Woodward Biomedical Library, this can
be arranged. Published and unpublished
reports are listed and kept in designated
boxes in the Archives section of the Library, which would make the reports much
more widely available. If you wish your
report filed and circulated in this way,
supply a copy of the report in an appropriate cover to Professor Kathleen
Simpson of the Research Committee who
will arrange submission to the library.
Faculty who are interested in working with graduate students are urged to
complete the Research Committee's forms
giving areas of interest, experience and
field of research.
Faculty should be certain to notify
Dr. Marilyn Willman, Director of the
School, when resarch funds have been
awarded so that notification of new research awards can be announced.
Faculty are also urged to keep the
record of on-going research (in the yellow folder in the research office) up to
Further ideas that would help promote research should be given to Prof.
Hilton, local 82-7498.
A-V Media
A Moveable Feast. 16 mm film produced in
1981, 26 1/2 minutes. This new Canadian film about breastfeeding is
endorsed by the Canadian Pediatric
Society. Using documentary footage,
animation and dramatized skits, it
takes a candid look at many of the
most common myths, questions, concerns and problems encountered by
new parents about breastfeeding.
Teaching Aids
2 Resusci Anne torsos for C.P.R.
2 Airway models -- good for demonstrating
correct positions for hyperextension
of the neck
1 floor model Baumanometer (must be kept
at all times in the patient care
area in the Centre)
3 Adam teaching models (male anatomical
1 Susie Simon teaching doll (adult)
1 Amputation Stump
1 Brain anatomical model
1 toy box (donated for our new "pediatric
A Reminder!
We are still looking for contributions of used toys to fill our toy box in
the Learning Centre. These can be left
either with Valery Bihrer or Barbara
Iwasaki in the A-V Loan-Out area. Phone
~ Rosemary Knechtel
Learning Centre
ELAINE CARTY and ILENE GORDON. "Sexuality Questionnaire." Great Expectations. Vol. 10, No. 4, Winter 1982,
pp. 23-26. (To date the questionnaire has attracted some 500 replies
from across Canada.)
ILENE TANZ GORDON. "The Birth Controllers: Limitations on Out-of-Hospital
Birth." Journal of Nurse-Midwifery,
Vol. 27, No. 1, Jan.-Feb. 19B2, pp.
"Head Nurse and Clinical Instructor:
A Team Approach Helps  Both Students and Patients." The Canadian Nurse.
Vol. 78, No. 2, February 1982, pp.
GLENNIS ZILM. (Book review of One Thing
for Tomorow, by Joyce Brack with
Robert Collins.) Quill & Quire.
Vol. 47, No. 11, p. 28.
GLENNIS ZILM, part-time lecturer in
the School of Nursing, re-arranged her
working days at the beginning of March to
be part of a five-member jury committee
of the Canada Council in Ottawa. The
jury made recommendations to the Canada
Council on grants to publishers for 1982.
Ms. Zilm is also a regular reviewer of
Canadian books for Vancouver Radio CHQM.
Eight faculty members
Western Region meeting of
Association of University
Nursing in Victoria during
in February. These were:
attended the
the Canadian
Schools of
"Break Week"
Prof. JOAN ANDERSON visited the University of California, San Francisco, in
late January to give a Seminar for School
of Nursing faculty and graduate students.
She spoke on her recent research on a
cross-cultural study of families with a
child with a long-term health problem.
Prof. ELAINE CARTY participated in a
"Health Beat" television program on Channel 10 in February on "Miscarriages." She
spoke from both a professional perspective as a counsellor to women who have
had miscarriages and from her personal
experience. The program has been shown
several times in the Greater Vancouver
Prof. GLORIA JOACHIM was married
February 18 to Ben Keil. Much happiness
to them both.
MARLA PERZOW, from Montreal, has
joined the support staff for the School
of Nursing as first-year secretary.
Prof. SHEILA STANTON, who is chairman of the British Columbia-Yukon area,
attended the meeting of the National
Health Services Committee of the Canadian
Red Cross in Toronto in late January.
March 26,  1982
Nursing Undergraduate Society Annual
Spring Banquet, in the SUB Ballroom, Friday, March 26, 1982 at 6:30 pm. Tickets
$8.50 and faculty are invited to attend.
Theme is Greek and togas are required
April  28-30,  1982
National Nursing Research Conference
sponsored by the University of B.C. and
University of Victoria Schools of Nursing. To be held at the University of
Victoria. Full conference programs are
ready and can be picked up in the nursing
office, School of Nursing. Further information and details from Ann Hilton,
UBC, local 82-7498.
Dr. Todd Rogers of the Faculty of
Education will be teaching an inservice
education series on "Research Design" for
Education faculty in the fall of 1982.
Nursing faculty are welcome to attend.
Further details will be announced in the
early fal1, but you may want to keep some
time open for this series.
Abstracts are invited for presentations at the Annual Meeting and Scientific Session of the Canadian Council of
Cardiovascular Nurses. The meeting is to
be held in Calgary October 18-19, 1982.
Deadline for abstracts is March 15,


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