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The 432 Feb 13, 2008

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FEB. 13th 2008
In This Issue...
More Facebook!
■ f Chinese New Year!
...and much more!
"Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times."    -Mark Twain
Reading Week's Coming Up:7
Get Your Best Clubwear On
By: Nightcrawler
All this week, you will go home, some of
you with a rolled-up copy of this paper
under your arm, and dream about the end of the
week. The end of this week is almost certainly
the most important milestone of this semester,
for it marks the start of Reading Week. You
know what that means; it's time for a party! As a
regular subscriber to ClubZone and Clubvibes,
those two wonderful online resources for things
to do after 9 p.m. every night, I realize that this
article is best employed in dealing with this
topic. So, let us begin (I have tried to include
all the relevant information that nobody verifies
#1. Caprice
This club is frequented by a young,
dashing crowd (dress well). The bouncers
don't seem to enjoy engaging in conversation,
but they are very efficient at kicking out
douchebags, which is why Caprice is effectively
douchebag-free. The club is two storeys tall,
with a wonderful seating area upstairs for people
who like to "chill." It is advisable to make a
guestlist on the two aforementioned websites
because the regular line-up is huge and moves
exceedingly slowly. Fridays and Saturdays are
usually 21+ nights, but this Friday is special.
Come out to Caprice this Friday, support the
Heart and Stroke Club (it's a SUS club, there's
your incentive). They're having a fundraiser
(read: no long lines in the cold and possibly wet
weather). There's a
Facebook group with all the information. Make
sure you get your tickets early. Caprice is located
in the Granville corridor, near the Smythe street
intersection. Cover's usually $12.
First of all, I think "Sonar" was a better
name. GMAN and Rizk, two of Vancouver's
better known promoters, reportedly turned this
place upside-down on New Year's Eve and
announced the new name. I can picture the
hundreds of people with a look of "quoi?" on
their faces when they heard "Fabric" come out
of the speakers. Nevertheless, the club is popular
and is situated in Gastown (Water Street),
conveniently close to both Waterfront station
and Hastings Street for people who don't like
parking in Downtown and elect to take transit.
Again, a guestlist is a really good idea. Drink
prices are reasonable. Cover's between $10 and
$15 depending on the night.
Party!!!: Reading Week is actually a celebration for all the (useless) things we have read, not a time
to do even MORE reading. So let's party it up!
#3. Tonic
Situated on the same block as Caprice,
Tonic provides an interesting atmosphere, with
high ceilings and paintings on the walls. The
club has two balconies (one is the VIP area)
and the decoration includes a motorcycle on the
wall. The house DJ is brilliant, but the drinks
are a tad pricy. The place is definitely better
suited to people who are looking for a great
night of dancing. Cover's between $10 and $15
depending on the night.
#4. Plush
Plush is located at the Plaza of Nations,
across BC Place Stadium. At least, that's what
everyone tells you. You go there and realize
that you still cannot find it. That's because the
front of the club faces the old Plaza of Nations
courtyard (currently home to the remnants of
an amphitheatre). When you finally find it, you
line up, but wait, the neon sign says "Cyber."
That's because Plush is right NEXT to Cyber
(a nightclub that always has wonderful dance
and house music. I've always wanted to try it
but it looks really sketchy). One rarely needs
a guestlist at Plush. The bouncers are great at
getting people in, and they're quite friendly to
talk to. You go inside and congratulate yourself
on getting in so quickly, until you see the size
of the place. Plush is astral. There can easily be
over 400 people by about 10:30, but the place
will look empty till about 11:30. It accomodates
over a 1000 people on its huge dance floor. Drink
prices are reasonable, but I still recommend that
you get to Plush late. Really late. Cover's $15.
#5. Atlantis
Just because "Smallville" filmed here
a few times does not mean it's the best place
in town. Actually, Atlantis has been rather
disappointing in its rules regarding smoking
(i.e. "The entire club is your ashtray, enjoy!")
and the drinks are rather pricy (more so than
Tonic). If you can put up with the cigarette
smoke though, the music is usually quite good.
Atlantis is located two blocks east of Granville,
on Richards (nearest intersection is Drake St.).
Cover's usually $15.
#6. The Republic
Cover's $18 and coat check's $5. Need I
talk about the drink prices? "Holy crap," you ask
with a laugh, "are you crazy, man?" I'm crazy
enough to want a great party, and I'm willing to
spend once in a while. I went last weekend, and
it was probably the best club night I've had in
this town. The DJ, Zak Santiago (some of you
may remember him from various TV shows and
made-for-TV movies), was sensational, and
the atmosphere screamed "decently high class
Vegas." There is another sound room upstairs
with a slightly different beat consisting of chill
trance and eclectic house music. I would say
this club offers an illusion of high class, were it
not for the fact that the drinks
Continued on Page 2 » Page Two
13th February, 2008
Your Clubbing Guide For
Reading Week
Continued From Page 1»
were expensive enough to warrant a real "high
class" label to this joint. Oh, there are LCD
TV's everywhere. Last night, they were playing
the old "Godzilla" movie. Don't ask me why.
All I know is that the entire atmosphere was
hilarious and tons of fun. A guestlist is pretty
much your only ticket in. Oh, and pre-drink.
Save your wallet, you starving student, you!
Republic is diametrically opposite Caprice
(don't jaywalk across the street. Cops were a
mainstay when I went and I saw four people get
ticketed. I'm not trying to baby you like your
mother, but really, use an intersection. Those
cops were NOT friendly).
If you're trying to plan the perfect
half day/night in the Downtown area, and you
have a sizeable group of people with you (4 or
more), why not catch a movie and dinner before
clubbing it out for the night? Famous Players
Paramount is nearby, and one of the best places
for a fairly classy, sit-down meal is Sip Resto-
Lounge, on Granville again (two blocks south,
and on the same side as, Caprice). Make a
reservation NOW. This place fills up fast, and
it's a good place to stuff yourself silly.
This should be enough to get your feet
wet during Reading Week. There are other
clubs that I wish to try, including Lotus Sound
Lounge, Honey, The Royal, Vanilla Room,
Volume 11, but the ones I've listed are all fairly
easy to get to via transit, and well situated if
you live on campus at UBC. If you are the
Designated Driver for the night, there is a
parking lot right behind Caprice (which will
serve Tonic, Republic and Atlantis as well).
For Fabric, there are numerous parkades and
parking lots all within walking distance. Plush
is surrounded by parking lots as well.
Have a safe and fun Reading Week
regardless of whether you take a break from
studying. But seriously, try to get away from the
books at least once, and try one of the places
above if you've never been (my money's going
to the Heart and Stroke club next Friday!).
to <Wp&nota (x**to) tfWrfng kocfcv'ard in tine-
eivfe nLCc^e '\wlllCr' ™
P'WNiwfr.which inter
Volume 21
Issue 5
February 13, 2008
Varun Ramraj
Casey Chan
Eric Asava-Aree
Jacob Cosman
Aaron Lgg
Aaron Pante
Jordan Stewart
Chris Tarantino
Lacey Fishnets
Little Miss Science
Miss Chief
SUS Councillors and Execs
Horizon Publications: Vancouver, BC
The 432 is a publication of the Science
Undergraduate Society of UBC. We are not
responsibleforrnisuse of this paper: including
but not limited to usage as instruments
of arson, assault, armed robbery, impaired
driving, rape, murder, fraud and gross
indecency. This issue is made from IOO%
recyclable materials.
All views expressed in this issue are strictly
those of the individual writers, and as such
are not the responsibility of The 432, The
Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), or
the Faculty of Science. Writers and
cartoonists are encouraged to submit their
material to The 432. Submission must meet
the requirements of making the director
chucklethriceand must contain theauthor's
name and contact information.
Wit us up at: the4-32@gmail.com Vol. 21, Issue 5
Page Three
Facebook Birthday Notifier
How Forgetful Are Your Friends Without Your Birthday Listed?
Asava-Aree, Eric
The University of British Columbia
Faculty of Science
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Facebook's "Birthday Notifier" (FBBN) is
a tool on Facebook that tells users about their
friend's upcoming birthdays. We decided
to test the claim that FBBN increases the
probability that one will receive a "Happy
Birthday" note from one's friends. By
performing a one-tailed t-test comparing a
group that did not list their birthdays to one
group that did, we found that there was
a statistically significant increase in the
probability of one receiving a birthday note
if one listed one's birthday compared to if
one did not. We concluded that our friends
are amazingly forgetful with our birthdays if
not reminded of them.
Facebookis a social networking utility (Facebook,
2007) that includes a "Birthday Notifier" that
tells users about the upcoming birthdays of their
friends (personal observations, 2007). Recently,
it was hypothesized that the Facebook Birthday
Notifier can increase the probability of you
receiving a birthday note from your friends on
your wall (Au, 2007). In doing so, we believe
that our friends are prone to forget our birthdays
unless we have some means of reminding them.
We decided to do a statistical hypothesis test in
order to test this claim, and to procrastinate in
studying for the upcoming STAT200 (Elementary
Statistics for Applications) mid-term.
Methods and Calculations:
A statistical test was performed using a sample
size of 3 (for the control group) and sample size
of 21 (for the test group). The control group
was defined as the set of people on Facebook
who did not reveal their birthdays around their
birth date, whereas the test group was defined
as the set of people on Facebook who did reveal
their birthdays around their birth date. The null
hypothesis was defined as such: Facebook's
birthday notifier does not increase or decreases
the probability of one getting a birthday note by
one's friends on one's wall. Mathematically, this
can be represented as:
HO: ux = uy
The alternative hypothesis was defined as such:
Facebook's birthday notifier increases the
probability of one getting a birthday note by
one's friends on one's wall. Mathematically, this
can be represented as:
Ha: ux < uy
The probability of one getting a birthday note
was defined as the number of birthdayrelated
notes one received around one's birth date d
vided by the total number of friends that one
had at the time of the birthday. From the raw
data collected, we computed the means and
standard deviations of each sample group.
Since we do not know the population mean and
standard deviations for each sample group, we
performed a t-test assuming that the distribution
of wall posts for each sample group was nor
mally distributed and that the two samples are
independent of each other.
1 blackjack invitation
1 are you interested?
1 profile glitter request
1 rock paper & scissor
5 invite requests
P3 3 neighborhood invitations
2 top friends invitations
1 ninja invitation
3 beach ball requests
1 glitterbox invitation
3 water fight invitations
j£ 2 get double dared
iRequest: Sure, they are annoying. But hey, you probably need it for your friends' birth dates!
#4. The trials are independent, assuming
that one wall post does not affect another
person's chances of posting (by having the
others not looking at the Facebook news
feed page and seeing a "Happy Birthday
Charles!" note.)
Control Group
Test Group
Sample Size:
Table 1: Summary statistics of data collected
for the control and test group. Means were
computed by averaging all the data, and the standard
deviation was computed in Numbers '08, Apple Inc. 's
spreadsheet application for Macintoshes.
We found that the t-test statistic was computed
to be -3.155998. At the 0.05 significance level,
the critical p-value that we need is -2.920, based
on a one-tailed (left) t-test with df=2.
Since the critical p-value is greater than the p
value that we calculated, we can reject the null
hypothesis in favor of the alternate hypothesis.
This statistical test thus lends credence to the idea
that Facebook's birthday notifier does increase
the probability of one getting a birthday note by
one's friends on one's wall.
Granted though, there are a few problems
with this hypothesis test. The issue of greatest
concern to us is that we had too few degrees of
freedom, as shown by the control group having
only three data points. In order to improve this
hypothesis test, one could increase the number
of data points by remembering one's friend's
birthdays (for those who prefer to remove their
birthdays) and recording the number of wall
posts they receive. That said, we did use a very
small degree of freedom here, hence our results
are extremely conservative; if we used a larger
sample size for the control group, it would likely
not affect the resultant conclusion that we have
Another major issue is the distribution that we
have assumed in this hypothesis test. While one
may say that the normal distribution works,
others may argue that a binomial distribution fits
much better. The scenario described fits the four
criterion required for a distribution of a random
variable to be binomial, that is:
#1. There are a fixed number of trials (the number
of friends that one has).
#2. There are two possible outcomes, success
(i.e.  a wall  post)  and failure  (i.e.  no wall
#3. The probability of a success (i.e. a wall
post)  could  arguably be  constant (13%  for
those who list their birthdays, about 4% for those
who do not) per friend for each person.
This final assumption, though, is weak at best,
and it is likely that the binomial distribution does
notfitwell. That said, even ifit did fit well, with a
large enough sample size, we could approximate
it to the normal distribution, and with a bit of
continuity correction, we would be able to
approximate the values for this hypothesis test.
That said, we are confident in our results, and
believe that Facebook's birthday notifier does
increase the probability of one receiving a
birthday note from one's friends on one's wall
when one's birthday comes.
Are our friends forgetful? Surprisingly, they
are. With only 15% of friends posting "Happy
Birthday" if we do list our birthday, and
with only 4% if we do not list our birthday, it
seems that most of our friends would forget
our birthdays anyways. Perhaps there are other
confounding factors as well, but even so, if
one's friends remembered and bothered to post
a note, one would expect to see in the order of
50 to 80% of our friends posting. That said, our
Facebook walls would become unbelievably
crowded, and Facebook's servers would have
to store thousands of kilobytes more worth of
information if that happened. Not that it would
really matter them, nonetheless.
This test lends credence to the idea that without
reminder, our friends can forget our birthdays.
Whether this is important to an individual or not
is a matter for the individual to decide. We hope
that further studies could be conducted in order
to help corroborate the conclusions made here.
The author has no competing financial interests,
as this work was completed within a time frame
of 1.5 hours for simply for a mental exercise in
preparation for a STAT200 mid-term.
Au, C. 2007. Study on your birthday. Facebook
Notes on Profile Page of Charles Au. (accessed
15 November 2007).
Facebook, 2007. www.facebook.com. (accessed
15 November 2007). Vol. 21, Issue 5
Page Five
^ *s at ihe door
w- H> required
#a. drinfcs
ftf Feb tt/oz
<* LADHA ceivTeft
Weekly Meetings on Mondays or Wednesdays
^ Abdul Ladha Science Student Center
f r   ^^r     ^^m - Funny/Creative?
f I ^^J -A writer?
/       F^Tjj        Do You Want...
A ^   W   f - Fame/Satisfication?
fc^k^-^^—^^ ^ -Your name in PRINT?
If you answered YES TO ANY of the questions,
then e-mail the432(fl)gmail.com now!
Exec reports
Mike Duncan: President
(prez. sus@gmail. com)
Well, this will probably be one of my last
executive reports as President of the Science
Undergraduate Society. I have put in a notice
of resignation from the society and a vote will
be held next SUS council meeting (Thursday
12:45 in SUB 206) to appoint an interim
president. It has been an absolute pleasure
serving the society for 4 years. I have met
some of the most amazing people at this
university and had some of my best memories
by participating in the society. I have learned
a lot from this position and I have tried to
give as much as I can to the society. I really
love SUS, and hope that you consider getting
involved in this wonderful society. I will be
moving over to the AMS, but will always
have a dear place in my heart for the Science
Undergraduate Society and Science students
at UBC.
As for some important things:
We will be having SUS elections info sessions
coming up soon so that you can find out what
it means to run for a SUS exec position.
Read our bi-weekly e-mails to find out more
information. The SUS exec just finished up
some goal setting for second term. If you
want more information on what our priorities
are please contact me. Science Week was a
blast and I want to thank Jamil and all the
volunteers for working so hard and putting
on one of the best Science Weeks I have ever
Once again, thank you to all of you who
have ever been involved in SUS council or
volunteered for the society. It is people like
you who make this all worth while. Thanks.
Jamil Rhajiak: VP External
Jamil was extremely busy last week with
Science Week. He knew things would go
very well, but well wasn't good enough. He
wanted things to go EXCEEDINGLY well. So
they did. To everyone to came out to watch,
participate, or volunteer, Jamil extends his
heartfelt thanks. If you see him, run and hug
him. He might be surprised, but it's alright.
Also comment on how much weight he's lost
with all the running around, and the stress of
putting the big week together. To those who
have no idea who Jamil is, he's a sunkissed
man who sometimes wears glasses and
skulks around Ladha a lot. Visit http://www.
sus.ubc.ca, there might be a picture of him
Thank you,
Diana Diao: Science Senator
EVERYONE!! (More Senate stuff to come in
the next issue.)	 Page Six
13th February, 2008
Student Bidtechndldgy Netwdrk
Inspire. Educate. Connect.
The Student Biotechnology Network is proud to present:
The 4th Annual Career Expd & Conference
he nature of our graduate education ensures the experience of academic research, but knowledge of
industrial research and biotechnology is only rarely made available. SBN has strived to educate students
about biotechnology, by hosting lecture series, networking events, roundtable discussions and career
The SBN Career Expo & Conference has grown to become the largest biotech career fair in Western Canada
and is the primary means for students in BC to learn about about the opportunities that exist in the local
and international biotech industry.
Objectives df Career Expd + Conference
• To provide students with the means to make well-informed career decisions
• To inform students about careers outside of academia via presentations and unparalleled
exposure to the individuals and organizations that comprise the local biotechnology
• To inspire students to launch career paths in the biotech or pharmaceutical industries
• To encourage development of life skills, most importantly networking and communication
which are essential to a successful career in any field
(he Career Expo and Conference offers a mix of
both educational seminars and exposure to over
75 industry representatives from 25
participating organizations. Throughout the
event, students will be able to visit booths from
local and international biotech companies,
government organizations and academic
SBN's Career Expo and Conference will host
500 students from: SFU ♦ UBC ♦ BCIT ♦ UVic ♦
UNBC ♦ UBC-O with training in various
disciplines, including: life sciences ♦ commerce
♦ engineering ♦ social sciences ♦ law.
Date: Wednesday February 13, 2008
Time: Five until nine in the evening
L a c at i d n : Westin Bay shore,
Vancouver BC
Student Registration
Breakout Sessions:
• Exceptional Experiences: Internships
that could change your life
• Employer Expectations: Passing the
HR tests
• Hang up Your Labcoat: Careers you
never thought you could have with a
science degree
Mentor Registration
Keynote Address
Krista Green
"Branding yourself: How to stand out in
competitive job market"
Roundtable Mentorship and Cocktail
To learn more visit www.TheSBN.ca Vol. 21, Issue 5
Page Seven
Chinese New Year = Holiday!
By: Jacob Cosman
So, it was Chinese New Year a few days,
which is somewhat of a big deal in
Vancouver. One of my profs announced today
that he wasn't going to "prove anything, or
introduce anything new, or do anything hard" in
honour of the holiday, and another class ended
after only twenty minutes. While this may have
been due to the threat and subsequent closure
of the Bio Sciences building (seriously, what is
going on there?) it got me thinking about Chinese
New Year.
Lots of people celebrate it, and it seems
to be a good-natured relatively ecumenical
holiday, with parades and cash disbursements
and firecrackers. More crucially, it falls between
20 January and 21 February every year, which
places it right between New Years Day (1
January, obviously) and Easter (the first weekend
on or after the first full moon after 21 March,
according to Wikipedia).
Why isn't Chinese New Year a statuatory
holiday in British Columbia? It has a lot more
meaning than, say, BC Day, and it falls in the
longest stat-free period of the year. If we can
all take a day off for the Monday nearest Queen
Victoria's birthday, then we should have one for
Chinese New Year too. Ontario, Saskatchewan,
and Alberta all have "Family Day" around this
time of year, and their economies have not
collapsed from the extra day off.
Survey time. I asked everyone online
(N=6, since this was at 2 am) whether Chinese
New Year should be a stat, and they all agreed that
it should - except one friend from high school,
who asserted that Chinese New Year "isn't a
holiday for all Canadians". As someone who has
to get permission to miss class for my own ethnic
New Year, this seemed sort of offensive.
We get two days off for Easter, and two
off for Christmas, and those certainly aren't
Gong Hey Fat Choy: Rats! It's their year
holidays for all Canadians - just the (non-
Eastern Orthodox) Christian ones. The province
has about 1.79 million non-Orthodox Christians,
and 0.43 million people of Chinese, Korean, or
Vietnamese ethnicity. Proportionally speaking,
I'd say they deserve a holiday too.
Anyway, I guess by the time this gets
published it'll be well past Chinese New Year.
Kung hei fat choi, or gongxi facai if you used
Chinese for your twelve mandatory arts-elective
Oh! The Stuff You Can Get
Away With in 5th Year	
By: Aaron Pante
Last term, I took a little course called
BIOL 457. The prof was very nice, he gave us
the opportunity to get bonus marks. All we had
to do was attend a number of weekly seminars,
and write down what we learned after each one.
The following is an excerpt from one of my
The presenter discussed many things, but
I wasn't paying attention to most of them. The
only topic I remember was that of mechanisms
for stimulating thirst. Of particular interest
was the 'volume challenge' mechanism. This
mechanism was described using as an example
a small, naive child drinking water from a
swimming pool and becoming thirsty afterward.
The high osmolarity of the pool water drew water
out of the cells in the child's body, decreasing
their volume. The decrease in volume then
triggers a response to stimulate drinking in order
to replenish cell size.
I however, can think of a scenario
that I am much more familiar with, as I have
no children that I am aware of. Some people
enjoy drinking Smirnoff ice. After an evening
of clever shenanigans and fortuitous imbibing,
their hangover is always worse than it would
have been, had they chosen a more sophisticated
beverage, such as beer or jager-bombs.   This
is  because  the  disgruntled  Russians  at the
Smirnoff factory decided to add an obscene
amount of sugar to the coolers, giving them a
very high osmolarity. When consumed, the high
osmolarity solution dehydrates the party-goer
by drawing vast amounts of water out of their
epithelial cells. In addition to the constant peeing
caused by ADH, drinking solutions with a high
osmolarity makes for some unpleasant scenarios,
as dehydration is the cause of hangovers. When
this person awakens the next morning to find
themselves in Spuzzum with no recollection of
how they got there or where their pants are; a
massive headache from drinking coolers is the
last thing they need.
The point I am trying to get across here is
#1. Don't drink coolers.    They are bad for
you.  People will make fun of you and steal
your pants.
#2. Every time you go partying, bring money
in case you get trapped in Spuzzum. Feel free
to place this money in a neon fanny pack.  It
can double as a conversation piece, and will
help you meet hot babes. I guarantee it.
Jimmy Yan: VP Internal
(vpi .sus@gmail .com)
Salutations one and all. If you find the hidden
message in the below address, let me know, and
you'll win a prize:
In the wake of another spectacular Science Week.
Council is going to be motoring right along. To be
brief, here are the main points. SUS Council will
be having its Spring Elections at the end of the
month, nomination forms will be out in the next
couple of weeks on the website and in our office
in the Ladha Centre. Positions available will be for
next year's Executive: President, Vice President
External, Vice President Internal, Director of
Administration, Director of Finance, Director of
Sports, Director of Publications, Public Relations
Officer, Social Coordinator, and Science Senator,
as well as our AMS Representatives.
Furthermore, SUS Council is now accepting
nominations for its annual Student Leadership and
Teaching Excellence Awards. We have two $500
awards available to recognize outstanding Science
students fortheir work as leaders on campus, if that's
you or someone you know, check out our website
or in our office once again for those nomination
forms. The Teaching Excellence Awards will be
to recognize any professor, instructor, or TA that
students feel have went above and beyond the
normal standard of teaching in the faculty, and we
highly encourage that you bring forward the names
of any such candidates.
Finally, for all you first years out their, my First
Year Committee is working on a First Year dance
for all of you. Stay tuned...
Well, that's it for me. Time to go off and study...
Meghan Ho: Public Relations
Hello SUS members! I hope you enjoyed one or
more of the Science Week events. Shannon Feng
and Angela Liao, two science students, attended
the AIMS Health Conference for free on Jan 26.
08. Four lucky students will also be attending the
Student Biotech Network Career Expo on Feb 13.
08 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel. See www.sus.
ubc.ca for details.
The PR Committee held an Open House in the
Ladha Centre on Tuesday, Jan 29th from 11-1:30
pm. Science Dean Simon Peacock, Associate
Dean of Students Paul Harrison, Science Advisors
Nanci Martin & Janet Sinclair, several profs, and
of course, science students were in attendance for
Q&A sessions, Science (Family) Feud, Human
Bingo, food and prizes.
Good luck on your midterms!
Lawrence Chow: Social
Hello to the members of SUS (that's you!). The
social committee just finished its most recent
event, the annual end-of-science-week concert.
Cold Fusion. This year, we had a Led Zeppelin
tribute, A Whole Lotta Led, that had an absolute
blast playing for UBC. Although I'll be the first
to admit it was quite a sausage fest, I PROMISE
our next event will be filled with beautiful women.
Look out for our next dancing event in Ladha at the
end of Febuary to mid-March. It'll be better than
Alchemy! We are also showing biweekly movies
in Ladha, so keep an eye for those. Also look out
for our future events: a gaming competition, and
an end of year formal at Science World.	 Page Eight
13th February, 2008
^^^^^^^^■H OF UBC
Interested? Fill out a nomination form and return by
4:32pm, Feb 28th, 2008, in the Abdul Ladha Science
Student Centre.
Email election.susigmail.com or vpi.sus@gmail.com for more info
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Linux: A Sexy Alternative. Make the switch this Valentine's Day.
Exec reports
Alex Lougheed: Administration
Well, Ladha hasn't had a fire, hasn't had a bomb
threat, and isn't slated for demolition, so we're
doing better than the rest of the University! We're
working on getting some nice, published promo
materials for the building and for bookings, as well
as some other projects here and there (composting
should be in the washrooms now—that was a pain
to finalize). Much kudos goes our to my Building
Supervisors and Building Manager for being the
cogs in the well-oiled machine that is our box
wedged between Chem/Phys and Hebb.
Also, I saw the light and may be jumping ship to
the AMS executive committee. If you want to
replace me on SUS (oh god why would you want
to do that), show up to the SUS Council meeting
on Feb 14. 12:45pm at SUB 206. where anjnterim
election will take place until the actual exec
elections. Contact me for details. Varun should
have put my email somewhere here....<Varun: and
I did. Here it is: administration.sus(g),gmail,com>
Varun Ramraj: Publications
Lovely readers,
I am pleased that you are reading this report. While
it does not necessarily contain much information
of use, it DOES mean that you picked up a copy
of The 432. Why is this important? Let's analyze
what this paper is going to do for you, and where
it's going in the near future.
The 432 is designed to inform, firstly. It strives to
do this in an entertaining manner. Of course, this
doesn't happen without the help of the Publications
Committee and sometimes, an additional crack
squad of writers. Last week's Science Week issue
was the result of a wonderful, 4-day team effort,
and I was thrilled to see so many copies floating
around in your hands! I even saw Labrat give out
copies; thanks Labrat, wherever you are!
In the very near future, The 432 might have a
website, with a team of regular contributors. If
you are interested in being a contributor, and are
remotely funny, and are addicted to blogs, please
send me an email: publications.susfgkmail.com.
Enjoy the rest of the paper!
Sonia Purewal: Sports
The year has been going very well! The Science
Undergraduate Society organized and managed
10 different teams and sponsored over 25 teams in
UBC Rec's intramurals leagues. All the teams did
great in the playoffs and represented well! Science
is currently second in the Pomfret Division for unit
points, second only to Arts. Sports Committee
held the Amazing X-mas Race in late November
with over 30 participants and recently held Science
Olympics as a part of Science Week. Teams
showcased their athleticism, fun and competitive
spirit in a bid to be crowned champions navigating
through the events which included wheelbarrowing
up the knoll for the win.
Sports committee is currently organizing a series
of workshops in the coming months to introduce
science students to new sports and activities
to promote health, and well-being in a social
environment. We are looking for instructors so if
you teach yoga, pilates, martial arts, dance or any
other activity please contact Sonia at sports.sus(g),


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