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The 432 Mar 11, 2008

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Vote Now On WebCT!!!
"Vote! Elect! Choose your 2008 SUS Execs!" -Lab Rat
Pit Pub Gets New Dub
By: Anton Bassel
*** j^jg article in no way encourages or intends
to glorify the recreational use of marijuana or
other drugs and does not reflect the opinion of
the author or editors.***
The AMS announced yesterday in a press
conference that the Pit Pub will receive
a new name. This means that the next time your
friend says that he or she passed out in a "pit"
last night, you might want to be more concerned
than usual. Reporters at the conference found
themselves dumb when the AMS announced
that starting March 31st, the Pit Pub will be
called the Shit Hole.
The press secretary for the AMS,
Smokes, explained the reasons for the name
change. "So, like, nobody was going there,
right. I mean, the line-ups are shit, the service
is shit, the bathrooms are shit, crazy shit with
police goes down, and the events are shit
compared to clubs n' shit. And we were, like,
yo, let's just call a doobie a doobie, right? That
way, people won't be disappointed when they
get here," said Smokes.
Smokes said that the decision came
from up high as part of a "blazin' plan" to spark
up a buzz, grow grass roots, bake brownies,
lay down new stones, fire buds that were being
dragged for too long, and light up the entire
joint to get the wasted pub ripped for the next
A conflicting account of the reasons
for the name change was given by the vice-
president of public relations for the AMS, DJ
Spin Master, during an interview.
Sitting at the Shit Hole: Hold on a second, is this the pub, or is it the guys washroom on the
basement of the SUB?
"It ain't got nothin' to do with smoking
doobies 'n shit. That motherfucker Smokes
couldn't read da script I gave him. Probabably
too high. [The AMS] chose to rename [the
Pit Pub] cuz it be da least funny name out
of da places dat we own 'n shit, like Honour
Roll—Do you get the joke? Dat's how I roll,
motherfucker! Yey-yeah! Holla!—so, we had
to do something about dat, you know what I
mean? I wanted to call it da Seal Club—you
know, like da seal on da White House—but
them playa-hatin' liberal activists went bananas
over dat. Pshh, whatever, you know what I'm
say in'?" said Spin Master.
Which of these accounts is true cannot
be confirmed by 432.
Another AMS-run facility already bears
the name Shit Hole. The men's bathroom in the
SUB was named the Shit Hole in September of
2007. Student concerns of privacy have now
been raised as patrons of one Shit Hole may
mistakenly enter the other Shit Hole and catch
someone with their pants down.
ooooooooo Page Two
11th March, 2008
In the upcz?minq election season, te m to
fW out wte (M'dokS SW on issues iW
ofe important to j^u,
©3,007   l^KnhA^+ocn^JCori
Volume 21
Issue 7
March II, 2008
Varun Ramraj
Casey Chan
Justin Wong
Justin Yang
See this issue
Anton Bassel
The 432 is a publication of the Science
Undergraduate Society of UBC We are not
responsibleformisuse of thispaper: including
but not limited to usage as instruments
of arson, assault, armed robbery, impaired
driving, rape, murder; fraud and gross
indecency. This issue is made from IOO%
recyclable materials.
All views expressed in this issue are strictly
those of the individual writers, and as such
are not the responsibility of The 432, The
Science Undergraduate Society (SUS1, or
the Faculty of Science. Writers and
cartoonists are encouraged to submit their
material to The 432. Submission must meet
the requirements of making the director
chuckle thriceandmust contain theauthor's
name and contact information.
Hit us up at: the4-32@qmail.com Vol. 21, Issue 7
Page Three
Election Candidates 2008
Jamil Rhaiiak
For those of you who don't know me, I'm a 4th year Honours Geological
Sciences Student...yes...rocks, and I love them. I've had the great privilege to
serve on the Science Undergraduate Societies Executive Committee for the
past 3 years; twice as the Director of Sports and just this past year as the VP-
External. Through increased sports rebates, a successful Science Week 2008,
large sponsorship deals, and successfully organizing the very first Science Frosh
program I feel that I have added tremendous value and relevance to the Society.
It is from these experiences that I wish to take on a stronger role in the direction
of the society by being President. With my dedication, knowledge of the society,
appreciation of the average science student experience, and strong leadership
skills I will see that the coming year be one of the Science Undergraduate Society
serving its members (YOU) in a more complete manner, from social events to
academic support I would like to see every service of the Society raised to new
Vice-President External
Lawrence Chow
My name is Lawrence and I am running for Vice President External.
The VP external has several jobs - to coordinate science frosh, to be a liaison
with science clubs and SUS, and to coordinate science week. Although I
am running unopposed, I would still like to take the time to convince you
why I am an excellent candidate for this position. I have been a dedicated
member of SUS for two years now, holding notable positions as a councilor
and an executive. I have extensive event planning experience as a Science
Frosh director, and this year's social coordinator. I have a vision for the
society and plan to instill this vision in present and future generations. My
dedication and experience will ensure an excellent year ahead for SUS. I
am competent, experienced, and above all else, passionate in what I do. You
will not make the wrong choice.
Vice-President Internal
Jimmy Yan
Hey everyone, I'm Jimmy Yan, you're friendly neighbourhood 2nd year
science student and I am gunning for the re-election to the position of Vice
President Internal.
But why reelect me? Well, to start off, I do have the experience in what
to do in for this position. I have learned a lot this past year and am looking
forward to keep the progress up if I am reelected. Secondly, with my role as
VP-Internal this current year, and as CSP representative last year, I participated
quite a bit in the Science Undergraduate Society, and from that, I have had the
opportunity to see it grow, and in which direction it is heading towards. Finally,
I really enjoy working for you guys and for the Faculty of Science, and I will use
this opportunity to continue make sure SUS council is relevant for all science
students. So between March 10th and 14th, when you go on webCT to vote, vote
YES for Jimmy Yan. Page Four
11th March, 2008
Director of Administration
Maria Jogova
My name is Maria Jogova, and I am running for the position of Director
of Administration. I have had a lot of experience on Council, serving as General
Officer this year, and as the Science One representative and Executive Secretary last
year (when I did the same job for a month). This year, I continued taking minutes
and attendance, organized the SUS Open House, and drafted an equity policy for
Council, which I promised to do last year when I ran for this position. I have also
tried to get the word out about SUS to students by talking to more people about it at
events like the Open House. Next year, I would like to be able to further spread the
word about what goes on in Council by making Council agendas and minutes more
accessible to students and opening up our organization. I hope also to work on the
SUS Constitution, cleaning it up. Vote Maria Jogova for DA!
Bryan Tomlinson
Hey Everyone,
My name is Bryan Tomlinson and I'm running for SUS Director of
Administration. I've got two years of experience with SUS, as the Psychology
Representative and the Interim Director of Administration. With this experience
comes the accumulation of some wisdom; I've got some ideas that will definitely
benefit SUS.
First, I'm interested in streamlining SUS such that needless bureaucracy
is a thing of the past. This way more can be done for science students in general!
Second, I endeavor to ensure that minutes and agendas will be publicized,
increasing the transparency of the organization as a whole. Third, I intend to
make sure councilors are accountable to their jobs, and that their responsibilities
are better upheld. As the chair of the BMC, I also hope to maximize and assure
student accessibility in the Ladha Center.
Visit bryantomlinson.dyn-o-saur.com for further details. Cheers!
Dj rector.of Fi na nee	
Aaron Sihota
Why you should vote YES! for Aaron:
1. I am committed to ensuring full control on spending and facilitating measures to
minimize the society's losses through streamlining operations, and look forward
to providing students a balanced budget, while not compromising the quality of
services the SUS provides for students.
2. As Grants Coordinator this year, I helped introduce the Student Initiative Fund
and Conference Grant Fund. I am committed not only to keeping these funds
operational for next year but will also look to increase the total amount of each.
3. I also like to ensure SUS's accountability towards science students, by implementing
the usage of a quarterly budgetary reporting system, and a blog to inform them of
our spending habits.
Having served as Interim Director of Finance and a SUS councilor for 3 years,
I have a good understanding of the portfolio.
Visit www.aaronsihota.ca for more details!
Public Relations Officer
WOOT! You are finally at my blurb!
What have I been upto? This past year, I have been running around
planning Science Week, spear-heading Canuck Place Visit and organizing
dances, barbeques, movie nights and fundraisers with the First Year and PR Committee.
Why am I here? Coz I want YOU to know about all the ways in which SUS is here
for you and how YOU can enjoy ALL the AWESOME SUS and Science club events!
When it comes to "SUPER" Fun, I have passion and experience in organizing fundraisers
like the Gift of Time Gala which raised a million dollars! Talk about Cha-Ching! I promise
a bigger Career Fair to increase YOUR exposure to research, summer jobs and work
I am very outgoing and have spirit, enthusiasm, energy and great ideas for a great
year to make your SUS Truly YOURS! Visit my Facebook group for my full platform, or
email me at sharma.sumedha@gmail.com.
Sumedha Sharma Vol. 21, Issue 7
Page Five
Kristen Ford
Being involved with the Science Undergraduate Society for the past two years, I
have viewed council from two different perspectives: once as a club representative and
once as an ex-officio. As the building manager, I saw the crucial role the ALSSC plays for
all students. In our hands we hold a great tool for reaching out to students for academic
and social opportunities.
Next year is OUR year. Let's do it together.
Innovative and creative marketing
Cross-promotions for all SUS events
Comprehensive online directory of all
councilors and science clubs
Mailing   list   reaching   all    science
Website revamp aimed at encouraging
student involvement
A calendar of all campus events for
science students
Sustainable    merchandise     available
earlier in the year
More Buck-A-Burgers and cotton candy
More interfaculty water balloon fights!
More Labrat!
Vote for experience. Vote Kristen Ford for PRO.
Social Coordinator
oh... oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh...
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh....
I just want you close
Where S.U.S. can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and S.U.S together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cause
Everything's going to be alright
People keep talking they can say what
they like
But all i know is everything's going to be
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for SOCIAL, SOCIAL, SOCIAL
Can get in the way of what I feel for SOCO
None of them can love S.U.S.
like I do
Stephen Yoon
Director of Sports
Jingyao Yu
As a major contributor to the SUS Sports Committee this past year, I would
like to accountably and effectively implement the following:
• more BALANCED allocation of SPORTS REBATE funds targeted to science
students that play recreationally and not just competitively
• increase student engagement
• more CAMPUS-WIDE events you've seen so far plus Capture the Flag (nin-
ja/pirate style), Man Hunt, Water Balloon Dodgeball Fights, spud, HOCKEY
• bring back Sports Appreciation BBQs
• more volunteer & leadership OPPORTUNITIES in sports & recreation
• rebates for participation in UBC Rec classes such as yoga and dance
Experience: SUS Councillor 06-08, current Ladha Building Supervisor,
Biosoc Exec, former Equity Ambassador
I'm dedicated to every role I take on. I have the experience. I know what
works and what SUS can and should be doing for students.
11th March, 2008
Director of Publications
Jacob Cosman
If you're an science student, chances are you aren't reading this in the 432.
Currently, SUS produces two regular publications - the 432 and the Paradigm - and
neither really sees a significant readership. Boxes of undistributed copies of the 432
are piled in the SUS office. Why are we overprinting this paper nobody reads?
The publications of the Science Undergraduate Society need a major overhaul.
As a regular contributor to the 432, I have worked with the last two Directors of
Publications to find ways to increase relevance and readership. Elect me and you will
see an in-depth consultative process and major changes to the format and frequency
of SUS publications.
For more information, you can email me at jacobforpublications(g),gmail.com
or check out my blog at jacobforpublications.blogspot.com. For real change and less
waste, vote Jacob Cosman for Director of Publications.
Chris Tarantino
Hey, Chris Tarantino here running for Director of Publications. This position is about
getting useful information to Science students, something I think is really important. If
elected to this position I'd like to do a few things, such as:
• Upgrade the SUS website to provide current and informative news blogs from each
department in the Faculty of Science.
• Make the 432 newspaper more current, balanced, and meaningful with a 1/3-1/3-1/3
split of humour, SUS news, and topics relevant for Science students.
• Setup program packages for students entering their degree program giving basic tips,
the ins and outs, and other useful stuff about their department so they can be more
informed and successful.
• Overhaul The Guide, our first year publication, to better smooth the transition to UBC.
• Not hire anyone named Uma.
Science Senator
The Senate is UBCs highest academic decision making body. It is important that
Science students have a vocal and outspoken individual that will work on the Senate to
support issues that will benefit our students.
One of the issues that I plan on fighting for in the Senate is the introduction of Interim
Teacher Evaluations. If you profs can give you midterms then why can't you give them as
well?! I was always frustrated when my complaints about a course weren't heard until the
last day of class. Grading professors in the middle of a semester as well as the end will allow
them to improve your experience in the classroom before it is too late.
This is just one of the ideas I have to improve the life of students in science. To hear
more see my website:
Vote for a strong voice in the UBC Senate.
Geoff Costeloe
Sonia Purewal
Vote Geoff!!
I find that we are kept in the dark about policy changes until they happen if at all.
The onus is on our representatives to inform and represent our needs yet an honest effort
is rarely made to speak to us directly before decisions are finalized. UBC Senate makes
crucial decisions on curriculum changes and academic policies and you deserve to be
involved in the process. I will be accountable, take the initiative to hold open forums and
propose policy with your input to implement change. These include:
1. Reviewing policies on repeating a required failed course to allow students the option to
rewrite a final without repeating the full course in a modified course option
2. Review term and class scheduling to minimize long breaks and to propose an option to
reintroduce evening science courses in seminar form to allow students to schedule days
without class so they may work or study without disruption
3. To restructure the process for exam scheduling to minimize conflicts and strenuous
Please contact purewal.soniafg),gmail.com for more information Vol. 21, Issue 7
Page Seven
Raymond Pan
My name is Raymond Pan and I'm running for Senate. I am currently a Senator
At-Large serving your needs and I'm still very passionate in benefiting others. I sit
on many committees and have many on-going projects that I began and would like
to finish these, which only can be accomplished if elected back again. Some of the
projects are:
• Review the exam hardship policy and rectify it. Currently, the exam policy is being
reviewed and I'm advocating in changing the exam hardship policy from 3 exams
within 24 hours to 35 hours instead.
• Initiative in finding new venues for students to study, some which can be opened
for weekend access. The Life Science Centre is a prefect example that can be a
24hour study space.
• Explore the possibility of studying career options as one of the modules in core
course "tutorials."
• Teaching quality. Required teaching training that includes Professors and TAs.
Please elect me to Senate because I am here to benefit you by creating less
stress than the current situation. VOTE RAYMOND PAN for Senate.
AMS Representative	
Tahara Bhate
My name is Tahara Bhate and I am a 3rd year student and current AMS Science
Rep running for another term. My main focus this past year (and hopefully next year)
has been transit and student financial aid, both of which were a big part of my job
as Chair of the Lobbying Committee. These issues need to be addressed because
a) rapid transit won't be here until at least 2015 and b) the provincial and federal
governments have recognized that their financial aid systems are a mess, and are
right now very receptive to our suggestions on how to fix them. I also want to work
on communication, which is a cliched goal to be sure, but one on which I think I have
some good, but most importantly, pragmatic ideas. These goals may seem ambitious,
but I've spent the last year learning how to get things done, both inside and outside
the AMS, and if you want to see real changes, then give me a chance to really get
these initiatives off the ground. If you have any questions about my platform or the
AMS in general, please feel free to contact me at taharbha@interchange.ubc.ca.
Geoff Costeloe
This is an exciting time for the AMS. There are many issues coming up in the next
semester that will have a direct impact on Science students. The renewal of the U-Pass
contract and the SUB renovation are just two of the exciting issues that are coming up. As
AMS Representative I would represent the best interests of science students at the forefront
of these issues. I plan to work hard at these issues as well as broader ones and fight for
students interests.
I want to ensure that there is large, public green space available to students at the end
of the U-Blvd and Sub renovation projects. This means both fighting to keep the grassy knoll
and getting an assurance from those developing the land that there will be green space on
This election, vote for someone who will stand up and take action.
Vote Geoff!
Clark Funnell
:'r   >  . :/<.: <
IgMb—■—Jf ..-*      «"■*»■[
»' ■>'
^^ft                            "■"".■'I
"^               rfff
Hello UBC Science!!!
My name is Clark Funnell; I'm a third year chemistry student who's currently
serving as one of SUS's representatives on AMS council. I'm asking for your vote
so that I can continue to be a strong voice for Science students. To some of you, the
AMS may not seem relevant. As a first-year student, I felt the same way. However, I've
become much more informed about how the AMS operates and can assure you that its
top priority is YOU, the student. The AMS offers a huge variety of services including
safewalk, minischool, tutoring, and club space. However, new programs and initiatives
can and should develop when there is a student interest or need. As AMS rep, I will
ensure that any and all of your ideas or concerns are brought to council and will not be
afraid to challenge the status quo!
Questions? clarkfunnell@gmail.com Page Eight
11th March, 2008
Raymond Pan
My name is Raymond Pan and running for AMS Rep. As I am currently
serving as a Senator At-Large, I feel that I can serve the students even better by
being on council. I sit on many committees such as the Admission, Student Appeals
on Academic Discipline, Academic Advising Issues Relating to Culturally-Diverse
Student Body, and Academic Quality.
I have the passion to serve your needs by creating less stress than the current
situation and providing a quality university experience. If elected, I will advocate
a better compromise with the RCMP regarding with licensing alcohol issues. I will
advocate for more funding for students with regards to teaching quality and bursaries.
Also, I will make sure that your student fees are not spent in lavish ways, especially
with the new SUB Renewal.
I have experience and dedication to AMS. Vote for RAYMOND PAN for AMS
Sonia Purewal
The AMS votes on policies that influence your student life and have the power to
effectively lobby the university and government to improve the quality of your education.
However, many students view the AMS as a bureaucracy and many are unaware of the
proceedings of the organization. There is a gap in the communication. If I were to be
elected I would insure that you would hear about major motions and policies changes
before they are finalized so that your thoughts are taken into consideration. I want to focus
on expanding AMS tutoring service to include help for students in upper level courses,
to insure that any future changes to UPass fees and Translink services are brought to the
attention of students before the vote and to lobby AGAINST student fee increases for
services that are not used by all students such as the recent 31.5% increase in Athletics and
Recreation fee. I will do everything within my power and will hold myself accountable to
protect your interests within the AMS.
Chris Tarantino
Hey there again, my name is Chris Tarantino and I'd love to be your AMS Rep for
next year. I've become quite familiar with the happenings of the AMS during my years at
UBC, including proxying at this level before. If elected, I'll focus the AMS' attention on
matters I think are relevant to Science students, including:
1. Ensuring students are able to access programs, majors, and courses that are their first
choice, not their second or third.
2. Making sure any new SUB construction is done properly and cost effectively
3. Addressing two of the big problems on campus:  inadequate housing and poor
transportation quality
4. Better communicating what the AMS does for us students, and what we can do for the
5. Increasing the quality of food offerings in the SUB (as an Italian, this concerns me).
SUB basement 66


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