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23 January 2007
W\n Am 3g§^®2
©§>ldl tF^ga®
xg> -TKrLltErTgth GRflOaf*®^*
"The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth.
-Edith Sitwell
Lougheed the Barbarian for President
Our comments on the Presidential and VP External races
Its election season again, (I know, I didn't hear anything
either) and its time to take a look at the self-loathing
masochists who have dragged themselves away from
updating their Myspace pages long enough to run, or
walk briskly, for some shiney office. The 432 has assembled a crack team of political experts to diligently investigate the submissions, platforms and credit histories of the
candidates and come up with a series of hard hitting
hypothetical questions for the candidates. The same team
of experts will answer, using information pulled directly
from the candidates' cute little write ups to avoid any spin
doctoring by those tricksy candidates.
We asked the crack team of experts (we can't express
enough how cracked out this team is) to study the presidential candidates first, all two of them, here's what they
had to report.
The candidates are some guy named Jeff Friedrich and
what we suspect is a reclusive, former european handball
all-star named Maxwell Maxwell. Aligned at opposite
sides of the political spectrum, this will be a spirited hypothetical debate.
First question: Which direction does the candidate intend
to take the AMS as its heroic and noble leader?
Jeff Friedrich: "I believe that... a strong ... student ... can
... influence the direction..." of the AMS. Interesting if true,
Jeff, but we were speaking figuratively.
Max Max: "Is it time for a change in ... student government?" One, we're asking the questions Max Max, and the
answer is 'yes', on account of it being election time.
Question two: Why should we, as an uninterested and generally apathetic electorate care about the AMS elections?
Jeff: "The AMS matters." Could you be more specific Jeff?
Oh good, he hypothetically agreed. "People care what the
AMS thinks and there are countless direct examples I can
provide." Alright Jeff, 'people' is not more specific, no one
cares what the AMS thinks (and that's a fact, we know,
we're in sciences) and 'countless' is just plain impossible.
Max Max: "I'll create a new government..." Well, Max
Max, that's kind of the point, but go on. "Alcohol and parties will be cheaper and more plentiful." A balanced and
compelling argument from Max Max.
And a final question of tantamount importance: How does the
candidate feel about the enrollment of Trogdor the Burni-
nator as a student at UBC.
Randall Munroe
Jeff: "A worst case scenario that's all too common at
UBC." Not very open minded Jeff.
Max Max: "Elect me, and I'll bring that change." You've
got our hypothetical vote!
And now the expert team of political experts (yes, it needs
two) will move arbitrarily to examine the candidates for
VP External Affairs. These candidates, in either no particular order, or perhaps some malevolent and brilliant order
designed to influence who you will vote for, assuming
anyone ever actually voted, are Chris Brush, Joel Kozwars-
ki, Thomas Masterson and Matthew 'The Hammer' Naylor.
Our team of expert experts, growing weary of the confines of a set series of questions have in their wisdom and
expertery, opted to simply examine each of the candidates
cute little write ups and discuss what they find. Hypothetically.
First, since he was listed first, is Chris Brush. Let's see
what he has to say.
"I am a fourth year Political Science major..." Our expert
panel of political experts sees this as meaningless.
"I understand the average UBC student..." Average, you
calling us average? You've got a lot of nerve Brush.
"I look forwards to the coming weeks..." Forwards?
What's with the pluralization of 'forward' Chris? You've
confused us with your political jargon and spin doctoring.
Next is Joel Kozwarski.
"Being AMS VP External is a something that I have wanted to do for about a year now." A something, eh Joel? Way
to aim a high.
"I was raised ... dealing with corrupt customs officials,
corrupt policemen and dealing with people in positions of
power..." That sure is a lot of corruption Joel, if that is your
real name.
"I believe this past experience will be invaluable..." Sure,
invaluable as evidence.
"Thanks, Joel" Wait, are you thanking us or yourself?
Once again the political smoke and mirrors utilized by
these cunning and yes, clever candidates is astounding.
Onward and downward to Thomas Masterson.
"... I, as you are undoubtedly aware, am running for the
position of VP External of the AMS." Wait a minute
Tommy, VP of the what now for the who?
"I am aware of the shortcomings of the various aspects of
... life," Whoa, easy Thomas, its gonna be okay.
"Other candidates will cite their experience in UBC politics as an asset, and my inexperience as a detriment."
Bingo. Boy, you're smart Thomas.
Finally, Matthew 'The Hammer' Naylor.
What is your name? "My name is Matthew Naylor."
What is your quest? "... I'm running for VP-External of the
What is your favorite colour? Although he did not provide that information in his write up, we can be fairly certain its fuchsia, or possibly electric magenta.
Vote for The 432 when you cast your ballot for AMS elections January 24-31, 2007
0W, rmr's All the
I can handle:. Ufer\
- ■ —c Page Three
23 lanuary 2007
Monster Puppet Clones
from Connecticut
Volume Twenty
Issue Six
23rd January 2007
Colleen Atherton
Andy Martin
Cameron Gerald Funnell
J S Lachance
Randall Munroe
Horizon Pub, Vancouver, BC
Legal Information
The 432 is publication of the Science Undergraduate Society of
UBC. This paper is intended for consumption by Science student; however, we realize that students in
other faculties are equally poor and
equally hungry. Please see page six
for delicious recipes involving this
All views expressed in this issue
are strictly those of the individual
writers, and as such are not the
responsibility of The 432, The Science Undergraduate Society, or the
Faculty of Science. Writers and cartoonists are encouraged to submit
their material to The 432. Submissions must meet the requirements
of making the editor chuckle thrice,
and should contain the author's
name and contact information.
Hit us up at: the432@gmail.com
Andy Martin
Pelvic Trust
I sit here in lab, told by the instructor to
meet with him at 5 pm on 1/18/07. It
was a two hour commute, and it will be
a two hour commute back home. He's not
here. It's 5:24pm. I'm somewhat seething.
But I have learned to accept this.
I have just gotten an email from La
Editrixa, screaming in upper case about the
need for submissions. "But Colleen," I
doth protest, "I have many other things on
my plate, and surely you have a suitable
cohort of writers who have succeeded me
and mine to take up the thorny crown of
filling this paper." She replies with an
ASCII mural of my disembowelment via
rusty corkscrew. The message is clear:
'Write. Funnier. Longer. Or taste the bite of
my kitchen appliances!'
So I will put off the transit home to
recount for you a harrowing tale of yester-
weekend. A truly insanity-inducing
sequence of events that finds itself consistent with my prevalent mood. So sit, have
a pinch of snuff, and let me weave for you
a tome of idiocy and foolishness.
To set the stage: I continue to be in a band,
Pale Horse (pale-horse.com), and we play
rock n' roll to the masses in and around
We were contacted a few months ago by a
venue located in the backwoods of nearby
Connecticut (about a two hour drive from
our metropolitan home). They said they
liked our stuff, and wanted us to play a
show for them. It was a place we had never
heard of, and a bit out of the way, but we
were game. When someone flatters us, we
can be talked into anything.
So, I tell the venue that we're good to play,
and I email them the standard five questions that I ask when we set up a show.
They reply, answering only two of those
five vital questions, which honestly, is
about the average for venues/promoters
we have dealt with. But it was the non-
answer of Question 1 ('What time do we
play, and for how long?'), phrased as 'load
in at five pm, then I'll get a feel for the
night and decide when the bands go on'
[pretty much verbatim quote] that raised
my right eyebrow 0.2 cm.
Most shows we play have rigid schedules
that will run two hours behind, but you
know precisely when you're going on
(exactly two hours after the guy says you
will be going on). This Re: was an omen of
laissez-faire to come, which is not something you want when all musicians want to
do is play, drink, and fuck. Either in that
order or concurrently.
Anyways, to the day of the show. As we
didn't receive an answer, despite numerous follow-up emails, on the availability of
backline [for those not in the know, 'back-
line' is house equipment, belonging to the
club, that every band can use, it can save
time and vertebrae by not having each
band bring 100% of their equipment], we
brought everything. And for a metal band,
'everything' fills a pickup and a jeep, for a
two hour drive. The directions to the place
were about the simplest you could image:
'turn R at the exit, then go straight 'til you
see it', but I somehow managed to fuck
them up and wind up in the next town
Arriving shortly after five pm, we found
the venue dark, with two other bands
milling around inside, asking if I was the
promoter. A neighbour had let us in, but
there was no one to meet us. The place
seemed alright enough, a community theatre (that hosts the occasional rock show),
but it freaked me out while dark, because it
was primarily a puppet theatre, and my
headlamp illuminated about 50 marionettes hanging from the walls, each staring at us with their dead eyes.
We milled about as one for about half an
hour, asking each other if the other was
'really, actually the promoter'. But no, they
had come from Maryland, a six-hour trip
(ouch!). Around six pm, having not yet
seen any venue personnel, we found the
sound booth, and put a CD on. [First Urge
to just leave and go to Tim Horton's and
then to the nearest bar] Minutes later, the
sound of pissing is heard up a staircase,
sound of footsteps in the ceiling, and a face
appeared. Introducing himself as the booker, we exchanged euphemisms. We asked
him where we should bring our equipment
to, and how the night was going to work.
He said he had just gotten up, but to put
our equipment in the rear.
[Second Urge to Fukitol]
As we loaded, we tried to desperately
extract from the booker the lineup for the
night, but received nothing but non-commitment. The underlying theme was 'you
figure it out', so we did. We grouped the
bands together, and wrote down a lineup
of the eight bands that were present. Shortly after the list was written up, agreed
upon, and submitted to the stage manager,
a band, who was not the first band, started
setting their equipment up on stage.
[Third Urge]
Me: 'Fine, whatever, you can go on first.
But we [Pale Horse] are second on the list'
'Well, 3 bands are using this equipment.'
'Oh, by the way the show's gotta be over
by 11:30 (equals four hours for the eight
bands present...).
[Fourth, Fifth, Fifth-and-a-half, and Sixth
'Oh, all the mics were stolen last night by
a band that didn't play, but stayed here
overnight.' [this odd sitch is not explained
very well...why didn't they play? And why
would they stay in such a place and not be
murdered by the demon-puppets? Doesn't
make sense to me]
Me: 'We [Pale Horse] were supposed to be
second, we'll go on after these three bands
Continued on page six...
The hottest item offered
JACKET! Get YOURS before
they run out.
Available during
Jan. 29 - Feb. 2
$160.00 - Commemo Page Four
23 January 2007
see us
Dunk Duncan
[ Lhada Centre @ Noon ]
So You Think You
Your Lab Partner?
[ Norm Theater (o
SUS Open House
[ Lhada Centre 1-
Prof Talent Show
[ Norm Theater @ Noon ]
Keynote Speaker with
Dr. David Dolphin
[ Wood 1 @ 4.45pm ]
[ South !
Cold Fus
[ SUB Be
for more information:
Sean Kearney, Vice-President External
p. 604.616.7124 e. seankearney@shaw.ca 23 January 2007
Page Five
II ii mi
Jan 29th -
Feb 2nd
in the sub
'mpics and FYC BBQ
SUB Plaza @ 12 ]
ion with
jllroom @ 7pm ]
www.s Page Six
23 January 2007
are done, right? Is that okay*
Booker and other bands: 'Sure'
'Does anyone have any microphones.'
Me: 'We here at Pale Horse brought a single, wireless mic. We'd prefer not to lend
it...it's kind of expensive and my baby.'
'Can we use it? Nobody else has one.'
Me: 'Fine, but be careful...'
First band plays, curses out the venue
from the stage. Plays twenty minute set of
middling punk to raucous applause of the
eight members of the two bands sharing
their equipment. Ends set by yelling 'Fuck
this place!' and throwing the microphone,
my rather expensive wireless microphone,
to the ground.
[Seventh urge, accompanied by a healthy
dose of 'But first...Kill them All']
Gathering the mic, it has sustained a dent,
but is still in working order. Barry, our
bassist, and resident Bronx Musclehead,
takes up negotiations for apology/heads of
the offending band.
Second band is ready, with no mic. I give
them a little refresher on 'other people's
stuff, but am fine with letting them use it.
Lhey are their own band, and not the last
Second Band plays. I start searching for
Cameron Gerald Funnell
Might bit whimsical
Put a sign on a carton of milk that says
"Lhis is NOL milk! Do NOL drink!" Freak
out when your roommate asks about it.
The Spice Girls are getting back together!
But you won't be able to go to the concert
when you contract the first case of polio in
the Western hemisphere since 1991.
Continued from page three
previous band's singer to exact revenge
and his kidney.
'Hey, the cops have been called. They're
probably gonna shut us down.'
Third band sets up and plays, bringing
out a previously unmentioned microphone
for backup vocals. Pale Horse starts setting
up our equipment offstage to make a quick
changeover to hopefully get a set off before
the SWAT team arrives.
Third band does a pop-punk-cover of
Chumbawumba. [Eighth urge, accompanied by deep-seated disgust that my
microphone is being used to convey this
upon people]
Third band finishes up. As we start moving our amps into position to change, we
come across members of another band,
who are also moving their amps to the side
of the stage. I see it coming, but play the
courteous, unassuming Gerry.
Me: 'Excuse me, sorry, gotta get these
through, we're going on next.'
'No, we were going on next'
Me: [Roar of laughter, covering the curses
accompanying the Ninth urge] 'Listen. I
talked to the booker and the other bands,
and leant these guys my microphone, all
for the deal that we were going on next. I
don't even know where you came from,
you weren't even on the initial lineup.' T
talked to the booker too. Dude, we have to
go on next...we just have to.'
As this is occurring, four crowd members
are somehow now on stage, on the same
gear, tuning the equipment. Both me and
my new compatriot in WLF turn and ask
what they think they're doing.
'Oh, we're going on now.'
[from offstage] 'Hey, there's a bunch of
idiots from the other bands playing in the
parking lot, the cops are fo'sure on their
And the Lenth time's the charm, and it
blew up. We were faced with two other
bands insisting that they were going on
next, imminent tear gassing from riot
police, and generally a thousand better
ways to invest our efforts. Lhe whole thing
had devolved into 'Lord of the Flies'. Lhe
conch was shattered and Piggy's brains
were oozing on the floor below. So it was
time to blow this Popsicle stand. We gathered our gear and our crew, explained the
sitch to the organizers, other bands, handed out some freebies to people we had
talked to, and hit the road for the two
hours home.
On our way out, another band asks to borrow our drumset. Lhey are greeted with
I arrive at Lim Horton's (that I rarely get
to enjoy while living in the US - but a franchise exists near the venue) at 9:40 pm.
Lhey are open, but inexplicably have
thrown out all the day's food five minutes
beforehand (20 minutes before closing). I
enquire "is the chili and doughnuts 'in-in'
the dumpster, or, like, more on top of it?"
My unspoken question of 'Do you think
Lim fuckin' Horton ever packed it in even
20 seconds before the end of a game?! For
SHAME!' seeming like it would cause only
more consternation. I took my iced cappuccino and stale Nanaimo Bar and headed home, my arteries filling with less than
5% of the lipids and simple sugars I had
promised them.
Lhe lesson of the episode: bands are like
children. Lhey need strict rules, or else
they are going to run wild [we will always
try to get away with as much as we possibly can - if you want to get an idea of what
we'll do when there are lots of means but
zero rules, read the biographies of Crue,
Zepplin, Motorhead...that's what we want
to do, and given the chance, you can bet we
Well then, the mood is right, time to write
another song!
Your love of cream corn will make the
imminent loss of all your teeth more bearable.
Go to a restaurant. Order a steak. When it
arrives, insist vehemently that it is not a
Find a way to blame all the problems in
your life on global warming, just like the
rest of the world is already doing.
An accident in the kitchen will inspire you
to   create   a   popular   new   variety   of
processed meat.
You will meet the love of your life today.
Unfortunately she has a cold and looks like
crap, so you won't ask for her number and
you'll never see her again.
You know that savings account you've
been thinking of opening? Lhis is your
week, go for it!
Kick start your art career. Respond only to
"Mr. Doodles."
Your mad "Operation" skills are no substitute for genuine medical training. Or so
the judge will say.
Spend your day acting as if you have
absolutely no understanding of causality.
You will experience extreme frustration
when you travel to Nigeria, come into a
vast fortune, but can find no one to send
you the few thousand required to transfer
the funds out of the country.
Where: The brand new Abdul Ladha Science Student **"*■
Centre of course! (between Chem and Hebb)
When: Tuesday January 30th from 1pm -4 pm
- To celebrate and check out YOUR SPACE (for science
- To win awesome Door Prizes
- To meet the Deans of Science (from 1-2 pm)!
- To hang out at the Outdoor BBQ
PLUS! (and you thought it couldn't get better folks)
(H just did.)
Tues, Jan 30
4-5 pm
Hennings 201
Watch physics profs try to answer questions
about the mysteries of the universe and last
semester's midterm. Do they really know
what they're talking about?
Brought to you by PhysSoc
A proud member organization of SUS 23 January 2007
Page Seven
The Undergarments of SUS
Reka Pataky
Vice President Internal
In order to get the most out of term 2
(and my LASL LERM as an undergrad!) my committees and I have hit
the ground running. Lhere are a lot of
great projects in my portfolio this term,
including awarding of the SUS Leaching
Excellence Awards and SUS Leadership
Awards, and holding elections for a new
SUS executive!
Lhe First Year Committee elected a new
executive this week. Lhey are: Sonja
Babovic (Chair), Jimmy Yan (Vice-Chair),
Monika Dean (Secretary) and Aman Sehra
(Lreasurer). Congrats to all of them! FYC
is currently working on their Science
Week events and we've been approached
by the CUS about potentially doing some
kind of inter-faculty event/competition
geared towards first-year students.
Lhe Academic Committee has been rein-
vigorated after a sluggish term 1, and
we've dividing into an "Awards" group
and "Events/Lobbying" group. We've
been tossing around ideas for a new prof
feedback system, and we're hoping to
work with the SCI Learn to provide some
great academic events and hopefully collect some feedback about the undergrad
experience in Science.
Last but not least, elections for the
2007/2008 SUS executive will be taking
place in March, and yes, though that
seems far away, I would definitely recommend you talk to members of the current
exec if you're interested in running! We
don't bite. Well, most of us don't... I'm not
sure about Cameron.
Dennis Yoo
Director of Finance
i Everyone,
Here are the highlights of things:
- Science Club Applications: Lhe budget
committee has developed a fair evaluation
procedure to award money to clubs. So for
all those clubs out there, your money is
coming soon! On that note, please submit
the Events Form to me ASAP =).
- SUS Budget: I will be writing a budget
report and presenting it in SUS Council. If
you wish to come, our meetings are held
on Thursdays from 12:45 to 2pm in the
SUB Council Chambers. I will also try to
get the report posted on the SUS website (
www.sus.ubc.ca) for those of you who
want to check it out but can't make it.
- SUS Sales Review Committee: I have
recently been appointed to the SUS Sales
Review committee. This committee is supposed to review how the SUS Sales Committee functions and to make recommendations on how we could run it so it'll
make life for Science Students better, (we
all want kick-ass science merchandise,
right?) The report from the committee will
come out near the end of the year, and
hopefully it'll be available on the SUS website.
Thanks everyone, and have a great Science Week.
Alex Lougheed
El Sociale Coordinateur
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd 8pm-12pm:
COLD FUSION 2007 featuring
LHUNDERSLRUCK Laking place at
the SUB BALLROOM (upstairs). Lickets
are $3 and available in the Ladha Center
and at the SUS Science Week booth! COLD
On the SUS Social side of things, we can't
do much because we're more than $10,000
over budget! Woops! I figured I could get
away with it, but Dennis, the treasurer, is
apparently a sly fox and notices these
things. Anyways, we're organizing a
movie night sometime in the future in
Look forward to hockey nights down the
road when we get the electronics in the
building. Hopefully that will be sometime
within the next five years (read: month).
Michael Duncan
El President
The best week of the year is upon us.
I can barely contain my excitement.
As I am sure you have already figured out from the bulk of this newspaper,
Science Week is Jan. 28 - Feb. 2. Lhe entire
SUS team and all the science clubs work
really hard to put on the best undergrad
society week at UBC. Not only is this the
best week of the year, but we are also able
to host events in our brand new Ladha
Centre as well. Lake a look through this
paper and find at least one event you think
is fun and GO LO IL. You won't regret it.
My personal favourite this year is the
"Dunk Duncan" event because it features
me in a dunk tank in January.
Another quick reminder is to come visit
the new Abdul Ladha Science Student
Centre. After 4 years of planning and
many a month of the building sitting unoccupied, we are finally using it. It is a great
place for science students to come hang
out, eat lunch, study, meet with friends
and many other things. It is partially
financed through your student fees so you
might as well take advantage of it.
See you in the Ladha Centre or at the Science Week events.
Colleen Atherton
Dir. of Publications
It is a good thing I know how much
everyone loves  and  appreciates this
paper, cause it makes my life rather difficult.
Have you ever tried to get a prescription
filled at 7 pm on a Sunday? I have. Last
night. It is not easy.
Lhere are two pharmacies in Oakridge
Mall, which conveniently is close to my
house. I went to Zellers first. Closed.
But hooray! Safeway is open till midnight
seven days a week. Surely I can get a prescription filled there. Apparently the pharmacy closes early.
Last night I thanked my lucky stars that I
spent many a month working at London
Drugs. Good ol' LD. Where would I be
without you. In a lot of pain, that's where.
Lhey are open till 8pm every Sunday and
Holiday (except the two days of the year
they are closed, Christmas Day and New
Year's Day, wait, was that just an accidental plug?)
Hooray for drugs.
Jamil Rhajiak
Director of Sports
Hey science students, So from the
REC end of things we'll be gearing
up for WALERWARS! It's going
down on February 15th 2007, make sure
you register early...these events fill up fast!
SUS will offer 50%  rebates on Water-
wars...but only if you put "SCIENCE" as
your unit on your registration form! Keep
an eye out for LRI-DU ads and the fantastic rebates that will be available for it.
Keep doing what you're doing science
students. If you have questions about
rebates or just need someone to talk too
just email me, I have lots of time on my
Cameron Gerald Funnell
Student Senator
I'm trapped in a newspaper factory, send
Diana Diao
Public Relations Officer
Hey guys, I am SO excited about Science Week!! Lhe PR Committee is
working hard to bring you the
very first Open House event held in our
brand new Abdul Ladha Science Student
Centre (ALSSC). Lhere will be free appetizers, music, door prizes, a BBQ (weather
permitting), AND the Dean of Science Dr.
Simon Peacock and the Associate Dean Dr.
Paul Harrison will be there just hanging
out and mingling with students, so come
out to meet them and say hi!
Aside from that, I am very excited to
announce that "Wig the Prof" fundraiser
was a huge success, my fabulous committee members, their awesome profs, and our
fellow students have managed to raise a
total of over $850 for the Strathcona Mental
Health Learn in the downtown eastside.
Lhis money went towards buying very
essential and practical Christmas presents
for those in need, and the Learn was
thrilled and very grateful for the donation.
See you all at the Open House!!
Sean Kearney
Vice President External
Science Week is here! (January 29 -
February 2). Check out the schedule
for all of the SUS event details! Also,
every constituted science club has an
event! We're raffling off two MCAT
courses (Valued at $1699 before taxes) for
a small donation to our Science Week
Charity! See the SUB concourse all week
from 10 am - 2pm for SUS sales (everything on special now) and Cold Fusion
Gimmie a shout if you need more info or
want to volunteer! seankearney@shaw.ca
Matthew Naylor
Executive Secretary
In the realm of the Executive Secretary, I
am very pleased to announce that I am
caught up on the Minutes. Now, the
Code and Policy Committee will be actually be able to move forward on the production of SUStain and other CRAP (more on
CRAP later).
The Code and Policy committee will not
be contributing anything to Science Week,
mostly because the SUS CONSTITUTIONAL EXLRAVAGANZA has been shot
down by... people who know what people
like. Disappointed as I may be, Science
Week is going to rock.
In other news, I am not going to be part of
SUS that much longer, as I am currently I
am in the process of transferring into Arts
(sacrilege), but I do want to say that my
time in SUS has been the best and most
rewarding time at university.
How many times have you seen this guy around campus and thought to
yourself, "Man, it would be great if I had a dunk tank, I'd make him sit
there all day as I continuously tried to dunk him"?
Well, your lucky day is coming soon!
You will get your chance to Dunk Duncan all day long!
All you have to do is show up outside of the awesome Ladha Centre on
Monday, January 29 (the first day of Science Week!) between 12-1 PM
with some money, dunking attempts are by donation!
This even will be brought to you by the SUS FYC. Page Eight
23 January 2007


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