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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1994-04-13

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Present: President D. W. Strangway (Chair), Mr. S. Alsgard, Mr. J. A. Banfield, Dr. J. Barman, Dr.
J. D. Berger, Dr. A. E. Boardman, Mr. J. Boritz, Dr. D. M. Brunette, Dr. D. G. A. Carter, Mr. P.
G. Chan, Ms. L. Chui, Dr. D. H. Cohen, Dr. T. S. Cook, Dr. M. G. R. Coope, Mr. K. A. Douglas,
Dr. J. H. V. Gilbert, Mr. E. B. Goehring, Dean M. A. Goldberg, Dr. J. Gosline, Dean J. R Grace,
Dr. S. E. Grace, Mr. B. B. M. Horner, Dr. J. G. T. Kelsey, Mr. J. A. King, Dr. S. B. Knight, Mr. H.
H. F. Leung, Dr. M. Levine, Mr. C. Lim, Professor P. T. K. Lin, Dr. S. C. Lindstrom, Mr. R. W.
Lowe, Dr. D. M. Lyster, Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Dr. M. MacEntee, Dr. R. T. A. MacGillivray, Mr.
W. B. McNulty, Mr. R. L. de Pfyffer, Rev. W. J. Phillips, Mr. D. B. Preikshot, Mrs. M. Price, Dr.
H. B. Richer, Dr. R. A. Shearer, Dean N. Sheehan, Dr. C. E. Slonecker, Dean C. L. Smith, Ms. C.
A. Soong, Ms. L. M. Sparrow, Mr. S. C. S. Tam, Dr. R. C. Tees, Dr. S. Thorne, Dr. W. Uegama,
Mr. D. R. Verma, Dr. D. A. Wehrung, Dr. R. M. Will, Dr. D. Ll. Williams, Mr. E. C. H. Woo,
Dr. W. C. Wright, Jr.
Regrets: Chancellor R. H. Lee, Vice-President D. R. Birch, Dr. A. P. Autor, Dr. S. Avramidis,
Dean C. S. Binkley, Dean pro tem. M. A. Boyd, Mr. P. T. Brady, Ms. S. Y. Dawood, Dr. G. W.
Eaton, Rev. J. Hanrahan, Mr. A. G. Heys, Dean M. J. Hollenberg, Dr. M. Isaacson, Professor V.
J. Kirkness, Mr. K. R MacLaren, Dean M. P. Marchak, Dean B. C. McBride, Dean J. H. McNeill,
Dean A. Meisen, Dr. R. J. Patrick, Professor M. Quayle, Mr. A. A. Raghavji, Dr. D. J. Randall,
Professor R. S. Reid, Professor J. A. Rice, Dean J. F. Richards, Dr.L. J. Stan, Mr. B. B. Telford,
Dr. J. Vanderstoep, Dr. E. W. Whittaker.
Senate membership
Ms. Shannon J. Spence - student representative of the Faculty of Forestry
Mr. Brian B. Telford - student representative of the Faculty of Forestry replacing Ms.
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of April 13,1994
Senate membership
The Chair welcomed to Senate Lt. Governor appointees Professor Paul T. K. Lin and
Professor Verna J. Kirkness, noting that Professor Kirkness was unable to attend the
The Chair welcomed the following students who had been elected to serve on Senate for a
one year term from April 1, 1994 to March 31, 1995 (one representative elected by each
Faculty + 5 members at-large):
Agricultural Sciences
Mr. Azim A. Raghavji
Applied Science
Mr. Keith R. MacLaren    Fourth Year Applied Science
Mr. Andrew G. Heys Fourth Year Arts
Commerce and Business Administration
Mr. Steven C. S. Tam
Third Year Agricultural Sciences
Mr. Hugh H. F. Leung
Mr. Paul G. Chan
Mr. Brian B. Telford
Graduate Studies
Mr. E. Brian Goehring
Mr. Chris Lim
Mr. Emile C. H. Woo
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ms. Shelina Y. Dawood
Mr. Kevin A. Douglas
Second Year Commerce & Business Administration
Third Year Dentistry
First Year Education
Second Year Forestry
Ph.D. Candidate in Geography
First Year Law
First Year Medicine
Second Year Pharmaceutical Sciences
Third Year Science
 Vancouver Senate 10776
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Minutes of the previous meeting
Members at-large:
Mr. James Boritz Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science
Ms. Lica Chui Second Year Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mr. Byron B. M. Horner M.A. Candidate in Political Science
Mr. Jan A. King Third Year Human Kinetics
Mr. David B. Preikshot Third Year Science
Minutes of the previous meeting
Dr. Tees l        That the minutes of the seventh regular
Mr. Banfield i       meeting of Senate for the Session 1993-94,
having been circulated, be taken as read and
Business arising from the minutes
Dr. Slonecker drew attention to page 10752 of the minutes and the reference made by Dr.
Gilbert to the paucity of reporting on the activities of Senate in UBC Reports. Dr.
Slonecker informed Senate that this matter had since been discussed with those concerned,
and it had been agreed that UBC Reports would in future run a column called "Briefs on
Senate". He pointed out that items that to go the Board of Governors would not be
published prior to Board approval.
Chair's remarks and related questions
President Strangway informed Senate that Dr. Stefan Dupre, who had been appointed to
look into the possibility of streamlining administrative activities and administrative costs,
had now submitted a report. President Strangway stated that his response to the report
had been distributed to Deans, Heads and Directors and that it would be published in
UBC Reports. He stated that Dr. Dupre had concluded that although UBC is
 Vancouver Senate 10777
Minutes of April 13,1994	
From the Board of Governors
as efficient as almost any other university in the country, there are many things that could
be done better. He stated that the University would be taking action on the advice given
in Dr. Dupre's report.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the proviso that none of the programs be implemented without formal
reference to the President; and that the Deans and Heads concerned with new
programs be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of such new programs.
i.      Curriculum proposals from the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Applied
Science, Arts, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and
Science, (pp. 10716-28)
ii.      Enrolment quotas for 1994-95. (pp.10743-5)
iii.      Change in name of the Department of Pathology to the Department of
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, (pp. 10747-8)
iv.      Establishment of an Institute for Child and Family Health Research, (p. 10748)
v.      Establishment of a Centre for Biodiversity Research, (p. 10748)
The Chair noted that the Board of Governors had not yet discussed the proposed
establishment of an Institute for Advanced Studies, and that this item should not have
been included in the list shown on the agenda.
Senate Nominating Committee Membership
In accordance with established procedures, student vacancies on the Nominating
Committee were declared.
Members were informed that a call for nominations to fill these vacancies would be sent
to all members of Senate, and that nominations would remain open until the May 18,
1994 Senate meeting. If more than two nominations are received an election will be held
at the May meeting.
 Vancouver Senate 10778
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Reports of Committees of Senate
Dr. Tees, Chair of the committee, presented the following report, on the Academic
Position of Students in Labour/Management Disputes:
In the event of a strike, it is the University's policy to take every reasonable measure to
remain open. We are committed to maintaining instruction in all courses, access to
core library services and examinations as scheduled. Faculty are responsible for
teaching their courses and students are responsible for fulfilling course requirements.
However, the University respects the right of a faculty member or a student, as a
matter of conscience, to refuse to cross a picket line in a labour dispute.
As a matter of University policy, department heads will ensure that every reasonable
effort is made to make alternate arrangements for classes for which an instructor is
absent as a result of refusing to cross a picket line. However, as a matter of University
policy, classes may not be relocated to a non-picketed location. Unavoidable
cancellations or room changes will be posted in or near the departmental office in a
place visible to students.
The attached guidelines were circulated by the Vice President Academic and endorsed
by Senate in March 1992. At that time Senate resolved "that the Academic Policy
Committee be requested to recommend a detailed policy to Senate regarding the
academic position of students in future labour disputes with the University.
The Senate Academic Policy Committee has concluded that it is impossible and
undesirable to attempt to anticipate all eventualities since many of the circumstances
are unique to a specific labour/management dispute. It is essential that guidelines be
provided for each particular occasion, that students be party to the articulation of
such guidelines and that students who feel they have been treated unfairly have access
to adjudication of their concerns. Therefore, the committee recommends that in the
event of a labour/management dispute involving picket lines:
1. A committee on academic guidelines be established with membership as
Vice President Academic and Provost, Chair
Chair, Senate Academic Policy Committee
Three Deans
Two student senators
2. A senior faculty member be designated to serve as arbiter for students who
have sought to resolve their concerns within their Faculties but feel they have
been treated unfairly.
 Vancouver Senate 10779
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Position of Students in Case of a Strike
a) Students who choose not to cross a picket line as a matter of conscience must
inform the Dean of the Faculty in which they are registered, in person, by
telephone or by letter, that they will not be attending classes or writing
examinations; otherwise it will be assumed that they will be attending and
writing. They will be responsible for fulfilling course requirements and, insofar
as possible, they will be evaluated on the basis of the work they are judged to
be able to do under the circumstances.
b) A student who misses an essential component and/or a scheduled examination
as a result of refusing to cross a picket line as a matter of conscience may be
expected to attend a make-up session and/or to write an examination scheduled
in a supplementary examination period.
1) Students unable to fulfil course requirements as a result of the strike:
A student who, as a consequence of the strike, is unable to fulfil course
requirements, e.g. because the strike has made it impossible to obtain necessary
and unique library materials, is responsible for informing the instructor or, if the
instructor is absent, the Head of the Department or the Dean of the Faculty.
2) Evaluation of student performance:
a) Faculty will attempt to examine or otherwise evaluate students according to the
normal evaluation plan for the course.
b) If classes are not held, students will be evaluated on the readings or other
sources for which they could reasonably be expected to be responsible, but will
not be evaluated on material which would have been available only in cancelled
For examination purposes, therefore, students may be responsible for:
(i) the required readings for the entire course,
(ii) the material presented in classes (lectures, seminars, laboratories, etc.) prior
to the strike,
(iii)the material presented in classes not affected by the strike (should there be
periods in which some parts of the campus are struck and not others).
 Vancouver Senate 10780
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Reports of Committees of Senate
3)  If examinations are cancelled:
If there were a minor disruption in the schedule, an attempt would be made to
modify the examination schedule in order to hold all examinations close to their
scheduled time and, if that were impossible, an attempt would be made to provide
an evaluation without a final examination.
It is important that you anticipate the possibility of a strike and do your best to
reassure students. Faculty should, therefore, ensure that:
1) students have a clear and up-to-date course outline in which required readings are
2) students realize they are responsible for having access to the required textbook(s),
3) students know where the Department office is so they can check for the posting of
information on classes cancelled or otherwise interrupted,
4) evaluation of student performance at the onset of a strike is complete, up-to-date
and available to the Department Head.
Dr. Tees l        That the recommendations of the committee
Dean Sheehan i        concerning the academic position of students
in labour/management disputes be approved.
Dr. Williams, Chair of the committee, presented the report. The Nominating Committee
nominated the following to fill vacancies on Senate committees:
 Vancouver Senate 10781
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs:
Mr. Jan A. King - replacing Mr. R. S. McNeal
Mr. Keith R. MacLaren - replacing Mr. C. A. Woods
Academic Policy:
Ms. Shelina Y. Dawood - replacing Mr. A. Janmohamed
Mr. Byron B. M. Horner - replacing Mr. C. A. Woods
Ms. Leona Sparrow - replacing Dr. Hugh McDonald
Mr. Chris Lim - replacing Mr. F. B. N. Horsburgh
Mr. Azim A. Raghavji - continuing member
Ms. Shelina Y. Dawood - replacing Mr. M. A. Fuoss
Mr. Brian B. Telford - replacing Mr. H. Leung
Appeals on Academic Standing:
Mr. E. Brian Goehring - continuing member
Mr. Jan A. King - replacing Mr. W. F. Dick
Mr. David B. Preikshot - replacing Ms. C. L. Greentree
Mr. E. Brian Goehring - continuing member
Mr. Emile C. H. Woo - continuing member
Continuing Education:
Mr. Kevin A. Douglas - replacing Mr. F. B. N. Horsburgh
Mr. Andrew G. Heys - additional member
Mr. Kevin A. Douglas - replacing Mr. B. Horner
Mr. Keith R. MacLaren - replacing Mr. H. Leung
Mr. David B. Preikshot - replacing Mr. P. R. Marsden
Mr. Steven C. S.Tam - replacing Mr. R. S. McNeal
 Vancouver Senate 10782
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Mr. Jan A. King - replacing Mr. C. A. Woods
Liaison with Post-Secondary Institutions:
Ms. Lica Chui - continuing member
Mr. James Boritz - replacing Mr. P. R. Marsden
Mr. Andrew G. Heys - replacing Mr. M. G. Schaper
Mr. Byron B. M. Horner - continuing member
Student Appeals on Academic Discipline:
Mr. James Boritz - replacing Mr. G. Kettyle
Mr. Hugh H. F. Leung - replacing Mr. M. G. Schaper
Mr. Chris Lim - replacing Ms. S. J. Spence
Student Awards:
Mr. Paul G. Chan - replacing Mr. A. Janmohamed
Mr. Brian B. Telford - replacing Ms. S. J. Spence
Mr. E. Brian Goehring - continuing member
Mr. Hugh H. F. Leung - replacing Mr. P. R. Marsden
Ad Hoc Committee on University Organization:
Ms. Lica Chui - continuing member
Mr. Byron B. M. Horner - replacing Ms. C. L. Greentree
Dr. Williams l        That the recommendations of the Nominating
Dr. Tees i        Committee be approved.
 Vancouver Senate 10783
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Mr. Goehring, student senator, noted that students had always been made welcome on
Senate committees in the past and expressed the hope that this would continue,
particularly for those students participating in committee work for the first time.
The motion was
put and carried.
Dr. Shearer, Chair of the committee, gave a brief report. First, Dr. Shearer expressed
thanks to Ms. Christa Greentree, student senator, for her participation in the work of the
committee, and welcomed Mr. Byron Horner who will replace Ms. Greentree as student
representative on the committee.
Dr. Shearer informed Senate that the university health sciences had been added to the
agenda of issues that the committee is studying. He stated, however, that the committee
did not anticipate making a report on this matter at the May meeting.
Dean Grace drew attention to the release of the Dupre Report on Aministrative
Organization and Processes at The University of British Columbia, and the reference in
that report to the future of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Dean Grace stated that he
had not been consulted on this matter and deplored the fact that it had been made public
in such a manner without the Dean of the Faculty first being informed. He noted that the
Dupre Report mentioned matters arising from discussions with the Ad Hoc Committee on
University Organization which had not been mentioned in the committee's reports to
Senate. Senate had been told that some matters were sensitive and highly confidential, and
yet it had been made public through the Dupre Report that the future of the Faculty of
Graduate Studies was in question. The Dean stated it would be very demoralizing for the
6400 graduate students, 40 faculty members whose
 Vancouver Senate 10784
Minutes of April 13,1994	
Other business
appointments are in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the 25 units that report to the
Faculty of Graduate Studies and the hard-working staff in the Graduate Studies office to
learn of this matter in such a public manner. He felt that the way in which this matter had
been handled undermined the credibility of the committee. In response, Dr. Shearer stated
that he had not seen the Dupre report and had not, of course, been consulted on its
contents. He stated that the question of the role and nature of the Faculty of Graduate
Studies was near the bottom of a long list of things that had been suggested to the
committee as matters that might be considered but that there had been no discussion. Dr.
Shearer assured Dean Grace that if and when the committee did consider the future of the
Faculty he would be informed and consulted.
Other business
Dr. Kelsey gave notice of the following motion:
"That Senate establish an Ad Hoc Committee for the purpose of reviewing the
progress made following the adoption of the recommendations of the Senate Ad Hoc
Committee on Teaching Evaluation (1990)."
The meeting adjourned at 8.25 p.m.
Next meeting
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, May 18, 1994.


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