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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1991-10-16

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Present: President D. W. Strangway (Chairman), Chancellor L. R. Peterson, Vice-President D. R.
Birch, Mr. S. Alsgard, Mr. J. A. Banfield, Miss K. Bentsen, Dr. L. L. Bongie, Dr. M. A. Boyd, Dr.
D. M. Brunette, Professor P. L. Bryden, Dr. D. G. A. Carter, Professor E. A. Carty, Dr. R. L.
Chase, Dr. S. Cherry, Dr. T. S. Cook, Mr. N.A. Davidson, Dr. K. Dawson, Dr. J. D. Dennison,
Dr. G. W. Eaton, Dr. A. J. Elder, Ms. C. J. Forsythe, Mr. C. Fung, Mr. E. B. Goehring, Dean M.
A. Goldberg, Dean J. R. Grace, Dr. S. E. Grace, Dr. R. D. Guy, Dr. S. W. Hamilton, Mr. M. L.
Hanik, Dr. M. Isaacson, Dr. J. G. T. Kelsey, Dr. M. M. Klawe, Ms. J. Lahey, Mr. O. C. W. Lau,
Dr. S. C. Lindstrom, Mr. S. Lu, Dr. D. M. Lyster, Mr. S.W.T. Mak, Dean M. P. Marchak, Dr. H.
McDonald, Dr. J. A. McLean, Dean J. H. McNeill, Mr.W. B. McNulty, Dr. A. G. Mitchell, Dr. L.
Paszner, Ms. B. M. Peterson, Mrs. S. K. Prpic, Miss C. L. Rankel, Dr. P. Resnick, Dean J. F.
Richards, Dean P. B. Robertson, Mr. A. J. Scow, Dean N. Sheehan, Dr. L. de Sobrino, Dr. L. J.
Stan, Dr. R. C. Tees, Mr. G. A. Thorn, Dr. W. Uegama, Dr. A. Van Seters, Dr. J. M. Varah, Mr.
L. Waldman, Miss R. Walia, Dr. D. A. Wehrung, Ms. N. E. Woo.
Regrets: Mr. D. A. Anderson, Dr. A. P. Autor, Dean C. S. Binkley, Mr. R. Bush, Rev. J.
Hanrahan, Dean M. J. Hollenberg, Mr. J. Jacob, Mr. D. K. Leung, Dean B. C. McBride, Dean A.
Meisen, Ms. E. Onno, Dr. R. J. Patrick, Professor R. S. Reid, Dr. M. M. Ryan, Dr. G. G. E.
Scudder, Dr. C. E. Slonecker, Dean C. L. Smith, Miss S. Sterling, Mr. M. Sugimoto, Dr. J.
Vanderstoep, Dr. R. M. Will, Dr. D. Ll. Williams, Dr. W. C. Wright, Jr.
Call to Order
Senate Membership
i) Replacements:
• Ms. C. J. Forsythe, student senator at-large, replaces Ms. L. B. W. Drummond
• Dr. D. M. Lyster replaces Dr. Katz as representative of the Faculty of
Pharmaceutical Sciences
ii)        Lt. Governor in Council Appointees (reappointed to June 29,1994):
• Mr. S. Alsgard
• Mr. R. Bush
• Mr. N. A. Davidson
 Vancouver Senate 10124
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Goldberg l        That the minutes of the first regular meeting of
Dr. Kelsey i        Senate for the Session 1991-92, having been
circulated, be taken as read and adopted.
Business Arising from the Minutes
At the previous meeting the Registrar, Dr. Spencer, was asked to clarify whether the
TOEFL requirement applied to the admission of visiting students. Dr. Spencer stated that
the TOEFL requirement for students for whom English is not their native language does
apply to visiting students, and to all students admitted to the University whether they are
unclassified, visiting students, or regular students. He stated, however, that in the case of
visiting students some exceptions had been made and the regulation had been waived. Dr.
Spencer informed Senate that two students admitted in 1989-90 under an Education
Abroad Program had TOEFL scores below the 570 normally required. Three students
whose TOEFL scores were less than 570 were admitted under an Education Abroad
Program in 1990-91 and four were admitted in the current year. Three visiting students
whose TOEFL scores were less than 570 were admitted on other exchange programs in
the current year. The average TOEFL score for the two students admitted in 1989-90 was
525, for the three admitted in 1990-91, 530, and for those admitted this year, 560. Dr.
Spencer summarized the performance of these students noting that although two students
had each failed one course the students' performance had generally been satisfactory.
Dr. Spencer stated that he felt that it was appropriate, on occasion, to waive regulations
provided that one could be satisfied that the exception was made for a relatively small
well defined group of students. He said that students visiting this
 Vancouver Senate 10125
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Business Arising from the Minutes
university under an exchange agreement are such a group. They are not being admitted to
a UBC degree program, they have been identified as excellent students academically, they
are participating in a program in which their progress will be monitored, and that they
are participating in something which the university has agreed, at least in principle, is a
good thing and should be supported.
In conclusion, Dr. Spencer noted that this year these students had been required to take
the Language Proficiency Index Test (LPI) which is required of all students who are
required to submit a TOEFL score before admission. He emphasized that this was a
placement requirement, not an admission requirement. He stated that these students had
performed about as well on this test as some students with much higher TOEFL scores.
On the basis of their scores on the LPI they may be limited in the number of credits they
can take, and may be encouraged to take English language instruction courses from the
English Language Institute.
Dr. Tees referred to the Senate guidelines on Education Abroad Programs, and asked if
there was any provision in those guidelines for waiving TOEFL scores. The Registrar
responded that he thought not.
In response to a query as to whether the 100 Ritsumeikan students were registered in
courses, the Registrar stated that he did not know whether they are currently registered in
credit courses but that it was intended that they should be.
Professor Bryden asked if there was a policy as to who has the authority to waive
requirements. He stated that he would be not be concerned about there being exceptions
if either the Registrar or the Senate Admissions Committee was explicitly
 Vancouver Senate 10126
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Business Arising from the Minutes
authorized to make those exceptions but that he would be concerned if this had been
done on an ad hoc basis.
Dr. Spencer stated that he was responsible if any exceptions were made by the Registrar's
Dr. Elder expressed concern that such decisions were being made without the involvement
of the Senate Admissions Committee.
Dean Marchak stated that it was her understanding that the majority of students from
Ritsumeikan University have TOEFL scores of 500 and below, and asked for clarification
from the Registrar as to whether all of the 100 students were enrolled in UBC credit
courses. She stated that while she recognized that UBC had undertaken an agreement with
Ritsumeikan University she would like to be assured that in future the University would
not be put in a position where the TOEFL score is waived for students from Ritsumeikan
University while other foreign students are expected to meet the requirement.
In response, Dr. Spencer stated that the University was dealing with three distinct groups
of students. The first group are students who apply for admission to the regular
undergraduate degree programs and who must meet the TOEFL score as well as all the
other admission requirements (which are higher for international students than for
Canadian applicants). The second group are students admitted as Visiting students, which
is a category which recognizes that they are enrolled in a recognized degree program at
another university and are taking a year of study at UBC and will then return to their own
institution to complete their degree. Within that group of visiting students, there is a
subset of students who are participating in approved Education
 Vancouver Senate 10127
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Business Arising from the Minutes
Abroad Programs. Dr. Spencer stated that the statistics he had given were for some of the
students participating in EAPs, who had been admitted to UBC for a year and whose
TOEFL scores are below 570. The third group, to which Dean Marchak had referred, are
the 100 students who are in a different kind of exchange program which is not an
approved EAP. These students, some of whom have very low TOEFL scores, were
admitted as Unclassified students without meeting the TOEFL requirement. He stated that
he had made the decision that it was appropriate under the circumstances to admit those
students this year as unclassified students. He said that it would have been difficult for
those students to study in Canada given the time frame in which their documentation was
being processed. They needed a letter of acceptance from the undergraduate admissions
office to satisfy the requirements for a student authorization. The students were therefore
admitted into the unclassified category which offers them the least freedom of choice and
specifically states that any course they choose requires the approval of the Faculty offering
the course. Dr. Spencer stated that that there is an important distinction between the
visiting student and unclassified student categories. He agreed that this was a large group
but argued that the group was well defined because the students are participating in a
specific exchange agreement. He reiterated his earlier statement that he did not know
whether the 100 Ritsumeikan students were currently registered in credit courses but
confirmed that it was the intention that they should register. He stated that as these
students had been admitted as unclassified students, the regulations of the University
permit them to register in credit courses with the permission of the Faculty offering the
course. He said that when the students register they will be eligible to receive a transcript
which will show their performance in the courses for which they registered. Dr. Spencer
stated that he could not answer Dean Marchak's question as to whether this exception
would be for one year only. He
 Vancouver Senate 10128
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Business Arising from the Minutes
did say, however, that everyone involved in the Education Abroad Programs, the Coordinator, the Committee established when these programs were approved by Senate, of
which he was the Chair, and the universities with which UBC has agreements were
committed to the proposition that the students admitted under approved EAPs should
meet the TOEFL requirement.
In response to a query by Dr. Tees as to whether the Committee on Education Abroad
Programs had been involved in the decision to admit students with TOEFL scores that did
not meet the published admission requirement, Dr. Spencer stated that the Committee met
after he had made the decision but that the matter had been discussed by the Committee.
He stated that members of the Committee agreed that it was crucial that the institutions
with whom UBC has exchange agreements understand that meeting the TOEFL score is
an important requirement.
In response to a statement from Dean Marchak stating that students coming to study for
a year in Canada had entirely different interests than those going to study in non-English
speaking countries, the Chairman observed that the concept of Education Abroad
Programs was reciprocity. UBC EAP students were given academic credit.
Mr. Lau i        Whereas the Senate is committed to the
Dr. Birch J        advancement of higher education in the
Province of British Columbia; and
Whereas the Mission Statement of The
University of British Columbia states that the
University "will work for equality of
opportunity for qualified candidates by
enabling them to overcome non-academic
barriers, whether they be ... financial
limitations, ..."; and
Whereas the 3% administrative fee imposed on
Canada Student Loans by the Department of
Secretary of State for Canada creates a
financial barrier;
 Vancouver Senate 10129
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Business Arising from the Minutes
Be it resolved that the Senate request the
Government of Canada to rescind the 3 %
administrative fee on Canada Student Loans;
Be it further resolved that the Chairman of
Senate send a letter incorporating this request
to the Secretary of State, with a copy to the
Minister of Advanced Education of British
Columbia; and
Be it further resolved that the Senate request
the Board of Governors to take similar action
in support of the Senate's resolution.
In presenting the motion, Mr. Lau explained that in August of this year the federal
government imposed a 3% administrative fee on Canada Student Loans. Many students
only became aware of this fee when they received their loans. Mr. Lau drew attention to a
clause in the University's Mission Statement which states that the University "will work
for the equality of opportunity for qualified candidates by enabling them to overcome
non-academic barriers, whether they be ... financial limitations ...". He felt that approval
of this motion would be a way of reaffirming Senate's statement.
Senate agreed to a request that Ms. Kelly Guggisberg, the AMS Coordinator of External
Affairs, be allowed to address the Senate. Ms. Guggisberg stated that it was not until
August of this year that she became aware that the 3% administrative fee had been
implemented. The fact that the fee was implemented in such a haphazard manner and that
none of those concerned had been consulted, meant that the universities and the banks
had only three weeks to work out a system to handle this fee. The rationale given by the
government for imposing this fee was that it would help students secure their loans since
the government could decline their loans if they did not show the ability to pay back. Ms.
Guggisberg stated that the problem with this reasoning is that the student never has an
opportunity to get the money back, particularly since the
 Vancouver Senate 10130
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Business Arising from the Minutes
government had not adjusted the loans to reflect increased costs due to inflation over the
past several years. She stated that the fee was not affecting students who need $1,000 to
bridge the gap, but that it was affecting students who need money the most, that is those
needing and qualifying for the full amount. Ms. Guggisberg informed Senate that many
students across Canada had already shown their concern, and that at UBC the AMS had
collected 2,000 signatures on a petition which had been forwarded to parliament. The
petition requests the government to rethink this recently imposed fee.
Mr. Lau presented further reasons why Senate should support the motion. He stated that
the implementation of this fee could result in students having to drop courses in order to
find jobs to cover the extra expense, thereby taking longer to finish their degrees, and
perhaps, in some cases, this could result in some students failing to finish their degrees.
He noted that financial institutions had voiced their objections to the hasty
implementation of this fee, and that the Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid
Administrators had published a position paper stating its opposition. Mr. Lau urged
Senate to approve the motion since it follows the University's objectives and because of
the effect the fee has on students and the University.
The motion was
carried unanimously
Ms. Lahey l        Whereas the university residences enforce a 24
Chancellor Peterson i        hour quiet period during examinations;
Whereas students require a quiet studying
environment during exams;
Be it resolved that the Senate strongly urge
Campus Planning and Development to avoid
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991
Business Arising from the Minutes
renovations and reconstruction to student
residences during examination periods.
In presenting the motion, Ms. Lahey explained that in the final examination period of
April 1991 the Gage low-rise and conference centre underwent renovations and
reconstruction of the roof. She stated that 1,342 students were subjected to the extreme
loud noise of blow-torches, hammering, and loud music, which began at 8.30 a.m. each
day and continued through until 4.30 p.m. Numerous complaints were received by the
Gage front desk and the conference centre. As a senator, Ms. Lahey stated that she also
received a large number of complaints, whereupon she telephoned Plant Operations, the
UBC Student Housing Office and the Office of the Vice-President of Student and
Academic Services. The Director of Student Housing told Ms. Lahey that her Department
had sent the contract to Campus Planning and Development in September 1990. The
contract for the roof was signed with Arbutus Roofing on November 28. Mr. Finamore of
Campus Planning and Development told Ms. Lahey that the contractors could not work
on the roof due to poor weather conditions. Arbutus Roofing records showed that intense
work on the roof occurred between the middle of March through to April 15 which
directly coincided with the examination period. Mr. Finamore had also commented that
the roof had not been worked on for 21 years. Ms. Lahey stated that it appeared that the
academic consideration of students in this particular situation had not been taken into
consideration by Campus Planning and Development, and she hoped, by this motion, that
the studying needs of students living in residences will be taken into consideration in the
future planning of renovations and reconstruction.
The motion was put
and carried
 Vancouver Senate 10132
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991
Dr. Sobrino referred to the discussion which had taken place at the previous meeting
concerning the Biomedical Research Centre, and asked the President if he had any
additional information on the status of the Centre.
President Strangway responded that since the last meeting, UBC had become the owners
of 50% of the Biomedical Research Centre operation and had received letters of intent
that there will be continuing funding with respect to the Centre. He stated that
negotiations were still underway with respect to the full transfer of the Centre, and at a
recent meeting the Board of Governors voted to accept the shares offered to UBC by the
Welcome Corporation. He said that the expectation was that it would, in due course,
become a fully integrated academic unit and when that happened it would come forward
to Senate for consideration and approval as an academic unit.
Dr. Resnick l        That Senate express its thanks and
Dr. McLean i        appreciation for the work done by the two
chairs of the Committee, Dr. Kelsey and Mr.
Chairman's Remarks and Related Questions
President Strangway stated that he had no remarks to make.
Reports of the Committees of Senate
In presenting the report, Dr. Cook, Chair of the Committee, drew attention to a revision
in the description of the Dean of Education's Scholarship to include the words
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991
Reports of the Committees of Senate
'in the Teacher Education Program'. This now reads: '...The award is made to a student in
the Teacher Education Program in the Faculty of Education...'.
Dr. Cook
Dean Goldberg
That the new awards (listed in the Appendix)
be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that letters of thanks
be sent to the donors.
Dr. Dennison, Chair of the Committee, presented the report.
Dr. Dennison explained that the first students would be graduating from the Master of
Health Administration program in May of 1992. The Tributes Committee recommended
approval of a recommendation from the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology
that the M.H.A. hood be red and pale blue.
Dr. Dennison
Dean Grace
That the hood for the Master of Health
Administration degree be red and pale blue.
The following memorial statement had been prepared in accordance with the custom of
Senate, in recognition by the University and Senate of the late Henry Forbes Angus.
Henry Forbes Angus, one of this university's most distinguished professors and an
outstanding servant of his country and his province, passed away on September 17, 1991.
Henry Angus was born in Victoria on April 19, 1891. After his early education at
Victoria High School, he was a student at McGill University from 1907 to 1911,
 Vancouver Senate 10134
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Reports of the Committees of Senate
earning a B.A. degree. From 1912 to 1914, Dean Angus attended Oxford University,
graduating with a B.A. and a degree in Civil Law. He also earned the prestigious Vinerian
Law Scholar Award. From 1914 to 1919, Henry Angus saw war service in India and
Mesopotamia as Staff Captain in the 34th Indian Infantry Brigade. After demobilization
he reentered Oxford for his M.A. degree and was called to the Bar on his return to British
In 1919, he accepted a position of Assistant Professor of Economics, Political Science and
Sociology at the young provincial university located in the Fairview Shacks near the
Vancouver General Hospital. After a period of time practising law, he returned to the
university, now at Point Grey, as Professor and Head of his original department.
In 1948, he was appointed the first Dean of Graduate Studies and served until his
retirement in 1956.
Few Canadians have offered themselves in the service of their country as often and as
fully as Henry Angus. Among his many roles and responsibilities, he was also a member
of the Rowell-Sirois Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations, a member of
the Royal Commission on Transportation, Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission
of B.C. and a member of the Energy Board of the province.
Dean Angus had an understanding of Canada which was well ahead of its time. In a brief
on the Constitution written in 1966, he reflected upon his experience on the Rowell-Sirois
Commission some thirty years earlier with these words...
"They (English speaking observers) were almost completely oblivious to the
cultural aspirations of Quebec. The idea that Quebec might not want financial
benefits at the price of a moral sacrifice was incomprehensive to them."
His involvement in professional activities was no less impressive. They included the
Presidency of the Royal Society of Canada and the Political Science Association, a
member of the Social Science Research Council, the Canadian Institute of International
Affairs, and the Institute of Pacific Relations.
His long list of publications include titles such as Canada and the Far East, British
Columbia and the United States, and Canada's Economy in a Changing World.
Dean Angus received an Honorary LL.D. from McGill and on his retirement, an LL.D.
from this university.
Henry Angus was a great Canadian. He was also a brilliant scholar, writer, and teacher.
His ideas were sought, read and highly respected, not only in his native country, but
throughout the world. But he was also a deeply committed member of
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991
Faculty of Graduate Studies
the university community. In his final Convocation Address, Dean Angus delivered a
passionate defence of university values. While acknowledging its role in research and in
training men and women for professions, he saw liberal education as the undisputed heart
of the university, and cultivation of the mind as its greatest and most unique contribution
to society.
The life of Henry Angus extended over one hundred years. It was a life of service to his
country and its people. It was also a life in which this university played a large and
important part.
To his surviving family, the Senate of this university extends its deepest sympathy.
Dr. Dennison i        That the memorial statement be spread on the
Chancellor Peterson i        minutes of Senate and that a copy be sent to
the relatives of the deceased.
Dr. Dennison
Dean Goldberg
That Dr. James Hart be offered the status of
Associate Professor Emeritus of English.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The following revision to the Calendar statement on the Minimum Standing for
Qualifying and Provisional Students had been circulated:
Course Work
2. In all courses taken as prerequisites for full entry to a doctoral program,
or taken as part of a Qualifying year for a doctoral program, or required to
clear Provisional Standing, a minimum mark of 68% must be obtained.
Higher minima may be specified as appropriate.
Existing #2 - renumber as 3.
 Vancouver Senate 10136
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Student elections to Governing Bodies
D.        Course Work
Add 2. In all courses taken as prerequisites for full entry to a Master's program,
or taken as part of a Qualifying year for a Master's program, or required to
clear Provisional Standing, a minimum mark of 68% must be obtained.
Higher minima may be specified as appropriate.
Existing #2, 3,4- renumber as 3, 4, 5.
Dean Grace explained that the purpose of the revisions was to make explicit in the
Calendar something which has been in practice for many years and this is that students
who are taking undergraduate courses or other courses while they are on Provisional
status, or Qualifying students, or simply who have prerequisite courses, should achieve a
minimum mark of 68% in those courses. Although this has been the practice for many
years it has not been in the Calendar, and a recent appeal was upheld because a small
number of students claimed that they were unaware of this since there was nothing in the
Dean Grace l        That the proposed additions to the Calendar
Dr. Sobrino J       statement on Course Work for the Doctoral
and Master's programs be approved.
Student elections to Governing Bodies
The following proposal concerning rules and regulations for student elections to
governing bodies had been circulated:
"The following elections are required annually:
Board of Governors [University Act, Section 19 (e))
"Two full-time students elected from the Student Association"
Senate (University Act, Section 34 (2) (h))
"a number of full-time students, equal to the number provided in paragraphs (a) to (f),
(currently seventeen) elected from the Student Association in a manner that ensures that at
least one student from each faculty is elected;"
 Vancouver Senate 10137
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
Student elections to Governing Bodies
In accordance with the University Act, Section 42, "The Senate shall make and publish all
rules ... in respect of nominations, elections and voting ..."
The Senate has already resolved that:
• the call for nominations be made by mid-November;
• the close of nominations be the last day of lectures in the first term (approved by
Senate October 12, 1983);
• candidates limit their campaign spending to $125.00. (approved by Senate October
• that voting be completed by the end of January;
• those elected to the Board of Governors take office at the first meeting of the
Board on or after February 1;
• those elected to Senate take office at the first meeting of Senate on or after April 1.
That the schedule for this Academic year be as follows:
• call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Wednesday, November 13, Friday,
November 15, and Tuesday, November 19, 1991;
• close of nominations, 4:00 p.m., Friday, November 29, 1991;
• announcement of the list of candidates in The Ubyssey on Friday, January 17 and
Tuesday, January 21, 1992;
• election date, Friday, January 24, 1992;
• evening polls 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday January 20 - Wednesday, January
22, 1992;
• daytime polls 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday, January 20 to Friday, January 24,
1992 inclusive.
A copy of the Senate rules and regulations (previously approved by Senate) will be given to
each candidate for election and copies are available to members of Senate from the Coordinator of Elections, Office of the Registrar, on request.
The nomination forms have been amended to advise candidates that they are required to
abide by the A.M.S. Rules Governing Elections, and that copies may be obtained from the
Administrative Assistant in the Alma Mater Society, Room 238 Student Union Building,
tel. 822-2971, as requested by Senate, January 1991.
Dr. Sobrino l        That the recommendations for the 1991-92
Dr. Cook J        student elections to Governing Bodies be
Mr. Lau stated that the regulation that candidates are required to abide by the AMS rules
governing elections was approved by Senate last March because of complaints made to
the Senate Elections Committee, and that consequently candidates are now required to
abide by
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991
two sets of regulations, those of Senate and the AMS. He stated, however, that there was
an overlap in these two sets of regulations in matters of nominations, scheduling, and
other matters, and that due to the continual change of personnel running elections at the
AMS there may be changes made to their regulations without realizing that this overlap
exists. He therefore proposed the following amendment:
Mr. Lau
Mr. Hanik
That the Senate student election regulations be
amended to state that where there is a conflict
between AMS and Senate regulations, the
Senate regulations shall apply.
Miss Rankel drew attention to the regulation that candidates limit their campaign
spending to $125. and suggested that in keeping with inflation it would be more realistic
to have that figure raised to $150.
Miss Rankel
Mr. Lau
That the limit on campaign spending be raised
to $150.
The motion, as
amended, was
put and carried.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Next Meeting
The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 1991.
 Vancouver Senate 10139
Minutes of OCTOBER 16,1991	
American Institute of Certified Planners to the outstanding graduating student in Community and
Regional Planning. In addition, the School of Community and Regional Planning offers a $250
prize to the winner. The award is made on the recommendation of the School. (Available 1991/92
Winter Session.)
KATHLEEN WINNIFRED BRADSHAW BURSARY - Two bursaries of $450 each, the gift of
Kathleen Winnifred Bradshaw Foundation, are offered annually to assist graduate students in the
Department of Political Science. (Available 1992/93 Winter Session.)
endowed by Margaret A. Campbell, Professor Emerita in the School of Nursing. The award is
made to a graduate student on the recommendation of the School of Nursing in consultation with
the Faculty of Graduate Studies. (Available 1992/93 Winter Session.)
$1,000 scholarship is provided annually by the Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese
Railroad Workers in Canada to a graduate student in the Department of History. Preference will
be given to a student with an interest in the contributions of a variety of cultures to Canadian
History. The scholarship is made on the recommendation of the Department of History in
consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. (Available 1991/92 Winter Session.)
DEAN OF EDUCATIONS SCHOLARSHIP - A $550 scholarship has been endowed by alumni
and friends of the Faculty of Education. The award is made to a student in the Teacher Education
Program in the Faculty of Education on the recommendation of the Faculty. (Available 1991/92
Winter Session.)
Kenny & Bray offers an annual prize of $500 to a law student based on scholarly achievement
relating to environmental law. The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of
Law. (Available 1991/92 Winter Session.)
established in 1990 by the Native Brotherhood of B.C. on the occasion of its 60th year. The
award is made to a First Nations student from a B.C. coastal community and is open to students
in the Faculties of Arts or Science. (Available 1991/92 Winter Session.)
JOHNH. REID MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - A $300 scholarship has been established by
family and friends in memory of John H. Reid. The award is made on the recommendation of the
Faculty of Applied Science to a student entering the second year in Metals and Materials
Engineering and studying metallurgy. (Available 1992/93 Winter Session.)
VISHVA HINDU PARISHAD PRIZE - A prize in the amount of $250 has been established by Dr.
and Mrs. D. P. Goel. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Asian
Studies to an outstanding student in an undergraduate course relating to South Asia. (Available
1991/92 Winter Session.)


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