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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2009-12-16

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Vancouver Senate
Present: Prof. S. J. Toope (Chair), Mr. J. Ridge (Secretary), Dr. Y. Altintas, Ms. K. Ami-
noltejari, Dr. R. Anstee, Mr. C. Au, Dr. K. Baimbridge, Dean M. A. Bobinski, Dr. J.
Brander, Principal M. Burgess, Dr. B. Cairns, Mr. B. Cappellacci, Mr. A. Cheung, Ms. B.
Craig, Dr. J. Dennison, Ms. A. Dulay, Dr. D. Farrar (Provost & Vice-President, Academic), Dr. D. Fielding, Ms. M. Friesen, Dean N. Gallini, Mr. R. Gardiner, Mr. C. L. Gorman, Mr. S. Haffey, Dr. W Hall, Dr. P. G. Harrison, Mr. S. Heisler, Ms. K. Ho, Dean M.
Isman, Dr. A. Ivanov, Mr. A. Johal, Dr. B. S. Lalli, Dr. B. Larson, Dr. D. Lehman, Mr. D.
Leung, Dr. P. Loewen, Mr. B. MacDougall, Dr. P. L. Marshall, Dr. W McKee, Mr. J.
Mertens, Mr. C. Meyers, Ms. S. Morgan-Silvester (Chancellor), Principal L. Nasmith, Dr.
C. Orvig, Dr. K. Patterson, Mr. B. Perrin, Ms. S. Purewal, Dr. A. Riseman, Dr. T. Ross,
Dr. L. Rucker, Mr. J. Sealy-Harrington, Ms. E. Segal, Dean R. Sindelar, Dr. S. Singh, Dr.
R. Sparks, Dr. S. Thorne, Mr. B. Tomlinson, Dr. M. Upadhyaya, Mr. A. Wazeer, Dr. R.
Windsor-Liscombe, Dr. R. A. Yaworsky, Dr. T. Young.
By invitation: Mr. M. Bomford, Mr. C. Eaton, Ms. R. Vlaar.
Regrets: Dean T. Aboulnasr, Mr. G. Costeloe, Mr. G. Dew, Dr. W Dunford, Dean B.
Evans, Dr. S. Farris, Ms. A. Johl, Ms. A. Kelly, Dr. S. B. Knight, Mr. W McNulty, Dean
D. Muzyka, Dr. G. Oberg, Ms. I. Parent, Dean S. Peacock, Dr. J. Plessis, Dean J. Saddler,
Mr. M.Sami, Ms. A. Shaikh, Dean C. Shuler, Dr. B. Stelck, Dean G. Stuart, Mr. D.
Thakrar, Dean R. Tierney, Mr. D. Verma, Dr. M. Vessey, Dr. R. Wilson.
Recording Secretary: Ms. L. M. Collins.
Call to Order
The Chair called to order the fourth regular meeting for the 2009/2010 academic year.
Vol. 2009/2010
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 78
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Secretary had received the following correction to the minutes of the meeting of
November 18, 2009, and the assembly acquiesced:
p. 09/10 61, UBC Equity & Diversity Strategic Plan > Discussion
Amend the first sentence as follows (additions in bold):
Mr. Heisler expressed some concerns about the AMS Equity Officer program,
suggesting that it involved excessive paperwork and that it was not meeting its
objectives, was an example of a program with great intentions but a forced follow-through that worked against the original intent - something he hoped this
Plan would avoid. He also noted that the Plan appeared to be very heavy on
reporting, and that paperwork may not achieve buy-in at the departmental level.
Mr. Mertens l     That the minutes of the meeting of
Dr. Rucker J     November 18, 2009 be adopted as
Remarks from the Chair and Related Question
Recalling his remarks at the previous meeting, Prof. Toope stated that the Association of
Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC) and the Group of 13 universities continued
to develop close connections with government officials to promote increased funding for
research. He noted uncertainty with respect to the federal budget. In response to a question about how individual researchers might assist with advocacy efforts, Prof. Toope suggested that it would be most helpful to write to Members of Parliament to encourage
continued investment in direct and indirect costs of research.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 79
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Prof. Toope reported on the November 25 meeting of the GVRD/UBC Joint Committee,
a committee that had been established under a memorandum of understanding (MOU)
between the University and Metro Vancouver to govern the land use relationship between
the two entities. The President described the meeting as an interesting and helpful
exchange, wherein Metro Vancouver representatives clarified that they were no longer
satisfied with the terms of the existing MOU. UBC representatives agreed to report back
to the full Board of Governors to seek guidance. The President acknowledged the work of
Governors Dr. Andrew Irvine and Ms. Susan Yurkovich in effectively representing UBC's
position. After subsequent discussions, the Board remained opposed to a bylaw introducing additional land use regulation. In the interest of ensuring a role for Senate in the discussion, Mr. Stephen Owen, Vice-President, External, Legal, and Community Relations,
had requested a meeting with the Senate Academic Building Needs Committee.
Prof.Toope described a recent visit to Korea and Hong Kong as very positive. Dr. John
Hepburn, Vice-President, Research & International, had also visited Beijing and Taipei.
UBC representatives met with institutional partners and alumni. UBC alumni in the
region continued to display great enthusiasm and support for their alma mater.
Prof. Toope reported that a recent housing demand survey completed by thousands of
UBC students had indicated a strong commitment to live on campus. In order to respond
to student needs, the Board of Governors had set a target of providing on-campus housing
for 45 percent of UBC students. Given the current ability to accommodate 25 percent of
the student body, this commitment would mean a significant investment over the following five to 10 years. Because student housing was not directly funded by the government,
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 80
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions, continued
securing funding for the additional housing represented a significant challenge. In
response to a question, Prof. Toope stated that the optimal mix of types of student housing had not yet been considered at this early phase, although it would be important to
consider needs at various points in a student's career.
From the Board of Governors
The Senate received for information confirmation that the following items approved by
the Vancouver Senate had been subsequently approved by the Board of Governors as
required under the University Act.
Senate Meeting of October 14, 2009
New Awards.
Senate Meeting of November 18, 2009
Curriculum Proposals from the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Applied Science, Arts, College for Interdisciplinary Studies, Medicine, and Dentistry).
Individual Joint Doctoral Programs Proposal.
New Awards.
Academic Policy Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Harrison presented the report.
In December 2008, Senate had approved a proposal to modify the academic year to allow
for annual orientation programming for students on the first day of classes of the Winter
Session. Imagine UBC subsequently replaced the majority of undergraduate classes with
academic and student life programming to support and enhance the orientation and transition of new and returning students.
The Academic Policy Committee had subsequently received a summary report from Student Development on the Imagine Day programming that had taken place in September
2009. The Committee had circulated the report to Senate for information.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 81
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Academic Policy Committee, continued
Mr. Wazeer observed that a 2009 Imagine Day poster session by faculty in Political Science had been particularly effective in connecting undergraduate students with research.
He suggested that other units consider a similar approach.
Admissions Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Fielding presented the reports.
The following is an excerpt from the report.
At the May 2008 meeting of the Vancouver Senate, the Admissions Committee
was directed to undertake a review of UBC's undergraduate admission policies
with a view to determining their effectiveness in meeting goals of TREK 2010 and
the UBC Academic Plan and report back to the Senate with recommendations for
any necessary changes. The report presented herein is intended to fulfill the
reporting responsibility assigned to the Committee.
Prior to undertaking a detailed review of undergraduate admission policies, the
Committee first identified relevant policies for examination in light of Senate
approved Principles of Effective Undergraduate Admission to UBC (appendix 1).
The policies were then prioritized and assigned to several working groups that
were constituted to meet the Committee's mandate with representation from the
Committee, Enrolment Services, the International Student Initiative, the Office of
Planning and Institutional Research (PAIR), in consultation with representatives
of UBC Okanagan where appropriate. The working groups were directed to
undertake a detailed analysis of assigned policies and make any necessary recommendations for change. Five broad issues were identified by the Committee and
assigned for review by working groups as follows:
1. Working Group 1 - Review of the English Language Admission Standard
2. Working Group 2 - Level and Subject Matter of Secondary School Courses
Used for Admission to UBC Vancouver
3. Working Group 3 - Implications of Optional Provincial Examinations and
Comparative Standards
4. Working Group 4 - Review of Broad Based Admission Practices
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 82
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Admissions Committee, continued
5.   Working Group 5 - Assessment and Monitoring of Changes in Admission Policies
Dr. Fielding l     That the report of the Admissions
Dr. Anstee J     Committee on "Review of UBC
Undergraduate Admission Policies" be
Mr. Heisler asked whether first-year sessional averages varied by faculty. Dr. Anstee stated
that there was some distinction based on program. Dr. Brander added that this variation
had been controlled for in the regression analysis.
The motion was
put and carried.
Dr. Fielding l     That the criteria for including secondary
Dr. Patterson J     school courses in an admission average
recommended herein be approved.
The criteria listed in the report were as follows:
Secondary school courses included in an admission average must meet all of the
following criteria:
1. Offered by a recognized institution. Recognized institutions, for the purpose
of UBC admission, include those that are approved by:
a. the Ministry of Education (or equivalent) in the relevant educational
jurisdiction. Ministry-approved schools may offer both ministry developed courses and locally developed courses. Locally developed courses
that are approved to satisfy graduation requirements may be included in
admission averages if they meet the other criteria below or;
b. a UBC-recognized accrediting body or;
c. the Senate Admissions Committee or;
d. a Senate-approved designate (e.g., Deans in cases of admission from non-
accredited institutions on 'Deans Discretion').
2. Delivered at the Grade 12 level (or equivalent) or approved for substitution
into an admission average by the Senate Admissions Committee;
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 83
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Admissions Committee, continued
3. Subject matter is one of the following:
a. Academic in delivery;
b. Supportive of broad academic goals and objectives of the University (e.g.,
the selection of Aboriginal students);
c. Relevant to the selection of qualified students by a particular program or
faculty. Inclusion of such courses in an admission average is subject to the
approval of the Senate Admissions Committee on course-by-course basis.
4. Grades based on prior learning assessment and/or challenge exams are to be
excluded from admission averages but may be used to satisfy program prerequisites. For example, language course grades based on a challenge exam
will not be included in admission averages; however, the same language
courses may be used to satisfy the language requirements for a degree program at the University.
Senators discussed the following issues:
• Whether grades for required courses based on challenge exams would be included in
the calculation of an admission average. The assembly recognized Ms. Vlaar, who suggested that the Undergraduate Admissions office would send such cases to the faculty
in question for consideration under the category of Dean's Discretion. Student Senators
in particular were concerned about an apparent lack of clarity about how challenge
exams would be treated in the admissions process.
• Growing concern about students enrolled in a high school concurrently taking courses
at private colleges for higher grades to effectively buy higher grades. It was noted that
current high school transcripting practices did not always show the origin of a grade.
Dr. Fielding stated that the Ministry of Education was aware of this problem and
planned to take action to address it.
• Whether the proposed criteria were sufficiently rigorous. There was the suggestion that
they could be strengthened by stipulating an academic review of course content by
In response to a question, Dr. Fielding confirmed that the criteria were also being considered by the Okanagan Senate.
The motion was
put and carried.
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of December 16, 2009
09/10 - 84
Admissions Committee, continued
Dr. Fielding
Dr. Harrison
That Senate delegate to the Admissions
Committee the authority to grant final
approval of courses to be used in the
calculation of an admission average and
published in the Calendar, with the proviso
that all courses so approved meet the criteria
specified by Senate.
Senators discussed the following issues:
• Drs. Anstee and Loewen spoke against the motion to delegate, expressing the opinion
that courses (and BC courses in particular) to be included in an admission average
should be discussed by Senate as a whole.
• In response to requests for clarification, Dr. Fielding pointed out that the delegation
would be permanent, i.e., until otherwise resolved by Senate, and that the Committee
would report annually to the Senate with respect to actions taken under delegated
• There was a suggestion that, in the interest of transparency, language be added to the
Calendar to list all approved courses.
Mr. Haffey l     That the motion be amended to begin as
Dr. Anstee J     follows (addition in bold):
That Senate delegate to the Admissions
Committee the authority to grant final
approval of extra-provincial courses to be
used in the calculation of an admission
Discussion of Amendment
Dr. Brander spoke against the motion on the grounds that it would introduce an asymmetry in how BC and extra-provincial courses were treated.
The motion to
amend was put
and failed.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 85
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Admissions Committee, continued
The main motion
was put and
The following is an excerpt from the Committee's covering memorandum:
As part of its review of Undergraduate admission polices, the Committee has
examined jurisdictional variations in grading scales and qualitative assessment of
student performance. The Committee's findings indicate that the consideration of
indigenous grading scales in admission decision results in more equitable decision
making and better identifies applicants who are most likely to prosper at the University.
As outlined the attached policy, grades presented for the calculation of an admission average will be adjusted to accurately assess the grades in terms of their ability to predict future performance at the University. Adjustments will be based
primarily on a review of academic performance of students previously admitted
from that educational jurisdiction. All grade adjustments approved by the Committee will be reported to Senate for information.
Dr. Fielding l     That Senate approve Policy J-50: Grade
Dr. Rucker J     Adjustment for Secondary School
Applicants for Undergraduate Admission to
the University.
Senators discussed the following issues:
• Student Senators in particular expressed concern about what was meant by the phrase
"educational jurisdiction," which appeared in the "Purpose and Goals" section of the
policy. There was discussion about how to potentially modify various sections of the
policy to clarify.
• Student Senators requested reassurance that grades would not be adjusted by individual school. Dr. Fielding stated that the intent was to adjust grades for entire jurisdictions, where appropriate data was available, rather than evaluating and adjusting on a
school-by-school basis. Senators expressed varying opinions about whether adjustments for individual schools should be permitted under the policy.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 86
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Admissions Committee, continued
• In response to a question, Dr. Fielding stated that there was no plan to provide detailed
feedback to extra-provincial schools about how their students' grades had been
adjusted by UBC.
• Adjusting grades from different jurisdictions was compared to international currency
conversion, i.e., necessary to ensure fairness.
• There was discussion about how much information about grade adjustments would or
should be available to applicants. While some Senators thought that individual applicants should be fully advised, others felt that it would be too complex a process to
clearly explain.
• There was a question about how grade adjustments for international students that
resulted in lower admission averages aligned with the University's goals to attract more
international students. A Student Senator cited a recent experience of grades for
courses taken at a British university as part of a student exchange program having been
converted downward upon return to UBC and expressed concern that this would routinely be the case for international applicants.
• Several Senators spoke in favour of the policy as a way to treat applicants equitably and
The motion wa
put and carried.
The Committee had reviewed and recommended for approval proposed changes to the
Calendar entry on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to remove references to the Post-
Registered Nurse advanced standing entry option as it was no longer offered. The deadline to submit supplemental application and supporting documents had also been
Dr. Fielding l     That Senate approve the proposed changes
Dr. Windsor- J     to the Calendar entry on Bachelor of Science
Liscombe in Nursing.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 87
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Joint Report from the Curriculum Committee and the Admissions
Curriculum Committee Chair Dr. Marshall presented the report.
Dr. Marshall l     That Senate approve the Graduate Program
Dr. Loewen J     in Craniofacial Science with Prosthodontics
as set out in the attached report.
Curriculum Committee
See also Appendix A: Curriculum Summary.'
Dr. Marshall l     That the new and changed courses and
Mr. Mertens J     programs brought forward by the Faculty of
Applied Science, the College of Health
Disciplines, the Faculty of Dentistry, the
Faculty of Graduate Studies (Arts, Law, and
Medicine), and the Faculty of Science be
In response to a question about the suspension of admission to two UBC programs, the
assembly recognized Ms. Collins, who stated that there was no policy on maximum duration for such suspensions, and that long-term planning for programs was normally undertaken by deans in consultation with the Provost.
In response to a question about the large number of proposed new courses from the Faculty of Applied Science, the assembly recognized Mr. Eaton, who noted that some course
deletions to partially offset the number of new courses had been processed by the Curriculum Committee as Category 2 changes.
The motion was
put and carried.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 88
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Student Awards Committee
Committee member Dr. Cairns presented the report.
See also Appendix B: New Awards.'
Dr. Cairns l     That the new awards be accepted as listed
Dr. Patterson J     and forwarded to the Board of Governors
for approval; and that letters of thanks be
sent to the donors.
Tributes Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Thorne presented the report.
The Committee recommended the following candidates for emeritus status:
Bo wen, Bruce D.: Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Buck, William: Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Dermatology and Skin
Coupe, Robert: Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Dermatology and Skin
Hoffman, Geoffrey W: Associate Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy
Quamme, Gary A.: Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Rhodes, Edward C: Professor Emeritus of Human Kinetics
Ricou, Laurence R.: Professor Emeritus of English
Riding, Keith: Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 89
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Tributes Committee, continued
Segal, Cecil: Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Dermatology and Skin Science
Dr. Thorne l     That the attached list of individuals for
Dr. Orvig J     emerita or emeritus status be approved and
that, pursuant to section 9(2) of the
University Act, all persons with the ranks of
Professors Emeriti, Associate Professors
Emeriti, Assistant Professors Emeriti, Senior
Instructors Emeriti, Instructors II Emeriti,
Instructors I Emeriti, General Librarians
Emeriti and Administrative Librarians
Emeriti be added to the Roll of
Dr. Thorne reported that Dr. Derek Atkins had been erroneously included on the list circulated to Senate in advance of the meeting. The Faculty Relations Office had confirmed
that Dr. Atkins did not intend to resign at that time. The list was amended accordingly by
The motion was
put and carried.
Report from the Provost and Vice-President, Academic
At the request of Dr. Farrar, the assembly recognized guest presenter Mr. Mark Bomford,
Director of Programming at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems - UBC Farm. Dr.
Farrar invited Mr. Bomford and Senator Andrew Riseman to give an overview of the
recently completed South Campus Academic Plan: Cultivating Place.
Highlights of the presentation were as follows:
•  Cultivating Place aimed to fulfill a request of the Board of Governors made in December 2008 to provide an academically rigorous and globally significant academic plan
for the 24-hectare area on South Campus focused on sustainability.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 90
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Cultivating Place, continued
• Cultivating Place was intended to build upon a 1999 document Reinventing the UBC
Farm that was nearing the end of its academic lifespan. The goal was to transform the
way societies operate so that they can become more sustainable, not just in terms of
food, but encompassing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, community, and environment.
• Academic programming on South Campus had seen steady and rapid growth. The
number of students who visited the farm as part of their credit course instruction had
risen from fewer than 50 in 1999 to exceed 2,500 student visits in the 2009 calendar
• Steadily increasing revenues from farm gate sales, grants, and donations had allowed
programs to grow without direct GPO support.
• Cultivating Place had been developed by a 12-member committee with seven faculties
represented. This consultative process proceeded hand-in-hand with the Sustainability
Academic Strategy.
• The committee identified that one of the greatest strengths of the South Campus site
was its ability to integrate people, disciplines, concepts, and operations in a way that
was very difficult to do in a classroom.
• In the area of teaching and learning, a current success was inter-generational pedagogy.
A future direction was to formalize faculty associate positions. A "big idea" was to
establish an immersive sustainability residential college.
• In the area of research and partnerships, a current success was land-based carbon management. A future direction was integrated land-based Aboriginal community health.
A "big idea" was biophysical and socioeconomic measurement of the rural-urban
• Looking forward, academic leadership would be applied to ensure that new infrastructure and facilities support innovative academic goals.
Several Senators expressed strong support for the plan.
In response to a question, Prof. Toope confirmed that the use of South Campus as academic land could possibly be jeopardized if Metro Vancouver were to implement additional regulatory constraints on land use.
Prof. Toope reported that the Plan had been very well received by the Board of Governors.
He thanked the South Campus Academic Plan Committee.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 91
Minutes of December 16, 2009
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The following regular meeting of the Senate was scheduled to be held on Wednesday, January 20, 2010.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 92
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Faculties of Graduate Studies and Dentistry
Graduate Program in Craniofacial Science with Prosthodontics
DENT 525
DENT 526
DENT 527
DENT 528
DENT 529
DENT 530
DENT 531
DENT 532
DENT 533
DENT 534
DENT 535
DENT 725
DENT 726
DENT 727
Faculty of Applied Science
APSC 364 (3)
MECH 224(1)
MECH 225 (1)
MECH 493 (3)
MINE 438 (3)
MINE 485 (3)
College of Health Disciplines
IHHS 410
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 93
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Appendix A: Curriculum Summary, continued
Faculty of Dentistry
Dental Hygiene Degree Program: Direct Entry Admission Option
Graduate Studies
Linguistics Cognitive Systems Stream
New Course
LAW 524 (2-4)d
Physiology Graduate Program
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 94
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Robin Woodsworth Campbell Memorial Bursary: Bursaries totalling $2,100 have been
endowed by the estate of Henry (Harry) C. Campbell in memory of his son, Robin
Woodsworth Campbell (1949-2002), for undergraduate students who are family descen-
dents of Interior Salish, Coast Salish, Northern Coast or Wakashan language groups.
Born in France at Neuilly-sur-Seine, Robin Campbell made his career as an artist on
Hornby Island, B.C., working mainly in bronze, stone and clay sculpture. The awards are
made on the recommendation of the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Awards.
(First award available for the 2010/11 Winter Session - $60,000 endowed)
Dr Morton Dodek Award in Family Practice: A $1,000 award is offered to a resident in
the Department of Family Practice who demonstrates care, compassion, and competency.
The award was created by Dr Arthur and Judith Dodek in honour of Dr Morton Dodek,
a graduate of UBC's first medical class in 1954 who spent many years as a full service
family physician and exemplified commitment to family medicine. The award is made on
the recommendation of the Director of the Family Practice Residency Program in the
Faculty of Medicine. (First award available for the 2009/10 Winter Session)
Bhagwan Kaur wife of Gokal Singh of Halwara Award in Arts: Awards totalling $1000
have been endowed by Ranjit Hall in honour of his mother, Bhagwan Kaur, loving wife
of Gokal Singh of Halwara Punjab India for students in the Faculty of Arts who have
made a significant contribution to the community or student body. Recommendation is
made by the Faculty. (First award available for the 2010/11 Winter Session - $30,000
Gayle Stewart-Philip Thunderbird Memorial Award: One or more awards, ranging from
a minimum value of $500 to the maximum allowable under athletic association regulations, are offered in memory of Gayle Stewart-Philip in honour of her love for UBC and
for the UBC Thunderbirds. The awards are offered to outstanding members of Thunderbird teams, with a preference to members of the UBC Varsity Basketball teams, in any
year of study. Awards are made on the recommendation of the President's Athletic
Awards Committee for outstanding students who have demonstrated excellent leadership
skills and maintained good academic standing. (First award available for the 2009/10
Winter Session - $50,000 endowed and $25,000 pledged for top up)
Wastewater Treatment Graduate Research Scholarship: Scholarships totalling $1,200
have been endowed by the Environmental Engineering Group as a result of an international conference, held in Vancouver in May 2009. The awards are offered to support
students in either the Ph.D. or M.A.Sc. Programs in Environmental Engineering, within
the Department of Civil Engineering specifically, to students involved in research related
to nutrient removal, nutrient recovery and wastewater treatment. If there is no suitable
recipient in any given year, the income from the endowment may be re-capitalized to
increase the scholarship value in future years or carried forward in the spending budget
at the discretion of the Pollution Control and Waste Management Sub-Group of the
Department of Civil Engineering in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 95
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Appendix B: New Awards, continued
The awards are made on the recommendation of the Pollution Control and Waste Management Sub-Group in the Department of Civil Engineering, in consultation with the
Faculty of Graduate Studies. (First award available for the 2009/10 Winter Session -
$45000 donated: $43,800 endowed and $1200 in this year's budget as per donor's
Shirley M. Wong Entrance Bursary in Education: Bursaries totaling $2400 have been
endowed by Dr. Shirley M. Wong, Associate Professor Emerita in Curriculum Studies.
The bursaries are offered to students entering the Bachelor of Education Program on the
basis of academic standing and financial need. The awards are made on the recommendation of the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Awards. (First award available
for the 2010/11 Winter Session - $70,858 endowed)
Jerome Ziskrout Prize in Professional Responsibility and Ethics: A $500 prize is offered
by colleagues and friends to celebrate the achievements of Jerome (Jerry) D. Ziskrout on
his retirement. Jerry championed the creation of the Professional Responsibility and Ethics course at UBC Law and is esteemed by students and faculty for his commitment to
excellence in his teaching. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of
Law to a student completing the course in Professional Responsibility and Ethics within
the J.D. program, with high academic standing. (First award available for the 2009/10
Winter Session - $5000 donated up front)
Award 1749 - University of BC Dental Alumni Association Award - A $1200 award is
offered to a fourth year dental student who demonstrates leadership and service to the
alumni affairs office in the Faculty of Dentistry over the four year D.M.D program. The
award recommendation is made by the Faculty in consultation with the office of alumni
How amended: award was updated to better reflect the spirit of the title of the award.
The Dental Alumni Association wanted to focus their support to student service and not
academic standing in oral biology.
Award 08155 -John K WEGLO Bursary in Materials Engineering - A $550 bursary has
been endowed by John K. Weglo. The award is offered to an undergraduate or graduate
student in Materials Engineering.
How amended: The original award description offered a bursary to a student in Materials and has been changed to offer a bursary to a student in Materials Engineering which
is the new name replacing Metals (Metallurgy) and Materials Engineering.
4634 Outstanding International Student Award - Several entrance merit awards are
offered to outstanding international students entering undergraduate programs at the
University of British Columbia. These awards may be used in conjunction with President's Entrance Scholarships. The awards are not renewable and are not dependent upon
 Vancouver Senate 09/10 - 96
Minutes of December 16, 2009
Appendix B: New Awards, continued
final grades. The awards are made on the recommendation of the International Student
Initiative office.
How amended: The award description now specifies that these awards are only open to
undergraduate students and are awarded on the recommendation of ISI. Since the international PES has changed to a flat $500, reference to $10,000 limit indicated in the original description has been removed.
693 International Leader of Tomorrow Award - Awards ranging in value up to the full
cost of the student's program and living costs are offered to outstanding international
students who demonstrate financial need. The value of each award will depend on the
applicant's financial circumstances. The awards are made to students entering the University directly from secondary school or from a post secondary institution to an undergraduate program of study. In addition to academic merit, consideration is given to
qualities such as leadership skills, involvement in student affairs or contribution to community service, to recognized achievement in fields of endeavor such as performing arts,
athletics, debating or creative writing, and to achievement on external math or science
competitions or examinations such as the International Chemistry and Physics Olympiads. Consideration is restricted to students nominated by the educational institution they
are attending. The awards will be renewed for up to three additional years of undergraduate study or to degree completion, whichever is less, provided the recipient stands in the
top quartile of his or her program of study and maintains his/her status on a student
authorization to study in Canada. Award winners will have their situations reviewed
annually regarding both academic progress and financial need.
How amended: The award ranges have been removed from the amended description to
allow outstanding students with varying levels of need to be nominated for the ILOT
Allows the award to cover up to the full cost of attending UBC, depending on the student's financial circumstances. Amended description retains reference to award winners
having their situations reviewed annually regarding academic progress and financial
need, without implying award levels will be adjusted each year.


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