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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2008-01-23

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Vancouver Senate
Present: Dr. R. Windsor-Liscombe (Vice-Chair), Mr. B. J. Silzer (Secretary), Dr. B. Arneil, Mr.
J. Aulakh, Dr. N. Banthia, Dr. J. D. Berger, Dr. G. Bluman, Prof. C. Boyle, Ms. S. Brkanovic,
Dr. M. Bryson, Dr. L. Chui, Dr. E. Dean, Dr. J. Dennison, Ms. D. Diao, Dr. W. Dunford, Vice-
President D. Farrar, Dr. D. Fielding, Dr. W. Fletcher, Ms. M. Friesen, DeanN. Gallini, Mr. C. L.
Gorman, Dr. S. Grayston, Dr. L. Gunderson, Dr. P. G. Harrison, Dr. R. Irwin, Dean M. Isaacson,
Dean M. Isman, Dr. B. S. Lalli, Mr. T. Leaver, Mr. A. Lee, Mr. R. Lowe, Dr. M. MacEntee, Dr.
P. L. Marshall, Dr. W. McKee, Dr. D. McLean, Mr. W. McNulty, Mr. A. Mohan, Mr. R. Pan,
Dean S. Peacock, Dr. J. Plessis, Mr. L. Powell, Mr. G. Rawle, Ms. E. Rennie, Dr. K. Russell, Dr.
J. Sarra, Ms. A. Shaikh, Dean C. Shuler, Dean R. Sindelar, Dr. R. Sparks, Dr. B. Stelck, Mr. R.
Taddei, Principal pro tem. J. Thompson, Dr. S. Thorne, Mr. H. Tse, Dr. P. Ward, Dr. D. Weary,
Dr. R. Wilson, Dr. R. A. Yaworsky, Dr. J. Young.
Regrets: President S. J. Toope, Dr. P. Adebar, Mr. T. Ahmed, Dean M. A. Bobinski, Mr. P. T.
Brady, Dr. J. Brander, Dr. H. Burt, Dean B. Evans, Dr. C. Friedrichs, Dr. D. Griffin, Dr. R. Harrison, Dr. R. Helsley, Mr. A. Ionescu, Ms. J. Khangura, Ms. W. King, Dr. S. B. Knight, Mr. D.
Leung, Dr. A. McAfee, Dr. T. McDaniels, Dean D. Muzyka, Principal L. Naismith, Dr. P. Potter,
Dean J. Saddler, Mr. B. Simpson, Dean G. Stuart, Ms. M. C. Tee, Dean R. Tierney, Dr. M.
Recording Secretaries: Mr. C. Eaton and Ms. G. Vallee.
Call to Order
Vice-Chair Dr. Windsor-Liscombe called the Senate to order in the absence of the President.
Chancellor Allan McEachern and Chancellor Emeritus William L. Sauder
Dr. Windsor-Liscombe noted with sadness the recent passing of Chancellor Allan McEachern,
and also remarked that Chancellor Emeritus William L. Sauder had passed away only one month
Vol. 2007/2008
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 - 97
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Chancellor Allan McEachern and Chancellor Emeritus William L. Sauder, continued
earlier. Senators observed a moment of reflection in memory of both Chancellors' great service
to the University and to the Senate.
Senate Membership
Secretary Brian J. Silzer presented the membership items.
Mr. Silzer had circulated the following report for information.
Pursuant to Section 16(1) of the University Act, this memorandum is to inform you that
as a result of the Calls for Nomination issued on 12 November 2007, we have received
and accepted twelve (12) nominations for the position of Convocation Senator and ten
(10) for the position of Joint Faculties Senator. The deadline for nominations was 7
December 2007.
Twelve positions were available for Convocation Senators; as such, pursuant to Section
15 of the Act I am happy to inform you that the following persons are acclaimed as
elected as Convocation Senators from 1 September 2008 until 31 August 2011 and
thereafter until their successors are elected:
Mr Gavin Ll Dew, BA (Brit. Col.)
Ms Andrea A Dulay, BA, BEd, MEd (Brit. Col.)
Mr Christopher L Gorman, BA (Brit. Col.)
Ms Deborah Herbert, BA (Carleton), MA (Brit. Col.)
Dr Stanley B Knight, BEd (Brit. Col.), MEd, PhD
Dr Bikkar S Lalli, PhD (Brit. Col.)
Mr Dean Leung, BASc (Brit. Col.)
Mr William McNulty, BPE, MPE, MA (Brit. Col.)
Mr Clint F Meyers, BComm (Brit. Col.)
Mr Gerald W Podersky Cannon, BA, MA (Brit. Col.)
Mr Des Verma, MEd (Brit. Col.)
Dr Ronald Yaworsky, BASc (Windsor), MEng, PhD (Brit. Col.)
Ten positions were available for Joint faculties Senators; as such, pursuant to Section 15
of the Act. I am happy to inform you that the following persons are acclaimed as elected
as Joint Faculties Senators from 1 September 2008 until 31 August 2011 and thereafter
until their successors are elected:
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 - 98
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Senate Membership, continued
Dr Yusuf Altintas, Faculty of Applied Science
Dr Richard Anstee, Faculty of Science
Dr Robert Gardiner, Faculty of Arts
Dr Paul Harrison, Faculty of Science
Dr Andre Ivanov, Faculty of Applied Science
Dr William McKee, Faculty of Education
Dr Katherine Patterson, Faculty of Arts
Dr Robert Sparks, School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Education
Dr Sally Thorne, School of Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
Dr Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe, Faculty of Arts
Mr. Silzer declared a vacancy for one representative of the Joint Faculties to replace resigning
Senator Dr. Donald Paterson for the remainder of the Senate term ending August 31, 2008.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. McKee ~j     That the minutes of the meeting of December
Dr. Ward /    12, 2007 be adopted as circulated.
Business Arising from the Minutes
As a member of both the Vancouver Senate and the Okanagan Senate, Dean Isaacson reported
that the Okanagan Senate had discussed the proposal to remove provincial examinations as
admission requirements for BC students at its January 2008 meeting. Okanagan Senators had
suggested that, if either Senate wished to take action on any future proposal, it would be necessary to reach a decision in the spring of 2008 so as to permit publication of the changes in the
University's recruitment publications and to give sufficient notice to prospective students with
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 - 99
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Business Arising from the Minutes, continued
respect to September 2009 admissions. Dean Isaacson recalled that the Vancouver Senate had
requested that its Admissions Committee undertake a review of admissions policies and report
back by December 2008. In light of the Okanagan discussion, Dean Isaacson suggested that an
earlier report would be necessary.
Dean Isaacson stated that some Senators had suggested that the question of whether to require
provincial examinations should be decided for the UBC system, rather than separately by each
of the campuses. Dean Isaacson reminded Vancouver Senators that system-wide matters could
be either referred to the Council of Senates for decision or considered jointly by the two campus-
based Senates through collaboration between their respective Committees. Dean Isaacson suggested that the Admissions Committee engage the latter of the two mechanisms to deal with the
matter of provincial examinations. Admissions Committee Chair Dr. Berger reported that he was
working to establish a sub-committee of the Admissions Committee to conduct the review
requested by the Vancouver Senate.
Dean Isaacson referred to a recent discussion at a meeting of chairs of Senate Committees about
an apparent "blurring" of the distinctions between Senate policies, procedures, and the implementation thereof. The consensus had been that the Senate's role in each of these areas should be
more clearly defined. Dean Isaacson expressed concern that, even though the Senate had
defeated motions to implement Option C and to consider Option B, as outlined in the Admissions
Committee report on provincial examinations, one of these options might be implemented
through changes to letters of offer or other admissions procedures. He suggested that the Admissions Committee monitor the situation to ensure that changes amounting to new policies were
not inadvertently implemented without the oversight of the Senate. Dr. Berger described these
issues as pertinent to the work of the Admissions Committee. Dr. Windsor-Liscombe suggested
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -100
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Business Arising from the Minutes, continued
that the Admissions Committee could also consider proposing revisions to its terms of reference
in order to clarify the Committee's role.
In response to a question, Dean Isaacson clarified that he was not proposing that the December
2008 deadline for a report from the Admissions Committee be changed because the deadline did
not preclude the Committee from reporting earlier.
Admissions Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Berger presented the reports.
The Committee had circulated a proposal to establish a Conditional Admission Program (CAP)
for International Applicants to Graduate Programs for highly qualified applicants who did not
meet the English Language Admission Standard. CAP participants would be offered conditional
admission and would be expected to successfully completed a prescribed term of study in the
Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP) at the UBC English Language Institute prior to
entry to a graduate program.
Dr. Berger ~i     That the Senate approve the Conditional
Dr. MacEntee /    Admission Program for International
Applicants to Graduate Programs, commencing
September 2008.
Dr. Arneil noted that minimum scores for three of the tests were listed as "under determination."
Vice-President Farrar responded that one of the tests was still in development, and that UBC staff
were working to determine minimum scores for all three of the tests in question.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -101
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Admissions Committee, continued
Referring to Vice-President Farrar's memorandum to the Admissions Committee dated December 7, 2007, Dr. Bluman drew attention to the phrase, "do not quite meet the UBC English language admission standards." In the interest of clarity, Dr. Bluman asked that "quite" be deleted.
Dr. Berger agreed.
The motion was put
and carried.
The Committee had circulated a proposed Calendar entry on International Baccalaureate (IB)
and Advanced Placement (AP) credit for first-year Physics courses in the Faculty of Science.
The proposed changes were intended to make more specific the recognition given for IB and AP
courses and to distinguish Higher Level from Standard Level IB courses.
Dr. Berger ~i     That the Senate approve the revised Calendar
Mr. Lee /    entry on International Baccalaureate and
Advanced Placement credit for applicants to the
Faculty of Science, commencing September
Dr. Paul G. Harrison noted that this change would constitute the first time that UBC would recognize specific Standard Level IB courses, and that the change would assist in recruiting qualified high school students. In response to a question from Dr. Bluman, Mr. Silzer indicated that
Enrolment Services could provide data about how many students enter UBC with IB credit. In
response to a question about practices at other universities, Dr. Harrison stated that, while many
other universities recognized Higher Level IB courses, some also recognized Standard Level
The motion was put
and carried.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -102
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Admissions Committee, continued
The Committee had circulated a proposal to slightly broaden the range of high school science
courses that could be presented by applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Forestry, the Bachelor
of Science in Natural Resources Conservation, and the Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences
Dr. Berger ~i     That the Senate approve the changes to the
Dr. Marshall /    admission requirements for applicants to the
Faculty of Forestry, commencing September
Dr. Bluman suggested that the Calendar entries for the Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource
Conservation and the Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences be amended as follows (addition in
bold): "...Principles of Mathematics 12 and one of Biology 12 or Chemistry 12 or Physics 12,..."
The amendment was accepted by consent.
The motion was put
and carried.
Library Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Gunderson presented an oral report on the closure of the Macmillan
Library, as requested at the September 2007 Senate meeting. The Committee had discussed the
matter at a meeting held in January 2008. Dr. Peter Ward, University Librarian pro tem., had
advised the Committee that the closure of both the Macmillan and the Mathematics Libraries
was the result of the need for the UBC Library to operate within budgetary constraints while still
meeting its overall mandate for service to the University and the community. Dr. Ward had
reported that it cost approximately $100 000 per annum to staff a branch library, and the decision
had been taken to reallocate those resources. Dr. Ward had indicated that all affected academic
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -103
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Library Committee, continued
units had been consulted prior to the closures. The Macmillan Library collection had been relocated to Woodward Library. Dr. Gunderson noted that, while some students then needed to walk
further to access the collection, the Woodward Library offered longer hours of service than had
the Macmillan Library.
Dr. Gunderson reported that student members of the Library Committee had expressed great
concern about an apparent lack of consultation with students. Students were also displeased with
the timing of the closure, which occurred just prior to a final examination period. One Library
Committee member had observed, however, that budget cuts sometimes required quick decision
making. Dr. Ward had acknowledged that there may be the need for additional closures in the
Dr. Gunderson recalled from the meeting of the Library Committee a consensus among Library
Committee members that the closure of the Macmillan Library had been managed in a reasonable manner. Members also felt that, should it become necessary to consider future closures, the
University must make every effort to be consultative and transparent in its decision-making processes. Dr. Ward had agreed.
In response to a question from Dr. McKee, Dr. Ward stated that there had not been the opportunity to consult the Library Committee prior to the closure because the January 2008 Library
Committee meeting had been the first scheduled meeting of that Committee in over a year.
Ms. Brkanovic expressed concern that the oral report delivered by Dr. Gunderson did not articulate clearly enough the lack of consultation with students and the Library Committee prior to the
closure. Dr. Ward stated that he understood the issues raised by the students and that the Library
would endeavour to make future processes as open as possible.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -104
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Library Committee, continued
Dr. Marshall stated that, although he could not speak for the Faculty of Land and Food Systems,
the Faculty of Forestry had been consulted prior to the closure. The Faculty had discussed the
potential closure at a Faculty council meeting, where student representatives had been present.
Ms. Rennie ~i     That the Senate direct the Library Committee to
Ms. Brkanovic /    develop a procedure for consultation with
student constituencies in the case of any future
library closures.
There was some discussion about whether the motion ought to require the development of a policy or a procedure. Dr. Paul Harrison stated the opinion that it would be more reasonable to
request that the Library Committee develop a policy or statement of principles. Dr. Bryson
expressed the opinion that the Senate was not the place to set policy for the Library, and suggested that the Senate should instead serve in an advisory role to the Library on such matters.
The motion was amended as follows, by consent:
Ms. Rennie ~i     That the Library Committee be directed to make
Ms. Brkanovic /    recommendations to the University Librarian
on a policy for consultation with student
constituencies in the event of any future library
The amended
motion was put and
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -105
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Tributes Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Thorne presented the reports.
The Committee had circulated the following memorial minutes for former Senators who had
recently passed away.
Dr. John James Ramsay Campbell
A native of Vancouver, Dr. Jack Campbell was born on March 29, 1918. He obtained a
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of British Columbia in 1939 and
a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1944. In the late 1940s, he accepted a position at
UBC in the Faculty of Agriculture and quickly rose to the rank of Professor and eventually became the Head of the Department of Dairying. In 1965, Dr. Campbell was
appointed the Head of the Department of Microbiology, where he remained until his
retirement in 1983. Under his leadership, the Department of Microbiology earned the
reputation of being one of the best in its field in Canada. Dr. Campbell was also an
active member of the UBC Senate, serving a total of three terms as a representative of
the Faculty of Agriculture and the Joint Faculties.
Beyond his administrative and scientific work, Dr. Campbell influenced UBC in other
ways. He was an early president of the Faculty Association and played a key role in setting up the Biomedical Discussion Group. Through the Discussion Group and because
of his conviction of the importance of biochemistry in the biological sciences, Dr.
Campbell was instrumental in ensuring the viability of the discipline at UBC.
Outside of the University, he was a charter member of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists and served as President of the Society in 1974. He was also a member of the
American Society for Microbiology and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of
Canada in 1961.
Dr. Campbell's legacy is rich and far-reaching, both on a personal and professional
level. He will be greatly missed by all who shared his life.
Dr. Benjamin Nelson Moyls
Dr. Benjamin Moyls was born in Vancouver on May 1, 1919. After attending Kitsilano
Secondary School, he went on to continue his education at UBC and Harvard University. Dr. Moyls served in the Royal Canadian Navy as an officer during World War II.
Upon completion of his Ph.D. in Mathematics, he began his storied teaching career at
UBC and went on to become the department Head. He also served as the Acting Dean
of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Director of Ceremonies and was a member
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -106
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Tributes Committee, continued
of the UBC Senate as a representative of the Joint Faculties and the Acting Dean of the
Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Dr. Moyls enriched the lives of many UBC students and was an outstanding teacher and
mentor. His scholarly contributions, along with selfless administrative services to the
university are accomplishments that bring tremendous pride to all those who have
known him.
Dr. William L. Sauder O.C., O.B.C.
Dr. William L. Sauder was an honorable and generous individual whose immense contributions have had a profound impact on higher education in British Columbia, benefitting students for generations to come. Dr. Sauder graduated in 1948 with a Bachelor of
Commerce degree. He returned to UBC as a member of the Board of Governors, and
was later appointed Chair of the Board. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws
from UBC in 1990 and served as Chancellor of the University from 1996 to 2002.
Dr. Sauder's contributions to education and health research at UBC are almost immeasurable. He served the university in several capacities, including two terms as Chancellor. Thanks to his and his family's generosity, UBC has two Chairs and two
Professorships in infectious and viral disease research, cardiology and stroke research.
In 2003, he endowed the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration with the
largest single private donation ever made to a Canadian business school with a gift of
$20 million. From 2003 onward, he continued to be involved in the growth of the business school and served on its faculty advisory board.
Among his other contributions, Dr. Sauder served as a director of the Toronto Dominion
Bank, the British Columbia Development Corporation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation
of B.C. and the Yukon, and on the executive committee of the board of directors of BC
Hydro. He was also a director of the World Presidents' Organization. In 2004, he was a
recipient of the Order of British Columbia and, in 2005, was awarded the Order of Canada for his services and contributions.
Dr. William Sauder was an exemplary citizen. He was one of the builders of modern
British Columbia in business, in education and in community life and a strong advocate
for creating opportunities which will benefit students for generations to come.
Dr. Thorne -\     That the Memorial Minutes for Dr. dohn. d. R
Dr. Sparks /    Campbell, Dr. Benjamin N. Moyls and Dr.
William L. Sauder be entered into the Minutes
of Senate and that a copy of the memorial
minutes be sent to the families of the deceased.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -107
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Reports from the Vice-President, Academic & Provost
Vice-President Farrar presented the reports.
Dr. Farrar had circulated a proposed revision to UBC Policy #17: Appointment of the Registrar
and Librarians as the most recent in a series of senior appointments policies requiring approval
of both the Senates and the Board of Governors.
Vice-President ~i     That the Senate rescind the previous Policy 17
Farrar /    and approve the new Policy 17 as presented.
Dr. Ward
Vice-President Farrar had circulated a proposed revision to UBC Policy #18. As part of the revision, the Policy would be retitled from "Appointment of Vice-Presidents and Deputy Vice-Chancellors" to "Appointment of Designated Senior Academic Administrators." The Vice-President
withdrew the proposal from Senate consideration, explaining that students had raised some
issues that he wished to take some time to consider. He indicated that he hoped to have the Policy
ready for consideration for approval at the next regular meeting of the Senate.
Dean Isaacson noted that the draft Policy did not pertain to Vice-Presidents other than the Vice-
President, Academic and the Vice-President, Research. Upon recognition by the Chair, Mr.
Eaton explained that, although the Board had determined that Senate approval was not required
for policies on the appointment of non-academic vice-presidents, he understood that it was the
intent of the Chair of the Board of Governors to consult the Senate on such policies prior to their
consideration for approval by the Board of Governors.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -108
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Reports from the Vice-President, Academic & Provost
Dean Isaacson also pointed out that the advisory committee for the selection of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost did not necessarily include a dean, and that this had caused some discussion on one previous occasion when a dean was not appointed. He expressed the opinion that,
in order to ensure consistency with the committee structure for other vice-presidents (where
advisory committees include at least one direct report), this advisory committee should also
specify the inclusion of one dean.
In response to a question from Dr. Windsor-Liscombe, Vice-President Farrar confirmed that the
revised version of Policy #18 would be circulated to the Nominating Committee prior to presentation to the Senate for approval.
Reports from the Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services & Registrar
Mr. Silzer presented the reports.
ENROLMENT 2007/2008
Mr. Silzer had circulated for information a series of reports on domestic and international, undergraduate and graduate, and headcount and full-time equivalent enrolment statistics by Faculty
and program across the UBC system.
Mr. Lee expressed appreciation for the comprehensive nature of the report and asked whether
there were available statistics on financial support for students from low-income families. Mr.
Silzer stated that this issue was monitored by the office of Student Financial Assistance and
Awards. He drew attention to UBC Policy #72, which stated that no qualified student would be
turned away from UBC for financial reasons alone, adding that UBC was one of only two universities in Canada to have such a policy. He suggested that interested Senators contact Ms. Barbara Crocker in the Office of Student Financial Assistance & Awards for more information.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -109
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Reports from the Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services & Registrar, continued
Mr. Aulakh noted the relatively low rate of participation by Aboriginal students and asked what
was being done to address this concern. Mr. Silzer agreed that this was an important issue, adding that it had been cited in the recent Campus 2020 report. He stated that components of the
solution would include making enhancements to the K-12 education system to better support
Aboriginal students, finding ways to more accurately determine how many Aboriginal students
there were in the UBC community, improving financial assistance, and considering modifications to the admissions process.
Mr. Aulakh asked what efforts were being made to address under-enrolment at UBC Okanagan.
Mr. Silzer stated that the initial UBC Okanagan growth targets had been overly ambitious, given
the finite number of prospective students in the Okanagan region. UBC Okanagan continued to
strive to recruit as many qualified students as possible, and improvements to on-campus housing
and other facilities were proving helpful in that endeavour. Mr. Silzer noted that the post-secondary arena within BC had become more competitive in recent years, and that students had more
choices than ever before.
In response to a question from Dr. Paul Harrison about UBC Vancouver, Mr. Silzer stated that
UBC Vancouver continued to meet its funded enrolment targets. Considering both Okanagan and
Vancouver statistics, the UBC system was at 98% of its funded capacity.
Mr. Silzer had circulated for information key dates for the 2008/2009 UBC Vancouver Academic
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -110
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Report from the University Library pro tent
University Library pro tem. Dr. Peter Ward presented the report.
Dr. Ward had circulated a link to the electronic version of the 2006/2007 Report of the University
Librarian to the Senate, which was available at:
Themes from the 2006/2007 year for the Library included the following:
• The continued growth of the distinctly different UBC Okanagan branch within the unified
UBC Library system.
• The enormous and pervasive impact of information technology (IT) on the Library. Approximately two-thirds of the Library's budget was spent on IT-related expenses, compared to less
than one third five years earlier.
• The need to refresh technical infrastructures approximately every five years.
• The institutional context for funding libraries. The Library's funding over the previous five
years had remained relatively constant over the previous five years, with some areas of the
system suffering cutbacks.
• The closure of the Macmillan and Mathematics branch libraries, with most of the staff receiving offers of other positions within the system. The plan was to reduce staff incrementally,
while also redistributing staff resources to maintain service levels.
• Reductions in funding for collections, due to funding remaining constant during a period of
inflation. Dr. Ward noted that the recent strength of the Canadian dollar had been of some benefit with respect to acquisitions.
• The planned opening of the south wing of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Within three
to four years, a fully functional Learning Centre would offer the UBC community a wide new
range of services.
Despite the challenges, Dr. Ward described the report as a "good news" story about a library system responding to substantial changes. While remaining optimistic, he acknowledged that the
Library had a great deal more to accomplish that it was currently able.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -111
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Report from the University Librarian, continued
Dr. Dennison noted that the manual cranks on the shelves in the Koerner Library were somewhat
difficult to operate. Dr. Ward acknowledged the issue, but noted that the power-driven version of
those shelving units were less reliable and more expensive to maintain.
Report from the Faculty of Medicine
Dr. McLean presented the report in the absence of Dean Stuart.
The Faculty had circulated a proposed change to the voting membership in the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. McLean explained that the changes related to student representation on Faculty Council, in light of the recent disestablishment of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences and the
establishment of two new departments in its place.
Dr. McLean ~j     That Senate approve the proposed revisions to
Dr. Sparks )     membership in the Faculty of Medicine.
Proposed Agenda Items
Other Business
Dr. Windsor-Liscombe reported for information about a recent meeting of the chairs of all standing committees of the Senate. Issues of interest to the group included:
• Committee terms of reference.
• A problem identified by Student Senators involving scheduling conflicts between their academic responsibilities and meeting times for the Committees of Senate, including the feasibility of permitting student committee members to send proxies or alternates.
 Vancouver Senate 07-08 -112
Mnutes of January 23,2008
Other Business, continued
• The central role of the Senate in university governance, and the importance of the Senate
being made aware about upcoming policy changes early enough to allow for meaningful participation.
• The need for ongoing communication between representatives of the Senate and, inter alia,
the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost, the Board
of Governors, the Okanagan Senate, and the Committee of Deans.
• Academic building needs, and the permeability of the academic perspective into all areas of
UBC business.
• Student mobility between UBC campuses.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The following regular meeting of
the Senate was scheduled for February 27, 2008.


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