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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2013-12-18

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a p I a C e 0 f m i n d Vancouver Senate
Present: Prof. S.J. Toope (President and Chair), Dr K. Ross (Secretary), Mr T. Ahmed, Dr R. Anstee, Mr G. Beales,
Dr J. Belanger, Dean M.A. Bobinski, Dr J. Brander, Dr H. Brock, Dr L. Burr, Mr B. Caracheo, Mr C. Chan, Dr G.
Chapman, DrP. Choi, DeanM. Coughtrie, Prof. B. Craig, DrD. Farrar (Provost and Vice-President, Academic),
Dean B. Frank, Mr S. Haffey, Dr W. Hall, Dr P. Harrison, Dean R. Helsley, Dr I. Ivanov, Ms J. Jagdeo, Ms A.
Kessler, Dr U. Kumar, Ms. E. Kuo, Dr B.S. Lalli, Mr C. Leonoff, Dr P. Leung, Dr P. Loewen, Ms K. Mahal, Dr W
McKee, Mr W. McNulty, Dr D. O'Donoghue, Dr I. Parent, Dean M. Parlange, Dr K. Patterson, Dean S. Peacock, Dr
J. Plessis, Dean S. Porter, MrM. Prescott, Dr A. Riseman, DrL. Rucker, Ms T. Shum, Dr S. Singh, DrR. Sparks,
Dean G. Stuart, Dr S. Thorne, Mr D. Verma, Dr M. Vessey, Dr L. Walker, Dr R. Windsor-Liscombe, Dr D. Witt.
Regrets: Dean G. Averill, Dr K. Baimbridge, Ms E. Biddlecombe, Dr. P. Burns, Dr W. Dunford, Mr P. Edgcumbe,
Mr D. Fernandez, Rev. Dr C. Godwin, Prof. B. Goold, Dr S. Grayston, Dean J. Innes, Dean M. Isman, Ms N.
Karimi, Dr S. Knight, Mr J. Lee, Prof. B. MacDougall, Mr T. MacLachlan, Ms M. Maleki, Dr F. Marra, Ms N.
Marshall, DrP. Marshall, Ms N. Mohd-Yahya, Ms S. Morgan-Silvester, Principal L. Nasmith, Ms M. Patton, DrN.
Perry, Dr R. Reid, Ms T. Rosseel, Dean C. Shuler, Dr D. Simunic, Ms S. Sterling, Mr M. Thorn, Rev. Dr R.
Topping, Dr R. Wilson.
Guests: Dr A. Kindler, Mr. W. McDonald.
Recording Secretary: Mr C. Eaton.
Call to Order
The President called the fourth meeting of the Vancouver Senate for the 2013/2014 academic
year to order.
Senate Membership
The Registrar recognized the appointment of Dr Susan Porter as Dean of the Faculty of Graduate
and Postdoctoral Studies. Dr Porter had previously been Dean Pro Tem. of the Faculty.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Lance Rucker }        That the Minutes of the Meeting of 20 November
Andre Ivanov 2013 be adopted as presented.
Vol. 2013/14 - 4* Meeting - Page 1
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-2
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Business Rising from the Minutes
The Registrar presented a report on the recent loint Faculties election to Senate. She noted that
the practice for many years had been to extend the nomination period in the event of insufficient
nominations and that this had been done in the past election, but that she was open to a reexamination of this practice for the future and that she would request that the Council of Senates
Elections Committee take the issue of the extension regulation under consideration.
Dr Anstee expressed his view that the regulations should be interpreted to allow for
extensions only in the case of extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, and not to
address insufficient nominations. He suggested that past practice should not be binding as
the elections regulations were revised every three years. He further noted his concern
over the lack of interest in these positions from Faculty Members and asked that UBC
review its elections activities to try to encourage more nominations and a more collegial
faculty at UBC that was more interested in the work of Senate.
Remarks from the Chair
Professor Toope announced that the Board of Governors had approved the reappointment of
Pierre Ouillet as Vice-President Finance, Resources & Operations. The President opined that Mr.
Ouillet had emerged as one of Canada's leading university vice-presidents finance.
The President referenced that the Canadian Council of Chief Executives issued a report related to
jobs training and jobs readiness in response to a recent survey it conducted. He noted that one of
the questions asked to Canadian chief executives was what mattered when evaluating new hires,
and that the responses contracted political imperatives at both the provincial and federal levels as
"industry-specific knowledge and experience" were less preferred to people skills,
communication skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, and leadership skills.
In response to the further discussion around athletics, the President advised that he had decided
in conjunction with the Vice-President Students and the Athletics Director to add two more
alumni representatives to the review committee previously announced. Professor Toope noted
that concerns were raised regarding the process being protracted out and causing uncertainty, and
that UBC was trying expedite the process for teams that clearly meet the established criteria so
that they would have certainty by mid-Ianuary; where there is uncertainty the next four to six
weeks will be used to allow sports to work with advisors before the final decision is made at the
end of February. Finally, the President confirmed that UBC was not planning to suspend its
support for the Millennium breakfast as suggested by the press.
Admissions Committee
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-3
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Robert Sparks }        That Senate amend the resolution previously
Michael Coughtrie adopted on 20 November 2013 on admission
requirements for applicants to the Bachelor of
Pharmacy program, for entry to the 2015 Winter
Session and thereafter, in lieu of the 2014 Winter
Senator Sparks advised that the earlier applicable date for this change was a clerical error; the
intent was to give an additional year's notice for the change. He further responded to the
question raised at the previous meeting regarding the Pharmacy College Admissions Test
(PCAT) by informing Senate that currently admission was weighted 40% to the PCAT and 60%
to an applicant's grades; with the change made last meeting, 50% will now been on core courses
and the other 50% will be on the last 30 credits attempted. These marks will be taken into
consideration along with Broad-Based Admission scores.
Curriculum Committee
Dr Santokh Singh presented on behalf of Dr Peter Marshall, Chair of the Senate Curriculum
See Appendix A: Curriculum Report
Santokh Singh } That the new and revised courses and programs
Peter Leung brought forward by the faculties of Applied Science,
Arts, Forestry, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
(Applied Science), land and Food Systems, law, and
Science be approved.
Dr Singh led the Senate through each of the curriculum proposals.
Noting its abundance of new courses, Senator Vessey mentioned that this was the 50th
anniversary of the Creative Writing program and reminded Senate of its success.
Senator Loewen suggested that Forestry's rationales for not allowing credit/d/fail in its proposed
courses were not particularly compelling.
The presenter agreed to ask the Committee to take this matter under advisement.
Senator Anstee asked if the Writing courses proposed were accepted by the Ministry of
Education for those who wished to become teachers.
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-4
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Senator Harrison advised that both the Ministry of Education and our own Faculty of
Medicine had yet to recognize these communication courses as meeting their English
requirements, but that the Faculty was in discussions with both groups.
Student Awards Committee
Dr Andre Ivanov presented on behalf of Dr Sue Grayston, Chair of the Student Awards
See Appendix B: Awards Report
Andre Ivanov } That Senate accept the awards as listed and
Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe forward them to the Board of Governors for
approval; and that letters of thanks be sent to
the donors.
Tributes Committee
See Appendix C: Emeritus Appointments
Sally Thorne } That  the   attached list  of individuals for
Richard Anstee emeritus   status   be   approved   and   that,
pursuant to section 9(2) of the University Act,
all persons with the ranks of Professor
Emeritus, Associate Professor Emeritus,
Assistant Professor Emeritus, Senior
Instructor Emeritus, General librarian
Emeritus or Administrative librarian
Emeritus be added to the Roll of
By general consent, the proposed title for Dr Carl John Walters was amended to be "Associate
Professor Emeritus of Fisheries ".
Approved as
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-5
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Report from the Librarian
Dr Parent presented highlights of the report distributed. She thanked the Members of the Senate
Library Committee, and especially its chair, Senator Vessey, for his passion for the Library. She
also thanked Senator Farrar for his interest and to her Library staff for their support and work
over the past year.
The Librarian noted that UBC now had over 7 million volumes, 1.5 million of which were e-
books; 70 000 new printed books were added this year. She advised that 75% of the library's
budget was now spent on licencing or buying electronic resources and that loan numbers for
physical books continue to decline while 13 million e-books or journals were downloaded last
Dr Parent advised that the Library received a 2% increase in its collections budget on an ongoing
and incremental basis in light of increasing costs: we are now ranked #14 for North American
libraries, 2nd in Canada after Toronto. The University of Toronto was ranked #3 in North
America; the Librarian noted that Library rankings are based on investments, from both the
University and community.
Looking ahead, the library is focusing on flexible learning. We are developing a Local Online
Open Course (LOOC) on digital literacy in conjunction with the Faculty of Education.
Participants can focus on different aspects of digital literacy depending on their interests and
UBC uses its investments in rare and special collections to distinguish itself from other libraries.
This helps us support teaching and research but also sets us apart. Many of these collections are
being digitized. Our focus is on the history of British Columbia as we view this as our
responsibility. The Library also tries to distinguish itself through the international access rates for
its collection, with 26% of our visitors international.
The Library advised that we were working to reimagine library spaces, and this will be a focus
for libraries around the world as many are moving in interesting directions. Students value
library spaces and would like to have more study space, as indicated by both NSSE studies and
the student senators' feedback. Quiet study space is a very high priority.
The Library is refurbishing many libraries. Service points are being consolidated for convenience
and we are offering some programs in partnership with other units. We are looking at turning
floors 4 and 5 of the Koerner Library into more useful student space.
The Asian Library needs substantial renovation, as does Woodward. We can make these spaces
both more usable and friendly.
The Library's major building project is the Library Preservation Archives (PARC@UBC / LP A).
We are consulting now with all faculties and departments to see what parts of the collection
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-6
Minutes of 18 December 2013
should stay in our core locations and what should be moved to the LPA. We plan for this facility
to be open by early 2015.
Finally, the Librarian noted that all institutions were going through many changes and
disruptions at present. The International Federation of Library Associations has a trend report.
The following points were highlighted:
1) New technology will both expand and limit who has access to information.
2) Online education will transform and disrupt traditional learning.
3) The boundaries of data protection and privacy will be redefined.
4) Hyper-connected societies will listen to empower new groups.
5) The global information economy will be transformed by new technologies.
For libraries, these changes are forcing us to consider our relevance.
The President noted that the library world was one that had shifted dramatically in our society.
Colleagues are constantly adjusting both their roles and their spaces. The President described our
improvement in rankings as a testament to the library staff s hard work.
The President reminded Senate that the University of Toronto had now joined UBC and others in
withdrawing from Access Copyright.
Dr Parent presented the statement in furtherance to the presentation made at the previous meeting
of Senate
Ingrid Parent } Whereas:
Philip Loewen
• One of the enduring goals of the
University of British Columbia is to
create and disseminate knowledge;
• UBC is committed to disseminating
the research performed at the
university in ways that make it widely
accessible, while protecting the
intellectual property rights of tis
• Changes in technology offer
opportunities for new forms of both
creation and dissemination of
scholarship through Open Access;
which is broadly defined as free
availability and unrestricted use of
scholarly works.
• Open Access also offers opportunities
for   UBC   to fulfill  its   mission   of
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of 18 December 2013
creating and preserving knowledge in
a way that opens disciplinary
boundaries and facilitates sharing
knowledge more freely with the world;
• UBC has operated an Open Access
repository since 2007 in cIRcle which
is operated and maintained by the
University library.
Therefore the Vancouver Senate endorses the
following statements:
• Faculty members are encouraged to
deposit an electronic copy of their
refereed and non-refereed research
output and creative work in cIRcle in
accordance with applicable copyright
arrangements which may be in place
for that work;
• Where a faculty member has deposited
a work with cIRcle, cIRcle shall be
granted a non-exclusive licence to
preserve and make publicly available
the research contained therein; and
• The authors of works deposited with
cIRcle will maintain ownership of
their rights in the works.
Report from the Faculty of Medicine
Gavin Stuart
Peter Leung
} That the membership of the Faculty of Medicine be
amended as follows:
a) The Dean (Chair)
b) The President or nominee
c) The  Dean  of the  Faculty  of Graduate  and
Postdoctoral Studies
d) The librarian
e) All full-time Professors, Associate Professors,
Assistant Professors, Instructors and lecturers,
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-8
Minutes of 18 December 2013
including those in the School of Audiology and
Speech Sciences
f) Such other members of the teaching or
administrative staffs of the Faculty or University
as the Faculty shall appoint in conformity with
rules determined by the Faculty and approved by
the Senate:
I      Part-time,   Clinical  and Affiliate,   and
Partner Faculty Members at the ranks of
Professor,    Associate    Professor    and
Assistant Professor
II      Representatives from other Faculties:
• Science (3)
• Dentistry (the Dean)
• Arts (1)
• Pharmaceutical Sciences (1)
• College of Health Disciplines (the
III. All senior administrative appointments
with the Faculty of Medicine, including
those with their professorship outside of
the Faculty of Medicine. Senior
administrative appointments include:
• Assistant Deans, Associate
Deans, Regional Associate
Deans, Executive Associate
• Department Heads and School
• Centre Directors and Institute
g) Student representatives with voting privileges:
• 16 undergraduate medical
• 16 residents
• 12 graduate students
• 2 Physical Therapy students
• 2 Occupational Science &
Occupational Therapy students
• 2 Audiology & Speech Sciences
• 1 Bachelor of Midwifery student
• 1 Bachelor of Medical laboratory
Science student.
Individuals without voting privileges
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-9
Minutes of 18 December 2013
a) Emeritus Faculty
b) Director, Centre for Continuing Education
c) Honorary and Visiting Teaching Staff
d) Clinical, Affiliate, and Part-time Instructors
e) Adjunct Faculty appointees
f) Consultants, Teaching Fellows, Fellows,
Research Associates, and miscellaneous Board
appointments within the Faculty of Medicine.
Dean Stuart presented. He noted that since the last time this policy was approved, the Faculty
had taken to appointing as academic administrators in the Faculty of Medicine faculty members
who had their faculty appointments in other faculties; the proposed change would give these
administrators formal voting and speaking rights in Faculty of Medicine matters. The other
changes proposed were to remove an outdated position and to recognize that all constituent
school faculty members were already members of the Faculty itself.
Report from the Faculty of Science
Simon Peacock } That the Membership of the Faculty of Science be
Katharine Patterson amended to be set as follows:
Voting Members
a. The Dean
b. The President or his/her nominee
c. The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and
Postdoctoral Studies or her/his nominee
d. The librarian or her/his nominee
e. All full-time Professors, Associate
Professors, Assistant Professors,
Professors of Teaching, Senior
Instructors, Instructors and lecturers
provided for in the budget of the Faculty.
f Other members of the teaching or
administrative staff of the university:
i. Heads of Departments which offer
the B.Sc. degree and whose
salaries are not in the budget of
the Faculty of Science, or their
nominees, and one additional
faculty member chosen  by each
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-10
Minutes of 18 December 2013
ii. Deans of the Faculties of Arts,
Commerce and Business
Administration, Dentistry,
Education, Forestry, Land and
Food Systems, Medicine, and
Pharmaceutical Sciences, or their
nominees; Directors of the Schools
of Kinesiology and Music, or their
nominees; the Dean of the Faculty
of Applied Science or her/his
nominee; and three additional
faculty members from Applied
Hi. Directors of the Institute for
Resources, Environment and
Sustainability; life Sciences
Institute; Fisheries Centre; and
Michael Smith Laboratories; or
their nominees,
iv. All persons of ranks as in (e)
whose Board appointment notices
state that they are in the Faculty of
Science, but who are budgeted not
through the Faculty of Science.
v.      Science administrative staff
a) Assistant Dean, Resources
and Operations
b) Assistant Dean,
Development and Alumni
c) Director, Faculty Affairs
d) Director, Communications
e) Director, Student Services
g.   Student representatives:
i. President, Science Undergraduate
ii.      VP Academic, Science
Undergraduate Society
Hi. Student Senator from the Faculty
of Science
iv. From the Science Undergraduate
Society council, one First-year
Representative, the Coordinated
Science Program Representative,
and        the Science One
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-11
Minutes of 18 December 2013
v. Six (6) additional undergraduate
students chosen by the Science
Undergraduate Society Student
vi. Three (3) graduate students whose
programs are housed in the
Faculty of Science, chosen by the
Graduate Student Society Council
Non- Voting Members
h. Individuals who are invited to participate
in faculty meetings without voting
i.      Emeritus faculty
ii.      Post-doctoral fellows
Hi.      Such individuals as the Dean may
invite from time to time
Dean Peacock presented. He advised that proposed changes included:
• updating to reflect the recent attachment of several units to the Faculty of Science,
• updating of nomenclature for positions and ranks,
• rationalizing of the representation from outside the Faculty of Science to reflect key
academic linkages, specifically the Faculties and Schools in which the students take
Science courses and the units with which Science has joint academic programs,
• inclusion of selected administrative staff in the Dean's office,
• updating and streamlining the undergraduate student representation, and
• adding postdoctoral fellows (non-voting) and graduate students.
Other Business
The President noted that the new "Ideas Lounge" was soon to open at the University Centre and
he encouraged faculty to take advantage of the new facility.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm.
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-12
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Appendix A: Curriculum Report
Revised programs and new courses:
BASc>Minor in Information Technology; BASc>Engineering Physics>4th & 5th Year
Requirements; CIVL 304 (3), 404 (3), 447 (2); MECH 226 (3), 227 (5)
Revised and new programs and courses:
ASIA 305 (3), 375 (3); BA>Major in Asian Language and Culture>Chinese Literature &
Southeast Asia Specializations; RELG 209 (3); BFA>Creative Writing>BA Minor in Creative
Writing; CRWR201 (3), 205 (3), 301 (3/6)d, 303 (3/6)d, 308 (3/6)d, 351 (3/9)d, 353 (3/9)d, 355
(3/9)d, 356 (3/9)d, 358 (3/9)d, 359 (3/9)d, 402 (3-12)d, 451 (3-12)d, 452 (3-12)d, 457 (3-12)d,
458 (3-12)d, 459 (3-12)d, 461 (3-12)d, 466 (3-12)d; Vancouver School of Economics>Bachelor
of International Economics>Degree Requirements>Program Requirements; ECON 308 (6), 309
(3), 327 (3), 328 (3); LING 333 (3); BA>Nineteenth-Century Studies; BA>Slavic Area Studies;
BA>Migration and Globalization Studies
New courses:
WOOD 225 (3), 249 (1), 356 (3), 482 (3), 499 (6)
Applied Science
New course:
CHBE 570 (3)
Revised and new courses:
LFS 150 (3);FNH 303 (3), 413 (3), 415 (3), 481 (9), 482 (9), 483 (6); APBI 496 (3/6)c
New courses:
LAW 409 (3), 412 (3), 413 (3)
Revised programs and courses:
BSc>Communication Requirement; BSc>Science, Arts, and Breadth Requirements>Arts
Requirement; CPSC 304 (3), 404 (3)
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-13
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Appendix B: Awards Report
New Awards:
Katherine BREARLEY Scholarship in French - Scholarships totaling $5,250 have been
endowed by friends and family in memory of Associate Professor Emerita Katherine Brearley
(BA'35, MA'39, Doctorat Universite de Paris) to recognize outstanding undergraduate students
enrolled in the major or honours program in French. Katherine was a student at UBC in the
1930's and returned as a faculty member for 30 years after studying in post-war Paris. Katherine
helped many students not only through the courses she taught, but also in her capacity as
Assistant Dean of Women and later as the first Senior Faculty Advisor in the Faculty of Arts.
After retiring in 1980, she continued to teach French to school-aged children, pursued her
passion for water colour painting and wrote children's stories. Scholarships are made on the
recommendation of the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies. (First Award
Available in the 2014/2015 Winter Session)
CH2M Hill Award in Engineering - A $3,000 award is offered by CH2M Hill to a student with
high academic standing who is majoring in one of the following fields: Architectural Design, or
Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering. To be considered,
candidates must be active in their community and demonstrate volunteerism. Awardees may be
selected for an internship with this international company. The recommendation is made by the
Faculty of Applied Science and, in the case of a graduate student, in consultation with the
Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. (First Award Available in the 2013/2014 Winter
Tamara EDINGER Memorial Award in Dentistry - A $1,000 award is offered by family,
friends, and fellow students to honour the memory of Tamara Edinger. Tamara was an intelligent
and inspirational UBC dental hygiene student who possessed an innate sense of compassion. She
was a keen and stellar student and was involved in UBC Dentistry's Community Outreach
Program. Tamara was a student leader, a passionate advocate for community involvement and a
committed dental hygiene professional. She earned deep respect and admiration from all who
were privileged to know her and left a lasting and positive impression. The Tamara Edinger
Memorial Award in Dentistry is given to a 3rd or 4th year student in the Bachelor of Dental
Sciences (Dental Hygiene) Program, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership,
volunteerism, and service to the community while maintaining a strong academic standing. The
award recommendation is made by the Faculty of Dentistry. (First Award Available in the
2013/2014 Winter Session)
Kam Ngan HO Memorial Scholarship - A $1,050 scholarship has been endowed by Stephen
Cheng in recognition of his beloved late grandmother Kam Ngan Ho. This award will be offered
to an undergraduate student in commerce with strong academic standing who has demonstrated
outstanding community service. This award is made on the recommendation of the Sauder
School of Business. (First Award Available in the 2019/2020 Winter Session)
HUSTON Family Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Awards totalling $1,000 have been
endowed by the Huston Family of Abbotsford (Mrs. Pat Huston and her children Roy, Maureen,
Ryan and Ron) in honour of its three generations of pharmacists: Frank Huston and his son, Roy
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-14
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Huston (UBC BSc(Pharm)'73), both of Abbotsford (Huston Drugs and Medical Tower Drugs),
and Frank's father and brother, W.M. Huston of Ashcroft, and Mervyn J. Huston, Dean Emeritus
of Pharmacy at the University of Alberta, respectively. The awards are made to undergraduate
students of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences participating in athletics on a competitive
level, within or outside UBC. Students must have graduated from a high school in British
Columbia. The awards are made upon the recommendation of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical
Sciences. (First Award Available in the 2014/2015 Winter Session)
Josephine JUNGIC Graduate Travel Award in Art History - A $1,000 award is offered to a
graduate student in the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory who is studying Art
History, with preference given to a student studying the Renaissance or Early Modern era. The
award supports a student who must travel to conduct research at other academic institutions,
archives, museums and galleries. The award is in memory of losephine lungic (BA'71, MA'75)
who began her studies at UBC. losephine continued to pursue her love of art history throughout
her life, teaching art history at Capilano University for 35 years. losephine had a love of Rome
and Florence and focused her studies on the Renaissance. Her work was published in the world's
leading art journals, including Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes and Gazette des
Beaux-Arts. Her last years were devoted to completing a study on Giuliano De Medici. The
award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory
in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. (First Award Available in
the 2013/2014 Winter Session)
SUPER Grocer & Pharmacy Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Bursaries totalling
$1,000 have been endowed by Samuel Lu (BSc (Pharm)'87) of Super Grocer & Pharmacy, a
family-owned and -operated business in the historic village of Steveston in Richmond, BC. The
bursaries are offered to one or more undergraduate students in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical
Sciences who graduated from a high school in British Columbia and have completed at least one
year of study in the Faculty. Awards are adjudicated by Enrolment Services. (First Award
Available in the 2015/2016 Winter Session)
FOOD Science Graduate Scholarship - One or more scholarships totalling $7,000 have been
endowed in memory of Alice and Fook Tai Li, for students pursuing an MSc or PhD degree in
Food Science. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Land and Food
Systems, in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. (First Award
Available in the 2014/2015 Winter Session)
Previously-Approved Awards with Changes in Terms or Funding Source:
#599 Norman A M MacKenzie College Scholarship - Nine scholarships of $2,000 each are
offered by the UBC Alumni Association to students proceeding from a community college or
university in British Columbia or other parts of Canada to the University of British Columbia.
Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Scholarships are available to all
transfer students and recipients are selected by their chosen Faculties, in consultation with
Enrolment Services.
How amended: Reference to Faculties in the selection process added in the last line
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4-15
Minutes of 18 December 2013
#1672 Methanex Brian GREGSON Scholarship in Accounting or Finance - A $3,500
scholarship is offered by Methanex Corporation to a third or fourth year undergraduate student in
the Accounting or Finance Option of the Bachelor of Commerce Program in the Sauder School
of Business. Demonstrated leadership and academic achievement are the criteria in evaluating
candidates. Scholarship recipients may be invited to apply for an internship with Methanex. The
award is made on the recommendation of the Sauder School of Business.
How amended: Removed volunteerism from the criteria and provision of a cooperative
education placement with Methanex.
#2270 Methanex Graham SWEENEY MBA Scholarship - A $5,000 scholarship is offered by
Methanex Corporation to an MBA student at the Sauder School of Business. The award is made
on the recommendation of the Sauder School of Business to an outstanding student who has
demonstrated leadership and academic excellence. Scholarship recipients are invited to apply for
an internship with Methanex.
How amended: Increase in award value; amended area of study to direct award only to
MBA students at Sauder School of Business; removed provision of a co-op education
placement with Methanex.
#4375 Kurt HENZE Memorial Prize - An $800 prize has been endowed in memory of Kurt
Henze, Supervisory Technician in the Department of Physiology, by his family, friends and
colleagues. Kurt Henze was a hard-working, loyal, detail-oriented man who believed in doing a
job well. His devotion to the Department of Physiology stemmed from his belief in the
importance of his role in furthering medical research, leading to the greater good of
humankind. He strove to always provide the highest level of instruction, encouraging students to
aspire to excellence. Mr. Henze immigrated to Canada in 1952 from post-war Europe, as he
recognized that an individual's potential for success in this country was only limited by his
willingness to seize opportunities and work hard. The prize is awarded on the recommendation
of the Department of Physiology to a student who performs outstanding work in the laboratory
courses leading to graduation in Honours Physiology with preference that the prize go to a
student who demonstrates financial need. In keeping with Kurt's memory, preference will be
given to a student who demonstrates leadership amongst his or her peers.
How amended: Biographical information on Kurt Henze and the leadership language in
the last line have been added. The amount has been increased from $600 to $800.
#5833 The Christopher WALKER Memorial Award in Law - A $2,000 award is offered by
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP to a student entering second year law who has
demonstrated academic excellence together with a commitment to their community and fellow
students. This student will also exhibit leadership qualities and the highest standards of integrity.
Christopher Walker (1984 - 2013) graduated from the UBC Faculty of Law in 2010 and was an
outstanding young lawyer who practised corporate law with Farris LLP. The award is made on
the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.
How amended: Change of award name, award criteria, and award type from scholarship
to academic/service award.
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of 18 December 2013
Appendix C: Emeritus Appointments
Last            1 First Name         1 Emeritus Title
Associate Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering
Senior Instructor Emeritus of French, Hispanic and Italian
Professor Emeritus of Population and Public Health
Professor Emeritus of Rheumatology
Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering
Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
M. Joanne
Clinical Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology and
Professor Emeritus of Cellular and Physiological Sciences
Professor Emeritus of Pathology
Clinical Professor Emeritus of Radiology
Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
R. Morrison
Clinical Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
Professor Emeritus of Phamaceutical Sciences
Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor Emeritus of Anesthesia, Pharmacology and
Associate Professor Emeritus of Social Work
Professor Emeritus of History
Re snick
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
R. Oliver
Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology
General Librarian Emeritus
Barbara Jean
Administrative Librarian Emeritus
Associate Professor Emeritus of Pathology
Associate Professor Emeritus of Social Work
Carl John
Associate Professor Emeritus of Fisheries
Administrative Librarian Emeritus
Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry


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