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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2006-01-25

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Enrolment Services
Senate and Curriculum Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Vancouver Senate
Present: President M. C. Piper (Chair), Mr. B. Ahmadian, Mr. B. Aujla, Dr. N. Banthia, Dr.
J. D. Berger, Dr. G. Bluman, Dean M. A. Bobinski, Dr. J. Brander, Mr. E. Cheung, Dr. L.
Chui, Ms. J. Collins, Dr. E. Dean, Dr. J. Dennison, Dr. W. Dunford, Dr. D. Fielding, Dr. I.
Franks, Dr. C. Friedrichs, Ms. M. Friesen, Mr. C. Funnell, Dean N. Gallini, Principal J. H.
V. Gilbert, Ms. T. Gillespie, Dean E Granot, Dr. P. G. Harrison, Dr. R. Helsley, Associate
Vice-President J. Hutton, Dr. R. Irwin, Dean M. Isaacson, Dean pro tem. M. Isman, Dr. J.
Johnson, Dr. S. B. Knight, Dr. B. S. Lalli, Mr. R. Lowe, Dr. P. L. Marshall, Dr. A. McAfee,
Dr. W. McKee, Dr. D. McLean, Ms. L. McLean, Mr. W. McNulty, Mr. J. Mergens, Ms. I.
Noohi, Mr. P. Orchard, Dr. D. Paterson, Acting Associate Vice-President & Registrar D.
Robinson, Dean J. Saddler, Dr. J. Sarra, Ms. E. Segal, Dr. B. Stelck, Dr. D. Steyn, Dean G.
Stuart, Dr. S. Thorne, Dean R. Tierney, Mr. M. Tung, Dr. M. Upadhyaya, Dr. D. Weary,
Dr. R. Windsor-Liscombe, Dr. R. A. Yaworsky, Mr. D. Younan, Dr. J. Young.
By Invitation: Associate Vice-President A. Kindler.
Regrets: Dr. A. McEachern (Chancellor), Vice-President L. A. Whitehead, Dr. P. Adebar,
Dr. B. Arneil, Prof. C. Boyle, Mr. P. T. Brady, Dr. H. Burt, Ms. G. Eom, Dr. W Fletcher,
Mr. T. Gerschman, Ms. E. Gibson, Mr. C. L. Gorman, Dr. D. Granot, Dr. S. Grayston, Dr.
L. Gunderson, Dr. R. Harrison, Dean pro tem. G. Ingram, Mr. J. Jawanda, Ms. W King,
Dr. M. MacEntee, Dean D. Muzyka, Dr. P. Potter, Ms. C. Quinlan, Associate Vice-President & Registrar B. J. Silzer, Mr. B. Simpson, Dean R. Sindelar, Dr. R. Wilson, Dean E. H.
K. Yen.
Recording Secretary: Ms. L. M. Collins.
Vol. 2005/2006
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 57
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Call to Order
The President welcomed to the meeting Acting Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services & Registrar Deborah Robinson and Associate Vice-President, Academic Programs
Anna Kindler.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Principal Gilbert      l     That the Minutes of the Meeting of
Dr. Steyn J     December 14, 2005 be approved as
Business Arising From the Minutes
In response to a question posed by Dr. Dennison under Other Business at the December
14, 2005 meeting, Ms. Robinson had circulated the following memorandum on behalf of
the Registrar.
Recognition of Degrees from Non-AUCC Institutions
At the December 14, 2005 meeting of Senate, Dr. John Dennison raised under
"Other Business" the issue of recognition of degrees and coursework granted by
Canadian post-secondary institutions that are not members of the Association of
Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). As Dr. Dennison and I are in agreement that this issue is of interest to Senators, I have taken the opportunity to prepare a fuller summary here than was possible during the spare few minutes under
"Other Business."
Most research universities in Canada, including UBC, are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Membership requires that an institution offer full undergraduate and/or graduate degree programs. Other
considerations for membership eligibility include:
• the proportion of faculty holding a Ph.D. or other appropriate terminal
• the amount of undergraduate instruction delivered by senior academic
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 58
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Business Arising from the Minutes, continued
• the breadth of undergraduate programming in the liberal arts and/or sciences;
• the presence of a strong research mandate.
More information about AUCC membership is available on the AUCC website at:
http ://w ww. aucc .ca/.
Canada has no formal system for institutional accreditation. Membership in
AUCC, held together with a provincial charter authorizing the granting of
degrees, has served as an informal sort of accreditation in Canada. AUCC member institutions have a long history of fully recognizing each other's degrees and
coursework for purposes of admission and transfer credit. Recognition of a
degree granted by a non-AUCC institution is certainly not as automatic, and varies widely from institution to institution.
Most institutes of technology, like BCIT, and Ontario's Colleges of Applied Arts
& Technology are notably not AUCC members. Furthermore, the number of
institutions granting degrees under provincial charters has increased considerably
since 2000, particularly in Ontario. As the number of Canadian degree-granting
institutions continues to increase, universities like UBC can expect increased pressure to recognize these degrees. Some of these degrees are "applied" in nature and
may therefore not be eligible for recognition, while others may be worthy of consideration. Complexity increases further as AUCC and non-AUCC institutions
form partnerships to offer joint degrees.
I noted one recent manifestation of this complexity when several graduates of the
UBC-BCIT Honours Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology were denied admission
to Ontario medical schools for lack of a basis of admission. The major impediment was that BCIT, as one of the partner institutions granting the B.Sc. degree,
is not a member of AUCC. In response to this problem, I wrote to all Ontario
medical schools to introduce this particular degree, to verify its status as a
bonafide UBC Honours Bachelor of Science, and to urge our sister institutions to
fully recognize our degree. While this letter of introduction may have assisted in
the resolution of the matter at hand, there remain admissions policy issues to be
addressed by all Canadian universities.
Senators interested in reading further about this issue might consult the following
Wendy Loat, What a Tangled Web We Weave: Canadian University Recognition
of Ontario's New Applied Degrees, Admissions wRAP Up November 2005, available   for   PDF   download   at   the   NAFSA   website:
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 59
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Business Arising from the Minutes, continued
Dr. Dennison noted that approximately 20 institutions granted degrees in British Columbia, and that an additional seven institutions had received provincial authority to do so.
Relatively few of these institutions were AUCC members, meaning that the consequences
of only recognizing AUCC institutions were particularly significant for British Columbia.
Dr. Dennison was hopeful that UBC would evaluate degrees using criteria other than
AUCC membership of the granting institution. Dean Granot stated that the recognition of
a degree for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies depended upon whether that
degree was considered equivalent to a UBC degree, and had nothing to do with AUCC
membership. Dr. McLean agreed that the issue was important, and suggested that Senate
develop a policy.
Dr. McLean l     That the Vancouver Senate refer to the
Dr. Dennison J     Admissions Committee the issue of the
relationship between AUCC membership
and the recognition of degrees and
coursework for purposes of admission and
transfer credit; and
That the Committee be directed to report to
the Vancouver Senate on this matter no later
than May 2006.
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions
The President described a recent visit to Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, and Seoul. The
President met with alumni, the presidents of sister universities, and other supporters of
UBC. The President planned to return to Asia within the following two months to introduce the UBC President Designate. President Piper stated that she felt privileged to represent the University in Asia, where UBC is held in high regard.
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 60
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Admissions Committee
Note: The full text of the Admissions Committee Report is not included in the Minutes.
Copies are available from the Assistant Registrar, Senate & Curriculum Services.
As Chair of the Committee, Dr. Berger had circulated proposals that Senate approve:
1. Changes to admission policy and course and program requirements for the Bachelor
of Environmental Design.
2. Deletion of Biology 11 or Biology 12 as an admission requirement for the Faculty of
Forestry and the change of admission requirement for Second Year from BIOL 110 to
BIOL 111.
3. Calendar changes regarding the deadline for deferred admissions.
4. Promotion requirements for the Bachelor of Science.
5. Admission and promotion requirements for Second Degree Studies in the Faculty of
6. Calendar changes regarding Honours and Combined Honours, Bachelor of Science.
Dr. Berger l     That Senate accept the recommendations of
Dr. Marshall J     the Admissions Committee.
Curriculum Committee
See also Appendix A: Curriculum Summary.
Dr. Marshall l     That Senate approve the new and changed
Dean Bobinski J     undergraduate and graduate programs and
courses, as recommended by the Curriculum
Referring to the title of new course LAW 170: Law in Context, Dr. Knight expressed the
opinion that the word "context" was overused and suggested that the Faculty consider a
different title.
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 61
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Agenda Committee
As Chair of the Committee, Dean Isaacson presented the reports.
The Committee had circulated the following report for information.
Senators will recall that an ad hoc committee of the Vancouver Senate and an ad
hoc committee of the Interim Academic Governing Body for UBC Okanagan prepared a joint report relating to the establishment of the Council of Senates. The
associated recommendations relating to the establishment of the Council were
approved by the Vancouver Senate, but rejected by the Okanagan Senate.
The differing viewpoints appear to relate solely to whether the two Senates will
have equal representation on the Council, or whether the Vancouver Senate will
have a somewhat higher representation than does the Okanagan Senate.
It is unlikely that both Senates will endorse any modified recommendation
regarding their representation on the Council, but it is noted that the two Senates'
endorsement of corresponding recommendations are desirable, but not required
for the establishment of the Council.
Accordingly, the President has requested that the Secretary to the Senates and the
Council of Senates proceed to establish the Council on the basis of the recommendations approved by the Vancouver Senate, with the following exception:
That, initially, there be elected to the Council of Senates three
chairs of standing committees by and from the Vancouver Senate and three chairs of standing committees by and from the
Okanagan Senate.
The President's request for the Council to be established with this initial membership is intended for it to consider and reach its own decision regarding its ongoing
membership, consistent with the requirements of the University Act.
Dean Isaacson expressed the hope that, at its first meeting, the Council of Senates would
form a Committee to consider Council Membership, and that this Committee would
report on the matter at the second meeting of the Council.
Ms. McLean expressed concern about delaying consideration of equal versus unequal
membership. Dean Isaacson noted that Senate approval was not strictly necessary for the
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 62
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Agenda Committee, continued
establishment of the Council, and that until the Council was in place, it would be difficult
to resolve an apparent impasse between the two campus-based Senates.
Dr. McLean stated that, given the relatively small number of seats on the Council, particular care should be taken with respect to the selection of Councillors. Upon recognition
by the President, Ms. Collins stated that the four representatives of each Senate were to be
elected, and that elections were underway. In response to a question from Ms. Gillespie,
President Piper confirmed that she had accepted the recommendation of the ad hoc Committee to Consider the Council of Senates that two of the Senate representatives from each
campus be Student Senators.
Dr. Brander stated that the Council could consider several different models in determining
its composition, and was hopeful that the discussion would include consideration of the
difference in scale between the two campuses. He expressed confidence that the Council
would reach agreement. Principal Gilbert added that he had been disappointed when the
Okanagan Senate had rejected the ad hoc Committee's report, and expressed hope that
Councillors would represent the UBC system as a whole, rather than one campus or the
other. Dr. Windsor-Liscombe emphasized the need to move forward on exchange of people and ideas between the two campuses. Dean Isaacson noted that a UBC Deans meeting
was scheduled to take place in February 2006, and that some of these discussions might
begin at that meeting.
The Committee had circulated the following report for information.
Following the recent review of Senate, Senate approved the following recommendation on November 16, 2005:
That at least one Senate meeting per year include a thorough
consideration of selected broad academic issues, that the
Agenda Committee canvas the University community for appro-
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 63
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Tributes Committee, continued
priate topics, that once a topic is selected, the Agenda Committee has a position paper prepared so that the discussion is
centred and productive. The Agenda Committee should allocate
one or two members of Senate the task of leading the discussion
pertaining to the designated subject. The whole University community should be invited to attend these meetings.
As part of the canvassing process for the first round of topics for Senate discussion, the Agenda Committee hereby invites members of Senate to forward written
submissions on items of broad academic interest for future Senate discussion.
Submissions for this first round of consideration should be forwarded to Ms. Lisa
Collins, Assistant Registrar, Senate & Curriculum Services, (
or mailing address in memorandum header) no later than Friday, March 3, 2005.
The Agenda Committee will deliver a progress report to Senate at the March 22,
2006 meeting.
Reports from the Vice-President, Academic & Provost
Note: The full text of these reports is not included in the Minutes. Copies are available
from the Assistant Registrar, Senate & Curriculum Services.
The Chair recognized Associate Vice-President Anna Kindler to present the reports on
behalf of the Vice-President.
Dean Granot l     That Senate approve the change of name
Dean Gallini J     from Centre for Research in Women's
Studies and Gender Relations to Centre for
Women's and Gender Studies, effective
February 1, 2006.
Dean Stuart l     That Senate approve the establishment of
Dr. McLean J     the Department of Dermatology and Skin
Science within the Faculty of Medicine,
effective February 1, 2006.
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 64
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Reports from the Vice-President, Academic & Provost, continued
Dr. Kindler confirmed that there would be no financial implications related to the establishment of the Department, and that securing additional resources to meet future needs
remained the responsibility of the Faculty.
Note from Senate Secretary: At the request of the Faculty, an editorial correction was
made to the proposal as circulated. The corrected name of the new Department is as it
appears in the motion above.
The motion was
put and carried.
Dean Stuart l     That Senate approve the establishment of
Dean pro tem. J     the Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C.
Isman and Yukon Chair in Stroke Research, made
possible by funding from the Heart and
Stroke Foundation of B.C. and Yukon.
Other Business
The President noted with sadness the recent passing of Dr. William Webber. As a former
Professor of Anatomy, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Associate-Vice President, President of the UBC Faculty Association, Member of the Board of Governors, and Senator,
Dr. Webber had touched thousands of lives at UBC. President Piper described Dr. Webber
as a great leader, administrator, scholar and friend. Senate recorded its sincere sympathy
for Dr. Webber's family.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The following regular meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
 Vancouver Senate 05-06 - 65
Minutes of January 25, 2006
Faculty of Law
LAW 150, 160, 170
Regular Program
Part-time Program
Transitional Program Provisions
Bachelor of Laws/Master of Business Administration Combined Program
Bachelor of Laws/Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies Combined Program
Faculty of Science
BIOC 490
EOSC 217, 270, 333, 433, 454
PSYC 462
Honours and Combined Honours
Promotion Requirements
Second Degree Requirements
Minor in Commerce


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