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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2008-09-17

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UBC     Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Vancouver Senate
Present: President S. J. Toope (Chair), Mr. B. J. Silzer (Secretary), Dr. R. Anstee, Dr. K.
Baimbridge, Dean M. A. Bobinski, Ms. H. Boyd, Dr. B. Cairns, Acting Dean S. Cock-
croft, Mr. G. Costeloe, Dr. B. Craig, Mr. G. Dew, Ms. A. Dulay, Dr. W. Dunford, Mr. P.
Edgcumbe, Vice-President D. Farrar, Dr. D. Fielding, Mr. B. Frederick, Ms. M. Friesen,
Dean N. Gallini, Mr. R. Gardiner, Mr. C. L. Gorman, Dr. S. Grayston, Dr. D. Griffin, Dr.
W. Hall, Dr. P. G. Harrison, Ms. D. Herbert, Dr. R. Irwin, Dean M. Isman, Dr. A. Ivanov,
Dr. B. Lalli, Ms. H. Lam, Mr. A. Lee, Mr. D. Leung, Mr. A. Lougheed, Dr. P. L. Marshall,
Dr. W. McKee, Mr. R. McLean, Mr. W. McNulty, Mr. C. Meyers, Mr. A. Mohan, Dr. G.
Oberg, Ms. B. Osmond, Dr. K. Patterson, Dean S. Peacock, Ms. A. Peterson, Dr. J.
Plessis, Dr. T. Ross, Dr. L. Rucker, Ms. A. Shaikh, Dean C. Shuler, Ms. L. Silvester, Dr. S.
Singh, Dr. R. Sparks, Dr. B. Stelck, Mr. D. Verma, Mr. A. Wazeer, Dr. R. Windsor-Liscombe, Dr. T. Young.
Guests: Mr. T. Blair, Ms. S. Fielding, Associate Vice-President T. Patch, Dr. D. Sylvester.
Regrets: Dr. Y. Altintas, Principal M. Burgess, Dean B. Evans, Dr. W. Fletcher, Dr. S. B.
Knight, Dr. D. Lehman, Dr. P. Loewen, Mr. B. MacDougall, Ms. S. Morgan-Silvester
(Chancellor), Dean D. Muzyka, Principal L. Nasmith, Dr. C. Orvig, Mr. G. Podersky-
Cannon, Dean J. Saddler, Dean R. Sindelar, Dean G. Stuart, Mr. R. Taddei, Dr. S. Thorne,
Dean R. Tierney, Dr. M. Vessey, Mr. B. W. Wang, Dr. P. Ward, Dr. R. Wilson, Dr. R. A.
Yaworsky, Ms. M. Young.
Recording Secretary: Associate Secretary Ms. L. M. Collins.
Call to Order
The first regular meeting of the Vancouver Senate for the 2008 - 2011 triennium was
called to order.
Vol. 2008/2009
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 2
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Adoption of Meeting Agenda
Mr. McNulty l     That the meeting agenda be adopted as
Mr. Leung J     circulated.
(Carried by
Senate Membership
The Secretary had circulated a Senate membership list. Members introduced themselves.
Mr. Silzer announced that the following faculty members had been acclaimed as elected as
members of the Nominating Committee.
Dean Murray Isman
Dr. David Fielding
Dr. Peter Marshall
Dean Dan Muzyka
Dr. Sally Thorne
Dr. Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe
In response to an earlier call for nominations, the Secretary had received three nominations for two seats on the Nominating Committee designated for non-faculty, non-student
Senators. The secretariat conducted an election at the meeting and the results were as follows:
Mr. Dean Leung — 43 votes (elected);
Mr. Christopher L. Gorman - 36 votes (elected);
Mr. Gerry Podersky-Cannon — 29 votes.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 3
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Senate Membership, continued
In response to an earlier call for nominations, the Secretary had received two nominations
for the position of Vice-Chair of the Vancouver Senate. The secretariat conducted an election at the meeting and the results were as follows:
Dr. Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe — 36 votes (elected);
Mr. Blake Frederick — 23 votes.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Mr. McNulty l     That the minutes of the meeting of May 14,
Dr. Rucker J     2008 be adopted as circulated.
(Carried by
Business Arising From the Minutes
Recalling the May 2008 report of the Committee on Student Appeals on Academic Discipline, the President provided an update on the activities of the President's Advisory Committee on Student Discipline. President Toope noted that Dr. Charles Slonecker had
recently been appointed as chair of the President's Advisory Committee. Dr. Slonecker had
been advised of the concerns raised by the Senate Committee about consistency in disciplinary penalties, and the President was confident that the President's Advisory Committee would pay very close attention to this aspect of its work. The President added that he
would also continue to monitor the situation.
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions
Prof. Toope shared with the Senate an overview of his personal goals as President for the
following year, and indicated that more detailed information would be available after his
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 4
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions, continued
scheduled September 25 report to the Board of Governors. Key goals were grouped into
the following areas:
1. Government relations — the top priority, particularly at the provincial level. The President observed that the universities had not been at the forefront of this provincial
government's agenda, particularly during the second term of office. President Toope
stated that his position as Chair of The University Presidents' Council (TUPC) of British Columbia would offer an additional opportunity to focus in this area.
2. Strategic planning renewal process. The President looked forward to robust consultation with the wider community, including the Senate, leading to a renewed strategic
plan by late 2009. The President noted that the renewed plan would need to be more
definitive than a set of ambitions, as it would be used to guide budgetary decisionmaking.
3. Enhancing the student learning experience. The President identified Lasting Education, Achieved & Demonstrated (LEAD) and Student Horizons in Education (SHINE)
as key initiatives in this area.
4. Creation of a major development campaign. Due to changing funding dynamics in
Canada, universities like UBC would need to increase their reliance on philanthropy
to ensure a margin of excellence. Although the Board of Governors had not yet
approved the establishment of a major campaign, proposal planning had begun in several Faculties.
5. Renewal of the Administration & Finance vice-presidential portfolio. Significant
changes had been designed to ensure the development of a transparent budget that
was clearly linked to strategic academic goals.
The President drew attention to the connections between his goals in the areas of government relations, capital development, strategic planning, and financial administration.
The President reported briefly on each of the following:
• An external and internal consultation process that would lead to the articulation of an
Aboriginal Strategic plan;
• The recent establishment of a President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability,
chaired by Dr. John Hepburn;
• A consultation process on the proposal that UBC apply to join the National Collegiate
Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II. Dean Daniel Muzyka and Associate Vice-
President Marie Earl were co-chairs of the consultation committee. The President
assured Senators that this item would come to Senate for discussion.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 5
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions, continued
In response to a question from Mr. McLean, President Toope confirmed that there would
be student representation on a variety of working groups formed under the President's
Advisory Committee on Sustainability. Dr. Windsor-Liscombe suggested that connections
between this committee and the creative and performing arts also be considered.
The President gave an update on the status of discussions between the University and the
provincial government with respect to the 2008/2009 budget reduction of 2.6 percent.
President Toope clarified that the reduction had been applied to anticipated increases in
funding, rather than as a cut to the University's existing operating grant. Although the
President was unable to report that the University had satisfactorily resolved the situation,
discussions with the Premier, the Minister of Advanced Education, and other government
representatives were continuing.
The President recalled the government letters of expectation (GLEs) that the Ministry of
Advanced Education had sent to public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia
during the previous academic year. The letters had been requested by the Treasury Board
and were similar to letters traditionally delivered by the provincial government to health
authorities. While the letters purported to define the relationship between the government
and the universities, all BC universities viewed them as infringing upon institutional
autonomy and none of the research-intensive universities had signed the first draft. A second draft of the letter was viewed as more cooperative in tone, and some institutions had
already signed. The Chair of the UBC Board of Governors had also agreed to sign, but
planned to include a covering letter requesting that the government reconsider the entire
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 6
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions, continued
On a positive note, the President was pleased to report that the provincial government
appeared to clearly recognize the importance of differentiation between research-intensive
universities and other institutions in the province. He noted that the senate was one area
of such differentiation, as the new special purpose teaching universities had councils without the statutory authority of senates.
Recalling the May 2008 Senate resolution about the selection of the Chancellor and proposed changes to the University Act (pp. 07/08 181-4), Mr. Frederick requested an
update. The President confirmed that he had forwarded a letter to the provincial government as requested by the Senate. It appeared that the government had taken the letter
under advisement but had decided to proceed to amend the University Act as originally
From the Board of Governors
The Senate received for information confirmation that the following items approved by
the Vancouver Senate had been subsequently approved by the Board of Governors as
required under the University Act.
Senate Meeting of March 26, 2008
Curriculum Proposals from the Faculty of Applied Science
The change in name of the Department of Curriculum Studies to the Department of
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Senate Meeting of April 16, 2008
Curriculum Proposals from the Faculties of Applied Science, Commerce and Business
Administration, Arts, Graduate Studies (Arts, Commerce and Business Administration)
Student Awards
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 7
Minutes of September 17, 2008
From the Board of Governors, continued
Senate Meeting of May 14, 2008
Curriculum Proposals from the Faculties of Arts, Forestry, Graduate Studies (Applied
Science, Arts, Education, Fand and Food Systems and Science) and Science
New program Master of Dental Science/Diploma in Endodontics put forward by the
Faculty of Dentistry
Student Awards
Admissions Committee
Dr. Paul G. Harrison presented the report on behalf of the Committee.
The Committee had circulated a proposed Calendar entry that would permit students to
present English 12 First Peoples as an alternative to English 12 as an approved examinable course for admission.
Dr. P. G. Harrison    l     That Senate approve the revised Calendar
Dr. Rucker J     entry on Admission Requirements for
Applicants Following the BC/Yukon
Secondary School Curriculum regarding BC
English 12 First Peoples, effective for the
2009 admission cycle and thereafter.
The Committee had circulated a proposed revised Calendar entry that would allow applicants who had completed the BC Adult Graduation Diploma to meet the English Requirement for admission to first year of an undergraduate degree.
Dr. P. G. Harrison    l     That Senate approve the revised Calendar
Dr. Fielding J     entry on Applicants Following the BC/
Yukon Secondary School Curriculum:
British Columbia Adult Graduation
Diploma, effective for the 2009 admission
cycle and thereafter.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 8
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Admissions Committee, continued
The Committee circulated a proposed revised Calendar entry on admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to reflect miscellaneous changes to processes and deadlines.
Dr. P. G. Harrison    l     That Senate approve the revised Calendar
Dr. Rucker J     entry on admission to the Bachelor of
Science in Nursing program, effective for the
2009 admission cycle and thereafter.
In response to a question from Ms. Silvester about how applicants would be notified of
the changes, Dr. Hall indicated that the School of Nursing website outlining the application process would be updated very quickly after Senate approval.
In response to a suggestion from Dr. Lalli, the following sentence on page 8 was revised
to read (change in bold): "It is important that applicants are aware of these prior to applying for admission to the nursing program."
The motion to approve the amended Calendar entry was put and
The Committee had circulated a proposal to revise the Calendar entry on Transfer Credit
for Access Studies for applicants to the Faculty of Graduate Studies to clarify that courses
transferring to a graduate program were not also used as a basis for admission to the
graduate program.
Dr. P. G. Harrison    l     That Senate approve the revised Calendar
Dr. Windsor- J     entry on Transfer Credit for Access Studies.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Curriculum Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Marshall presented the report.
See also, Appendix A: Curriculum Summary.'
Dr. Marshall noted that the admissions statement for the dual degree in Education and
Science had been revised in several places by the Admissions Committee to remove reference to "provisional admission" and that, with the permission of Senate, those changes
would be entered into the final version prior to submission to the Calendar. The amendment of the proposals to reflect these changes was approved by consent.
Dr. Marshall l     That the new and changed courses and
Mr. Frederick J     programs brought forward by the Faculties
of Education and Commerce & Business
Administration be approved.
Nominating Committee
Committee Chair Dr. Windsor-Liscombe presented the reports.
The Committee had circulated a proposed roster of committee assignments for all Senators except Student Senators. Dr. Windsor-Liscombe noted that at least one Senator had
expressed concern about their assignments, and stated that some changes could be accommodated in future. Senators seeking adjustments to their committee assignments were
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of September 17, 2008
08/09 - 10
Nominating Committee, continued
asked to send a written request to Dr. Windsor-Liscombe, copied to Associate Secretary
Ms. Lisa Collins.
Dr. Windsor-
Mr. McNulty
That Senate approve the membership of the
Committees of Senate for the 2008 - 2011
triennium as circulated.
The Nominating Committee had circulated proposed adjustments to committee assignments for Student Senators.
Dr. Windsor-
Mr. Leung
That Senate approve the changes to the
membership of Committees of Senate as
Tributes Committee
As Committee Secretary, Mr. Silzer read the following memorial minute for a former Senator who had recently passed away.
William Lancelot Holland
William Lancelot Holland laid the foundations for the study of Asia at the University of British Columbia. He founded the Department of Asian Studies at UBC
in 1961 and his leadership and dedication established UBC as a leading centre for
research on Asia. The foundation built during his tenure has lead to a wide recognition of the Department of Asian Studies as one of the finest of its kind in North
He was the chief architect and coordinator of the research program for the Institute of Pacific Relations, initiating ground-breaking studies in economics, social
and political history. In the difficult years of the depression and war, he established a tradition of independent, critical scholarship on current issues in Asia.
The Institute's publications constituted the major resource when Washington, at
the outbreak of World War II, sought information on contemporary East Asia.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09-11
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Tributes Committee, continued
Dr. Holland developed teaching and research at UBC, while carrying the responsibility as editor of Pacific Affairs, the leading journal on contemporary Asia. At
the Department of Asian Studies, he attracted internationally distinguished Asian
scholars as teachers, researchers and visiting lecturers.
Dr. Holland served the UBC Senate as a representative of the Joint Faculties from
1967 to 1969 and in 1989, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from the
University. In 2003, he established the William L. Holland Prize for the best article published each year in Pacific Affairs.
Hailed as "Canada's Dean of Asian Studies," Dr. Holland influenced a generation
of Canadian students. His qualities of integrity, respect and generosity won Bill
Holland the affection and admiration of the University community and assures an
affectionate place in the memories of his colleagues, students and all those who
have been fortunate beneficiaries of his ethical, intellectual and administrative
Dr. Windsor- l     That Senate approve the Memorial Minute
Liscombe J     for William Lancelot Holland, that it be
Dr. P. G. Harrison entered into the Minutes of Senate and a
copy be sent to the family of the deceased.
LCarried by
Reports from the Provost and Vice-President, Academic
Vice-President Farrar presented the reports.
Upon request from the Vice-President, the Chair recognized Mr. Tom Patch, Associate
Vice-President, Equity.
Vice-President Farrar had circulated the UBC Statement on Respectful Environment for
Students, Faculty, and Staff, as well as a backgrounder on personal harassment. The following is and excerpt from the Vice-President's covering memorandum to the Senate:
The University is committed to providing an environment for working, learning,
and living in which respect, civility, diversity, opportunity and inclusion are valued. In recent years, personal harassment and bullying have been recognized as
problems that can seriously affect the work environment. Universities, like other
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 12
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Reports from the Provost & Vice-President, Academic, continued
organizations, are not immune to the problem. Addressing the problem requires
a clear expression of commitment and an education program to support that
commitment. The Equity Office and Human Resources have developed a UBC
Statement on Respectful Environment for Students, Faculty, and Staff. The Statement has been reviewed by the Committee of Deans and by the Executives at UBC
Vancouver and UBC Okanagan. It will be forwarded, for information, to the
Board of Governors and the Okanagan Senate at their respective meetings in September. The Action Plan provides for rolling out the Statement and evaluation of
its effectiveness by the President's Advisory Committee on Equity, Discrimination,
and Harassment over the next six months. In due course, the Committee will
report its evaluation and recommendations to the Executive, the Board, and the
Associate Vice-President Patch provided some background on the Statement, which had
been developed in response to concerns that UBC did not seem to be effectively addressing
the issues of bullying and harassment. To ensure its success, the Statement had to be able
to be implemented quickly and amended easily. Significant institutional support would be
required to implement the Action Plan. Associate Vice-President Patch noted that some
funding had been secured to begin work on the Action Plan. First steps included hiring a
dedicated staff member, Ms. Julia McLaughlin, and providing training for other people.
Additional funding would be required for full implementation, including the evaluation
Dr. Anstee expressed the opinion that the University was a "rough and tumble" place, and
that rude behaviour was part of the character of the institution. He asked about the
intended outcome of the Statement in such an environment. Associate Vice-President
Patch responded that, while he agreed that the University was not always a perfectly civil
place, the University should also respect that the ability to tolerate rudeness varies from
person to person. The Statement provided a mechanism for people who were unable or
unwilling to tolerate excessive rudeness.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 13
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Reports from the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, continued
Mr. Dew noted that the Communications Roll Out section of the Action Plan appeared to
assume that student governments were able to communicate information efficiently to all
students. He suggested that the scope of student government was somewhat limited, and
that additional mechanisms to reach students might be helpful. Associate Vice-President
Patch stated that he would welcome suggestions. President Toope stated that the University planned to establish an Ombuds Office, and that perhaps that office could assist.
Mr. Frederick and Dr. Windsor-Liscombe spoke in support of the Statement.
In response to a question about the expected timeline for resolution of a concern about
harassment, Associate Vice-President Patch stated that each situation was different —
some could be resolved through one telephone call, while others required mediation over
a period of time and the engagement of external consultants.
A Student Senator suggested that resources available to students through the AMS be referenced in the Action Plan. Associate Vice-President Patch said he welcomed suggestions
for greater collaboration.
President Toope expressed his support for the statement and thanked the presenters.
The Vice-President had circulated a proposal to establish a new chair.
Vice-President l     That Senate approve the establishment of
Farrar J     the Charles A. Laszlo Chair in Biomedical
Dr. Rucker Engineering in the Faculty of Applied
Science, made possible by funding from Drs.
Charles and Doreen Laszlo.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 14
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Reports from the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, continued
In response to a question from Dr. Dunford about the selection process for the Chair, the
President stated that hiring would follow standard UBC practice.
In response to a question from Dr. Lalli, Acting Dean Cockcroft confirmed that the total
endowment for the Chair was $2.5 million, including $500 000 from the Faculty of
Applied Science. The President stated that the share of funding provided by the donors
and the University varied from chair to chair.
The motion was
put and carried.
Proposed Agenda Items
Other Business
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The following regular meeting of the Senate was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 15, 2008.
 Vancouver Senate 08/09 - 15
Minutes of September 17, 2008
Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration
Faculty of Education
Alternative Degree Credit > UBC-Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Program > Academic
Bachelor of Education (Secondary) / Bachelor of Science (Physics or Math)1
LLED 200, LLED 210, LLED 211, LLED 212, LLED 213, LLED 220, LLED 221, LLED
222, LLED 223, LLED 421, LLED 455.
1. Approved with amendments to the admissions statement.


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