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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1993-10-20

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Present: President D. W. Strangway (Chair), Vice-President D. R. Birch, Mr. S. Alsgard, Dr. A. P.
Autor, Dr. S. Avramidis, Mr. J. A. Banfield, Dr. J. Barman, Dr. J. D. Berger, Dr. A. E. Boardman,
Dean pro tern. M. A. Boyd, Mr. P. T. Brady, Dr. D. G. A. Carter, Ms. L. Chui, Dr. D. H. Cohen, Dr.
T. S. Cook, Dr. M. G. R. Coope, Mr. W. F. Dick, Dr. G. W. Eaton, Dr. J. H. V. Gilbert, Mr. E. B.
Goehring, Dean M. A. Goldberg, Dean J. R. Grace, Ms. C. L. Greentree, Dean M. J. Hollenberg, Mr.
F. B. N. Horsburgh, Dr. M. Isaacson, Mr. A. Janmohamed, Dr. J. G. T. Kelsey, Mr. H. Leung, Dr. M.
Levine, Dr. S. C. Lindstrom, Mr. R. W. Lowe, Dr. D. M. Lyster, Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Dr. M.
MacEntee, Dr. R. T. A. MacGillivray, Mr. P. R. Marsden, Mr. R. S. McNeal, Dean J. H. McNeill,
Dean A. Meisen, Mr. R. L. de Pfyffer, Mrs. M. Price, Mr. A. A. Raghavji, Dr. D. J. Randall, Professor
R. S. Reid, Professor J. A. Rice, Dean J. F. Richards, Dr. H. B. Richer, Mr. M. G. Schaper, Dr. R. A.
Shearer, Dean C. L. Smith, Ms. C. A. Soong, Ms. S. J. Spence, Dr. R. C. Tees, Dr. S. Thorne, Dr. D. A.
Wehrung, Dr. E. W. Whittaker, Dr. R. M. Will, Dr. D. Ll. Williams, Mr. E. C. H. Woo.
Regrets: Chancellor R. H. Lee, Mr. D. A. Anderson, Dean C. S. Binkley, Dr. D. M. Brunette, Dr. J.
Gosline, Dr. S. E. Grace, Rev. J. Hanrahan, Mr. G. Kettyle, Dr. S. B. Knight, Dean M. P. Marchak,
Dean B. C. McBride, Dr. H. McDonald, Mr. W. B. McNulty, Dr. R. J. Patrick, Rev. W. J. Phillips,
Professor M. Quayle, Dean N. Sheehan, Dr. C. E. Slonecker, Dr. L. J. Stan, Dr. W. Uegama, Dr. J.
Vanderstoep, Mr. C. A. Woods, Dr. W. C. Wright, Jr.
Senate membership
Mr. Neil Davidson - Ft. Governor appointee
Mr. Jerry Olynyk - Student Senator at-large
•    Mr. Robert L. de Pfyffer replaces Mr. Tony Fogarassy, Convocation Senator
Minutes of the previous meeting
Dr. Tees l        That the minutes of the first regular meeting of
Dean McNeill J        Senate for the Session 1993-94, having been
circulated, be taken as read and adopted.
 Vancouver Senate 10667
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Chair's remarks and related questions
Chair's remarks and related questions
President Strangway asked Senate to join him in extending congratulations to Dr. Michael
Smith, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
President Strangway also announced that Dr. Gene Namkoong, winner of the Wallenburg
Prize, would be going to Sweden in the near future to receive the award from the King of
In addition, President Strangway informed Senate that the Science Council of British
Columbia, at a recent awards dinner, gave gold medals to a number of distinguished
scientists including a microbiology team, namely: Professor Miller, Professor Warren,
Professor Kilburn and Professor Gilkes. Another gold medal winner was Professor Fibiger
from the Faculty of Medicine. Professor Julian Davies won the most prestigious prize
from the International Society for Industrial Microbiology, which was awarded to him in
At the request of the President, Dr. Birch informed Senate that the following endowments
had been funded out of the World of Opportunity Campaign:
1.  Professorships and Lectureships
A. Coordinator of Health Sciences
Professorship in Health Sciences and Policy Research
B. Faculty of Graduate Studies
Maurice Young Applied Ethics Visiting Lectureship
C. Faculty of Education
Professorships in Literacy and Technology
D. Faculty of Medicine
British Columbia Lung Association Professorships
 Vancouver Senate 10668
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Chair's remarks and related questions
2. Endowments for Work in Specified Fields
The following endowments will support teaching and research in the areas indicated
by the name of the endowment.
A. Faculty of Arts
(1) Netherlands Studies Endowment
(2) Hugh Keenleyside Endowment in Canadian Diplomacy
(3) South-North Studies Endowment
(4) Kameyama Research Fund in Buddhist Studies
B. Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
(1) Arthur Andersen MIS Research Fund
(2) Real Estate Foundation Research Bureau
(3) Real Estate Foundation Bureau of Asset Management
C. Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. S. Wah Leung Endowment Fund
D. Faculty of Forestry
Imajo Cedar Management Program Endowment
E. Faculty of Graduate Studies
(1) Clark Bentall Ethics Fund
(2) Programme in Real Property Development and Planning
F. Faculty of Law
IBM Legal Research Fund
G. Faculty of Medicine
Rheumatology Research Endowment
3. Others
David Lam Library Operating Endowment
Green College Endowment Fund
Disability Resource Centre Fund
Rick Hansen National Fellowship Fund
Chan Performing Arts Endowment
Brenda McLean Endowment in the Creative and Performing Arts
UBC Library Collection Endowment Fund
President's Fund
Individual Faculty Endowments
 Vancouver Senate 10669
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Reports of Committees of Senate
Dr. Will, Chair of the committee, presented the report.
Faculty of Education - written English requirement
A proposal for revisions to the Faculty of Education Calendar statement on the written
English requirement was referred to the Senate Admissions Committee at the May Senate
meeting. The committee recommended approval of the following statement. The
committee's recommended revisions are shown in italics.
All candidates admitted to a program leading to teacher certification must provide evidence of
a satisfactory standard of written English before beginning their extended practicum. Those
who have had all their post-secondary study at an English-language institution(s) are
presumed to have achieved a satisfactory standard of writing in the English courses required
for admission. All other candidates will be required to provide evidence of satisfactory
achievement by means of an acceptable English language test.
Candidates who do not provide evidence of an acceptable standard of English during the
program may be required to sit a test of written English. On the basis of the results of this test,
candidates may be required by the Faculty:
1. To improve their standard of written English before proceeding to the extended
practicum and/or before being recommended for the B.Ed, degree and a teaching
certificate, or
2. to withdraw from the Faculty.
Dr. Will l        That the proposed revisions to the Calendar
Dr. Shearer i       statement on written English requirements in
the Faculty of Education be approved.
1992 NITEP Admissions Academic Results
The following report had been circulated for information:
1. The committee admitted 25 applicants to NITEP, 24 of whom registered.
2. Of the 24 students who registered, 20 completed all UBC courses which they
3. Collectively the group attempted 284 credits and completed 263 for a completion rate
of 92.6%.
 Vancouver Senate 10670
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Reports of Committees of Senate
Dr. Williams, Chair of the committee, presented the following recommendations to fill
vacancies on Senate committees:
Continuing Education
Mr. Robert L. de Pfyffer - replacing Mr. N. Davidson
Liaison with Post Secondary Institutions
Mr. Robert L. de Pfyffer - replacing Mr. N. Davidson
Ad Hoc Committee on University Organization
Ms. Lica Chui - replacing Mr. G. Kettyle
Dr. Williams l        That the recommendations of the Nominating
Mr. Woo j        Committee be approved.
New awards (see Appendix)
In presenting the report Dr. Cook drew Senate's attention to the R. Howard Webster
Foundation Fellowships and noted that the total amount of the fellowships should read
$60,000, not $25,000. Dr. Cook also noted that the David Crombie Entrance Scholarship
should read the David Crombie National Entrance Scholarship and that the words "at
least" should be inserted before the amount of $2,800. Dr. Cook informed Senate that for
the past five years UBC has been offering National Entrance Scholarships funded from the
general operating funds of the University. Dr. Cook noted that this scholarship was the
first funded national entrance scholarship.
Dr. Cook l        That the awards (listed in the Appendix) be
Prof. Reid i       accepted and forwarded to the Board of
Governors for approval and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
 Vancouver Senate 10671
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Faculty of Law
Dr. Shearer, Chair of the committee, reported that the committee had met twice since the
last meeting of Senate. Dr. Shearer informed Senate that the committee had sent letters to
all Deans, Directors and Department Heads soliciting information about administrative
changes in place and planned, and certain other issues relating to their administrative
arrangements. The next stage in the committee's activities will be to analyze that
Faculty of Law
Dean Smith i        That the proposal to establish a Chair in
Dr. MacDougall i        Feminist Legal Studies be approved.
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The following proposed Calendar statement outlining the policy concerning the Dean's
Honour List had been circulated:
Graduating students and students promoted to Second, Third or Fourth Year with a
standing of "A-" or better in the previous winter session will receive the notation
"Dean's Honour List" on their records. A program of at least 30 credits must have
been carried in order to receive this designation.
Dean McNeill l        That the policy concerning the Dean's Honour
Dr. Lyster i        List in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
be approved.
Student elections to Governing Bodies
The following proposal concerning rules and regulations for student elections to
governing bodies had been circulated:
 Vancouver Senate 10672
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Student elections to Governing Bodies
The following elections are required annually:
• Board of Governors (University Act, Section 19 (e))
"Two full-time students elected from the Student Association"
• Senate (University Act, Section 34 (2) (h))
"a number of full-time students, equal to the number provided in paragraphs (a) to
(f), (currently seventeen) elected from the Student Association in a manner that
ensures that at least one student from each faculty is elected;"
In accordance with the University Act, Section 42, "The Senate shall make and publish
all rules ... in respect of nominations, elections and voting ..."
The Senate has already resolved that:
the call for nominations be made by mid-November
the close of nominations be the last day of lectures in the first term (approved by Senate
October 12, 1983)
candidates limit their campaign spending to $150.00 (approved by Senate October 16,
that voting be completed by the end of January
those elected to the Board of Governors take office at the first meeting of the Board on or
after February 1
• those elected to Senate take office at the first meeting of Senate on or after April 1.
That the schedule for this Academic year be as follows:
• call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Wednesday, November 17, Tuesday, November 23,
and Friday, November 26, 1993;
• close of nominations, 4:00 p.m., Friday, December 3, 1993;
• announcement of the list of candidates in The Ubyssey on Tuesday, January 11 and
Friday, January 14, 1994;
• election date, Friday, January 21, 1994;
• evening polls 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday January 17, 1994;
• daytime polls 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday, January 17 to Friday, January 21, 1994
A copy of the Senate rules and regulations (previously approved by Senate) will be
given to each candidate for election and copies are available to members of Senate
from the Co-ordinator of Elections, Office of the Registrar, on request.
Mr. Woo l        That the recommendations for the 1993-94
Mr. Goehring J        student elections to Governing Bodies be
 Vancouver Senate 10673
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Evaluation of Senate Committees
Evaluation of Senate Committees
The following proposal from Mr. Woo had been circulated:
At the September meeting of Senate, the Senate Nominating Committee effectively
disbanded a committee by according it with zero membership. The rationale for such a
move was based on the fact that this committee had not met in several years. This
would imply that this committee was no longer functioning as a useful tool of Senate.
Inasmuch as Senate committees are one of the principal tools by which Senate
discharges its mandate, it would be inappropriate that Senate should allow these tools
to become blunted and dull over time. It would appear appropriate that a systematic
review of the terms of reference of each of the Senate's standing committees be
undertaken to sharpen the focus of each committee.
The purpose of such an undertaking would be to ensure that each committee of Senate
is functioning effectively to optimally serve the needs of the Senate. This in turn will
ensure that the Senate itself is acting as an effective body. Of particular importance is
that this evaluation investigate ways in which the terms of reference for committees
can allow the committees to proactively investigate issues of academic importance to
this University rather than playing a reactive role as issues arise.
I therefore propose the following motion:
"Whereas the effectiveness of Senate committees is important to the overall ability
of the Senate to discharge its mandate of academic governance,
and whereas the Senate Nominating Committee is charged with the duty of setting
out the terms of reference for Senate committees,
be it resolved that Senate direct the Senate Nominating Committee to
systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the terms of reference of each of the
standing committees of Senate and report back to Senate with appropriate
recommendations to ensure that each committee is functioning:
a) in a manner relevant to the current academic governance of this University,
b) is capable of proactively investigating issues before they arise.
be it further resolved that the Senate Nominating Committee recommend to Senate
how often and by what mechanism future evaluations of the terms of reference of
Senate committees should take place.
Mr. Woo l        That the proposal concerning the evaluation of
Mr. Schaper i        the terms of reference of Senate Committees be
 Vancouver Senate 10674
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Other business
Other business
For the benefit of new members of Senate, Dean Richards, Chair of the Senate Agenda
Committee, explained that the Senate Agenda is prescribed in general terms by section 36
of the University Act, Powers of Senate, a copy of which can be obtained at the University
Bookstore. Dean Richards also drew Senate's attention to section 3.5 of the Rules and
Procedures of the Senate, previously circulated to members of Senate, which deals with
the order of business for Senate. In general, the matters which arise on the agenda for
Senate come in a fairly straightforward manner arising from reports of committees of
Senate. However, any member may request in writing to the Secretary of Senate that the
Agenda Committee include in the agenda of the next meeting any such matter that the
member would like to have Senate consider and any member may give notice of motion
from the floor of Senate whereby the motion shall be on the agenda for the next regular
meeting of Senate.
Dr. Will noted that the School of Family and Nutritional Sciences was celebrating its 50th
anniversary, and asked Senate to join him in extending, through the Dean of Agricultural
Sciences, best wishes to colleagues, students and alumni of the School on this significant
Mr. Marsden, student senator, noted that approximately 25% of students are part-time.
He stated that these students often work during the day and take courses at night. Mr.
Marsden asked the Registrar if it would be possible to extend the hours of operation of
some of the student services, perhaps one night a month, to accommodate those students
who are not able to get to the office during working hours.
Dr. Spencer responded that this matter was currently under review and it was hoped that
service would be available at least one evening per week.
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of October 20,1993
Report of the Tributes Committee (in camera)
Report of the Tributes Committee (in camera)
In the absence of Dean McBride, Chair of the Committee, Dean Smith presented a report
recommending that the following be offered emeritus status:
Dr. Leslie R. Peterson
Chancellor Emeritus
Dr. G. J. Ankenman
Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Dr. W. Buchan
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Family Practice
Dr. P. S. Bullen
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Dr. S. Cherry
Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering
Dr. F. W Dalby
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Dr. J. R. H. Dempster
Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Prof. C. R. Hultberg
Professor Emeritus of Music
Dr. J. M. Kennedy
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Prof. V. J. Kirkness
Associate Professor Emerita of Administrative, Adult, and Higher Education
Dr. D. Klang
Associate Professor Emeritus of History
Dr. K. I. Kobbervig
Professor Emeritus of Hispanic and Italian Studies
Dr. J. Lund
Professor Emeritus of Metals and Materials Engineering
Dr. E. J. Matte
Associate Professor Emeritus of French
Dr. D. E. McGreer
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Dr. L. K. Menon
Professor Emeritus of Geophysics and Astronomy
Dr. M. Miller
Clinical Assistant Professor Emerita of Anaesthesia
Dr. G. E. Pirie
Associate Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
Dr. H. S. Polowy
Assistant Professor Emerita of Educational Psychology and Special Education
Dr. J. V. Ross
Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences
Dr. J. K. Stager
Professor Emeritus of Geography
Mrs. H. L. Lhomas
Senior Instructor Emerita of English
Dr. E. C. E. Lodd
Professor Emeritus of Law
Dr. D. J. Vince
Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
Dean Smith
Prof. Reid
That the recommendations of the Tributes
Committee concerning emeritus status be
The meeting adjourned at 8.50 p.m.
Next meeting
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, November 17, 1993.
 Vancouver Senate 10676
Minutes of October 20,1993	
Appendix A
Appendix A
David Crombie National Entrance Scholarship - A scholarship of at least $2,800 has
been endowed by David R. Crombie and the Province of British Columbia. The award
is offered to a student entering the University directly from secondary school.
(Available 1993/94 Winter Session)
Du Pont Canada Fellowship in Pulp and Paper - A fellowship has been endowed by
Du Pont Canada Inc. and the Province of British Columbia. The award is available to
graduate students undertaking research related to the pulp and paper industry. The
award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. ($600
available 1993/94 Winter Session)
UMA Group Ltd. Scholarship in Engineering - A scholarship of $1,500 has been
endowed by UMA Group Ltd. and the Province of British Columbia and is offered to
students in the Faculty of Applied Science. The award is made on the recommendation
of the Faculty of Applied Science and, in the case of graduate students, in consultation
with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. (Available 1993/94 Winter Session)
R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowships - Fellowships to a total of $60,000 have
been endowed by the R. Howard Webster Foundation and the Province of British
Columbia. The awards are offered to students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and
are made on the recommendation of the Faculty. Recipients of these fellowships are
referred to as Webster Fellows. (Available 1993/94 Winter Session)


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