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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2004-09-22

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BCV6T1Z1
Present: President M. C. Piper (Chair), Chancellor A. McEachern, Vice President L. A.
Whitehead, Dr. P. Adebar, Dr. B. Bemmels, Dr. J. D. Berger, Dean M. A. Bobinski, Prof.
C. Boyle, Dr. J. Brander, Dr. L. Brinton, Dr. M. Cameron, Dr. J. Carolan, Dr. E. Dean,
Mr. M. Edgar, Ms. G. Eom, Dr. D. Fielding, Ms. M. Friesen, Dean N. Gallini, Ms. T.
Gillespie, Dr. D. Granot, Dean F. Granot, Mr. S. Haffey, Dr. R. Harrison, Dean J.
Hepburn, Dean M. Isaacson, Dr. J. Johnson, Dr. R. Kerekes, Dr. S. B. Knight, Dr. B. S.
Lalli, Dr. V. LeMay, Mr. J. Liu, Mr. R. Lowe, Dr. P. L. Marshall, Mr. G. Martin, Ms. S.
Martz, Mr. J. Mistry, Dr. P. G. Mosca, Dean D. Muzyka, Mr. G. Paton, Dean M.
Quayle, Mr. D. Riendl, Associate Registrar D. Robinson, Dr. B. Rodrigues, Dr. A. Rose,
Dr. H. J. Rosengarten, Dean J. Saddler, Prof. J. Sarra, Dr. C. Shields, Dean R. Sindelar,
Dr. B. Stelck, Dr. D. Steyn, Mr. N. Taylor, Dr. R. C. Tees, Dr. J. Thompson, Dr. S.
Thorne, Ms. M. Tull, Mr. D. Verma, Dr. R. Windsor-Liscombe, Mr. D. Yokom, Mr. D.
Regrets: Mr. R. Affleck, Mr. P. T. Brady, Mr. N. Brockhuizen, Dr. B. Crawford, Dr. J.
Dennison, Principal J. H. V. Gilbert, Dr. L. Gunderson, Dr. P. G. Harrison, Associate
Vice President J. Hutton, Dr. R. Irwin, Mr. T. P. T. Lo, Ms. J. Lo Ah Kee, Dr. M.
MacEntee, Dr. K. MacQueen, Mr. W. McNulty, Dr. D. Paterson, Ms. C. Quinlan, Mr. J.
Rogers, Mr. C. Ste-Croix, Dean G. Stuart, Dean R. Tierney, Dr. H. van Vuuren, Dr. R.
Wilson, Dr. R. A. Yaworsky, Dean E. H. K. Yen.
The President called the meeting to order.
Senate Membership
The President introduced the following new members:
Vol. 2004/05 04/05 -1
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 2
Minutes of September 22,2004
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
1. Dr. Lome A Whitehead, who was attending his first meeting as Vice President
Academic & Provost;
2. Mr. Sean Haffey, who had replaced Mr. Edward Greathed as a representative
of the convocation;
3. Mr. Bijan Ahmadian, who had been nominated to replace Mr. Michael Yung as
the student representative from the Faculty of Applied Science.
The President also introduced Ms. Deborah Robinson, Associate Registrar, Student
Recruitment, Admissions, and Awards, who was attending in place of Associate Vice
President, Enrolment Services and Registrar Brian Silzer.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Tees l        That the minutes of the meeting of May 19,
Dr. Shields J       2004 be approved as circulated.
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions
President Piper welcomed members of Senate to the first meeting of the 2004/2005
academic year. She noted that large numbers of current students had demonstrated
remarkable leadership by participating in Imagine UBC, the University's orientation
program for new students. In addition, over 1400 parents had registered for a recent
parent orientation session held at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. The President
described the orientation activities as providing the optimum welcome for new students
and their parents.
Trek 2010 Update
Dr. Rosengarten had circulated the Trek 2010 White Paper. He stated that the content of
the document was almost final, and reminded members of Senate that the University
community had been reviewing drafts of the document for nearly a year. Senate had been
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 3
Minutes of September 22,2004
Trek 2010 Update
instrumental in providing feedback, and Dr. Rosengarten expressed his gratitude to
everyone who participated. He had received a total of approximately 100 responses to the
Green Paper, many of them submitted by groups. Dr. Rosengarten hoped to place the
document on the Senate agenda for approval at the October 2004 meeting, with Board of
Governors consideration for approval to follow in November.
In compiling the White Paper, Dr. Rosengarten had made an effort to be consistent in
tone and level. The vision statement had been the subject of much discussion and repeated
editing. There had also been some debate about the Green Paper's focus on sustainability;
some participants had expressed concern about committing the University to one
particular point of view. As an important issue for humanity, however, sustainability
remained an important feature of the White Paper.
The White Paper included new references to UBC Okanagan. In its final form, Trek 2010
was to embody goals and strategies for the University as a whole. Separate operational
plans would then be developed for each campus.
Dr. Rosengarten gave an overview of some specific changes that had been made to the
five "pillars" of the document. One recent change had been the removal of a reference to
a student code of conduct, or a compilation of values that students would take away from
a university education, as respondents had expressed concern about who would establish
and enforce those values. The White Paper also included enhanced language about
teaching, which respondents felt had been downgraded in earlier drafts in favour of
learning. Language about undergraduate student access to senior faculty had been
strengthened to indicate that all students should benefit from this expertise. The
"Research" section had been modified to better acknowledge the importance of pure
research and research in the social sciences and humanities. The "Community" section
included more emphasis on the
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 4
Minutes of September 22,2004
Trek 2010 Update
role of faculty in community research, and strengthened references to alumni. The
"International" section had been lengthened to better reflect the University's desire to
support the development of global citizens. Dr. Rosengarten invited comments on the
most recent draft.
The President remarked that Dr. Rosengarten had spent an enormous amount of time and
energy on the White Paper, and thanked him for his dedication.
Mr. Taylor suggested that the reference to "viral" diseases in the "Research" section be
removed, noting that many important diseases were not viral in nature.
Dr. Windsor-Liscombe commended Dr. Rosengarten for his work on the document. He
suggested that, in the vision statement, "exceptional global citizens" be modified to read
"truly responsible global citizens" to clarify the extent and nature of the issue. In the
"Internationalization" section, Dr. Windsor-Liscombe suggested that the phrase "develop
global awareness" might be changed to "reinforce global awareness." Furthermore, the
"Community" section might include a reference to the World Urban Forum, which was to
take place in Vancouver in 2006, alongside the reference to the 2010 Olympic Games.
Other suggestions included:
• In "Research," knowledge transfer should not be limited to technology
transfer, and that the bullets under the statement about knowledge transfer
seemed too limiting in scope.
• In "Learning," the sixth bullet in the goals section should be amended to
include reference to students in each year of studies.
• In "Learning," the first bullet in the section on reviewing instructional methods
should be revised to make reference to problem-based learning.
• The phrase "developing countries" might be replaced with a less judgmental
term. "Transitional" or "emerging" were two suggested alternatives for
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 5
Minutes of September 22,2004
From the Board of Governors
• In " Community," the fifth bullet in the section on the connection between UBC
and the external community might include the provision of childcare services as
a priority. It was suggested that references to childcare or daycare might be
better located under "People."
• In "Learning," the preamble might be modified to include reference to "conflict
resolution skills" in addition to strong analytical and communication skills.
• In "Research," the fifth bullet might be revised to read, "Strengthen research
undertaken with and in support of teaching hospitals..."
In response to an expression of support for the document's emphasis on working with
Aboriginal communities, Dr. Rosengarten remarked that he believed the University to be
strongly committed in this area.
Dr. Knight stressed the importance of informal learning environments and social spaces
where students could gather. With the increased focus on the use of technology and e-
learning, the provision of adequate social space had become even more critical. He
suggested that this issue could bridge the People, Learning, and Research sections of the
The President reminded members of Senate to send final comments to Dr. Rosengarten as
quickly as possible. Members of Senate applauded to express their gratitude and support.
From the Board of Governors
Senate received for information notification that the following recommendations from
Senate had been approved, subject, where applicable, to the proviso that none of the
programs be implemented without formal reference to the President; and that the
Deans and Heads concerned with new programs be asked to indicate the space
requirements, if any, of such new programs.
March 24. 2004 Meeting of Senate:
(i) New Awards
(ii) Curriculum proposals from the Faculty of Science
April 21. 2004 Meeting of Senate:
(iii)Curriculum proposals from the Faculties of Applied Science, Education,
Graduate Studies and Science
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 6
Minutes of September 22,2004
Tributes Committee
(iv)Change in name of the Department of Metals and Materials Engineering to the
Department of Materials Engineering (MTRL)
Mav 19. 2004 Meeting of Senate:
(v) New awards
(vi)Curriculum proposals from the Faculties of Arts, Graduate Studies,
Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Science
(vii)     The establishment of the Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and
Tributes Committee
Dr. Thorne presented the reports, as Chair of the Committee.
The Committee recommended that the following people be granted emeritus status:
1. Adams, Robert: Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus of Anaesthesia;
2. Gass, C. Lee: Professor Emeritus of Zoology;
3. Olson, Barbara: Clinical Assistant Professor Emerita of Anaesthesia.
Dr. Thorne l        That Senate accept the recommendations of the
Dean Granot J        Tributes Committee with respect to emeritus
Dr. Thorne read the following memorial minutes for former members of Senate who had
recently passed away.
Edward Greathed
Edward Greathed served proudly as a UBC Convocation Senator from 1999 to 2004
contributing regularly at the meetings of Senate and its committees including Student Awards,
Curriculum, Academic Policy, Liaison with Post-Secondary Institutions and the Tributes
Committee. He also served on the Board of Directors of the UBC Alumni Association and was
a reader at the Crane Resource Centre.
Ed graduated from UBC in 1958 with a Bachelor of Arts (Combined Honours), majoring in
International Relations. He went on to Columbia University, where he received a Master of
International Affairs.
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 7
Minutes of September 22,2004
Reports from the Vice President, Academic & Provost
Ed spent many successful years as a public servant with the Government of Ontario, where he
specialized in the practice of intergovernmental affairs for several ministries. He received
awards for his work over many years as a member of the Ontario team that contributed to the
eventual patriation of the Canadian Constitution. Upon early retirement in 1977, he returned
to his hometown of Vancouver, where in addition to his services to the University, Ed was the
Rector's Warden of St. Helen's Anglican Church in Point Grey.
Paul T. K Lin
Paul Lin served on the UBC Senate as an appointee of the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council
from 1994 to 1999.
A graduate of the University of Michigan and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and
Harvard University, Paul had long-standing relations with and involvement in the Institute of
Asian Research at UBC. He began at UBC in 1983 with an appointment as an Honorary
Research Associate and later held an appointment as an Honorary Professor.
In his earlier years, he lived and worked in China from 1950 to 1964 as Artistic Director of
Radio Peking and a university professor. These early ties were maintained throughout his
career; and, in 1998, in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the development of
Canada's ties with China, Professor Lin was awarded the Order of Canada.
Dr. Thorne l        That the memorial minutes be entered in the
Mr. Verma J       Minutes of Senate, and that copies be sent to
the families of the deceased.
Reports from the Vice President, Academic & Provost
Note: The full text of this report is not included in the Minutes. Copies are available from
the Assistant Registrar, Senate & Curriculum Services.
Vice President Whitehead noted that the proposal to transfer administrative responsibility
for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) and the Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) from
the Faculty of Graduate Studies to their respective disciplinary Faculties had been
discussed at the May 2004 meeting of Senate. Senators had raised several concerns about
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 8
Minutes of September 22,2004
Reports from the Vice President, Academic & Provost
proposal during the discussion, although Vice President Whitehead expressed the opinion
that most of the concerns had since been satisfactorily addressed.
Vice President l        That Senate approve the transfer of
Whitehead J        responsibility for the Doctor of Pharmacy and
Dr. Tees the Master of Engineering programs from the
Faculty of Graduate Studies to the Faculty of
Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of
Applied Science respectively.
Dr. Thompson recalled that the May 2004 discussion had been focused on determining a
process by which programs might be transferred from one Faculty to another. He
expressed concern about transferring the two programs in question prior to approval of
the transfer process itself. Dr. Tees responded that Senators had participated in a full
discussion of the pertinent issues at the May 2004 meeting. Dr. Thompson reiterated his
In response to a query from Mr. Taylor, Vice President Whitehead confirmed that the
transfer was to become effective in 2005.
Mr. Taylor asked whether the University was considering making any change to the
administrative position of the Faculty of Graduate Studies within the University, and
whether any such changes might eventually render the present motion moot. Vice
President Whitehead described discussions about the role of the Faculty of Graduate
Studies as extremely preliminary and unlikely to have any impact on the present proposal.
In response to a query from Mr. Taylor, Dean Isaacson stated that students in the Master
of Engineering did not normally receive external funding from granting councils. In
response to a further query about students who wish to transfer between the Master of
Engineering and other programs, Dean Isaacson stated that, although the Faculty wished
to monitor program switching activity, the shift to administering the Master of Engineer-
 Vancouver Senate 04/05 - 9
Minutes of September 22,2004
Reports from the Vice President, Academic & Provost
ing in the Faculty of Applied Science would have no negative impact on students who
wished to switch programs.
The motion was
put and carried.
Vice President l        That Senate approve the change in name of the
Whitehead J        Brain and Spinal Cord Research Centre to the
Dean Sindelar Brain Research Centre.
The report circulated by Vice President Whitehead stated that the Brain and Spinal Cord
Research Centre was approved by Senate in January 1996. The change in name was to
avoid confusion and differentiate the Centre from two partner organizations: ICORD
(International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries) and the Rick Hansen Institute.
The motion was
put and carried.
Vice President l        That Senate approve the establishment of the
Whitehead J        CN Chair in Transportation and International
Dean Granot Logistics, made possible by endowment
funding from the Canadian National Railway
Company and the University of British
The report circulated by Vice President Whitehead stated that the Chair was to reside in
the School of Community and Regional Planning in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and
the Sauder School of Business.
The motion was
put and carried.
 Vancouver Senate 04/05-10
Minutes of September 22,2004
Vice President McBride    l        That Senate approve the change in name of the
Dean Muzyka J        SFU-UBC Centre for the Study of Government
and Business at the Sauder School of Business
to the Phelps Centre for the Study of
Government and Business.
The report circulated by Vice President Whitehead stated that Senate had approved the
establishment of the Centre in May 1997. The Simon Fraser University component of the
Centre had been dissolved, by mutual agreement between the universities, in September
2002. The renaming was to recognize the support of Dr. Michael Phelps, OC.
The motion was
put and carried.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regular meeting of
Senate was scheduled to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 20, 2004.


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