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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2003-11-19

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BCV6T1Z1
Present: President M. C. Piper (Chair), Vice President B. C. McBride, Mr. R. Affleck, Dr.
B. Bemmels, Dr. J. D. Berger, Mr. K. Blevings, Prof. C. Boyle, Dr. J. Brander, Dr. L.
Brinton, Dr. J. Carolan, Dr. B. Crawford, Ms. D. Del Vecchio, Dr. J. Dennison, Mr. G.
Duck, Dr. B. Elliott, Dr. D. Fielding, Ms. M. Friesen, Dean N. Gallini, Ms. J. Gartner, Dr.
J. H. V. Gilbert, Dr. D. Granot, Ms. J. Greenblatt, Dr. L. Gunderson, Dr. P. G. Harrison,
Dean J. Hepburn, Ms. J. Hutton, Dean M. Isaacson, Ms. N. Karim, Dr. R. Kerekes, Dr.
B. S. Lalli, Dr. V. LeMay, Ms. J. Low Ah Kee, Mr. R. Lowe, Dr. P. L. Marshall, Mr. W.
McNulty, Mr. A. Merali, Dean D. Muzyka, Dr. D. Paterson, Dean M. Quayle, Ms. C.
Quinlan, Dr. H. J. Rosengarten, Mr. N. Seddon, Mr. B. J. Silzer, Mr. B. Simpson, Dr. C.
E. Slonecker, Mr. C. Ste-Croix, Mr. N. Taylor, Ms. M. Tee, Dr. R. C. Tees, Dr. S.
Thorne, Dean R. Tierney, Mr. D. Verma, Dr. R. Windsor-Liscombe, Mr. D. Younan, Mr.
M. Yung, Mr. C. Zappavigna.
By Invitation: Associate Vice President N. Guppy, Ms. S. Pendleton, Mr. W. Sudmant.
Regrets: Mr. A. McEachern (Chancellor), Dr. P. Adebar, Ms. J. Barnaby, Dean M. A.
Bobinski, Mr. P. T. Brady, Prof. P. Burns, Dr. M. Cameron, Dean F. Granot, Mr. E.
Greathed, Dr. R. Harrison, Mr. R. Hira, Dr. R. Irwin, Dr. J. Johnson, Dr. S. B. Knight,
Ms. K. LeDrew, Mr. T. P. T. Lo, Dr. M. MacEntee, Dr. K. MacQueen, Dr. P. Potter, Dr.
B. Rodrigues, Mr. J. Rogers, Dr. A. Rose, Dean J. Saddler, Dr. C. Shields, Dean R.
Sindelar, Ms. L. Sparrow, Dean G. Stuart, Dr. J. Thompson, Dr. H. van Vuuren, Dr. R.
Wilson, Dr. R. Yaworsky, Dean E. H. K. Yen.
The President called the meeting to order.
Vol. 2003/04 03/04 - 30
 Vancouver Senate 03/04-31
Minutes of November 19 2003
Senate Membership
Senate Membership
1.  Dean John W. Hepburn, Faculty of Science
1. Dr. James D. Berger replaced Dr. John W. Hepburn as elected representative of
the Faculty of Science
2. Ms. Julia Low Ah Kee replaced Mr. Grayson Lloyd as student representative of
the Faculty of Medicine
The President welcomed Dr. Kerekes, who was attending his first meeting as a member of
Senate, as well as Dr. Hepburn (in his new role as Dean), Dr. Berger, and Ms. Low Ah
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Tees l        That the Minutes of the meeting of October
Dr. Rosengarten i        1$> 2003 be approved as circulated.
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions
The President reported on a recent trip by a UBC delegation to Seoul, Korea and
Singapore. While in Seoul, the President met with the recently appointed President of
Korea University. A senior delegation from that university was scheduled to visit UBC in
February 2004. The President also met with representatives from the International
Communication Foundation to discuss future support for UBC. The Foundation was
already a major supporter, having provided in 2001 the necessary funds to establish the
Young Bin Min Chair in Korean Literature and Literary Translation.
In Singapore, the President attended an event hosted by the Lee Foundation, a supporter
of an exchange program between UBC and the National University of Singapore. Students
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 32
Minutes of November 19 2003
Remarks from the Chair and Related Questions
from both institutions were present at the event, and the President was pleased to greet
the Singaporean students who were scheduled to arrive at UBC in January.
The UBC group held well attended alumni events in both Seoul and Singapore.
The President described recent alumni events held in Victoria, British Columbia and
Calgary, Alberta as very successful.
The President was pleased to note that one of 12 Trudeau Foundation Scholarships for
2003 had been awarded to a UBC student: Ms. Ginger Gibson, a Ph.D. student in Mining
Engineering. The President added that one of four Trudeau Foundation Fellows was a
UBC faculty member: Dr. David Ley from the Department of Geography. The Trudeau
Foundation was described as a relatively small foundation that had been established to
promote human rights and global citizenship.
President Piper reminded members of Senate that eight graduation ceremonies were
scheduled to take place on November 26 and 27, and encouraged all Senators to consider
attending at least one ceremony in support of the University's graduates.
 Vancouver Senate 03/04-33
Minutes of November 19 2003
Candidates for Degrees
Candidates for Degrees
Vice President McBride    l        That the candidates for degrees and diplomas,
Dean Isaacson i        as approved by the Faculties and Schools, be
granted the degree or diploma for which they
were recommended, effective November 2003,
and that the Registrar, in consultation with the
Deans and the Chair of Senate, be empowered
to make any necessary adjustments.
The President was pleased to announce that 2668 students were scheduled to graduate.
The motion was
put and carried.
Nominating Committee
Dr. Gilbert presented the following report, as Chair of the Committee.
Vice Chair of Senate and Adjustments to Senate Committees
I.      Vice Chair of Senate
The Nominating Committee recommends that Senate approve the selection of Dr. Herbert
Rosengarten as Vice Chair of Senate to replace Dr. Charles E. Slonecker, effective January
II.      Senate Committee Membership
The Nominating Committee recommends that Senate approve the following revisions to
the membership of Committees of Senate:
1. Budget Committee: Add Dr. James Brander to replace Dean John Hepburn.
2. Elections Committee: Add Dean John Hepburn to replace Dean (pro tem) Lome
III.       Quorum
The Nominating Committee recommends that Senate approve a general rule to establish a
minimum quorum for Senate Committees to conduct the work of Senate such that quorum
would be 50% of membership plus one and in the case of an odd number of committee
members, the rule would be 50% plus one half. (A committee of ten would have a quorum
of 6, while a committee of nine
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 34
Minutes of November 19 2003
Nominating Committee
would have a quorum of 5). In addition, unless otherwise specified by a Committee's
terms of reference, ex-officio members of Senate Committees are included in all quorum
Dr. Gilbert l        That Senate accept the recommendation of the
Dr. Tees J       Nominating Committee with respect to the
Vice Chair of Senate.
Dr. Gilbert l        That Senate accept the recommendations of the
Dr. Tees i        Nominating Committee with respect to Senate
Committee membership.
Speaking to Item III: Quorum, Dr. Gilbert stated that the last review of quorum for
Committee had been undertaken 12 years earlier, when individual Committees were
directed to propose their own quorums and submit them to Senate for approval. Because
some Committees had recently reported difficulty in reaching their established quorums
for conducting business, the Nominating Committee had decided to make the present
Dr. Gilbert l        That Senate accept the recommendation of the
Dr. Rosengarten i        Nominating Committee with respect to
quorum for Committees of Senate.
Dr. Rosengarten noted that the general rule, as it was worded, could pose a problem for
at least two Committees. He proposed that the first sentence be modified to read [added
material in bold]:
"The Nominating Committee recommends that Senate approve a general rule to
establish a minimum quorum for Senate Committees to conduct the work of Senate
such that, unless otherwise stated in a Committee's terms of reference, quorum
would be 50% of membership plus one..."
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 35
Minutes of November 19 2003
Teaching and Learning Committee
Dr. Gilbert accepted the amendment.
The motion, as
amended, was
put and carried.
Teaching and Learning Committee
Dr. Harrison gave an oral report on the activities of the Committee to date. The
Committee's first meeting had taken place one year earlier. He reminded members of
Senate that they had approved the following terms of reference for the Teaching and
Learning Committee in January 2003:
1. To advise Senate on such matters of teaching and learning, as it may consider
appropriate, or as may be referred to it from time to time.
2. To promote both Senate and university-wide discussion regarding matters of
teaching and learning.
3. To make recommendations, as appropriate, on matters of teaching and
Dr. Harrison reported that the Committee had been meeting regularly, and had benefited
from a free flow of ideas generated by Committee members. As a small group, the
Committee soon realized that some reference to Trek 2000 and the University's Academic
Plan were necessary, in order to keep the discussion focused. The topics discussed to date
flexibility in course scheduling
alternative teaching and learning models
increasing access for traditional and nontraditional learners
the Alma Mater Society Teaching Excellence Initiative
academic integrity
One member had recently suggested that the Committee frame its discussions around a
"2020 vision for UBC." Dr. Harrison was hopeful that all members of Senate had read
the discussion paper entitled The Future of Trek and UBC's Long-Term Planning, and
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 36
Minutes of November 19 2003
Tributes Committee
that the President had requested input. The Committee was hopeful that this theme would
assist them in promoting discussion at Senate, and Dr. Harrison stated that discussion
would be most meaningful if faculty and administrators were able to collaborate. He
requested comments from members of Senate as to whether there might be interest for
setting aside time at a future meeting for a focused, planned discussion on a "2020 vision
for UBC," to be organized by the Teaching and Learning Committee.
Dean Quayle spoke in support of a future agenda item, stating that she had noted a lack
of a forum at Senate for issues about which no immediate decision need be reached. Vice
President McBride agreed, adding that the Committee might become even more ambitious
in future by choosing topics such as global citizenship or undergraduate engagement in
The President stated that the idea appeared to be well received, and directed Dr. Harrison
to work with the Agenda Committee to add an item to a future Senate meeting agenda.
Tributes Committee
Dr. Slonecker presented the following report, as Chair of the Committee.
Criteria for Emeritus Status
The Tributes Committee recommends the following criteria for according emeritus status at
In order to be eligible to be recommended to Senate by the Tributes Committee for emeritus
1.       A person who retires at the normal retirement age of 65 must have a minimum of
five years of service.
Note: this is the same eligibility formula currently in use:
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 37
Minutes of November 19 2003
Reports from the Vice President, Academic and Provost
(Age (65) plus years of service must equal 70 or greater)
2.      For persons who resign under 65 years of age, 25 years of service at UBC is
required, and emeritus status and privileges become effective on the person's 65th
Dr. Slonecker reminded members of Senate that the issue of emeritus eligibility had been
discussed at the May 2003 meeting of Senate, but Senate had postponed making a
decision to allow for further consideration and discussion. The Committee had decided to
return to Senate with an amended report that addressed the criteria for both people who
retire at the age of 65, and those who resign earlier.
Dr. Slonecker l        That Senate accept the recommendations of the
Dean Isaacson i        Tributes Committee with respect to emeritus
Reports from the Vice President, Academic and Provost
Dr. McBride gave an oral report on the activities of U21 Global, as Senate requested he
do on an annual basis. He recalled that U21 Global was a joint venture between
Universitas 21 and Thomson Learning, and that members of Senate had raised some
concerns about UBC's involvement. The first two programs to be offered by U21 Global
were the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Information Management
Systems. U21 Pedagogica had been established as an academic accreditation body with
the ability to veto any course found to be unsatisfactory. Vice President McBride had been
appointed as one of eight members on the U21 Pedagogica Board of Directors. An
Academic Review Panel reported to the Board of Directors, and the Review Panel was
supported, in turn, by
 Vancouver Senate 03/04-38
Minutes of November 19 2003
Reports from the Vice President, Academic and Provost
an expert committee for each of the two degree programs. Three subject experts were
appointed for each course. Of the first group of six courses submitted to the Academic
Review Panel for approval, all six were sent back for further development. Five courses
for the MBA program had been approved to date. Approximately 150 students were
registered in the program, while the business model for the program had identified a
target enrolment of 500 students by the end of the year. The start of the MBA had been
delayed from the target start date of March 2003 to July 2003. Vice President McBride
stated that he wished to reassure Senate that the quality of the courses offered was very
high and that the interests of UBC as a partner were being considered. Next steps
included examining program outcomes.
Mr. Ste-Croix asked whether there were mechanisms in place for students to participate
in the governance of U21 Global, other than by participating in courses. Vice President
McBride replied that there were ways for students to communicate online, including
mechanisms for students to register any concerns about their instructors.
In response to a query from Mr. Affleck, Vice President McBride stated that, although the
initial quality of the first six course proposals was of concern, a new dean had recently
been appointed to the U21 Global School of Business, and that low quality would not
likely be an ongoing issue under new leadership. He added that recent course submissions
had been much improved over the first batch.
Vice President McBride stated that the recent renaming of the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration as the Sauder School of Business had raised some questions. Dr.
Tees, as Chair of the Academic Policy Committee, had advised that Senate might consider
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 39
Minutes of November 19 2003
Reports from the Associate Vice President, Enrolment Services and Registrar
directing the Academic Policy Committee to consider the issue and report back to Senate.
President Piper agreed and referred the matter, as suggested. Dr. Tees stated that the
Committee hoped to report to Senate either in December 2003 or January 2004.
Reports from the Associate Vice President, Enrolment Services and Registrar
Note: The full text of this report is not included in the Minutes. Copies are available from
the Assistant Registrar, Senate & Curriculum Services.
Mr. Silzer had circulated a collection of reports showing enrolment statistics for the
2003/2004 academic year. He reviewed headcount enrolment by student category, with
comparisons between current enrolment and the previous two academic years. He
reminded members of Senate that new student enrolment was the only cohort that could
be controlled, to some extent, through enrolment management techniques. The Enrolment
Management Committee attempted to meet enrolment targets as closely as possible, but
where there was error, the Committee preferred to err on the side of accommodating
extra students, as opposed to admitting too few.
Mr. Silzer gave an overview of undergraduate and graduate student enrolment trends,
full-time vs. part-time enrolment, total enrolment by gender, international student
enrolment, and new student enrolment by home province. He introduced Ms. Sham
Pendleton and Mr. Walter Sudmant of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research,
and invited Ms. Pendleton to report further on the enrolment planning and management
Ms. Pendleton reported on UBC's enrolment plan, and compared actual figures to
enrolment targets, touching on the following highlights:
•    There had been a 13% increase in undergraduate applications over the previous
year, with the largest increase in the international applicant pool.
 Vancouver Senate 03/04 - 40
Minutes of November 19 2003
Reports from the Associate Vice President, Enrolment Services and Registrar
• The largest group of applicants was from British Columbian high schools, and
demand for access had continued to increase.
• GPA cutoffs for admission had risen to 82% for Arts and 89.5% for Commerce
and Business Administration. Higher competitive GPA cutoffs, however, did not
correspond to a lower new student intake. Applied Science had maintained a cutoff
of 81%, due to the ability to accommodate additional students under the Doubling
the Opportunity initiative.
• Faculties using broader based admissions criteria (including Science and Commerce
& Business Administration) had been able to admit some exceptional students who
had not reached the high GPA cutoffs.
• Since 1997, UBC had enrolled a total of approximately 2500 students over funded
targets. The Enrolment Management Committee hoped to hold enrolment steady
at its current level over three years, while funded targets hopefully increase to meet
actual enrolment.
• Although new student intake was very close to target, return rates for continuing
students had increased, resulting in a projected total enrolment of 1200 students
over target. The return rate increase was attributed to the slow British Columbian
• The enrolment plan had included a target increase in the amount of 20% for new
international students under the International Student Initiative (ISI). Efforts to
recruit new ISI students had been successful.
• Unlike other British Columbian universities, UBC does not include international
students in funded target totals. When UBC instituted full cost tuition for
international students, the international student FTEs among the funded target
totals were replaced by domestic student FTEs. Other British Columbian
universities were expected to follow suit in the near future.
• Enrolment targets for 2004/2005 were expected to be roughly equivalent to the
2003/2004 targets, although some Faculties were expected to see a modest
Dr. Windsor-Liscombe expressed the opinion that he had not seen an increase in the
quality of students admitted, despite the higher GPA cutoffs. He added that he was glad
to hear that some Faculties are considering a broader set of criteria for admission,
including writing skills. In response to a query from Dr. Windsor-Liscombe about
master's student enrolment, Ms. Pendleton stated that the Faculty of Graduate Studies
was responsible for managing graduate student enrolment. Mr. Sudmant stated that total
enrolment in master's programs had risen, although there had been some decreases in
individual departments.
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of November 19 2003
Tributes Committee - in camera
Tributes Committee - in camera
Note: The names of the candidates for honorary degrees are not included in the Minutes.
A public announcement of the names of those who agreed to accept the honorary degrees
was planned for January 2004.
As Chair of the Committee, Dr. Slonecker presented 12 candidates for honorary degrees
to be conferred at graduation ceremonies in 2004.
Dr. Slonecker
Mr. McNulty
That the list of candidates for honorary
degrees be approved.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regular meeting of
Senate was scheduled for December 17, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.


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