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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 2014-01-22

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a p I a C e 0 f m i n d Vancouver Senate
Present: Prof. S.J. Toope (President and Chair), Dr K. Ross (Secretary), Dr R. Anstee, Dean G. Averill, Dr K.
Baimbridge, Mr G. Beales, Dr J. Belanger, Ms E. Biddlecombe, Dean M.A. Bobinski, Dr J. Brander, Dr H. Brock,
Dr. P. Burns, Mr C. Chan, Dr G. Chapman, Dr P. Choi, Dean M. Coughtrie, Dr W. Dunford, Mr P. Edgcumbe, Dr
D. Farrar (Provost and Vice-President, Academic), MrD. Fernandez, Rev. Dr C. Godwin, Dr S. Grayston, Mr S.
Haffey, Dr W. Hall, Dr P. Harrison, Dean R. Helsley, Dean J. Innes, Ms N. Karimi, Ms A. Kessler, Dr U. Kumar,
Ms. E. Kuo, Mr C. Leonoff, Dr P. Leung, Dr P. Loewen, Prof. B. MacDougall, Mr T. MacLachlan, Ms K. Mahal, Dr
F. Marra, Ms N. Marshall, Dr P. Marshall, Mr W. McNulty, Ms N. Mohd-Yahya, Dr I. Parent, Dr K. Patterson, Ms
M. Patton, Dean S. Peacock, Dr J. Plessis, Dean S. Porter, Mr M. Prescott, Dr A. Riseman, Ms T. Rosseel, Dr L.
Rucker, Dean C. Shuler, Ms T. Shum, Dr S. Singh, Dr R. Sparks, Ms S. Sterling, Dr S. Thorne, Mr D. Verma, Dr L.
Walker, DrR. Windsor-Liscombe, DrD. Witt.
Regrets: Mr T. Ahmed, Dr L. Burr, Mr B. Caracheo, Prof. B. Craig, Dean B. Frank, Prof. B. Goold, Dean M. Isman,
Dr I. Ivanov, Ms J. Jagdeo, Dr S. Knight, Dr B.S. Lalli, Mr J. Lee, Ms M. Maleki, Dr W McKee, Ms S. Morgan-
Silvester, Principal L. Nasmith, Dr D. O'Donoghue, Dean M. Parlange, Dr N. Perry, Dr R. Reid, Dr D. Simunic,
Dean G. Stuart, Mr M. Thom, Rev. Dr R. Topping, Dr M. Vessey, Dr R. Wilson.
Guests: Ms S. Bigam, Ms V. Bondarenko, Dr A. Kindler, Ms M. Schroeder.
Recording Secretary: Mr C. Eaton.
Call to Order
The President called the fifth meeting of the Vancouver Senate for the 2013/2014 academic year
to order.
Senate Membership
The Registrar welcomed Dr Paul Burns back to Senate as a representative of St Marks College,
to replace the Rev. Dr Mark Hagemoen.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Richard Anstee }        That the Minutes of the Meeting of 18 December
William McNulty 2013 be adopted as presented.
Remarks from the Chair
The President advised that Ms Allison Matacheskie has joined the University as Director of
Faculty Relations. Previously she was with the Labour Relations Board.
Vol. 2013/14 13/14 - 05 - 1
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-2
Minutes of 22 January 2014
Professor Toope informed Senate that the Federal Government announced parts of its
international education strategy. The Government has "priority markets" identified: Brazil, India,
China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, and the Middle East/North Africa/Turkey. Related to this, $13M
in funding was confirmed for the UBC-based Mitacs organization, which develops unique
research and training programs to provide innovators with scientific and business skills.
Senate was reminded that the search for UBC's next Chancellor was ongoing, as Ms Sarah
Morgan-Silvester's 2nd term is to end this summer.
Finally, the president noted that the first stage of the sports review results had been announced.
Sixteen teams had their varsity status confirmed, and over the next three weeks, the remaining
teams will be evaluated on their proposals on how they will achieve the desired markers.
Admissions Committee
The Chair of the Senate Admissions Committee, Dr Robert Sparks, presented.
Robert Sparks } That Senate approve changes in admission
Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe requirements for applicants to the Bachelor of
Education program, effective for entry to the 2014
Winter Session and thereafter.
The Committee Chair advised that this action was proposed to change the length of the degree
required for admission to the B.Ed from 4 years to 3 years with two stipulations - the degree
must be from a recognized institution, and it must be equivalent to one of our bachelor's degrees.
An example of this would be an undergraduate degree from Australia. The proposed changes
affect Elementary, Middle Year, and Secondary options. There are no changes to specific
admission requirements for core and upper level courses. Many institutions including those in
Canada offer 3-year degrees.
Robert Sparks }        That Senate approve changes in admission
Shannon Sterling requirements for applicants to the Bachelor of
Education Career Education Program Option in
the Chef Education Specialization, for entry to the
2014 Winter Session and thereafter.
Dr Sparks advised that the changes proposed were mainly for clarity and to update information
regarding teacher certification.
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-3
Minutes of 22 January 2014
Admission & Academic Policy Committees
Senator Harrison, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee, presented on behalf of the
Paul Harrison } That Senate approve the student classification and
Lance Rucker calendar entry proposed for Visiting International
Research Students for inclusion in the 2014/15
version of the Academic Calendar, as set out in the
attached proposal.
Dr Harrison advised that this proposal was to address international students who come to campus
to do research but not take courses. Currently, we do not know how many there are, how to get
them into the country, or how to get them services that they need. This proposal will give these
students support and access to limited services. The cost charged has been kept at a minimum.
Senator Dunford asked what would happen for students who wished to stay for less than 1
Dr Harrison advised that very short term visitors would not be under the policy.
Senator Baimbridge asked how we would communicate this with faculty supervisors.
Senator Harrison advised that deans had a responsibility to inform their faculties.
Dr Anstee advised that he was still concerned that students would not follow this policy due to
the cost. For some students it was hard to imagine where or why they would pay $500, especially
for a shorter term undergraduate.
Dr Harrison advised that compliance with this policy was important for students to have
proper legal status in Canada.
Senator Singh asked if the 1 month period had to be consecutive.
Dean Porter replied that yes it did.
Senator Harrison advised that all general policies that apply to "students" would apply.
Senator Kessler asked if there was a comparable program for domestic students.
Senator Harrison advised that there were many agreements between Canadian schools for
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-4
Minutes of 22 January 2014
Dean Porter replied that international student situations were much more complicated so
UBC had focused on providing them with a mechanism specifically.
Senator Hall congratulated the committee for bringing forward this proposal.
Senator Harrison passed his thanks on to Go Global and Graduate and Postdoctoral
Admissions & Curriculum Committees
Senator Marshall presented on behalf of the Admission & Curriculum Committees
See Appendix A: Master of Public Health/Diploma in Dental Public Health
Peter Marshall } That  Senate   approve   the  New   Combined
Lance Rucker Degree/Diploma   Program   Option   in   the
Master of Public Health and Diploma in
Dental Public Health, and the associated new
Dean Shuler announced that this new program was to allow us to provide a training ground in
oral health. There is only one other program in Canada.
Senator Lee asked why persons with DMDs had to write the MCAT.
Dean Shuler replied that this was part of the MPH requirements but we would not require
it of dentists.
Nominating Committee
Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe     } That Senate approve the following revisions to
Katharine Patterson the   membership   of Committees  of Senate
effective until 31 August 2014 and thereafter
until replaced:
Agenda Committee
Dr   Susan   Porter   to   replace   Dr   Darrin
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-5
Minutes of 22 January 2014
Tributes Committee
Dr Michael Coughtrie to replace Dr Darrin
Report from the Provost
The Provost presented on 2012 Winter Sessions's student evaluation of teaching results. He
noted that the data was largely consistent with the results for previous years. One new aspect of
this document is to continue to look at response rates. UBC is convinced that the results are
valid; a small study was commission to recommend minimum response rates based on class size:
85% of our data met those recommendations.
A student senator stated that we likely had legal reasons for not releasing individual results, but
asked if we could give aggregated departmental results instead of just by faculty.
With permission of Senate, Dr Kindler advised that there were no discussions on this
topic when the policy was adopted. At that time, one issue raised was the concern that
there were different cultures of assessment across different units.
The Provost advised that such a change would be a matter for Senate.
The student senator requested that this matter be referred to the Committee.
Dr Kindler agreed that the Student Evaluation on Teaching Committee
would consider the matter.
Dr Farrar explained that this report was produced in response to reviews generally conducted
every 5 years at UBC. Eleven reviews occurred last year:
Faculty of Applied Science
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, October 2012
Department of Civil Engineering, November 2012
Department of Materials Engineering, January 2013
Faculty of Arts
Department of Theatre & Film, November 2012
School of Journalism, January 2013
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, February 2013
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-6
Minutes of 22 January 2014
Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, March 2013
Museum of Anthropology, April 2013
Faculty of Education
School Psychology PhD Program, September 2012 (Accreditation Review)
Faculty of Medicine
CMMT (Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics), March 2013
ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries) Centre, April 2013
Faculty of Science
Zoology Department, November 2012
Senator Hall asked why Experimental Medicine and Statistics were not included in the report.
Senator Peacock advised that the cut-off was August, whereas Statistics was reviewed in
Senator Porter advised that Experimental Medicine was not an academic unit, just a
graduate program.
A student senator asked why, as a review committee member, she was not advised of the
response to a review.
The Provost agreed that this was something that should be followed up with the
committee members in the future.
Senator Windsor-Liscombe spoke in favour of review committee members being
informed of the actions taken from their reviews.
Senator Baimbridge asked if the review policy prescribed an internal follow-up to reviews,
noting that many comments were repeated every 5 years for each department.
The Provost advised that we do follow up with faculties as these come in to the Provost's
Dr Kindler stated that the senate policy set the requirement; the guidelines advised that
the review is to consider the previous review and its responses.
Senator Innes informed Senate what his faculty did in response to reviews, and that he
shared his faculty responses with review teams.
Senator Loewen stated his appreciation for these reports being brought to Senate.
Senator Singh asked how often each of the faculties were reviewed.
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-7
Minutes of 22 January 2014
The Provost replied that it is based on the appointment and reappointment processes for
deans. A faculty had to be reviewed before a dean could be reappointed. In theory this
means it could happen only every 10 years. He noted that external reviews for faculties
were published on his website.
Senator Brander asked to what extent do the implicit judgments for what we should be doing
come from the reviewers and what comes from what we tell them. Do we tell reviewers what we
think these units should be doing or do they tell us?
Dr Farrar replied that we provided a set of standardized data. Imbedded in departmental
self-studies are sometimes areas where the department itself has an interest in input.
Otherwise, it is up to deans in their instructions to the review team. Reviews will be
answering their own questions, the department's questions, and the dean's.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm.
 Vancouver Senate 13/14-8
Minutes of 22 January 2014
Appendix A: Master of Public Health/Diploma in Dental Public Health
Faculty of Dentistry
New Courses
DENT 506 (6) - Topics in Dental Public Health I (Critical Literature Review)
DENT 507 (6) - Topics in Dental Public Health II (Critical Literature Review)
DENT 508 (6) - Public Health Rotations I
DENT 509 (6) - Public Health Rotations II


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