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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1933-05-10

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Wednesday, May 10th, 1933.
The fourth regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1932-33
was held on Wednesday, May 10th, 1935, at 9:50 a.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr.
E. A. Lloyd, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr.
A. H. Hutchinson, Mr. J. Newton Harvey, Mr. G. W. Clark,
Mr. P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. J. G. Brown, Rev. Dr. W. H.
Vance, His Honour Judge F, W. Howay, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,
Mr. H. T. Logan, His Honour Judge J. D. Swanson, Dr*
Evlyn F. Farris, Dr. C. Killam, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr*
Sydney Anderson, the Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier and Mr*
Lyle A. Atkinson.
Archbishop de Pencier)
Mr. Clark ) That the minutes of the
third regular meeting of
February 15th, 1933, be
taken as read, and adopted,
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
giving approval to reoommendatlon No. 4 of Senate in
regard to Matriculation Scholarships, together with a
copy of an amendment to the University Act whereby the
University is given authority to pay the Victoria District Junior Matriculation Scholarship to a student in
attendance at Victoria College.
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
stating that financial provision has been made for the
holding of a special Congregation during the meeting of
the Fifth Pacific Soience Congress.  The Chairman stated
that the Executive of the Congress was unable to suggest 267.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933.
names of persons suitable to be granted the honorary
degree until it was known who were coming.
Sessional Examination Results
The Sessional Examination Results were presented:-
Faculty of Arts and Science  -  by Dean Buchanan
Victoria College -  by Principal Elliott
Faculty of Applied Science   -  by Dean Brock
Faculty of Agriculture      -  by Dean Clement.
These were considered section by section and adopted,
& released to the press.
In connection with the results of the First Year,
Dean Buchanan directed attention to the report of the
Committee on Frizes and Scholarships which recommended
the award of the general proficiency scholarships to the
students ranking third and fourth.  Dean Buchanan made a
statement and then withdrew.  Professor Logan, of the
Joint Faculty Committee on Scholarships and Prises, gave
the Committee's reasons for making the recommendation
as presented to Senate.
The Chairman stated that a number of students had
not paid their graduation fees, and directed attention
to the regulation of the Board of Governors concerning
non-payment of graduation fees.  The regulation was interpreted to mean that the names of such students would not 268.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933.
appear in the graduation list at Congregation but would
be included in press reports.
Mr. Angus)
Dr. Brown) That the Faculties be authorised to
correct any errors that there may be
in the reports.
Mr. Harvey asked if it would not be possible to
make known the results of examinations, especially of the
graduating class, earlier than the day prior to Congregation.  In the consideration of this question the
pressure on one hand of the work of marking papers and
compiling results and of the desire on the other hand
of the students to get away were noted.
Report on Prises and Scholarships
Sessional awards
Mr. Logan, a member of the Joint Faculty Committee
on Prises and Scholarships, presented the reoommendations
of the Faculties in reference to sessional awards of
Scholarships , Prises and Bursaries.
Mr.   Logan)
Mr.   Angus)   That   the   report   on Prizes   and
Scholarships  be  adopted,   and released
to  the press.
Mr.   Logan presented  special   recommendations  of   the
Faculties   in  reference   to  Scholarships,   as  follows:
1.     That  in view  of  no award being made  of  the   two
University   Scholarships   offered   for   returned   soldiers,
thJiir  dependents   and  the   children  of  deceased
soldiers   in  the  First   Year,   the   Board   of   Governors 269.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933.
be requested to make the following disposal of the
money provided for these Scholarships if it can be
so made available, or if money is forthcoming from
any other source that the Board of Governors be
requested to vote the necessary amount.
(a) That the sums of $75.00 each which have been
awarded to
Robert A. Findlay and)
J. Gilbert Hooley    ) joint winners of the
Scholarship, General Proficiency, second place, in
the Third Year in Arts and
Science, be increased to
$150.00 each.
(b) That similar action be taken in the case of
the joint winners of the General Proficiency,
third place, Scholarship in the First Year in
Arts and Science, vis:
Peter J. Disney and)
William G. Trapp.  )
2. In the event of the above recommendation regarding
the First Year not being acted on a further adjustment will have to be made between the General
Proficiency, third place, Scholarship and the
Beverley Cayley Scholarship.
Recommended that the Committee on Prizes and
Scholarships be empowered to act in this matter and
to make any necessary recommendations direct to the
3. That if any scholarship monies fall in which may be
used for the purpose, or if money is available from
any other source, special awards be made to
William M. Morris and
M. Margaret Buchanan,
students in the First Year in Arts and Science who,
because their standing is irregular, are excluded
from Scholarships awarded to students taking first
and second places, respectively, in General
Mr. Logan)
Mr. Angus) That these recommendations be
adopted •
Carried 270.
Wednesday, May 10th, 19 33.
Mr. Logan)
Mr. Angus) 1.  That the Faculties be requested to
examine and report upon the
subjects of exemptions from prescribed courses and of lapse of
time since Junior and/or Senior
Matriculation in their relation
to competition for general proficiency scholarships in the
various years.
2.  That, so far as possible, the
calendar statements of general
proficiency scholarships in all
Faculties and years be made
From  the   Faculty of Agriculture
Recommendation   re   David   Thorn  Bursary   for   C.   Duncan
That a   David Thorn Bursary  in  the   amount  of
seventy-five   dollars   be   awarded  to   C.   Duncan
MacKenzie,   M.S.A.,   who   is   now  pursuing
studies   in  Animal  Nutrition  at   the   Rowett
Institute,   the  University  of Aberdeen.
In  accepting Mr.   MacKenzie   the  University   of
Aberdeen  recognized  not   only  his   academic
qualifications   but   the   preparatory   basic
training he   had   received   in The  University
of  British  Columbia.
Dean   Clement)
Mr.   Logan       )   That   the   recommendation be
approved  and   sent   to   the   Board
of  Governors.
Report   of   Committee   on  Calendar   -   presented by
Mr.   Turnbull.
Mr.   Turnbull)
Dr.  Farris     )   That   the   report   of  the   Senate
Committee   on  Calendar be   received
and  considered  by   sections   and
clauses,   as   required.
, >♦ 271.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1953.
The report was taken up section by section, and
I Summer Session Announcement
Report presented and approved, December 21st,
List of courses issued in mimeographed form.
II Matriculation Requirements
Report presented   and approved,   February   15th.
"Insert"  giving changes   for  1954  added   to
"Requirements"  for   1933.
III Calendar
Section   1.     Pages   1   -   68.     Introductory.
Page 8
41 Bachelor   of   Commerce   hood   included  under
Academic   Dress.
45 Statement   in   reference   to   limitation   of
attendance   revised   for   session  1933-34.
50-53     Fees   in  Teacher  Training  Course   and  for
Graduates   raised.      Library   fee   added.
Form of   statement   of  fees   simplified.
54-68     Medals,   Scholarships,   Prizes.     This   part
of   Calendar   revised   for   1935-54   in
accordance   with   action already   taken.
Section 2.  Pages 75 - 106.  Faculty of Arts and
77 Note added, at the request of Dr. S. J.
Willis, with reference to admission of
students to Normal Schools.
78 (f) Geography 5 changed to Economics 10.
Note. - Geography 1 may be taken by
Second Year students.
81     Prerequisites for reading courses changed
from 6 units of Third and Fourth Year
work in the subject in which the reading
course is taken to 6 units either of 272.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1955.
Second or Third Year work or of work in both
years.  (Approved by Senate, December 21,
83     Honour Course in Biology (Botany option) -
required courses changed.
Honour Course in Biology (Zoology option) -
prerequisites changed.
88    Honour Course in Mathematics and Physics -
Course changed.
Courses redrafted:
110 Botany 3(a) - description of course added.
111 Botany 3(c) - description of course revised.
113 Botany 6(e) - description of course revised.
127    Economics 10 - Economic Geography (formerly
Geography 5).
133    Social Service 11 - Administration (formerly
Social Service 6(b) ).
135     Conditions respecting courses in Eduoation
150-156 The descriptions of the courses in History
have been abbreviated.
167    Philosophy 1(a) - Elementary psychology -
changed from 2 units to 3 units.
Philosophy 1(c) - Introduction to Philosophy
- changed to Philosophy 1(b).
172    Physics 8 - description of course revised.
Physics 10 - description of course revised.
In Bacteriology, Education, Geology, History and
Philosophy all lists of reference books have
been omitted.
New Course
141     English 17 - Victorian Poetry.  (Dropped
1932-35; now reinstated.)
Courses dropped:
158 Mathematics 4 - Descriptive Astronomy.
159 Mathematics 12 - Synthetic Plane and Solid
161     All graduate courses in Mathematics*
167    Philosophy Kb) - Elementary Logic* 273.
Wednesday,   May   10th,   1935.
Section 5.     Pages   177  -   271.     Faculty   of  Applied
180-181     Concluding  paragraph  under   "admission"
184 Requirements   for  admission  to   Second  Year
185 New regulation,- No student with any
supplemental outstanding will be admitted
to the Third Year of Applied Science.
191      C.E.10 and C.E.12 subdivided into (a) and
(b) divisions, the object being to
emphasize the laboratory aspects of these
courses.  C.E.24(b), a new course in
Reinforced Concrete Design, added to the
work of the Fifth Year Civils.  (See page
234).  Time for this course has been taken
from other courses.
196     Name of F.E. 12 changed to "Products and
199      M.E. 2(b) Shopwork added as an option to
the Fifth Year Mechanical.
200-202     Statement  in  reference   to   Metallurgy   and
Mining Engineering  rewritten.
206 Economics   1   included   in  1st  year  Nursing   in
place  of  Philosophy  1(a)   and   (b).
Paragraph  re   Hospital  probationary  period
207 Philosophy  1   included   in  2nd year  Nursing
in place   of   Economics   1.
Hospital   training  period  defined  for   the
double   course   in Nursing.
210 Metabolism  and   Nutrition   dropped   from
Nursing B   and  C.
Philosophy  9   included   in Nursing  B   in place
of  Educational   Psychology.
212 Changes   in  list  of agencies   through which
Field Work in Nursing   is   done. 2 74.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933,
213 Paragraph   added   re   the   possibility  of
limiting   the   enrolment   in  Nursing   B   and
stating   that   Nursing   C  will   be   given   only
if   at   least   two   candidates  enroll.
218 Paragraph  added   re   requests  for   re-reading
of  answer  papers   (as   in Arts).
229 Description  of   C.E.   10   changed.
230 Description  of   C.E.   12  changed.
231 C.E.   17  reduced  by   two   hours  per week  in
the   first   term.
234 C.E.   24(b),  new   course,   description
inse rted.
237 Mr.   J.   H.   Jenkins   made   Honorary   Lecturer
in Forestry in place   of Mr.   R.   M.  Brown.
241 New  description   of  F.E.   12.
243 Short   course   in  Kiln  Drying   given  by
Forest  Products  Laboratory  discontinued.
270 Metabolism  and  Nutrition   (Nursing   23)
271 Philosophy  9   as   in Arts   added   as
Nursing  30.
New  Course:
234     C.E. 24(b).  New course in Reinforced
Concrete Design - 3 hours per week, first
term, in Fifth Year Civil.
Courses dropped:
243      Kiln Drying.
270      Nursing 23.  Metabolism and Nutrition.
Section 4.  Pages 275 - 299.  Faculty of Agriculture.
279      First-Year course in a language included
as an option in place of Chemistry 1* 2 75.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933*
287 Agronomy   51   -   course   divided   Into   two  parts,
288 Animal  Husbandry   19  -   changed   from  lecture
course   to   seminar.
288,289,   Dairying  A,   3B,   7,   25,   30,   50   -   reworded.
294 Poultry  Husbandry   16   and   17  -   renumbered
16(a)   and   16(b).
Section  5.     Pages   501 -   548.     Statistics,   Societies,
Affiliated  Colleges.
301-331     Reports   given  for  the  past year   in  regard
to  enrolment,   degrees  granted  and  awards
338-340     Statement   in  reference   to   C.O.T.C.   revised.
Mr.   Turnbull)
Dean Brock ) That the report of the Senate Committee on Calendar, as a whole, be
adopted •
Report   of  Committee   on Honorary  Degrees -  Congregation,
June7   1953.
Dr.   Farris  presented   an   interim  report.
Report   of University  Ceremonies   Committee  -
Gown for   recipients   of   Honorary   Degrees.
Dr.   Sedgewick presented   the   report.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Farris   ) That we rescind the action of
Senate on June 8th, 1925, re
academic costume for the Honorary
Degree of LL.D., to allow these
recommendations to come before
Senate •
Carried 276.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1935.
1. That the hood be of the same design as that of the
honorary LL.D. of the University of Cambridge; and
that this hood be made of scarlet broadcloth lined
with dark blue velvet of a certain shade as exemplified in a sample of goods in possession of the
2. That the recipients of the LL.D. degree be entitled
to wear (a) a gown of scarlet broadcloth, designed
like the gown worn by the recipients of the honorary
LL.D. of the University of Cambridge, with facings
of dark blue velvet of the same shade as that used
in the hood; and (b) a gown of black silk, designed
like the black silk gown worn by the recipients of
the honorary LL»D. degree of the University of Cambridge except that a dark blue silk cord shall be
used in place of the silk and velvet braid of the
Cambridge design.
5.  That the recipients of the LL.D. degree shall be
entitled to wear a black velvet cap such as that
worn by the recipients of the honorary LL.D. of the
University of Cambridge.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Farris   ) That these recommendations be
approved by the Senate and that
they come into effect on May 12th
of this year.
A letter was received from His Honour Judge Howay
conveying his acceptance of the Honorary Degree of LL.D.
The letter was ordered filed.
Senate Membership
The reports of the Scrutineers and the Registrar in
reference to the election of Chancellor and Members of
Senate on April 6th, 1953, were received. 277.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933.
To the Senate of The University of British Columbia
The Senate election for 1935 was held on April
6th in conformity with the University Act and the
regulations of the Senate in reference thereto.
As there was only one candidate nominated for
Chancellor, namely, Robert Edward McKechnie, Esq.,
he was duly elected by acclamation.
The total number of ballots received for
Members of Senate was 1045.  Of these, 1016 were
valid; 27 were spoiled (not signed).
The votes on the above-mentioned 1016 valid
ballots were counted by the scrutineers with the
following result:-
In order of
Candidate a Votes Received  Votes Received
Anderson, Sydney
Atkinson, Lyle Alexander
Bollert, Mary Louise, Miss
Boving, Paul A*
Boyes, Francis Cecil
Clyne, John Valentine
de Pencier, Adam Urias
Emmons, William Frank
Farris, Evlyn Fenwick, Mrs.
Gillespie, James A*
Green, Mrs. Howard
Harvey, Isobel, Hiss
Howay, Frederic William
Jamieson, Annie Bruoe, Miss
Killam, Cecil
King, Henry Maxwell
King, Hubert Bell
Lett, Sherwood
Logan, Harry Tremaine
Lord, Arthur Edward
Murphy, William
Mcintosh, John William
Oliver, John Craig
Powell, William Holl
Sanderson, Joseph Roy
Sedgewick, Garnet Gladwin
Stacey, Leonard Brown
Swanson, John/Donald
Webster, Arnold Alexander
25 tie
25 tie
23 278.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1933.
Candidates Elected
Logan, Harry Tremaine
Sedgewick, Garnet Gladwin
Howay, Frederic William
Bollert, Mary Louise, Miss
Lett, Sherwood
Jamieson, Annie Bruce, Miss
Lord, Arthur Edward
de Pencier, Adam Urias
Oliver, John Craig
Boving, Paul A*
Swanson, John Donald
Killam, Cecil
Farris, Evlyn Fenwick, Mrs.
Anderson, Sydney
Harvey, Isobel, Miss
Votes Received
J. G. Brown
G. W. Clark
J. N. Harvey
A. H« Hutchinson
D. M. Robinson
J. H. Turnbull
' 4
Hr.   Clark   )
Ur.   Harvey)   That   the   reports  be   adopted.
Notices of appointment of Representatives on Senate
were received,-
Faculty of Arts and Science
Hr. H. F. Angus
Dr. A. H. Hutchinson
Faculty of Applied Science
Hr. F. A.Wilkin
Dr. H. F. G. Letson
Faculty of Agriculture
Hr. E. A. Lloyd
Dr. G. G. Hoe 279.
Wednesday,   Hay   10th,   1935.
Victoria  College
Hr.  P.   H.   Elliott
Union  College   of  British  Columbia
Principal   J.   G.   Brown
Representative   of   the  Anglican  Theological   College
Archbishop   de   Pencier   stated   that   at   the  meeting
of   their Board,   Rev.   Principal W.   H.   Vance   had been
elected   as   the   representative   of   the   Anglican  Theological  College   on   the   Senate   of   The   University   of
British Columbia.
Appointment  of  members by   the   Lleutenant-Governor-
A   letter was   received  from the   Deputy  Provincial
Secretary giving notice   of   the   appointment  of Major
H.   C.   Holmes,   B.A.,   Victoria,   and  Dr.   F.   J.   Nicholson,
of  Vancouver,   as   members   of   the  Senate   of  The  University of  British   Columbia  for  a  period   of   three   years
from   the   10th day   of  April,   1933,   and  until   their
successors   are   appointed.
The  President expressed  his   appreciation of   the
results   as   announced by   the   Secretary  and   reminded   the
Senate   of   the   valuable   services   rendered by  the   retiring
membe rs. 280.
Wednesday, May 10th, 1935.
Vacancies on Committees caused by changes in Senate
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Brown    ) That the Chair be authorised to
fill any vacancies on Committees.
As it was realized that it might be necessary to
call a meeting on "short notice" to deal with the matter
of Honorary Degrees to be granted at a special Congregation during the meeting of the Fifth Pacific Science
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Harvey   ) That the Senate adjourn to reassemble at the call of the Chair.


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