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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1949-12-14

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 Wednesday, December 14, 1949 1562
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1949-50, was
held on Wednesday, December 14th, 1949, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N. A. M. MacKenzie, Mr. Jacob
Biely, Mr. Darrell Braidwood, Dr. V. C. Brink, Mr. F. J.
Burd, Dean S. N. F. Chant, Mrs. J. H. Creighton, Dr. Roy
Daniells, Dr. J. M. EWing, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dr. R. E.
Foerster, Dean W. H. Gage, Mr. G. D. Kennedy, Dr. A. R. Lord,
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. W. R. McDougall, Dr. H. J.
MacLeod, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. F. A. Morrison,
Mr. J. F. Muir, Miss Florence S. Mulloy, Dr. R. C. Palmer,
Dr. L. E. Ranta, Mr. F. Read, Dr. W. N. Sage, Prin. K. E.
Taylor, Dr. T. M. C. Taylor, Prin. W. S. Taylor, Dr. F. A.
Turnbull, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dean M. M.
Weaver, Dean E. L. Woods, and Dr. C. A. H. Wright.
Regrets for their inability to be present were
received from Dean H. F. Angus, Mr. K. P. Caple, Dean G. F.
Curtis, Dr. C. E. Dolman, Dean B. A. Eagles, Mr. H. 0.
English, Mr. E. D. Fulton, Dr. A. E. Grauer, Brig. Sherwood
Lett, Mr. R. T. Wallace, Dr. A. B. Schinbein, Major H. C.
Holmes and Mr. A. E. Lord.
Prin. K. E. Taylor)
Dr. Turnbull     )  That the minutes of the regular
meeting of October 24th, 1949,
be taken as read and adopted.
Carried Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1563
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations approved by Senate on
October 24thf 1949
New Courses in Chemistry and Psychology
Education 520, Correspondence Course
Courses for Summer Session, 1950
Recommendations of President's
Committee on Faculty of Medicine
In accordance with the action of Senate on October
24th, 1949, the Board of Governors on October 31st, 1949,
approved the recommendations of the President's Committee on
the Organization of the Faculty of Medicine, as contained in
the mimeographed sheets proposed for distribution to applicants
and headed "Information for Applicants to the Faculty of
Reports of Committees
On Prizes. Scholarships
and Bursaries
A recommendation was received that The Britannia
Mining and Smelting Company Limited Scholarship b'e awarded
to Richard Joseph T. Charles, a graduate student in Mining.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Kennedy)  That this award be approved.
As the students in hospital training do not complete
their work until December 16th, a request was received that
the Chairman of the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries be authorized to award the University Scholarship
in Nursing and Health.  It was agreed that this authorization Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1564
be granted subject to approval of the award by the
President and the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science.
Mr. Raymond A. Young, Langley Prairie, B. C., has
had to withdraw from the University because of ill health,
for at least one year.
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Daniells)  That postponement of the second half
of the I. J. Klein Essay Scholarship,
held by Mr. Young, be granted.
A recommendation was received that the Horner
Prize and Gold Medal, as outlined in the following Calendar
description, be accepted.
A gold medal and a cash prize of $100.00, given by
Frank W. Horner Limited of Montreal, will be
awarded annually to the Fourth Year student who
has obtained the highest aggregate in the four-
year course in the subject of Medicine.  Until
Fourth Year work is given at the University, the
cash prize will be awarded under the same terms
to a student in the most advanced year offered in
the Faculty.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Weaver)  That The Horner Gold Medal and *rize
be accepted, on the terms outlined,
and that a letter of thanks be sent
to the donor.
The following Calendar description of the Anne S.
Campbell Bursary Fund was received.  Senate noted that a
considerable portion of this fund had been received by the
University and that the first awards would probably be made
in September, 1950. Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1565
The annual income on this fund, bequeathed by the
late Anne S. Campbell, will be used to provide
bursaries for undergraduates who show qualities
of leadership and need financial assistance.
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant) That The Anne S. Campbell Bursary
Fund be approved.
The following Calendar description of the
Jonathan Rogers Scholarship Fund was received.  Senate noted
that the first awards from this fund would probably be made
in May and September, 1950.
The annual income on this fund, bequeathed by the late
Jonathan Rogers, will be used to provide awards for
undergraduates who need financial assistance.
Selection of recipients of these awards will be
made in accordance with the terms of the bequest
by the Joint Faculty Committee.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Kennedy)  That the terms of the Jonathan Rogers
Scholarship Fund be approved.
A recommendation was received that "The William
Brand Young Medal" be discontinued and that it be replaced
by "The William Brand Young Book Prize", described as
follows for purposes of Calendar.
A book prize to the value of $50.00, the gift of
Mr. William Brand Young, will be awarded to the
student in Architecture who produces the best
solution to a Design Problem in community planning
or civic design.  The problem will be set by the
Department of Architecture in consultation with
Mr. Young.
Dean Gage  )  _
Dr. Volkoff)  That this recommendation be approved.
J Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1566
Notice was received that the Home Economics Second
Year Prize awarded to the student obtaining highest standing
in the work of the Second Year in Home Economics had been
increased from $25.00 to $50.00.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Ranta)  That the change in this award be approved
and that a letter of thanks be sent to
Miss Black, to be forwarded to the
anonymous donor.
Notice was received that the British Columbia
Telephone Company had decided to renew its award of $2,500.00
for scholarships in the Departments of Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering, and Physics.
Dean Gage  )
Dr. MacLeod)  That a letter of thanks be sent
to the donors.
Notice was received of the intention of the
Minister of Switzerland in Canada to provide again a prize
of books for a student distinguishing himself in a study of
the French language.
University Committee on
Nursing Education
Dean Gage, Chairman of the Committee on Nursing
Education, reported that two meetings of this group had been
held and that the last meeting had referred material
submitted to the Committee by Miss Evelyn Mallory under date
of August 19th, 1949, to a sub-committee for detailed study.
The Chair asked if the Committee were considering Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1567
the matter of possible applicants from schools other than
the Vancouver General Hospital School being admitted to the
University nursing courses.  Dean Gage replied that this
matter would be considered by the Sub-Committee mentioned
above and in due course would be discussed by the full
On Honorary Degrees
In the absence of Dean Curtis, Acting Chairman of
the Committee on Honorary Degrees, Dean Mawdsley presented
two recommendations of that Committee:
(a) that the award of honorary degrees at the
Spring Congregation, 1950, be arranged to
honour representative people from the field
of Applied Science, and that the President
be asked to canvass the field of possible
honorees and to report to the Committee;
(b) that in view of his retirement in the Spring
of 1950, Dean Finlayson be offered an
honorary doctor's degree.
The President stated that, with the authorization of the
Committee, he had written informally to Mr. H. R. MacMillan
representing Forest Engineering, Mr. R. W. Diamond, Mechanical, Mining, Metallurgical and Geological Engineering, and
the Right Honourable C. D. Howe, Civil Engineering, and that
all of these had expressed appreciation of the proposal to
honour them and had indicated that they would be able to be
present on May eleventh.  The Rt. Hon. Mr. Howe was also
invited, and had agreed, to give the Congregation Address
on that day.  The President had also written to Dr. Vannevar
Bush as a representative of Electrical Engineering but he Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1568
had expressed regrets that it would not be possible for him
to be in Vancouver on this occasion.
Dr. MacLeod)
Dean Gage  )  That the general action of the Committee
on Honorary Degrees be confirmed and
that honorary degrees be awarded to all
of those mentioned above who would be
able to be present and accept them.
The Secretary and Chairman were asked to confirm these
arrangements with the Rt. Hon. C. D. Howe, etc.
With regard to the second day of Spring Congregation, on May twelfth, the President re parted that, no speaker
had been invited as yet.  He reported also that a number of
requests had been received that the University honour
certain individuals, other than those in the field of Applied
Science, and suggested that if these people were to be so
honoured it might be well to use the second day of Spring
Congregation for this purpose, in view of the fact that by
the Fall of 1950 the University would probably want to mark
the opening of the Building for General Biological Sciences
and the Memorial Gymnasium. Miss Laura Holland, Mr. M. E.
Nichols and a representative of the nursing profession were
among the suggestions received.
Mr. Lord    )
Mr. McDougall)  That Senate suggest to the Committee
on Honorary Degrees that consideration
be given to the awarding of honorary
degrees on the second day of Spring
Congregation, 1950, to some others
than representatives of the field of
Applied Science.
. v- Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1569
On Building Programme
The President reviewed permanent construction
completed, in progress and proposed under the 1945 and 1949
B. C. University Loan Acts of Five Million Dollars and One
and One-half Million Dollars.
Library Committee
The twentieth Report of the Library Committee to
Senate was returned to the agenda for comment.  In this
connection Dr. Daniells spoke with reference to the needs
of the Department of English, Dr. Sage for the Department
of History and Dr. Volkoff for the science departments.
Mr. McDougall drew the attention of Senate to the
province-wide shortage of books and librarians and a discussion followed on the possibility of establishing a
library school at the University.
On Hoods
Dr. Daniells, on behalf of the Committee on Hoods,
presented the following recommendations:
(a) for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture,
a white cord on the red edging of the
Applied Science Hood;
(b) for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, a
gown according to the United States code with
a silk-lined hood in the University colours
of blue and gold.
Dr. Daniells )
Dean Mawdsley)  That the recommendations of the
Committee on Hoods be accepted.
J Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1570
Annual Report r Department
of University Extension
Dean Gage and others referred to the contribution
made by this Department in the field of public relations and
to the excellent beginning that had been made in organizing
correspondence courses.
Dean Gage  )
Miss Mulloy)  That the Director of University Extension
be asked to supply specimen copies of
correspondence courses for perusal by the
next meeting of Senate, and that congratulations be sent to Dr. Shrum on the
report of the Department and to Mr. Kelvin
Large, who was largely responsible for
drawing up details of the correspondence
The Chair asked Dean Gage to suggest to Dr. Shrum that
publications of the Department of University Extension, other
than correspondence courses, be also made available for
display to the next meeting of Senate.
Speaker for Spring Congregation
As stated earlier, the Rt. Hon. C. D. Howe had
accepted an informal invitation to address Congregation on
May llth, and the Chair suggested that the matter of a
speaker for May 12th be left until the February meeting of
Senate, when recommendations would be considered for the
award of honorary degrees on that date.
From the Registrar
A report, dated December 13th, 1949, on
Registration by Courses, Session 1949-50, was received. Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1571
A discussion followed on certain general problems,
for example courses in the basic disciplines which are
common to a number of faculties, the possibility of offering
certain courses in alternate years, etc.
Dr. Wright      )
Mr. MacCorkindale)  That Dean Gage be asked to refer
to the Faculties and Departments,
on behalf of Senate, some of these
topics for discussion and consid-
e rat ion.
Dr. Turnbull, speaking as a non-faculty member of
Senate, asked that Senate be provided with more information
about the work and problems of the University, and the Chair
suggested that each of the Faculties be asked to submit, in
turn, a report for distribution before the meeting of
Senate.  It was agreed that Dean Chant be asked to present
to the February meeting of Senate a general statement on
the work in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported that activities at Victoria
College were progressing normally.
A copy of a letter dated October 7th, 1949, from
the University Librarian to the President was received with
reference to a proposed division of fields in the acquisition of British Columbia manuscripts, whereby the collection
of documents of political history will be the responsibility Wednesday, December 14, 1949  1572
of the Provincial Archives and the collection of unpublished
records of significance in other aspects of Provincial
history will be the responsibility of the University Library.
Dr. Sage   )
Mr. Kennedy)  That the proposed division of fields be
approved, that letters of appreciation
be sent to the Provincial Librarian and
the Provincial Government for their
co-operation in this matter, and that
some publicity be given to this agreement.
Other Business
The matter of financial assistance to athletes
attending the University was discussed at length and the
matter was tabled for further discussion at another meeting
of Senate.
The motion to adjourn was carried.


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