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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1918-12-11

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1 w
/ Wednesday, December 11th., 1918.
^^F (241) The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia for the session 1918-19 waa held on Wednesday,
December 11th., 1918 at 8 P.M. in the Board Boon, University Offloes.
Present: Dean Klinck, Dr* Boggs, Dr. Mcintosh, Mr. McLean,
t (242)  Mr. Brough, Judge Howay, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr, Gordon, Dr. Clark,
Mr. Argue, Miss Jamieson, Principal Vance and the Secretary.
On oalling the meeting to order. Dean Klinck explained that
he had taken the chair at the last meeting in virtue of hla having
been appointed assistant to the President and on the advioe of
several members of the Board. Aa thia procedure had, he said, been
called in question he asked that the meeting appoint a chairman.
Principal Vance)
Mr. Argue    ) That Dean Klinck be elected chairman of
this meeting.    Oarried.
The minutes of the meeting of October 9th., 1918 were read,
f Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   ) That the business transacted at the last
meeting be confirmed and that the minutes
be adopted aa read.   Carried;.
(243)        Sac following resolution of condolence on the death of the
late President, prepared by Judge Howay, Mr. Gordon and Magistrate
' Shaw, a oommlttee named by the Acting President, waa submitted to
Senate by Judge Howay,
"XtSOXVBD that the Senate of the Univeraity of Britiah
Columbia express their feeling of the great loss which the
University and the cause of higher education in this Province
have sustained in the death of Dr. P. P. Wesbrook, the firat
Coming amongst us with the most democratic conception
^ of a univeraity —'an institution which must meet all the
needs of all the people*— he, even under the adverse
conditions caused by the war, kept this view steadily before
hla, and, so far aa the financial depression would permit,
laid a foundation broad and deep for a univeraity worthy of
our Province.  In Hovember 1913 he wrote, "Having done our
beat to found provincial universities without provincialism,
let ns pray that posterity may say of us that we builded even
better than we knew.** We feel that this hope is now being
/<r realised and that posterity will surely say of him, "He
builded better than he knew."
Hla scholarly attainments, his executive ability and
his versatility of talent which evoked the warm admiration
of all with whom he came in contact, were devoted unreservedly
' to the interests of the University. His genial personality
/— aad his strong individuality have left a lasting impression
upon our university life. (72)
In private life plain and unassuming, firm in his
friendships, courteous in conversation, he will be greatly
missed by all who in any capacity have been privileged to
associate with him,
RESOLVED fURXHSR that this resolution be spread on the
minutes of the Senate, that a copy of it be sent to Mrs
Wesbrook and that the seoretary be instructed to write to her
expressing our sincere sympathy with her and Hiss Wesbrook in
their sorrow.*
Judge Howay moved this resolution, Mr. Argue seconded the
motion and it was oarried unanimously by a standing vote,
(244) A Memorial Service for the late President waa suggested.
It waa felt that such a service, if it could have been held within a
abort time of his death, would have been most fitting, but aa the
epidemic of influenza had made this Impossible and it oould not now
be held till after the Hew Year, that a service after such an interval
would appear forced.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dr. Boggs     )That a committee of Senate be appointed to
confer with the special committee of faculty
to oonsider the matter of a suitable
memorial of the late President Wesbrook,
Dr. Clark)
(245) Mr. Argue) That Mrs Wesbrook's letter thanking the membere
of Senate for their sympathy and the wreath which
they had sent, be received and filed, Oawpled.
Judge Howay)
(246) Mr. Gordon ) That the letter of December 2nd., 1918 from
B, B. Paul, Victoria, expressing regret at hia
inability to attend Senate meetings called for
the seoond Wednesday in any month be reoeived
and filed. Carried.
(247) The chairman stated that Magistrate Shaw had telephoned
regretting that it would be Impossible for him to attend as he felt
obliged to accede to the request of the Child's Welfare Aasooiation
to preside at their meeting,
(246)       A letter from Hr, J, 8. Gordon, Municipal Inspector of
Schools, waa read in which he asked Senate te consider "whether it
would be advisable in view of the fact that the schools had been oloaed
so long, to endeavor to meet the full requirements of Matrioulation"
and in which he made certain suggestions relative to the situation.
It was agreed to oonsider this letter with the other
Matriculation matters mentioned in the Agenda,
(249)       The ohalrman then named the following to constitute new (73)
committees or to complete existing ones,
(249) Qftmlltftt on tt» Affiliation of theological Pollers with the,
His Honour Judge Howay, Chairman
Dr. W, D. Brydone-Jack
fltMtft Titgnwr ffftiimntftt
Magistrate H. 0, Shaw
!»•  D. Mcintosh
Oowinlttea to  Investigate the matter of making provision for
Instruction la tat fhllQgppigi literature, aid Sociology of
Principal W. H. Vance, Chairman
Dr. H. Ashton
Magistrate H. 0. Shaw
Committee on Extension Oonraaa in Home Eaonomioa
Mr. J. 8. Gordon, Chairman
Miss A. B. Jamieson
Dr. J. P. Clark    cvd
Mr. J. A. McLean
Dr, T. H. Boggs
j  (X-     <\ ■n.M'' •
The chairman explained that through a misunderstanding
notices of appointment of the above committees had not been mailed
to the members concerned,
Mr. Gordon asked that he be excused from serving on the
committee on. Extension Courses in Home Economics. The chairman
regretted that Mr. Gordon oould not serve, and promised to name his
(250) The Secretary then read a letter from the Superintendent of
Education calling attention to the faot that the High School textbook in History preaoribed for Junior Matriculation had been discontinued in the Schools of California aa being pro-German and antl-
Brltish, and characterizing the stylo as unsuited to boys and girls
of from 15 to 17 years of age. Dr. Robinson asked that if a change
was decided en, favourable consideration should be given to Morey's
"Ancient Peoples", a copy of which he submitted with his letter.
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   )That a committee be appointed to deal with
the text-book Robinson & Breasted -"Outlines
of European History",Part pursuance of
the communication received from the Superintendent
v   of Education.    Parried.
M^ (74)
Principal Vanoe )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That Judge Howay and Mr. Argue be a
committee to deal with that communication.
(231) The following reoommendations of Paoulty were submitted*
That WILLIAM SIDXET BELL, having removed his conditions,
be now given Pull Undergraduate standing in the Pourth Tear of
That la AIASTAIR SHAW and GBOBGB CftaHJBMal GEO88, whose
Intended application for admission to the University waa
delayed by their having been accepted for service in flic
Royal Plying Oorpe, be now admitted.
That HISS MARGABBf BROtEE, who waa engaged in Hational
Servloe work and made late application for admission, be
granted admission aa a Partial student, and that the same
privilege be granted to HISS OLSMENCB BERTRAM© and HISS BASEL
THOHSOE, who are in similar case.
That WILLIAM JOBS ALLASDTOE, a returned soldier, who haa
full Third Tear standing, be granted permission to follow a
course outlined for him leading to graduation in May 1919,
That other returned soldiers be granted admission at this
That EDGAR LESLIE BEST, a returned soldier, who graduated
last session, be allowed to take the course approved for him
by the Committee on Gradu ate Studies leading to the degree
of Master of Arts,
Dean Robinson)
Dr. Boggs   ) That the above recommendations of Paoulty be
adopted. Oarried.
(252 ) A financial statement of the Royal Institution Scholarships
and Loans prepared by Paoulty and covering the yeare 1916-17,
1917-18 and 1918-19, was then aubmitted along with the following reoommendations*
1. Any Junior Matrioulation Scholarship not awarded in
any year in a district for want of merit may be
awarded aa an extra Scholarship in that district in
the following year.
2. Junior Matrioulation Scholarships not (finally)
awarded in their districts shall bo available for
< \
A^ (75)
(232)  any other district except Vancouver.
3. A student who wins a Junior Matrioulation Scholarship and
proceeds to Senior Matriculation in his own district High
School may have the scholarship reserved for him for one
year, subject to his obtaining satisfactory standing in the
Senior Matrioulation Examination,
4. One Scholarship of #76 shall be awarded on the results of
the Senior Matriculation Examination,
6. The sum of #800.00 which has accrued from unawarded
Scholarships shall be used, at the discretion of Paoulty,
for bursaries or loans to assist returned soldiers in
this and following sessions until exhausted,
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough ) That the faoulty reoommendations regarding Royal
Institution Scholarships and Loans be considered
one by one.  Carried^
Principal Vance)
Dr. Clark    ) That recommendation number 1 be amended to read:
"That any Junior Matrioulation Scholarship not
awarded in any year in a district for want of
merit shall be added to the special fund
mentioned in number 5 of these reoommendations.
Oar rleft.
Dumber 2 is automatically cancelled by number 1.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr, Clark ) That recommendation number 3 be endorsed. Carried;.
Mr. Brough)
Mr. Gordon) That recommendation number 4 be adopted. Carried.
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   j That recommendation number 5 be amended by
inserting after the word 'scholarships',
"together with such sums as may accrue under
recommendation number 1". Oarried.
(255)       faculty reoommendations proposing certain ohanges in the
programme of the session's work were then submitted and considered
1. That the flrat term continue till Saturday noon, December
Principal Vance)
Mr. Argue    ) That Clause 1 be adopted.    Carried.
1/ (7b)
(233)       2. That no other alteration be made in the Christmas vacation
as set forth in the calendar.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Gordon) That Clause 2 be adopted.  Carried.
3. That the Hid Session Examinations be of three hours•
duration for courses ending at that time, and one hour for
all other oourses.
Mr. McLean  )
Miss Jamieson) That Clause 3 be adopted,   Oarried.
4. That there be an interval of two daya between the end of
the examinations and the beginning of the Seoond Term.
Dr. Boggs)
Dr. Clark) That Clause 4 be adopted.  Carried.
6. That the examination period be the week beginning Monday,
Pebruary 3rd., 1919.
Mr. Brough )
Judge Howay) That Clause 5 be adopted. Carried.
6. That Congregation be held on Hay 15th.
Prinoipal Vance)
Dr. Boggs     ) That section 6 be amended to read:
"That lectures shall end on Saturday,
April 19th., 1919 and that Congregation
shall be held on Hay 15th., 1919.
7. That no Hid Term Examinations be held this year.
Dr. Clark )
Judge Howay) That Clause 7 be adopted.  Parried.
8. That the relative value of the Hid Tear and the Pinal
Examinations be left to each Department,
Mr. McLean)
Hr. Gordon) That Clause 8 be adopted. Carried;.
9. That the length of time to be devoted to the Pinal
Examination in any subject be this year determined by the
Department concerned.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Boggs ) That Clause 9 be adopted, Oarrladt
\ (77)
(253) **• Cordon)
Mr. Argue ) That the dates of the beginning of the Sessional
Examinations and of the meeting of faculty set for
April 26th., 1919 be left to the faoulty to decide.
Judge Howay)
(254) tin  Boggs ) That the meeting of Sonata set for April 30th.,
1919. be set for Hay 14th., 1919,     Carried,
Mr. Brough )
(255) Judge Howay) That the Faculty recommendation that High School
students who pass in Agriculture at the end of
their Junior Tear in 1919 or in 1920 be granted
exemption in that subjeot in the Matrioulation
examination.      Carried;.
Judge Howay   )
(256) Principal Vance) That the faculty recommendation that
permission be granted to the Matrioulation
students of Kelowna High School to substitute
Caesar, Books IV and V for Caesar Books II
and III be adopted and that the Educational
Department be informed of the aotlon of
Senate in the matter.     Oarrjed,
Judge Howay)
(237)       Hr. Gordon ) That the faoulty recommendation that permission
be granted to a student who has passed the
Junior Matrioulation or its equivalent with three
languages, to present himself for examination in
three languages at the Senior Matriculation be
adopted,   Oarried.
^ At this stage Mr. Gordon's letter and one from Mr. E, B.
Forsyth, Principal of the Oranbrook High School, were considered,
Hr. Gordon  )
Hiss Jamieson) that we recommend to Faculty that they de what
they can to encourage students to do thorough
work in the matriculation classes in the High
Schools of the Province this year rather than
have them attempt to cover the work of the
entire year thus doing It superficially, as it
could only be done In view of the amount of
time that has been lost or may yet be lost
before the close of the school year.  Carried.
Mr, McLean)
Hr*  Clark ) That the letter of Inspector Gordon and similar
letters be referred to faoulty together with the
resolution just passed. Carried.
y 1
Jaae 4 th* lt*9
1* H. L.  Girling* Beq*,
Smrrey High School,
Clowerdale, E,  c*
Dear Mr*   01*11 mg«
I acknowledge the receipt of th*
*»LI***A«k» few* Matrioulation a* yea* atadanta,
aad of year cheque for $SE*QwV
1 hasten to correct tfca statements which
I made to you in my letter of Jaaa 1*    Qa
oonaulting our re cor da mora oloaely, I find that,
la tarn oaae ef candidate a for Matriculation,  cm*
privilege *t taking Agriculture at aha efed ef the
Junior year aeaaee la 19«a bat that the privilege
#f elalmlag exemption for Agriculture pasaed asm
afterward be claimed*
Ml as Oxamacw may,  therefore, write oa
aar Agriculture this year,    I hare her application
bat It will ha neciascary far har to aaad la* at
aaaa* a fae af #2*00*
fours most alaoarely*
Sag! strar,
swh/sw (78)
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   j To make possible the admission of returned
men to the University at a date later than
calendar regulations permitted, it waa
decided that Senate suspend the attendance
rule in regard to returned soldiere for the
current year and that they be admitted at
the discretion of faculty,
for the information of the SeajteCjthe chairman then reported
the Short Courses now being offered by the University in Mining,
Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering.
A statement in tabular form prepared by the Committee on
University Extension giving information under the following heads -
Students in Attendance, Enrolment of students by subjects, Returned
Soldiers In regular attendance end in Short Courses, Honor Roll,
Enrolment by Localities - waa then distributed to the members
Principal Vance)
Dr, Clark ) That copies of the minutes of each meeting
be mailed to the various members of Senate
by the Seoretary,   Carried,.
Judge Howay)
Hr. Gordon ) That the Board of Governors be requested to take
steps to have the address given by Mrs farris at
the Vaneouver Institute, properly printed and
circulated through the community.  Carried.
Dr. Boggs )
Mr. McLean)
Hotion to adjourn.


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