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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1950-02-15

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 Wednesday, February 15, 1950   1573
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1949-50, was
held on Wednesday, February 15th, 1950, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N. A. M. MacKenzie, (in the
Chair), Mr. Jacob Biely, Dr. V. C. Brink, Mr. F. J. Burd,
Dean S. N. F. Chant, Mr. K. P. Caple, Mrs. J. H. Creighton,
Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. Roy Daniells, Dr. C. E. Dolman,
Dean B. A. Eagles, Dr. J. M. Ewing, Dean J. N. Finlayson,
Dean W. H. Gage, Mr. G. D. Kennedy, Brig. Sherwood Lett,
Dr. A. R. Lord, Mr. W. R. McDougall, Dr. H. J. MacLeod,
Dean M. D. Mawdsley, Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. L. E. Ranta,
Dr. W. N. Sage, Dr. W. S. Taylor, Dr. F. A. Turnbull,
Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Mr. R. T. D. Wallace, Dean M. M. Weaver,
Dean E. L. Woods, Dr. C. A. H. Wright.
Regrets for their inability to be present were
received from Chancellor E. W. Hamber, Dr. K. E. Taylor,
Dr. R. E. Foerster, Miss Florence Mulloy, Mr. Darrell
Braidwood, Mr. H. 0. English, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. A. E.
Grauer, Mr. Frederick Read, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale,
Major H. C. Holmes.
Mr. Kennedy)
Dean Gage  )  That the minutes of the regular
meeting of December 14th, 1949,
be taken as read and adopted.
Carried Wednesday,  February 15,  1950    1574
Notice of Re-election of Representative
on Senate  of the  British Columbia
Teachers'   Federation
Notice was received of the  re-election of Miss
Florence Mulloy as representative of the B.   C.   Teachers'
Federation on Senate for a further three year period,  to
December,  1952.
Election of Representative  of
Senate on the Board of Governors
The  Secretary drew attention to the  fact that the
term of office  of Mr.  Lord,  as member of  the   Board  of
Governors  elected by Senate,  would expire on February 19th,
Mr. Burd     )
Dean Finlayson)  That Mr. Lord be re-nominated
as representative of Senate on
Board, for three years, to
February, 1953.
Dr. MacLeod )
Dr. Turnbull)  That nominations be closed.
Mr.  Lord was thereupon declared re-elected.
From the  Board  of Governors
Approval of Recommendations of Senate
Honorary Degrees for Spring  Congregation,   1950
Home Economics  Prize  - increase  in value
Horner  Gold Medal and rrize
Anne  S.   Campbell Bursary Fund
Jonathan Rogers   Scholarship Fund
William Brand Young Book Prize. Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1575
Divisions, Faculty of ^dicine
A recommendation approved by the Board, subject to
the approval of Senate, with reference to the establishment
of certain divisions in the Faculty of Medicine, was
deferred for consideration until later in the meeting, when
the Calendar material for the Faculty would be considered.
Botanical Gardens
A report was received for information from the
President's Committee on Botanical Gardens outlining proposals for the establishment or extension of Botanical
Gardens at the University and recommending, in connection
with administration of the proposed project, that a University Botanical Garden Committee be established to formulate
and advise on general policy concerning developments, research, public relations and finance, and any other matters
referred to the Committee by the University Administration.
Report of the Library Committee,
re Needs of Special Departments
A report was received for information from the
Library Committee, based on the findings of a recent survey
of the financial needs of the Library, with respect to the
purchase of books and periodicals, and containing a strong
recommendation for the allocation of increased funds to the
A discussion took place on the needs of the
Library as against the needs of Departments and Faculties, Wednesday,  February 15,  1950    1576
in anticipation of a decreased budget.
Reports of Committees
On Prizes,   Scholarships and  Bursaries
Dean Gage,   Chairman,   reported:
1. That  the  bursary given by the  Theta Chapter of Sigma
Phi Delta Fraternity had been re-named the  Lithhall
Memorial  Bursary,  under the following revised terms:
A bursary of $50.00,  given by the Sigma Phi Delta
Fraternity in memory of Professor A.  Lighthall,  a
member of the Department  of Civil Engineering of
this  University  from 1920 to 1945,   is  available
annually for a male undergraduate in any year of
the Faculty of Applied Science.     The  award will be
made to a student who has  good scholastic  standing
and who,  without financial  assistance,  would be
unable  to continue his  course.
2. That  the  Scholarship  formerly known as  the  Automotive
Transport Association British Columbia Scholarship had
been renamed the Elmer Johnston Memorial  Scholarship.
3. That Messrs.   G.  E.   Baynes and Dave Manning of Baynes-
Manning Ltd.,   Contractors and Engineers,   had  increased
the  Baynes-Manning Bursary  for the Session 1950-51
from $250.00 to  $300.00.
4. That the Native  Daughters of British Columbia had
increased the amount of their scholarship from $50.00
to $;oo.oo.
5. That the amount of the W. Jack H. Dicks Bursary had
been increased from $150.00 to $200.00, annually.
6. That the Triple Entente Chapter of the I.O.D.E., had
agreed to provide a bursary of $75.00 for a student
veteran of high standing taking the Teacher Training
Course, in the Session 1950-51-
Senate noted that this donation was additional
to a similar bursary provided by that Chapter for a student
in Applied Science.
Dean Gage, on behalf of the Committee, recommended r
Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1577
v SM the acceptance of the following funds and awards:
^ A medal and a prize, given by the B. C. Branch,
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education,
^ and Recreation will be awarded to the student
standing at the head of the graduating class for
V the B.P.E. degree.
'< A bursary of $50.00, given by the Valcartier Camp
Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be awarded annually to a
woman student who has a good academic standing and
is in need of financial assistance.  This bursary
is available for a stddent proceeding to her first
J undergraduate degree.
v This bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Right
' Honourable Anthony Eden Chapter, I.O.D.E., is
^ available for a First Year student who has high
QP standing and who without financial assistance
would be unable to attend the University.
A bursary of $50.00, the gift of the B. C. Chapter,
^ Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, is available for a male
undergraduate in any year and faculty who has good
academic standing and who needs financial assistance
to continue at University.
, This fund, created in February, 1950, by a donation
f of $400.00 from the International Student Service
of the University of British Columbia, has been
established to help needy students from foreign
countries.  This fund is administered by the Joint
■>   . Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries.
*" A scholarship to the value of one year's tuition fees,
provided by a gift of $2,500.00 from McCarter and
Nairne, Architects, will be awarded annually to the
I 9 student in Third Year Architecture obtaining the
highest standing. Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1578
This bursary of $200.00,   the gift of the Lions'  Ladies
Club of Vancouver,  will be available  for  a student who
is  continuing with the work in the  second year of the
course  in Social Work and needs financial assistance.
Preference will be  given to a student  interested in the
social  problems of older citizens.     The award will be
made through the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and  Bursaries in consultation with the
Department  of Social Work.
The  annual  income from the  fund,  established in
January,   1950,   by the  Panhellenic  Association and
the Inter-Fraternity Council,  representing the
sororities and fraternities"on the Campus,  provides
a bursary for an undergraduate   in need of financial
%       assistance.     The  award is  available for a  student
in any year and faculty.     Selection of the student
will be made by the  Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries.
This medal is available for a student in the graduating class for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture.  The award will be made only to a student who
has attained a high proficiency in the courses and
shows those qualities of character and ability which
promise outstanding achievement in the Profession.
This award will not necessarily be made every year.
Dean  Gage     )
Mr.   Kennedy)    That  the  increases in awards be
acknowledged with thanks;  and that
the new funds and  awards  described
be accepted and  that  appropriate
letters be  sent to the donors.
Dean Gage reported, for the information of Senate
that Mr. H. R. MacMillan had established a loan fund, to be
available for University of British Columbia students who
are dependents of employees of the H. R. MacMillan Export
Company Limited and British Columbia Packers Limited, and V
Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1579
a      their subsidiaries.
Dean Gage also reported the intention of the
University Nurses Club to provide a graduation prize for
students in Nursing, type of prize and terms of award to be
decided later.
Dean Gage also described scholarships offered to
the University under the Chris Spencer Foundation, as follow:
1. Fifteen scholarships in the amount of Two Hundred and
Twenty-five Dollars ($225.00) each, to be awarded to
the fifteen candidates selected by the University of
British Columbia to receive the fifteen "University
1 Scholarships for University Entrance" at present
awarded by the University.  These fifteen scholarships
^ of $225-00 each will be awarded to supplement the
existing University scholarships so that each of the
successful candidates will receive a total scholarship
r of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00).
2. Two scholarships of Four Hundred Dollars each for each
9                       academic year up to a maximum of five (i.e. a maximum
of $2,000.00 for each scholarship), for award to
students enrolled at the University of British Columbia
or Victoria College, in a course leading to a first
undergraduate degree, subject to certain conditions.
< Dean Gage)
Dr. Lord ) That these scholarships be accepted
and that appropriate thanks be sent
on behalf of Senate and Victoria
.< College  to Mr.   Chris  Spencer,   and to
Mr.   Tom  Brown,  Mr.   Chris McGregor
and Mr.   Pearley Brissenden,  members
of the Foundation Scholarship Committee.
1 Carried
On Honorary Degrees
Dean Curtis presented the recommendations of the
Committee :
1.  That, in addition to the action taken by Senate at its
last meeting concerning the first day of the Spring
, 9 Congregation, an honorary degree be conferred on Dean
F. E. Terman of the School of Engineering of Leland Wednesday, February 15, 1950 I58O
Stanford University.
2. That on the second day of the Spring Congregation the
Degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, be conferred
on Miss Laura Holland; that the Degree of Doctor of
Science, honoris causa, be conferred on Dr. A. L. Crease;
that the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, be
conferred on Miss Marion Lindeburgh, R.N.
Dean Curtis  )
Dean Finlayson)  That these recommendations be adopted.
At the request of the Committee, the President reported
that one other name had been considered but that the
President was asked to get further information and support
of the recommendation.  In this connection Senate authorized
the Committee on Honorary Degrees to act in respect of this
matter on the basis of further information which might be
The President reported further that, in discussing
the degrees to be conferred in connection with the opening
of the Applied Science Building, it was suggested that the
honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering might be instituted.
Senate agreed to table this suggestion.
Dean Curtis)
Dr. Sage  )  That the degree offered to Dean Terman
and the other candidates for honorary
degrees at the Congregation honouring
Applied Science be the Doctor of
Science degree.
From the   Faculties
Calendar,   1950-51
Dean Gage   reviewed  changes  in the  Calendar material  as  proposed for the Faculty of Arts and  Science, Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1581
including a provision that students studying for the B.P.E.
degree be permitted to take up to 21 units, provided at
least four units are activity courses; and that B.Ed.
students be permitted to take no more than 3 units of
courses under 2(b) by correspondence.  Under Standing and
Credits the following proposal was received and discussed:
2(a) A student taking 9 or more units in the Winter
Session will receive credit for a course only
if, as a result of the final examinations of
that Session, he passes not only in that course,
but in courses totalling at least nine units.
The passing grade for a course is 50%.
(b) A student taking less than nine units in the
Winter Session will receive credit for a course
only if, as a result of the final examinations
of that Session, he passes in all his courses.
The passing grade for a course is 50%.
(c) A student in the Summer Session or in Extra-
Sessional or Correspondence Courses will
receive credit for each course in which he
obtains a grade of 50%.
At its meeting on February 1st, 1950, the Faculty
of Arts and Science approved a recommendation that Agriculture 300 and 301, to be offered in alternate Summer
Sessions, beginning with Agriculture 300 in 1950, be
accepted for credit toward the B.A. degree, subject to
reconsideration of prerequisites by a committee consisting
of "the Director of the Summer Session, Dr. Taylor,
Dr. Hooley, Dr. Shrum and Dean Eagles, with power to act."
This committee agreed to recommend that the prerequisites
for each of these courses should be "Biology 100, Chemistry
100, Physics 100, one of which may be taken concurrently."
This recommendation was approved by the Faculty of Agri- Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1582
culture at its meeting on Friday, February 3rd.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Eagles)  That Agriculture 300 and 301 be
approved for credit toward the B.A.
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the report of the Faculty of
Arts and Science be adopted and that
minor revisions be left in the hands
of the Dean and the Calendar Committee.
The Calendar material for Applied Science was
received and minor changes noted,
Dean Gage    )
Dean Finlayson)  That the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Applied Science
be approved, and that the Dean
of the Faculty and the Calendar
Committee be authorized to make
any minor revisions.
The Calendar material for Agriculture was received
Dean Gage  )
Dean Eagles) That the report of the Faculty of
Agriculture be accepted and that
minor revisions be left with the
Dean of the Faculty and the Calendar
A change in regulations under the Faculty of Law
was noted, whereby students who do not meet the requirements
in connection with the Moot Court in any year may be
required to repeat the work of the year or be required to
withdraw from the Faculty.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Curtis)  That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Law be approved, with Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1583
authorization to the Dean of the
Faculty and the Calendar Committee
to make necessary minor revisions.
Dean Woods presented the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Pharmacy and,
Dean Woods)
Dean Gage )  That the material submitted for the
Faculty of Pharmacy be adopted.
Dean Gage reported for the Faculty of Graduate
Studies and drew attention to the inclusion of Russian as
an optional language for candidates for admission to the
Faculty of Graduate Studies.
At its meeting on Thursday, January 19th, 1950,
the Faculty of Graduate Studies approved for recommendation
to Senate the authorization of Ph.D. work in Mathematics in
accordance with the following proposed Calendar statement
submitted by the Department:
Department of Mathematics
(1) Courses are at present offered in two major fields
(a) Algebra, particularly Theory of Groups, Rings, Ideals
(b) Applied Mathematics, particularly Exterio Ballistics,
Hydro and Aerodynamics, Non-linear Mechanics, Eigenvalue problems.
Note: Thesis direction cannot be offered in all branches of
the above fields.  The Department reserves the right to
refuse admission to a student, no matter how well qualified,
if no staff member is available to supervise the student's
(2) Related subjects.  These may include Physics, Electrical Engineering, Philosophy. Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1584
(3)  The following courses will be accepted for Ph.D. credit
.(a) Graduate courses (numbered 500 or above) offered in
the Department provided that credit has not already
been obtained for such courses.
(b) Certain courses numbered 400 or above in related
subjects as approved in particular cases on the
recommendation of the Departments concerned.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Sage )  That the request of the Department of
Mathematics to offer Ph.D. work in
certain limited fields be approved.
At its meeting on January 19th, 1950, the Faculty
of Graduate Studies also approved the following changes in
the Calendar statement of courses offered for the Ph.D.
degree in the Department of Biology ahd Botany:
Under Ph.D. p. 455
1. (b) Physiology.  Specialization is possible in certain
fields of General Physiology namely:
vitamins, hormones, respiration and
biotic membranes; and in Plant Physiology.
Add (c) Plant Pathology
'd) Plant Ecology: primarily in Synecology
2. Courses in cognate subjects will be selected in consultation with the Department.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Sage )  That the request of the Department of
Biology and Botany to offer additional
subjects under the Ph.D. be approved.
Dean Gage presented a recommendation of the
Faculty of Arts and Science that the double degree course
for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce Wednesday, February 15 , 1950 1585
be discontinued, except in the case of those students
already started on this course.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Sage )  That the double degree course B.A. and
B.Com. be deleted from the double
decree section.
Dean Weaver presented the Calendar material
proposed for the Faculty of Medicine, and, with the following
change under Examinations and Advancement, "If the student's
academic achievement in any session is unsatisfactory, he
will be recommended to Senate for dismissal", in place of
"he will be dismissed",
Dean Weaver)
Dr.   Ranta     )     That the material  submitted for
inclusion  in the  1950-51  Calendar,
under Faculty of ivjedicine,  be
Further in regard to the Faculty of Medicine, Senate
received a letter from the Board of Governors with reference
to a recommendation considered by that body that formal
authorization be given to the establishment, in due course,
of certain Divisions as follow within the Faculty of Medicine:
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Surge ry
In this connection, the Board, at its meeting on January 3rd, Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1586
1950, passed the following resolution:
"That, subject to the approval of Senate, the
Board authorize the Dean of the Faculty of
Medicine, in consultation with the President
and the other appropriate members of the
University staff, to take the necessary steps
in due course for the organization of these
Divisions or Departments."
A discussion took place on the organization of the administration of the various fields listed and the hope was
expressed that the maximum co-operation and use of common
facilities would he made by t^ose concerned and interested.
"Requirements for University Entrance
and Senior Matriculationt 1951"
The Secretary reported that the usual procedure
had been followed in that contents of this booklet were
discussed with the various Departments and that no changes
in the substance of the courses were suggested.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Lord )  That the "Requirements for University
Entrance and Senior Matriculation,
for June 1950" be approved, and that
any minor revisions be authorized.
From the Faculty of Pharmacy
At its meeting on January 31st, 1950, the Faculty
of Pharmacy recommended that Mrs. Cyril A. Crawford,
Lecturer, be made a member of the Faculty.
Dean Woods  )
Mr. Morrison)  That this recommendation be approved.
Report on the "Work of the Faculty of Arts and Science
In conformity to a request made at the meeting of Wednesday, February 15, 1950  1587
Senate on December 14th, 1949, Dean Chant reviewed some of
the problems dealt with by the Faculty of Arts and Science
over the past year and referred to some of the decisions
taken to improve the work of that Faculty.
The Chair thanked Dean Chant on behalf of Senate
for his review and asked Dean Finlayson to report to the
next meeting on the work of the Faculty of Applied Science.
From Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported that Victoria College Council
wished to offer a course in music appreciation, similar to
Music 300 given at the University.
Dr. Ewing )
Brig. Lett)  That Victoria College be allowed to
offer a course in Music Appreciation
to be numbered 200 in the Victoria
College Calendar.
Further in this connection,
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That it be stated in the Victoria
College Calendar that students taking
Music~200 for credit at Victoria
College be not eligible to take Music
300 for credit at the University.
A letter dated January llth, 1950, was received
from the Provincial Librarian and Archivist expressing
appreciation of the approval given by Senate to the division
of fields in the acquisition of B.C. manuscript material,
as agreed upon.
Acceptances of invitations to receive honorary Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1588
degrees from the University of British Columbia, on the
first day of Spring Congregation, 1950, May eleventh, were
received from the Right Honourable C. D. Howe, Mr. R. W.
Diamond, Mr. H. R. MacMillan and Dean J. N. Finlayson.
Other Business
The Chair directed the attention of Senate to the
Open House, to be held at Little Mountain Camp, on February
25th, 1950, from 2-4 p.m., and urged as many as possible
to attend.
On behalf of the Committee on the Garnett
Sedgewick Memorial, Dr. Daniells outlined a proposal to
perpetuate the spirit and influence of Garnett Sedgewick by
the establishment of a lectureship to bring one or more
humanists to the campus each year, or if that should prove
impracticable in any year to add to the permanent collection
of books, pictures or music on the campus.  It was pointed
out that members of the alumni could contribute through that
organization and others through the Montreal Trust Company.
The President presented two proposals which had
been suggested with regard to the Fall Congregation, 1950.
First, in regard to the celebration by the B.C. Medical
Association of its Fiftieth Anniversary, in September, 1950,
and the opening of the Medical Faculty at the University of
British Columbia, it was suggested that a special convocation be held for the offering of degrees and for such other Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1589
activities that might be appropriate in terms of lectures,
seminars or a symposium.  Second, it was suggested that a
formal opening be held of the building for General Biological Sciences and that the University take that opportunity
to recognize work being done in those fields.  These two
proposals were tabled for consideration at a later meeting
of Senate.
The President spoke with reference to the decrease
in enrollment of women students at the University and
referred to Dean Mawdsley's investigation of the causes of
this decline.
The members took note of the display of publications
prepared by the Department of University Extension and
arranged in accordance with the request of Senate, and
agreed that a letter of appreciation be sent the Department
for the excellence of the publications and the interesting
Dean Gage reminded the members of the urgent need
for monies of provide bursaries and loans.
The question of financial assistance to athletes,
tabled at the December meeting of Senate, was left on the
A letter was read from Miss Marjorie Smith, Head
of the Department of Social Work, to the Dean of the
Faculty of Arts and Science with reference to a request Wednesday, February 15, 1950 1590
that certain courses in religious knowledge be made optional
for social work students planning to work in religious
centers.  It was agreed that Dean Chant be asked to discuss
this matter with the Head of the Department of Social Work
and such other members of the Faculty of Arts and Science as
may prove desirable, and that a further report on this
question be made to the next meeting of Senate.
A letter was read from |vir. J. Brown, with reference to a request presented by the Committee on Catholic
Education to Senate, that additional courses be provided in
the Departments of History, Philosophy and Economics.  It
was agreed that this letter be referred to the Head of the
Department of Philosophy, with the request that he discuss
it with the President and others interested and report back
to Senate.
Dr. Ranta  )
Dr. MacLeod)  That the meeting adjourn.
ct^A^y^  A3 y^>~~<-


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