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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 20, 1924

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Array 358
Wednesday, February 20th, 1924
The third regular meeting of the Senate of
The University of British Columbia for the session 1923-
24 was held on Wednesday, February 20th, 1924, at 8:00
P.M., in the Board Room.
Present:  Dean Brook -Acting President (in the
Chair), Dean Clement, Dean Coleman, Dr. E. H. Archibald,
Dr. D. Buohanan, Right Rev. A. U. de Pencier, Mr. D. M.
Robinson, Mr. G. A. Fergusson, Rev. W. H. Smith, Rev.
W. II. Vance, Dr. N. Wolverton, Dr. H. F. G. Letson, Miss
A. B. Jamieson, Mr. G. W. Scott, Mr. C. Killam, Mr. J. S«
Gordon, Dr. W. B. Burnett, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. G. E.
Robinson, Rev. A. H. Sovereign, Mr. W. P. Argue.
Mr. Gordon  )
Dean Clement)  That the minutes of the second
regular meeting, December 19th
1923, be taken as read, and
adopted. Carried
Mr. Argue)
Mr. Scott)  That the minutes of the special
meeting of January 5th, 1924, be
taken as read, and aopted.
Letters from the President, Mr. Sadler, and
Rev. W. L. Clay, were read expressing regret at their
inability to attend the meeting.  The letters were
ordered filed.
A letter from Mrs. S. D. Scott was read and
ordered filed. 359
Wednesday, February 20th, 1924
782 A letter from the Board of Governors was read
authorizing the holding of a Refresher Course for
Practising Public Health Nurses.
Dr. Letson   )
Dr. Archibald)  That the letter be filed.
783 A letter from the Board of Governors was read
stating that, in the future, arrangements for the Laying
of Cornerstones would be referred to the Co-ordinating
Committee of the Senate and the Board.
Prinoipal Vanoe)
Mr. Argue      )  That the letter be filed.
7 84    Recommendations from the Faculties
Reports were received from the Faculties
favouring the affiliation of Ryerson College with
the University under the Statute of Senate.
Mr. Killam   )
Mr. Fergusson)  That these reports be adopted.
Mr. Killam       )
Bishop de Penoier)  That the Methodist Theological College known as
Ryerson College be and the
same is hereby affiliated
with The University of
British Columbia under the
terms of the Statute of
Senate dated February 18th,
1920, subject to the
approval of the Board of
Governors.       Carried * < 360
Wednesday, February 20th, 1924
^^ 785 Double Course in Arts and Nursing.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Killam)  That the report be received and
Dean Coleman )
* Dr. Wolverton)  That the matter be laid over
until the next meeting and that
a committee be appointed by
. t the Chair to oonsider this
whole question.        Carried
* 786 History and Principles of Education and Educational
Psychology as Minor for the M. A. Degree.
That   First   or   Second   Class  standing  in
History and  Principles   of   Education and   in
Educational  Psychology for   the   year   1923-24  be
" accepted as  equivalent   to  a Minor  for  an M.   A.
degree,   subject   in  each case  to  the   consent   of   the
Head  of   the   Department   in which   the   student  wishes
to  Major;     and   that   this   concession be   not  considered
as  a  precedent.
Mr. Gordon )
Dr. Burnett)  That Senate endorse this .
recommendation. Carried
787 Department of Civil Engineering.
That "and Surveying" be dropped after
Civil Engineering, pages 16, 184, etc.
Mr. Argue   )
Mr. Turnbull)  That the report be adopted.
788 Department   of  Nursing and  Health.
That   the   Department   of  Public  Health   and  the
Department   of   1'ursi ng  be   combined   and known   as  the
Department   of   Nursing and  Health. 361
Wednesday, February 20th, 1924
Mr. Turnbull     )
Bishop de Penoier)  That Senate approve of
this change.      Oarried
78 9    Reports of Committees
Dean Brock reported that Mr. George S. Cameron
had been allowed to continue the work of his year.
Principal Vanoe)
Dr. Burnett    )  That the report be received.
790 All the calendar material, except that of
Agriculture, was presented by Dr. Buchanan and the
attention of Senate was called to the changes made.
Dr.   Buchanan)
Mr.   Argue        )     That   the report   of  the  Calendar
Committee  be  received  and
adopted. Carried
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Sovereign    j  That we express our thanks
for the work done by the
Calendar Committee.
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Sovereign    )  That the Calendar Committee
be given power to incorporate the calendar material
of the Faculty of Agriculture, in the calendar.
Bishop de Penoier)
Mr. Argue *      )  That we adjourn.


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