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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1932-08-08

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Monday, August Bth, 1932
A special meeting of the Senate of The University
of British Columbia was held on the evening of Monday,
August 8th, 1932, at eight oTclock, in the Board Room,
Administration Building.
Present: President L. S. Klinok (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr.
E. A. Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. H. F.
Angus, Mr. G. W. Clark, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. J. G.
Brown, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Mr. H. T. Logan, Mr. A. E.
Lord, His Honour J. D. Swanson, Mr. Gordon Scott, Dr.
Evlyn Farris, Dr. C. Killam, Mr. Sydney Anderson, Dr.
W. B. Burnett, The Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier and Mr.
Lyle Atkinson.
The Secretary read the call of the meeting:
1. Report of Committee on Calendar.
2. From the Board of Governors:
Ta~J Report of Judge Lampman.
(b) Resolution of the Board of Governors
re responsibility for the business
administration of the University.
3. From the Matriculation Board:
Standing of two candidates in
Scholarship District No. 4.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Mrs. Beatrice Wood and
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick.
Report of Calendar Committee:
The report of the Calendar Committee in reference to
the calendar for 1932-33 was presented by Mr. J. M.
Turnbull, Chairman of the Calendar Committee.  This was
considered section by section and adopted. 226.
Monday, August 8th, 1932
Section 1.  Pages 1 - 64.  Introductory.
23 Paragraph  added   in   reference   to   "Admission  at
the  Inns   of   Court".
54  -   55   Changes   made   in   statements   in  regard   to
facilities   provided   in  Agriculture.
41   -   42   A  few  changes   made   in   regulations   under
"University  Health  Service".
49 Paragraph   "8",   on   attendance,   re-written   to
conform  with   changes   made   on  pages   41,   42.
50 Paragraph   re   application   for   graduation  changed
to   read   "All   candidates".
50  -   55   Schedule   of   fees   re-arranged   to   show  clearly
that Caution Money is required of all students.
53 Graduation fee changed to $15.00.
54 - 68 Medals, Scholarships, Prizes.  This part of
calendar revised for 1952-55.  General
Regulations moved from page 67 to page 54.
Section 2.  Pages 69 - 177.  Faculty of Arts and Science.
78     Geography 1 added to the list of subjects not
open to First Year students.
80 Paragraph 5.  Students in the Third and Fourth
Years now permitted to take two Reading
Courses.  (Approved by Senate February 17th,
81 Paragraph 5.  A special Reading Course, in
addition to those referred to in the preceding
note, is offered to Honour Students.
82 Paragraph 7.  The University reserves the
right to refuse new registrations in any of the
Honours Courses if, for the reasons given in the
footnote to page 75, it is found impossible to
offer them. 227.
Monday,   August   8*h»   1952.
93     Paragraph 4.  The regulation with regard to the
major and the minor for the"M.A. is relaxed to
allow the extension of either to include work
in allied subject.
95     Regulations for new M.A. course in Bacteriology,
102      Paragraph 1.  Examinations in all subjects,
obligatory for all students are held in April.
In the case of subjects which are final at
Christmas and in the case of courses of the
First and Second Years, examinations will be
held in December.
102 Paragraph 2.  New regulation with regard to a
passing mark of 50$ or more in each subject or
a general average of 60$ and not less than 40^
in each subject.  (Approved by Senate
February 17th, 1932.)
103 Paragraph 6.  New regulation with respect to
writing a supplemental examination only once.
Will apply to examinations held at Christmas,
1932, and subsequently.  (Faculty October 14th,
Course redrafted:
149      Geography 1
New Courses:
106     Bacteriology 8 - Reading Course in Bacteriology,
119      Greek A - Homeric Greek.
Courses dropped:
110     Botany 6(a) - General Plant Pathology.
119 Greek 1 - Beginners' Greek.
120 Greek 10 - Greek Literature in English
Translati on.
122     Latin 10 - Virgil.
Latin 11 - Tacitus and Catullus.
127     Economics 16 - Accountancy 3.
129      Government 3 - Imperial Problems.
Government 4 - Problems of the Pacific.
158     English 2(b) - Composition.
140 English 17 - Victorian Poetry.
141 English 4 - Milton.
English 5 - The Elements of Poetics. 228.
Monday, August 8th, 1952.
English 6 -
English 7 -
English 8 -
English 11
English 12
English 15
English 18
Narrative Writing.
Technique of the Drama.
English Poetry, exclusive of the
Drama, from the death of
Chaucer to 1660.
English Drama since 1600.
Narrative Poetry.
American Literature.
Literary, social, religious,
scientific movements of the
Victorian period.
Historical deology.
- Poetry of the Nineteenth Century,
- General survey of German
German 5(b) - Introduction to Modern Literature .
Nineteenth Century Drama.
Nineteenth Century Fiction.
Lissing, Goethe and Schiller.
Middle High German.
Geology 5 -
French 4(a)
German   2(b)
German 4(a)
German 4(b)
German 5(a)
German 5(b)
Courses regularly given but not offered in 1952-55;
Botany 2 - Morphology.
Botany 6(f) - History of Plant Pathology.
Social Service 8 - Public Health.
Education 2 - Elementary Educational
Education 3 - History and Principles of
History 2(a) - Outlines of Canadian History.
History 2(b) - The History of British
History 15 - Europe, 1815-1919.
Mathematics 4 - Descriptive Astronomy.
Mathematics 12 - Synthetic, Plane, and Solid
Physics 6 -  Theoretical Mechanics.
Zoology 7 - Economic Entomology.
French 5(c) - Bibliography, French Composition and Translation.
French 4(c) - Composition and Oral French.
Section 5.  Pages 179 - 275.  Faculty of Applied Science.
Note added re advisability of students
taking German.
Physics 7 - changed to Reading Course for
A 229.
Monday, August 8th, 1932.
1952-55 (also page 269).
194       Mech. Eng. 2(b) made optional.
201        Mech. Eng. 2(b) made optional.
207- 208   Probationary period for nurses advanced
one year.
215        Nursing C.  Courses added - Mental Hygiene,
Social Case Work.
215        Admission to Nursing B and C - requirements
217       Double Course in Arts and Applied Science -
passing for Mathematics, Physios and
Chemistry defined.
219        Nursing passing marks made same as Arts in
first two years.
221       Two clauses added covering Honour standing
in Applied Science.
223        Botany 6(a) deleted.  (Plant pathology)
Botany 6(c) as in Arts. (Plant pathology)
(also page 198)
239       Economics 1.  Applied Science two-hour
course deleted.  Students to take
three-hour Arts course if time table
permits .
247       Geology 3 (Historical) deleted.
Courses added:
213        Mental Hygiene -  nine lectures.
Social Case Work - six lectures.
223        Botany 6(c) as in Arts.
239        Economics 1 as in Arts.
Courses   deleted:
223        Botany 6(a).
239        Economics 1 (Applied Science).
247       Geology 3. 250.
Monday, August 8th, 1952
Section 4.  Pages 275 - 501.  Faculty of Agriculture.
277      Footnote added similar to that on page 185.
280 Paragraph in reference to folder giving
details of Occupational Course deleted.
281 Second Year course changed - Physics re
quired if not taken on Junior Matriculation.  Bacteriology 2 added to list
of options.
282 Regulations in reference to M.S.A. courses
1. Students doing six units or less to
complete B.s.A. course may do M.S.A.
work to extent of six units,
ii. Reading knowledge of French or German
may be required.
284      Paragraph 2 amended to conform with 40-50-60
rule of other faculties and Senior
Matriculati on.
284      Paragraph 5.  Times for special examinations
New Courses -  None
Courses changed or consolidated:
290       Dairying 2 and 4 combined.
290 - 291 Dairying 5 and 9 combined.
296      Poultry 17 - open to Graduates only.
Poultry 20 - open to Graduates only.
Courses dropped:
295      Poultry 12.
_»9-7- Agr*.e»t*nr*r-Ecotterm'r'c-s--2-r-( see oaSe 234'
298      Agricultural Economics B.
Courses offered in 1951-52, not offered in 1952-55:
289 Animal   Husbandry   16.
Animal   Husbandry   20.
Animal   Husbandry  21. 231.
Monday, August 8th, 1952.
291 Dairying 6.
Dairying 15.
292 Dairying 50 (b).
293 Horticulture 16.
296 Poultry 17.
Poultry 20.
297 Poultry 21.
297      Agricultural Economics A,
500       Genetics 2(a) and (b).
Section 5.  Pages 505 - 546.  Statistics, Societies,
Affiliated Colleges.
505  -   532     Reports   given   for  the   past  year   in   regard  to
enrolment,   degrees   granted  and awards  made.
532 Record  made   of   the  award   of   the   Imperial
order   of   the   Daughters   of   the   Empire   War
Memorial   Post-Graduate   Scholarship.
339 Paragraph  added   in  reference   to  eligibility
of  members   of   C.O.T.C.   for  Pilot   Officer
Training.      Royal   Canadian Corps   of
Signals  and  Small   Arms   School.
341  -   342     A  few  changes  made   in   the   paragraphs   in
reference   to   subsidiary  societies   and  clubs
Notlce-of-Motion  was   given   by  Principal   Elliott:
That   the  winners  of   the   Royal   Institution
Junior Matriculation   Scholarship   for  the
Victoria   District  be  permitted   to   enjoy   the
scholarship   at  Victoria   College.
It  was   agreed   that   in   the   meantime   the   Senate   Committee   should  look  up   the   terms   of   the   deed   of   gift   from
the   Royal   Institution   to   the  University.
In  regard   to   the   courses   that   can  be   given   in   the
coming  session,-
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Lord  ) That a press statement be prepared by
the three Deans and the President.
Carried 232.
Monday, August 8th, 1932,
From the Board of Governors
(a) Report   of   Judge   Lampman.
Dr. Killam)
Dr. Brown ) That the report be received, acknowledged and filed and that copies be
sent to the members of Senate.
(b) Resolution  of   the  Board   of   Governors   re
responsibility   for   the  business   administration   of   the
Mr. Clark  )
Dr. Burnett) That the letter be received and
From the Matriculation Board
Standing of two candidates in Junior Matriculation
Scholarship District No. 4, Pauline Eva Lavlnia Clabon,
John Oliver High School, Vancouver, and Leslie Robert
Gould, Duke of Connaught High School, New Westminster.
"That the attention of the University authorities
be drawn to the fact that two candidates on the
Junior Matriculation examination in District No.4,
tied for first place and that the University be
respectfully requested to provide sufficient
funds so that each candidate may be given a
scholarship of $100.00."
Mr. Logan)
Mr. Clark) That the matter of provision for this
additional scholarship be referred to
the Board of Governors with the
recommendation of Senate.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Killam  ) That the letter under 2(b) of the
agenda be spread on the minutes of
Carri ed
^ 255.
Monday, August 8th, 1952.
The letter was as follows;-
"The following resolution was passed by the Board of
Governors at the special meeting held on July 15-1952:
'The Board has had before it for consideration
the report of His Honour Judge Lampman.  The
Board hereby declares that in its opinion
responsibility for the business administration
of the University rests exclusively upon its
shoulders and that in future the Board will
act upon this principle.*
The Board directed that copies of this resolution
be sent to the Deans and to the Secretary of Senate."
Mr. Lord    )
Mr. Anderson) That we adjourn.
&J^j£f CO- ^*ZA^03
<2  Q.


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