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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1925-12-16

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Wednesday, December 16th, 1925
The seoond regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1925-26
was held on Wednesday, December 16th, 1925, at 8:00 p.m.
in the Board Room.
Present: The President (in the Chair), Dean R. W.
Brook, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. H. M. King, Mr. A. F.
Barss, Mr. H. R. Christie, Dr. R. H. Clark, Dr. D.
Buchanan, Dr. M. Y. Williams, Mr. James Henderson, Mr.
G. A. Fergusson, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vanoe, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, The Right Rev. A. U. dePencier, Ur. G. W. Soott,
Mr. Sherwood Lett, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Ur. J. S. Gordon,
Ur. G. E. Robinson, Ur. A. E. Riohards and Ur. W. P.
Dr. Sedgewiok      )
Archbishop dePencier) That the minutes of the
first regular meeting of
October 21st be taken as
read, and confirmed.
Notice of appointment Qf Committee on
9 07 Curriculum and Calendar
James Henderson, Chairman
A. F. Barss
J. H. Turnbull
Sherwood Lett
G. A. Fergusson
93a        Roval Institution Scholarship. Junior Matriculation.
District 5. 1924
Archbishop dePencier)
Mr. Gordon ) That this award be made to
Clifford McGregor Brown.
Prom the Faculties
909 Beginners* Course in Language - Calendar Regulation
That except in the case of beginners' courses, no
course in language may be taken by a student who
has not offered that language at Matriculation;
and, ■f
Wednesday, December 16th, 1925
That a beginners' course in language may not be
taken for credit by a student who has obtained
credit for that language at Matrioulation.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Argue   ) That this regulation be adopted.
910 Junior Matriculation Options
Re increasing the number of optional subjects in
Junior Matriculation,-
That the scope of Junior Matriculation
options be not enlarged at the present time.
Dean Coleman        )
Archbishop dePencier) That the recommendation be
In amendment:
Mr. Fergusson)
Mr. Vanoe    ) That the report be referred back
to the Faculties for further consideration.
Amendment put to vote and lost
Motion pat and carried
911       Senior Matriculation in parts
The Faculties endorsed the following regulation,
proposed by the High School and University Matrioulation Board, and referred to the Faculties by
That a candidate for Senior Matriculation be
granted standing in each paper in which he
makes 50$ or over.  If the candidate takes the
whole examination at one time, however, he may
obtain standing by making an average of at least
50$ with a minimum of 40$ on each paper.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Argue   )  That the report be adopted. 432
Wednesday, Deoember 16th, 1925
In amendment
. (
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Clark )  That the recommendation be amended
by setting a time limit of four
years for these as for industrial
The motion and the amendment were withdrawn.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Gordon   ) That the matter be referred back
to the Faculties for further
912        Courses in Oriental Languages
The Special Committee on Oriental Languages
1. That the Faculty of Arts and Scienoe approve and
endorse a course of study of Oriental subjects to
be inaugurated in the University under the joint
au8pioes of the Vancouver Board of Trade and the
University Alumni Association in the academic year
1926-27, provided financial assurance is received
from responsible organizations sufficient to ensure the establishment of such a course and its
maintenance for a period of not less than five
years, without expense to the University Board of
2. That the courses offered be as follows:
1. Oriental Language (Japanese) (a) .... 3 units
2. "       •» "     (b) .... 3
3. "       " "     (c)....3
4. Oriental Literature    "   l%:
5. Oriental History and Political
Institutions   1-J-  "
6. Pacific Trade Relations   1-^  "
7. Economic Geography, Natural Resources,
Commercial and Finanoial Policies of
the Orient   l£  "
3. That Course 1 be open to students of the Seoond
and Third Years of the Faculty of Arts and Scienoe,
the other courses only to students of the Third
and Fourth Years.
n 433
Wednesday, December 16th, 1925
4.  That these courses be optional with certain existing courses leading to the degree of B.A., but
that credit be not given for Oriental Language (a)
unless it is followed by Oriental Language (b).
(See present Calendar, p.62, sec. 2); and that
students taking the Oriental Language courses be
advised to take concurrently or subsequently at
least courses 6 and 7.
It is estimated that the cost of this course of
study for five years will be somewhere between
$16,000 and $20,000.
Dean Coleman)
Ur. Lett    ) That the report be received and
taken up clause by clause.
Dean Coleman)
Ur. Lett    ) That the four clauses of the report
be adopted.
913 Award of Canadian Club Bursary
That the Canadian Club Bursary of $300, be
divided equally between the three candidates,
W. J. Inoe. W. G. Smith, and 0. E. Anderson.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Gordon  ) That this recommendation be adopted.
914 Proposed Changes in constitution of Alma Mater Society
Principal Vanoe)
Dr. Clark      ) That we receive the report and
consider it clause by clause.
Dean Brock)
Dr. Clark ) That the first paragraph of the
preamble be adopted.
Dr. Sedgewiok)
Mr. Fergusson) That the motion to take up the
report clause by clause be reconsidered.
Carried 434
'^ Wednesday, December  16th, 1925
^fc\ Dr. Sedgewick  )
^^ Principal Vance) That the motion already passed
be rescinded.
Principal Vance)
Mr. Scott      ) That this report be referred to
a committee the members of whioh
< would confer with the Faculty
Committee on Student Affairs and
a oommittee from the student
" , body, and to report back.
Mr. Gordon  )
Mr. Turnbull) That the Chair appoint the committee.
915        Exclusion of students at Christmas
Principal Vance     )
Archbishop dePencier) That the matter be left
over to the next meeting
and that in the meantime
copies of the recommendation
be sent to members of the
From the Faculties of Arts and Science and Applied Scienoe
916 Double Course
Second Year
On account of clash with Biology 1, instead of
Mathematics 2, Mathematics 2(o) only can be taken.
Recommend that Mathematics 2(c) be taken together
with a subject of the Third Year of the Double
Course to make up the necessary units, and that
Mathematics 4, Applied Soienoe, be added in Third
Year of Double Course in place of the subject
chosen for the Second Year.
Dean Brook  )
Mr. Turnbull) That the recommendation be adopted.
Prom the Faoulty of Arts and Scienoe
917 Education as a Minor for the M.A. Degree 435
Wednesday, December 16th, 1925
That the recommendation endorsed by Senate at its
meeting on February 20th, 1924, dealing with the
question of Education courses as a minor for the
M.A. degree, with the exception of the clause
'for the year 1923-24' and the clause 'that this
concession be not considered as a precedent' be
adopted as applying to the year 1924-25 and subsequent sessions.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Gordon  )
That the recommendation be adopted.
Courses and Credit for Summer Session
1.  That the policy of offering advanced courses in
the Summer Session be approved.
That the principle of giving credit for work
already taken and examinations passed in excess
of the 30 units required for the First and
Second Years, be endorsed.
3. That the Summer Session
maximum of four hours a
whole Summer Session.
students may carry a
day or six units for the
Dean Coleman   )
Principal Vance)
Clause 1.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Argue   )
Lett    )
That this report be received and
considered clause by clause.
That this clause be
That Clause 2 be referred back to
the Faoulty of Arts and Science, ask-
ing them to state definitely their
opinion, in the form of a report, in
regard to the granting of the B.A.
degree upon Summer Session work.
Clause 3.
Dean Coleman)
Ur. Gordon  )
That this clause be adopted.
Carried 436
Wednesday, December 16th, 1925
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Henderson) That the report as a whole, with
the exception of Clause 2, be
Ur. Gordon)
.. Mr. Scott ) That we suspend the order of business
and take up the second part of item 6.,
and item 7 in the order mentioned.
Canadian Club of Vancouver
Bursary for 1926
9 19
Archbishop dePencier)
Ur. Gordon )
Dean Brock  )
Dr. Williams)
That the Bursary be accepted and that a letter of
thanks be sent.
That a Senate Committee be appointed
by the Chair with power to act, to
award the Canadian Club Bursary
that the rec-
be able to
during the summer, so
ipients will know and
attend the session.
919 a
King    ) That a committee be appointed by the
Chair to bring in recommendations
on the following:
To define the functions of the Library
Committee, its relation to the Board, the
Senate and the various Faculties, and the
method of its appointment.
919 b
That the whole question of the
conduct and management of, and
discipline in.the Library be referred to the various faculties for
their recommendations.
' * 437
Wednesday, December 16th, 1925
From the Faculty of Applied Science
920 Royal Institution Scholarship. First Year Applied
Science, 1924
This was awarded to F. H. Sanders in the Spring
of 1924.  He already has had an extension of one
year and has applied for a second extension.  The
Committee recommends that his request be not
granted but that the Scholarship revert to
Philip L. Mathewson, the next in standing in
that year.
Dean Brook)
Mr. Gordon) That this report be adopted.
Mr. Argue   )
Mr. Turnbull) That we adjourn.


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