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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1953-08-28

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 Friday, August 28th, 1953 1968.
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1952-53 was
held on Friday, August 28th, 1953, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  Acting President Dean W. H. Gage (in the
Chair), Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dean H. F. Angus, Mr. F. C.
Boyes, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne, Dr. I. McTaggart-Cowan,
Dr. Roy Daniells, Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Miss Mary Fallis,
Dean H. c. Gunning, Dr. W. H. Hickman, Dr. R. D. James, Dr.
R. B. Kerr, Mr. F. M. Knapp, His Honour Judge A. E# Lord,
Dr. M. M. Maclntyre, Dean A. W. Matthews, Mr. Finlay A.
Morrison, Mr. J. Fred Muir, Mr. W. 0. Richmond, Dr. W. N.
Sage and Dr. W. S. Taylor.
In attendance, for discussion of item re School of
Commerce, Professor E. D. MacPhee.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, President
N. A. M. MacKenzie, Dean G. S. Allen, Mr. J. M. Buchanan, Mr.
F. Burd, Mr. Kenneth Caple, Dean S. N. F. Chant, Miss Mollie
Cottingham, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Mr. E. D. Fulton, Dr. A. E.
Grauer, Major H. C. Holmes, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mrs.
F. M. Ross, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dean M. M. Weaver, Dr. C. H.
Wright and Dr. G. M. Volkoff.
Dean Gage pointed out that since the last meeting
of Senate, three new Deans had been appointed by the Board of
Governors and would therefore become members of Senate Friday, August 28th, 1953       1969.
ex-officio:  Dr. H. C. Gunning, Dean of Applied Science; Dr.
G. S. Allen, Dean of Forestry; and Mr. G. C. Andrew, Dean
and Deputy to the President. On behalf of the Senate he
extended a welcome to Dean Allen in his new capacity, and
to Dean Gunning and Dean Andrew as new members.
Memorial to the Late Dr. R. C. Palmer
Before taking up the agenda, the Secretary read the
following memorial to the late Dr. Palmer, which was prepared
by the Committee on Memorial Minutes, in accordance with the
request made by Senate at its meeting on May 13th, 1953 J
"The Senate records its deep sense of deprivation and
loss in the death of Richard Claxton Palmer, whose
career was on March 26th brought to an abrupt and
untimely end. His connection with the University had
been a long one; he was a member of the first class
graduating in Agriculture and his academic record as
an undergraduate gave promise of the achievement that
was to come. As an alumnus he worked hard to promote
the highest interests of the University and his love
of learning was genuine and profound. He became, as
Superintendent of the Experimental Station at
Summerland, not only an authority on Horticulture but
a friend and benefactor of all who sought him out
with their own problems in the study and practice of
that science. His public appearances were many; the
practical wisdom mingled with sallies of wit in his
addresses made him much sought after. The University,
in recognition of his abilities and achievement, granted
him in 1946 the first honorary doctorate to be bestowed
on a graduate from its Faculty of Agriculture. Since
his death, the University has received at the hands of
a group of his friends and associates, the Palmer
Memorial Scholarship, established to assist university
graduates to continue studies in Horticulture and
related fields.
In the Senate his presence will be greatly missed; but
there, as elsewhere, — to quote from an address given
in the final months of his life — he "leaves the path
a little straighter, a little smoother, and a little
more clearly marked for those who come after." Friday, August 28th, 1953
Mr. Justice Clyne)
Dr. Daniells    )  That this memorial be inscribed on
the minutes of Senate and that a
copy be sent to Mrs. Palmer.
Reference was made to the death since the last
meeting of Senate of two friends of the University, Mr. J. A.
Campbell, a member of the University Senate from 1927-31, and
Mr. Chris Spencer, LL.D., a member of the Board of Governors
from 1919-35.  It was agreed that the Committee on Memorial
Minutes should be asked to prepare suitable memorials to Mr.
Campbell and Mr. Spencer.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Sage  )
Dean Eagles)  That the minutes of the fourth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1952-53,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Election of Representative of Senate
on the Board of Governors
Dean Eagles)
Dr. Sage  )  That His Honour Judge A. E. Lord be reappointed as a representative of Senate
on the Board of Governors for the
remainder of the term of office of the
present Senate, i.e., to May, 1954*
Mr. Justice Clyne)
Dr. Maclntyre   )  That nominations be closed.
The latter resolution having carried without dissent, Judge
Lord was declared appointed.
Senate Elections. 1954
With reference to the Senate Election, May, 1954, Friday, August 28th, 1953 1971.
the Secretary pointed out that it was the duty of Senate to
name the date and place for this election and to appoint
Dean Eagles)
Dr. Sage  )  That the Chair be asked to appoint a
small Committee to bring in recommendations
in this regard to the October meeting of
Annual Financial Report.
Year Ending March 31. 1953
A copy of the Annual Financial Report for the year
ended March 3lst, 1953, which was received by the Board of
Governors on June 19th, 1953, was received for information.
Dr. Daniells)
Dr. Cowan  )  That this Report be placed on file in
the office of the Secretary of Senate,
to be available to the members of Senate.
Appointment of Committees
It was reported that, in accordance with
instructions from Senate at its meeting on May 13th, the
President had appointed two Committees, as under-noted,
with the following membership:
On Proposed B. Com. Programme for
Chartered Accountants
Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman)
Dr. M. M. Maclntyre
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Mr. Finlay Morrison
Mr. K. P. Caple
Mr. J. Fred Muir. Friday, August 28th, 1953 1972,
On Courses with Low Registration
Dean H. F. Angus (Chairman)
Dr. R. D. James
Dr. Roy Daniells
Mr. G. D. Kennedy
Dean W. H. Gage
Dean G. C. Andrew.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Ph.D. Courses in Philosophy
and Psychology
A letter dated June 3rd was received from the
President advising that the Board of Governors on May 25th
had approved the establishment and maintenance of Ph.D.
courses in Philosophy and Psychology, on the understanding
that no students would be accepted before the Session 1954-55
and in accordance with the recommendation of Senate on
May 13th, 1953.
New Course and Change in Course
A letter dated June 3rd was received from the
President advising that the Board of Governors on May 25th
had approved the establishment and maintenance of a course
to be known as M.E. 473, and the change in M.E. 471, as
approved by Senate on May 13th, 1953.
The American Society for Metals
Foundation for Education and
Research Scholarship
A letter was received from the President reporting
that the above-named award had been accepted by the Board of Friday, August 28th, 1953       1973
Governors on May 25th, under the terms presented to and
approved by Senate on May 13th, 1953.
Acceptance of New Awards. Subject
to Approval by Senate
It was reported by letter dated June 25th that the
Board of Governors on June 19th had approved the acceptance
of the following new awards, subject to approval by Senate:
The Coronation Chapter. I.O.D.E.. Bursary
West Vancouver Kinsmen Club Book Prize.
It was reported by letter dated August 5th that the
Board of Governors on July 27th had approved the acceptance
of the following new awards, subject to approval by Senate:
The Women's Physical Education Scholarship Trust Fund
The H. Carl Goldenberg Book Prize
The Richard Claxton Palmer Scholarship
The Louis Lipsey Toohill Scholarships
The Vancouver Stock Exchange Scholarship
Appointment of Professor G. F. Drummond
as Professor Emeritus of Economics"
It was reported by letter dated August 5th from
Dean Gage, Acting President, that the Board of Governors at
its meeting on July 27th had learned with regret of the
retiral because of illness of Professor G. F. Drummond, after
a long connection with the University. In the circumstances,
the Board approved a recommendation, subject to approval by
Senate, that Professor Drummond be made Professor Emeritus
of Economics. Friday, August 28th, 1953      1974.
Report on Registration. Summer Session. 1953
Report on Registration. Courses under Department
of University Extension. Summer. 1953
A report dated August 28th on Summer Session
Registration, giving comparative figures for the years 1946
to 1953 inclusive, was received from the Registrar, and taken
for information. An increase in the total registration from
971 in 1952 to 1,045 in 1953 was noted. Also received was a
report on registration by courses and a summary of examination
results for the Summer Session.
A report on registration in courses offered by the
Department of University Extension, Summer, 1953, was
received as part of the "Report on Extra-curricular Summer
Session Courses, 1953", prepared by the Department of
University Extension. Copies of this report were circulated
for the information of Senate. An increase in registration
from 232 in 1952 to 345 in 1953 was noted.
In connection with this latter report, Dean Gage
mentioned the retirement on August 31st, 1953, of Dr. G. M.
Shrum as Director of the Department of University Extension.
Judge Lord)
Dr. James )  That Senate extend to Dr. Shrum its very
sincere thanks for his work as Director of
the Department of University Extension.
From the Faculties
Examination Results, Summer Session.
and Candidates for Degrees in
Faculty of Arts andScience
A list of candidates who had completed the requirements for degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the Friday, August 28th, 1953      1975.
Summer Session was received from the Secretary of the Faculty
under cover of a letter dated August 28th.
Dr. Daniells)
Judge Lord )  That the degrees of Bachelor of Arts,
Honours, Bachelor of Arts, General Course,
Bachelor of Home Economics, Bachelor of
Physical Education and Bachelor of
Education be conferred on the candidates
listed for the degrees for which they
have qualified.
Summary of Sessional Examination
Results. 1952^53
A summary of examination results in all faculties
for the Session 1952-53 was submitted by the Registrar.
Dr. Daniells)
Mr. Boyes  )  That this report be received.
Recommendation that Certain Students
be Required to Withdraw
A list dated August 28th of students who had
failed in two successive sessions in the work of the same
year was received.
In this connection a letter dated August 20th from
one of the students listed, Mr. Shiu-Kei G. Lau, was read.
Judge Lord )
Dr. Daniells) That the students listed, in the Faculties
of Arts and Science, Applied Science and
Agriculture, including Mr. Lau, be
required to withdraw.
Course Changes
New Course. Geography 404
It was reported that the Faculty of Arts and Science Friday, August 28th, 1953      1976.
on August 28th had approved the recommendation of the Department of Geology and Geography that the following new course
be approved for the Session 1953-54, and that the question of
its permanent inclusion in the Calendar be referred to the
Curriculum Committee for recommendation:
The Geography of the Soviet Union
The physical, human and regional geography of the
Soviet Union, the theme of the course being the
evolution of the Soviet cultural landscapes, i.e.
the development of regional differentiation.
Particular emphasis is placed upon the expansion
of the settlement frontier, the relationship
between the physical environment and the occupation
of various regions, the distribution, the character
and use of resources, and the rural and urban
settlement patterns of the Soviet Union.
Lectures, laboratories and seminars
will be held. 3 units.
Dr. Cowan)
Mr. Boyes) That this new course be approved, as
Course Changes - Social Work
It was reported that the following resolutions had
been approved for recommendation to Senate by the Council of
the School of Social Work on May 8th, 1953:
1. That each of S.W. 506, 511 and 575 be reduced from
1^ to 1 unit.
2. That a new course, S.W. 500, appropriate title,
description and unit value to be decided, be provided
to give students specializing in Case Work or Group
Work respectively, a knowledge of methods in the
other field.
Mr. Boyes  )
Dean Gunning) That the reduction in course values and
the new course, S.W. 500, as recommended,
be approved.
Carried. Friday, August 28th, 1953      1977.
Dean A. W« Matthews, re Changes in
Regulations of the Pharmaceutical
Association of British Columbia
A letter dated August 6th from Dean Matthews was
read for the information of Senate, reporting on certain
changes pertaining to regulations in respect to practical
training in Pharmacy presently being implemented by the
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia.
One change of particular interest to the Faculty of Pharmacy
was noted, whereby provision was made for the one year of
practical training required, to be taken subsequent to
graduation from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University
of British Columbia.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Awards and Postponements
Lists No. 2 and 3, dated June 1st and July 15th,
1953, respectively, of awards of scholarships and prizes
made on the basis of results of work done in the Winter
Session 1952-53, were circulated for the information of
The following recommendations re postponements
were received from Dean Gage, Chairman:
That Donald Allen McCoy be given postponement of
The Hobbs Glass Scholarship, $250.00, (now known
as The Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Limited
Scholarship) for a period of one year;
That no further postponement be granted in the case
of Barrie Lucas, who, in May, 1952, was awarded a Friday, August 28th, 1953        1973,
scholarship in Slavonic Studies, $125.00. Mr. Lucas
is not returning to the University this session;
That Miss Roberta C. Stevenson be granted a postponement of a Royal Institution Scholarship, $200.00,
for one year, during which time she will be taking
Increase in Amount of Royal
Institution Scholarships
Because no candidate qualified in Area 11 for the
University Scholarship for University Entrance, $175.00, and
the Chris Spencer Foundation Scholarship for University
Entrance, $225.00, it was recommended that the sum of $400.00
available be divided equally between the two leading
candidates who won Royal Institution Scholarships, as follows,
on the understanding that if either of the candidates
relinquishes the Scholarship the same arrangement will hold
for the candidate selected to take his place.
Robert Hugh Veach
Royal Institution Scholarship $200.00
From University  37.50
From Chris Spencer Foundation 112.50
Barbara Lucy Morrison
Royal Institution Scholarship $200.00
From University  37.50
From Chris Spencer Foundation 112.50
Increase in Amount of Award
It was reported for information that the
Worthington Memorial Chapter, I.O.D.E., had increased its
annual bursary from $100.00 to $250.00. Friday, August 28th, 1953      1979.
It was reported for information that the endowment
for the Laura Holland Scholarship had been increased, and that
the value of the scholarship would be increased accordingly,
from $200.00 to $262.50 per annum.
Establishment of Scholarship Fund
It was reported for information that the Women's
Physical Education Scholarship Trust Fund had been established.
It was noted that miscellaneous donations from various Physical
Education activities would be placed in this fund and that the
exact terms of the scholarship would be defined later.
It was reported for information that the late Miss
Marion Alice Shaffer had made provision in her Will for a
bequest of $7,000.00 to the University of British Columbia,
to provide an annual gift of $25.00 to the Student Christian
Science Society of The University of British Columbia as long
as that Society shall be recognized as a student organization
in good standing by the Alma Mater Society, and to endow the
W. D, Shaffer Bursaries, which she had previously given on
an annual basis.
It was reported also that the late Mr. Louis Lipsey
Toohill had bequeathed the sum of $40,000.00 to the University
for scholarships and the following Calendar description of
these awards was recommended for approval: I
Friday, August 28th, 1953       1930.
The Louis Lipsey Toohill Scholarships
From a fund established by a bequest from the late
Louis Lipsey Toohill, two scholarships of $500.00 each
are available annually for students in the Faculty of
Medicine.  An additional scholarship for the same
amount is available every third year.  In accordance
with the terms of the bequest the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries gives
preference to students requiring financial assistance
and showing aptitude for study related to research
in cancer, arthritis, and rheumatism.
New Awards
Dean Gage presented the recommendations of his
Committee that the following new awards be accepted, under
the terms set out:
The Coronation Chapter. I.O.D.E.. Bursary
A bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Coronation
Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be awarded to a woman student
proceeding from high school to First Year studies at
the University. It will be awarded to a student who
needs financial assistance and whose qualities of
scholarship and character give promise of service to
the Commonwealth and Empire.
The Vancouver Stock Exchange Scholarship
This scholarship of $250.00, the gift of the Vancouver
Stock Exchange, is available annually for a student in
the finance option in the course leading to the degree
of B. Com.  It will be awarded on the recommendation of
the School to a Third Year student proceeding to the
Final Year. During the final year the student will be
required to undertake, along with his courses, certain
training duties in the School related to the field of
West Vancouver Kinsmen Club Book Prize
This prize of books to the value of $25.00 is awarded
to the Third Year student in the degree course in
Physical Education for proficiency in physical
education skills (aquatics). Friday, August 28th, 1953       1931,
The H. Carl Goldenberg Book Prize
This book prize, the gift of H. Carl Goldenberg, Esq.,
will be awarded annually to a deserving student in the
Faculty of Law.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants
of British Columbia Bursary
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of British Columbia, will be
awarded at the discretion of the Director of the
School of Commerce to a student registered in the
Second Year of the Accounting option and proceeding
to the Third Year. Selection of the winner will be
made on the basis of scholastic standing and
financial need.
The Institute of Fisheries Fellowship
A fellowship of $1,500.00 is available annually in the
Institute of Fisheries to a student proceeding to the
doctorate degree. Selection will be made on the basis
of scholastic attainment and promise of ability in
research. The fellowship may be renewed for a second
year provided that the work of the student has been of
high quality. An additional amount may be made
available to defray costs of research.
The British Columbia Japanese Canadian
Citizens' Association Entrance Scholarship
A scholarship of $ , the gift of the British
Columbia Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association, will
be available annually for a Japanese Canadian student
residing in British Columbia and proceeding from
Grade XII or Grade XIII to a full course of study at
the University of British Columbia. The award will
be made on the basis of scholastic ability, character,
and promise of achievement. In making the award,
consideration will be given to interest and
participation in extra-curricular activities. Winner
of the award will be selected by the University in
consultation with the Association. Application, on
forms obtainable from the Association or from the
Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver 8, B. C,
must be received by the University not later than
August 15th. Friday, August 28th, 1953      1932.
The Peter A. Schwerdt Peace River Entrance
Scholarships (Funds provided through U.B.C.
Alumni Development Fund; terms subject to
amendment later)
Two scholarships of $500.00 each, the gift of Mr. Peter
A. Schwerdt, are available for students residing in the
Peace River District and proceeding from Grade XII or
Grade XIII to a full course of study at the University
of British Columbia. The awards will be made to
students with high academic standing who, by their
interest in extra-curricular and community activities,
have indicated outstanding character and promise of
achievement. Further details may be obtained from the
Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver 3, B. C.
Applications must be received not later than
August 15th.
The Western Plywood Company Limited Bursaries
Bursaries to the total of $250.00, the gift of the
Western Plywood Company Limited, are offered to Forestry
or Forest Engineering students entering the Third or
Fourth Year who, in addition to having good scholastic
standing, have demonstrated a genuine interest in human
relations by their extra-curricular activities or their
training in the humanities at the University, or both.
Candidates will be interviewed by a committee which
will judge their special qualifications. Other
considerations equal, the student in circumstances of
greatest need will be given preference. Application
should be made by letter in which the candidate
outlines his qualifications. The letter must be
received by the Dean of Administrative and Inter-
Faculty Affairs not later than August 15th.
The Richard Claxton Palmer Scholarship
This scholarship of $  is endowed by colleagues
and other friends of the late Richard Claxton Palmer,
B.S.A., M.S.A., D.Sc, Superintendent of the Experimental
Station at Summerland and one-time member of the Senate
of this University, as a Memorial to his private
friendships, his public service, and his contributions
in the field of science. It is offered to a graduate
of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of
British Columbia who is proceeding to graduate study
in this or any other approved university. Applicants
should show evidence of scholarship and of ability to
carry on investigation or research; in making the award,
preference will be shown to a candidate engaged in
continuing studies in Horticulture or related fields
of Agriculture. Friday, August 28th, 1953      1933.
Mr. Knapp  )
Mr. Morrison) That the recommendations submitted by the
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries with respect to postponement of
awards, increase in awards, and acceptance
of new awards, be approved and that
appropriate letters be sent to the donors.
Dean Gage also reported, unofficially, that the
Pacific Brewers' Agents Limited had made a tentative proposal
to offer ten scholarships of $500.00 each for students
entering the University from the high schools. He asked for
an expression of opinion from Senate and it was unanimously
agreed that such awards would be acceptable.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus presented the recommendation of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees, that the degree of Doctor of
Laws, honoris causa, be conferred at the Fall Congregation
on Mr. £i,  M. Sale, President, Ford Motor Company of Canada
Limited, and Mr. Percy B. Bengough, President, Trades and
Labour Congress of Canada.
Dean Angus )
Dean Eagles)  That this recommendation be approved.
Professors Emeriti
The following recommendations were received from
the Committee on Professors Emeriti:
That Hector John J. MacLeod be appointed Dean
Emeritus of Applied Science;
That Alden F, Barss be appointed Professor Emeritus
of Horticulture; Friday, August 28th, 1953       1934.
That W. A, Clemens and George J. Spencer be appointed
Professors Emeriti of Zoology;
That Walter N. Sage be appointed Professor Emeritus
of History; and
That George F. Drummond, who was retiring because of
illness, be appointed Professor Emeritus of Economics.
It was noted that these recommendations had been approved by
the Board of Governors, subject to approval by Senate.
It was further recommended that in view of the
retirement of the Chairman of this Committee, Dr. W. N. Sage,
that the Committee be re-constituted as follows:
Dean G. F. Curtis, Chairman
Mr. J. Biely
Dr. I. McTaggart Cowan
Chancellor Sherwood Lett)
President N. MacKenzie  )  ex-officio
Dean G. C. Andrew      )
Mir. 0. B. Wood        )
Judge Lord )
Miss Fallis)  That the recommendations re appointments
to the rank of Professor Emeritus be
approved, but that the reconstitution of
the Committee be referred to the President
for recommendation to Senate.
On Proposed Chartered Accountants -
B. Com. Pro gramme
Dr. James presented the report of the Senate
Committee on the Proposed Chartered Accountants - B. Com.
Programme, copies of which had been circulated prior to the
meeting.  The following recommendations contained in the
Report were read:
That the proposals contained in this report be
accepted for the present and that the School of
Commerce be therefore authorized to conduct a Friday, August 28th, 1953       1935,
seven-weeks session in May, 1954, provided the
enrolment is sufficient to meet the costs involved.
That the Chairman of Senate appoint a Committee to
review further the matters dealt with in this Report,
to be available for consultation by the Joint Committee
of the University and the Institute on the application
of policies defined in this report, and to prepare for
Senate a further report to be considered after the
conclusion of Summer School, 1954.
Dr. James  )
Mr. Morrison)  That this report, including the
recommendations set forth above, be
Autumn Congregation
Dean Gage reported that Mr. R. M. Sale, President
of the Ford Motor Company of Canada, had accepted an invitation
extended to him by Dr. MacKenzie to deliver the Address at
the Fall Congregation.
Victoria College
Dr. Hickman stated that since the College Council
had not met during the summer months, he had nothing to report.
President. College of Dental
Surgeons of British Columbia
Dean Gage reported that a letter had been received
from Dr. E. C. Jones, President, The Council of the College
of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia, requesting a copy of
the Ranta report on the establishment of a Dental Faculty at
The University of British Columbia. He reported that he had
discussed this matter with Dr. Ranta and recommended that Friday, August 28th, 1953      1986,
Dr. Jones be advised that Senate would prefer not to release
this report since it was prepared in 1952 for the guidance
of Senate, and its statistical content was now outdated, and
since it contained the recommendation that a review of the
dental situation in British Columbia should be undertaken
again after 1955, or after the Faculty of Medicine has been
in full operation for two years.
Mr. Justice Clyne)
Judge Lord      )  That this recommendation be approved.
Further in this connection Dean Gage reported the receipt of
a letter from Mrs. H. Lattey, Provincial Health Chairman,
British Columbia Parent-Teacher Federation, inquiring whether
the University is considering establishing a Dental School.
Chairman. S.C.M. Study Group
A letter was received from Miss Lois Bennett,
Student Chairman, Student Christian Movement study group,
enclosing Copy of the conclusions of a study on the purposes
of education, which stressed the need for religious education
at each academic level. It was agreed that this letter and
the conclusions should be received and filed, and an
acknowledgement sent to Miss Bennett.
Other Business
Dean Gage referred to the Summer Session Conference
on Education which was held on the campus August 6th, 7th and
8th, 1953, sponsored jointly by the Summer Session Committee
and the School of Education, with the theme "Conflicting Friday, August 28th, 1953      1937.
Theories of Education." It was noted that this Conference
was held on the original suggestion of Mr. Kenneth Caple,
that details were worked out by Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, who
acted as Chairman, and that Mr. David Corbett and Dean G. C.
Andrew had contributed greatly to the general organization.
Dr. Sage  )
Dr. Hickman) That letters of appreciation for their
part in this Conference be sent to the
four gentlemen named.
Dr. James moved a vote of thanks, which was endorsed,
to Dean Gage for his report on scholarship awards.
Dean Gage mentioned for information that the appointment of Mr. Colin B. MacKay as President had been announced
by the University of New Brunswick. It was noted that Mr.
MacKay had received his LL.B. degree from the University of
British Columbia in 1949.
Dr. Sage    )
Dr. Maclntyre)  That a letter of congratulation be sent
to Mr. MacKay, as the first graduate
from this University to become President
of a Canadian university.
There being no further business,
Dr. James )
Dean Angus)  That the meeting adjourn.
Cy4Lt*siyc</   xT, Co crw£
PlVia irman . v/


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