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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1957-10-16

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 Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  24G5
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1957-58 was
held on Wednesday, October 16th, 1957, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean G.S. Allen, Dr. W.J. Anderson, Dean G.C Andrew, Mr,
C.B. Bourne, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. K.P, Caple, Mr, A.W.R.
Carrothers, Dean S.N.F. Chant, The Honourable Mr. Justice
J.V. Clyne, Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Mr. L.G.R. Crouch, Mr. G.D.
Darling, Dean B.A. Eagles, Miss M.M. Fallis, Dr. J.G. Foulks,
Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dean W.H. Gage, Mr. B.C. Gillie, Mr. H.C
Gilliland, Mr. C.C Gourlay, Dr. W.H, Hickman, Dr. R.D. James,
Dr. F.H. Johnson, Mr. F.M. Knapp, Mr. L.J. Ladner, Col. II.T.
Logan, The Honourable Mr. Justice A.E. Lord, Dean E.D. MacPhee,
Dean A.W. Matthews, Dean M.D. Mawdsley, Mr. F.A. Morrison,
Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Mrs. L.E. Ranta, Dr. B. Savery, Dean N.V.
Scarfe, Mr. P.J. Sharp, Dr. R.F. Sharp, Dean F.H. Soward,
Dr. H.V, Warren, Mr. A.A. Webster, Mr. L.G.J. Wong, Rev. H.F.
Woodhouse, Dr. C.A.H. Wright, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky, Dr. J.K,
Friesen and Mr. Neal Harlow.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor A.E, Grauer, Mr, J.M.
Buchanan, Miss Mollie Cottingham, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dean
H.C Gunning, Major H.C, Holmes, Dr. M.F. McGregor, Dr. F.
Noakes, Dr. F.P. Patterson and the Rev. W.S. Taylor. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2466
Information Officer
Dr. MacKenzie introduced to the members of Senate
Mr. James Banham, Information Officer replacing Mr,
Edwin Parker.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Scarfe)
Dean Chant )  That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1956-57,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
He-appointment of Representative
of the High School Principals
and Assistants on Senate
Notice was received from the B. C Teachers'
Federation that Mr. B. C. Gillie had been re-appointed to
the Senate as representative of the secondary school
teachers of British Columbia, for the term June 1st, 1957
to May 31st, 1960.
Appointment of Standing and
ad hoc Committees for the
Session 1957-58
The appointment of standing and ad hoc committees
of Senate, and of Senate representatives on University
committees, for the Session 1957-58, had been referred to
the Chair in consultation with members of Senate and of the
Faculties concerned.  The Secretary read the membership of
each of these committees for 1956-57, changes for 1957-58,
and terms of reference.  It was agreed that the Committees
on Catholic Education, on Roman Catholic Theological College, Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2467
on Religious Studies, on Senate Elections, and on the
Granting of a Bachelor of Science Degree by this University
should be discharged because they had carried out the duties
delegated to them by the Senate; and that the Committees on
Policy in Respect of Competitive and Inter-collegiate
Athletics and on Compulsory Physical Education Programme
should be integrated with the Committee on Recreation,
Athletics and Physical Education.  Membership in committees
for 1957-58 was as follows:  (The Chancellor, the President,
the Dean and Deputy to the President, and the Registrar,
unless otherwise listed, are ex-officio members of all
Senate committees)
Mr. Kenneth P. Caple (Chairman)
Mr. James A. Banham (Secretary)
Dr. C.A.H. Wright
Dr. H, V. Warren
Mr. J, Stuart Keate
Miss Mollie Cottingham
Mr. Aubrey Roberts
Dean F. H. Soward (Chairman)
Mr. G.O.B, Davies (Secretary)
Dean M, Dorothy Mawdsley
Dean G. F. Curtis
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean H.C Gunning
Dean Blythe A. Eagles
Dean A. W. Matthews
Dean John W. Patterson
Dean George Allen
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. K. P. Caple
The Hon, Mr. Justice A. E. Lord
Miss Mollie Cottingham
Dean E. D. MacPhee
Dean G. M. Shrum
Dean N. V. Scarfe Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2468
President N.A.M. MacKenzie (Chairman)
Chancellor Emeritus E. W. Hamber
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. Allan H. Finlay
Mr, J.E.A. Parnall
Lt.Col. J. F. McLean, O.C, U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C.
Lt.Cmdr. E.S.W. Belyea, O.C, U.N.T.D.
W/C R. G. Herbert, O.C, R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary)
University Flight
President, Alma Mater Society
Mr. II. T. Logan (Chairman)
Dr. Harry Hickman
Dr. W. N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. J.J.R. Campbell
Mr. L.G.R. Crouch
Miss Mollie Cottingham
Mr. H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Mr. B. C Binning
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley
Dean Blythe Eagles (Chairman)
Dr. V. C. Brink
Mr. Jacob Biely
Dean John W. Patterson (Chairman)
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dr. Harold Copp
Dr. S.M. Friedman
Dean W, H. Gage
Dr. R. B. Kerr
A Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2469
Committee re Establishing
School of Rehabilitation. Cont'd.
Dr. J. F. McCreary
Dean E, D. MacPhee
Dean G. C Andrew
Dr. James M. Mather
Mr. N. T, Nemetz
Dr. J. M. Mather (Chairman)
Dr. L. E, Ranta
Dean W. H. Gage
Dr. G. M. Volkoff
Dr. S. M. Friedman
Dr. T.M.C Taylor
Mr, J.E.A. Parnall
Dean John W. Patterson
Mr. N. T. Nemetz
Dr. P. A. Larkin (Chairman)
Dr. W. S. Hoar (Secretary)
President N.A.M. MacKenzie
Dean F. H. Soward
Dean G. F, Curtis
Dean G, C Andrew
Dean II. C. Gunning
Dr, W. A. Clemens
Dean G. M. Shrum
Mr, E. S. Pretious
Dean E. D. MacPhee
Mr, J, Biely
Dr. Ian McT. Cowan
Dr. J. K. Friesen
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dr. John Deutsch
The Fisheries Research - Dr. A.W.H. Needier, Director,
Board Pacific Biological Station
Dr. H.L.A. Tarr, Director,
Fisheries Experimental Station
The International     - Mr. Loyd Royal
Sockeye Salmon
Commission Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2470
Advisory Committee on Research to
Institute of Fisheries. Cont'd.
The International     - Mr. H. A. Dunlop
Fisheries Commission
The Dominion Department of Fisheries
The Provincial Game
The Fisheries Ass'n.
of B. C.
The B. C Packers
The Canadian Fishing
The B. C Research
The University of
British Columbia
- Mr. A. J. Whitmore, Chief
Supervisor of Fisheries
Mr. W, R, Hourston, in charge
of B. C Division of Fish
Culture and Development
- Mr, F. R. Butler, Commissioner
- Mr. J. M, Buchanan, President
- Mr. R, Walker, President
Dr. C R. Elsey
- Mr. R. T. Hager and/or a
representative from the
Company's research laboratory
- Dr. P. C Trussell, Head,
Division of Biology
- President N.A.M. MacKenzie,
and Chairman of Committee on
Fisheries and staff of the
The Hon. Mr, Justice J, V, Clyne (Chairman)
Dean G, C Andrew
Dr. I. McT. Cowan
Dean W. H. Gage
Dr. R. F. Sharp
Dean A. W. Matthews (Chairman)
Dean W. H. Gage
The Hon. Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne
Dr. II. V. Warren
Dr. R. D. James
Dean S.N.F. Chant Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2471
Committee on Recreation,, Athletics
and Physical Education. Cont'd.
Dr. Malcolm F. McGregor
Dr. James M, Mather
Mr, R. F. Osborne
Miss M. Fallis
Dean H. C Gunning
The Hon. Mr. Justice A. E. Lord
Dean G. F. Curtis
Mr. Neal Harlow (Chairman)
Dean G. C Andrew
Mr. L.G.R. Crouch
Dr. 11. F. Sharp
Miss Mary Fallis
Mr. Kenneth P. Caple
Dr. Marvin Darrach
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean W. H. Gage
Dean E. D. MacPhee
Dr. J. R. Mcintosh
Dr, F. H. Johnson
Dr. S. A. Jennings
Dr. J. M. Mather (Chairman)
Dr. F. Hebb
Dr. A. K, Young
Dean G. C Andrew
Dean W. H. Gage
Dr. James S. Tyhurst
Mr. G.O.B. Davies (Chairman)
Mr, R. Baker (Secretary)
Mr. B. C Binning
Mr. K. P. Caple
Dr. R. Daniells
Mr. J. S. Keate
Mr. H. T. Logan
Mr. S. Read
Mrs, Frank Ross Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2472
Dean Neville Scarfe (Chairman)
Mrs. G. Birkett (Secretary)
Miss C Black
Mr. E. Belyea
Mrs. Helen McCrae
Miss II, E. Mallory
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Dr. R. Potashin
Miss Grace Dolmage
Mr. R. G. Herbert
Dr. K. Naegele
Mr. H. D. Whittle
Miss Mary Fallis
Mrs. C Borden
Miss Marjorie V, Smith
Dr. James S. Tyhurst
Dean W. II, Gage (Chairman)
Dean G. F. Curtis
Mr. F. A. Morrison.
Appointment of Library Committee
for the Session 1957-58
The Secretary read the list of nominees from the
Faculties to the Senate Library Committee for 1957-58, as
(Dr. I. McT, Cowan
Arts and Science  - (Dr. Marion B. Smith
(Dr. M. F. McGregor
Applied Science  - Dr. W. H. Mathews
Agriculture      - Dr. W, J. Anderson
Law - Mr. E.C.E. Todd
Pharmacy - Mr. Finlay A. Morrison
Graduate Studies  - Dr. K. C. McTaggart
Medicine - Dr. S. M. Friedman
Forestry - Dean G. S, Allen
Education        - Mr, J. Katz
Commerce - Mr. R. M, Bain.
Additional members of this Committee were the
three appointees of the Chairman of Senate: Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2473
Dr. C. Reid
Dr. A. D, Moore
Dr. R. E. Waiters,
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
on August 26th, 1957, had approved extra-sessional credit
courses for 1957-58 and new courses, as recommended by Senate
August 23rd, and had approved the recommendation of Senate
that the staff and students of the School of Forestry of
Sopron University now here be constituted a Division of the
Faculty of Forestry, to function and be administered as a
School of the Faculty of Forestry.
From the Faculties
Candidates for Degrees
and Diplomas
The list of candidates recommended for degrees and
diplomas at the Autumn Congregation, 1957, by their
respective Faculties, had been circulated at the meeting.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That candidates listed for degrees in the
Faculty of Arts and Science be awarded
the degree for which they have qualified.
Mr. Crouch)
Dr. James )  That the candidates listed as having
completed requirements for degrees in the
Faculty of Applied Science, including
Architecture and Nursing, be awarded the
degree for which they have qualified.
It was agreed that the case of Mr. Neal Arthur Wood, Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2474
who had completed requirements for the degree of B.A.Sc.
other than compulsory Physical Education, should be left
with the President, the Dean of the Faculty and Dean Gage,
with power to act.
Dean Eagles )
Dr. Anderson) That the degree of Bachelor of Science
in Agriculture, be awarded to the
students listed.
Dean Matthews)
Mr. Morrison )  That the degree of Bachelor of Science
in Pharmacy be awarded to the students
Dr, Friedman)
Dr, Foulks  )
That the degree of Doctor of Medicine
be awarded to the students listed.
Dean MacPhee)
Mr, Wong   )
That the degree of Bachelor of Commerce
be awarded to the students listed,
including a posthumous award of this
degree in the case of Matthew Henry
Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Johnson)
That the candidates listed for the degrees
of Bachelor of Education (graduate
programme), Bachelor of Education
(secondary programme) and Bachelor of
Education (elementary programme) be
awarded the degree for which they have
Dean Soward)
Dr. Cowan )
That the candidates listed for degrees
in the Faculty of Graduate Studies be
awarded the degree for which they have
Carried. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2475
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the candidates for Diplomas in
Hospital Administration, Clinical
Teaching and Supervision, and Public
Health Nursing, be awarded the diploma
for which they have qualified.
The Secretary reported that there were 407
candidates for degrees at the forthcoming Congregation,
compared to 320 at the Autumn Congregation, 1956.
Recommendations re
Membership in Faculties
The Secretary read the recommendations of Faculties
as to membership in Faculties for the Session 1957-58,
Dean Matthews)
Mr, Morrison )  That Mr. J. G, Moir be granted Faculty
status for the Session 1957-58,
Dean MacPhee)
Mr. Wong   )  That Mr. P. Lusztig, Mr, D. Aird, Mr.
D. B, Fields and Mr. J. B. Ferguson be
granted Faculty status for the Session
Course Changes and
New Courses
Faculty of Applied Science
The Faculty of Applied Science, at its meeting
on October 10th, 1957, had recommended to Senate that the
Agricultural Engineering programme be suspended for the
next two years because of the small number of students
enrolled (only one or two).  Dean Andrew explained that this
referred to suspension of Agricultural Engineering as an
administrative unit, but that teaching in Agricultural Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2476
Mechanics under the Faculty of Agriculture would continue,
and that engineering problems as related to Agriculture
would be studied under the Departments of Civil and
Mechanical Engineering.
The Faculty of Applied Science also recommended
approval of a new course Economics 450, Principles of
Economics, as a substitute for Civil Engineering 475
(Engineering Economics),
Mr. Crouch)
Dean Gage )  That these recommendations of the Faculty
of Applied Science be approved.
Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty of Medicine, at the meeting on
October 9th, 1957, had approved and recommended to Senate
a new course, Pathology 503, a lecture-demonstration course
in General Pathology designed for candidates for Fellowship
or Certification.  It was noted that this course was not
intended at present to carry credit in the Faculty of
Graduate Studies.
Dr. Cowan  )
Dr. Friedman)  That this new course be approved as
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies, at the meeting
on October 15th, 1957, had approved and recommended to Senate
a new course, Anatomy 511 (3), Selected topics in advanced
neuroanatomy. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2477
Dr. Friedman)
Dr, Foulks  )  That the new course Anatomy 511 be
approved as outlined.
Additional Extra-sessional
Courses. 1957-58
The Department of University Extension, in
consultation with the appropriate Deans, recommended the
following changes in extra-sessional credit courses for
Courses added:
English 400
Miss E. Baxter
Home Economics 103 Mrs. F.C Leroux
Education 400
Education 332
Education 508
Mr. H.G. Wedge
Mr. G. Manson
Mr. F, Hardwick
2.  Courses confirmed or changed:
Education 552
Education 411
Education 410
Education 530
3. Courses cancelled:
Philosophy 100
Education 552
Education 558
4. Courses expanded:
Mr. R. MacKenzie
Mr, J, Findlay
Dr. J. Stewart
Mr. E. Dunn
Dawson Creek
Dr, B. Savery
Mr. R, MacKenzie
Mr. H. Abbott
English 200 - campus - expanded from one section to three
Education 552 - Burnaby - expanded from one section to two.
Dean Scarfe)
Dean Gage  )  That these changes in the programme of
extra-sessional credit courses for
1957-58 be approved, subject to approval
of the Board of Governors,
Carried, Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2478
Faculty of Medicine
Mr. B, Flather
The Senate on August 24th, 1956, had approved a
recommendation of the Faculty of Medicine that Mr. Barrie
Flather be required to withdraw from that Faculty for the
Session 1956-57; and had authorized the President to appoint
a small committee to consult with Mr. Flather in case he
wished to apply for re-admission in 1957-58.
This committee had met in August, 1957, and had
recommended that Mr. Flather's application for re-admission
to Third Year Medicine be accepted, with due warning to Mr.
Flather of Calendar regulations in respect to examinations
and advancement.  Pending action by Senate, Mr, Flather had
been permitted to register and to attend classes.
Dr. Friedman)
Dr. Foulks  )  That Senate approve the recommendation
of the committee that Mr. Flather be
re-admitted to Third Year Medicine.
Mr. S. 0. Akintobi
The Faculty of Medicine on October 9th, 1957, had
recommended to Senate that Mr. S. 0. Akintobi, who had
failed in four subjects of First Year Medicine in May, 1957,
had been granted special supplementals and in August, 1957,
had failed in three of these subjects, should be required to
withdraw from the Faculty of Medicine.  Mr. Akintobi's appeal
against this recommendation had been considered by the
Senate Committee on Student Appeals. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2479
In reporting for the Committee, Dean Gage stated
that, while in ordinary circumstances the Committee would
have no hesitation in supporting the recommendation of the
Faculty, it had been impressed with Senate's concern in the
past for students from other countries.  As a result, the
Committee recommended "that provided he can give assurances
of full financial support and of his ability to devote full
time to his studies, Mr. Akintobi be permitted to repeat
First Year Medicine on probation."
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant) That the report and recommendation of the
Committee be approved, and that Mr,
Akintobi be permitted to repeat First
Year Medicine on probation, provided that
the Nigerian Government is fully aware of
the circumstances of his re-admission and
is prepared to support him.
Dean Gage expressed his thanks to the members of
the Committee, and to the Faculty of Medicine for its
sympathetic attitude throughout the deliberations of the
Faculty of Arts and Science -
re Supplementals
The Faculty of Arts and Science, on October 9th,
1957, had approved and recommended to Senate that regulation
1(a) under "Supplementals", page 82 of the 1957-58 Calendar,
be amended to read:
"In the Winter Session, a candidate will be granted a
supplemental in a subject which he has taken during
the Session provided -
(i)  he has written the final examination and has Wednesday, October 16th, 19_57 2480
obtained a final grading in the subject of not
less than 40%
(ii)  he has obtained at least nine units of credit in
that Session,  In any one Session, no candidate
will be granted supplementals in more than three
uni t s,"
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the regulations in connection with
supplemental examinations in the Faculty
of Arts and Science be amended as
recommended by that Faculty.
v>tJL* X _L v^G. •
Faculty of Graduate Studies -
Re Time Limit for Master's
The Faculty of Graduate Studies, on October 15th,
1957, had approved and recommended to Senate a resolution
that Master's candidates be required to complete their
programmes within five years, and that the approval of the
Executive Committee be necessary for any extension beyond
this period; this regulation to appear in subsequent issues
of the University Calendar.
Dean Soward)
Dean Gage  )  That a time limit of five years for
completion of a Master's degree programme
be established, as recommended.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and
List No. 5 of Fellowships, Scholarships, Prizes,
and Bursaries, dated October 16th, 1957, had been circulated.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Soward)  That the students whose names appear on
this List No. 5 be granted the awards for
which they are recommended.
Carried. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2481
New Awards and Changes
in Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards was
recommended, under the terms of award indicated:
The Edith Cavell Hospital Bursary
A bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Edith Cavell
Hospital, Vancouver, is offered to undergraduates
in any year and faculty who are beginning or
continuing their University studies.  It will be
awarded to a worthy and deserving student who
needs financial assistance.
The Mathilde Maclnnes Memorial Scholarship
As a memorial to his wife, Mathilde Maclnnes, and
in recognition of her interest in young people,
this scholarship of $200.00 annually has been
established by Mr. W. H. Maclnnes in the field of
Education.  It will be awarded to the student who
obtains the highest standing in the First Year of
the course leading to the B. Ed. degree (elementary
teaching field) and is proceeding to the Second
Year of that course.
The Shapiro Bursary
This bursary of $50,00, the gift of Mr. and Mrs,
Benjamin Shapiro and Lillian Shapiro, provides
assistance for worthy and deserving students.  It
will be awarded to a student in any year and
faculty who has good standing and requires some
financial aid.
In addition, Dean Gage reported that the Alliance
Francaise had increased its bursary from $100,00 to $150,00
annually, and that Mr. Willis H. Small of Eugene, Oregon,
had donated $300.00 for scholarships and bursaries in the
field of animal nutrition, in appreciation of work done by
Dr. A. J. Wood.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp) That these new awards and changes in awards
be approved as recommended, and that suitable
letters of thanks be sent to the donors.
Carried. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2482
Student Aid Fund
For the information of Senate, Dean Gage reported
that the Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of
British Columbia had established a student aid fund for
students in Pharmacy, with liberal repayment terms.
Committee on Recreation.
Athletics and Physical
The Secretary read a letter from Dean Matthews on
behalf of the Committee on Recreation, Athletics and Physical
Education, recommending that the terms of reference of this
Committee should be as follows:
To consider and to make recommendations concerning
reports already presented to Senate by the Alumni
Committee on Athletics, the Men's Athletic Committee,
the Committee on Compulsory Physical Education, the
Council of the School of Physical Education, and the
Student Committee on Extra-mural Athletics (the so-
called Beck Committee).
To examine the effectiveness of the present programme
of physical education and of extra-mural and intramural athletics for students at the University of
British Columbia,
The Committee also asked power to add to its
Dean Matthews)
Dean MacPhee )  That the terms of reference of the
Committee on Recreation, Athletics
and Physical Education be approved,
as recommended by the Committee, and
that the Committee be given power to
add to its membership.
Committee on Ceremonies
The Secretary read a letter from the Committee on •f
Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2483
Ceremonies recommending:
"That a Special Congregation be held during the last
week Of September, 1958, to mark the 50th Anniversary
of the granting of the University Charter and the
Centenary of the Province of British Columbia.
That the President be authorized to draft a Committee
to arrange the details of the ceremony.
That the Committee on Honorary Degrees be requested
to suggest recipients of Honorary Degrees at this
Dean MacPhee)
Mr, Gillie  )  That the recommendations of the
Committee on Ceremonies with reference
to a Special Congregation during the
last week of September, 1958, be
>t Report on Registration.
Session 1957-58
A report on registration for the 1957-58 Session,
with comparative figures for 1956-57, had been circulated,
and was received for information.
Autumn Congregation and Opening
of Extension to Brock Memorial
The President extended a cordial invitation to
all members of Senate to attend the Autumn Congregation on
Friday, October 25th,' in the Armoury at 2:30 p.m.  Besides
the conferring of degrees, the ceremony would include
invocation by Dean Ross of St. Andrew's Hall, installation
of Dr. Grauer as Chancellor, and Congregation address by
Dr. W. A. Mackintosh of Queen's University.  Senate at its
previous meeting had approved the list of honorary degree
recipients. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2484
Following Congregation, the Honourable Chief
Justice Lett would officiate at the formal opening of the
extension to the Brock Memorial Building.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman stated that the Annual Assembly of
Victoria College would be held on Friday evening, October
18 th.
Registration for 1957-58 totalled 394 in Arts and
Science; 13 in First Year Commerce; 265 in Education.  For
the First Term in the Evening Division, there were 165
students registered for credit courses and 322 for non-credit.
The Secretary read a list of courses for credit
in the Third and Fourth Years which Victoria College wished
to offer at the 1958 Summer Session,
Dean Andrew)
Mr. Gillie )  That Senate endorse the offering of Third
and Fourth Year courses by Victoria College
in the Summer Sessions, and that details
as to the actual courses to be offered
at any given time be referred to the
appropriate University committee for
decision in consultation with Dr. Hickman.
The Senate noted that appointment of instructors
for courses above the Second Year level was subject to
approval of the Dean of the appropriate Faculty in the
Statement on Victoria College
Copies of a statement as to the possible future
development of Victoria College, drafted by the President Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2485
and a small group of University Faculty members, were
circulated at the meeting.  The President suggested that
this document when modified to the acceptance of Senate,
might be sent to the Victoria College Council and the
Victoria Chamber of Commerce as a statement of University
policy with respect to the future of the College.
Mr. Justice Lord)
Mr, Ladner     )  That this document be tabled, until
the next meeting of the Senate, and
that in the meantime it be given
careful consideration by the Senate.
It was agreed that any comments on the statement
by individual members should be sent to the President prior
to the next meeting.  It was also agreed that the statement
should be considered confidential, but that Dr. Hickman
might be authorized to discuss it in a personal and
confidential way with any members of the Victoria College
Council if he thought it appropriate to do so.
Grant from Private Broadcasters
At the previous meeting, the President had reported
that the private broadcasters in British Columbia had offered
to make a grant of approximately $10,000.00 annually for five
years to develop a training programme in mass communications
such as radio and television.  In amplifying this announcement, Dean Andrew stated that courses differing from year to
year would be offered through the Department of University
Extension,  It was hoped that eventually a programme of
credit courses might be developed. Wednesday, October 16th, 1957 2486
Mr, Justice Lord)
Dean Andrew    )  That the Senate express its
appreciation to the British Columbia
Association of Broadcasters for
this generous grant, and its cognizance
of the potential importance of the
educational programme which may be
developed as a result of the grant.
Requests for a Library School
Letters were received from the British Columbia
Pa rent-Teacher Federation urging the Provincial Government
and the University to establish a graduate library school
at the University, and from a committee of the Alberta
Library Board enquiring as to the possibility that the
University of British Columbia might establish a library
school in the near future.  It was agreed that Mr. Harlow
and the Senate Library Committee or a sub-committee should
prepare for consideration of Senate a statement as to the
desirability of a library school on this campus in the near
future, and as to its cost.
Requests for a Faculty of
Letters were received from the Central Interior
Districts of Women's Institutes and the Central Vancouver
Island Union Board of Health, urging the establishment of
a School of Dentistry at the University.
United Church of Canada
A letter was received from the B. C. Conference Wednesday, October lGth, 1957  2187
of the United Church of Canada expressing interest in, and
appreciation of, the credit courses in religious studies
provided by the University.
Other Business
Membership of the
Board of Governors
The President reported that His Honour Judge J. B.
Clearihue, who had served twenty-two years as a member of
the Board of Governors and who was still a representative
of the University on the Victoria College Council and Chairman of the Council; and the Honourable Mr. Justice J. M.
Coady, who had served eleven years as a member of the Board
of Governors, had been replaced as Government appointees on
the Board by Mrs. Frank M. Ross and Mr. Walter Koerner.  Mr.
Einar Gunderson had been appointed to the Board to complete
the term of Dr. A. E. Grauer, upon Dr. Grauer's election as
Dr. Hickman     )
Mr. Justice Clyne)  That the Chairman and Secretary of
Senate be asked to write letters
of appreciation to Judge Clearihue
and Mr. Justice Coady for their
distinguished services to the
Meetings in New York
and Ottawa
The President summarized, for information of
Senate, the meetings he h?d attended in New York and Ottawa
earlier in the month:  the first meeting of the Universities Wednesday, October 16th, 1957  2188
Club of New York, at which the Honourable Lester Pearson
was given a Certificate of Merit; a meeting arranged by the
President of the Teachers' Insurance and Annuity Association
for the heads and representatives of twenty-four Canadian
universities with the heads of American foundations and a
number of distinguished American business and financial
representatives; a meeting of the Canada Council at which
^700,000.00 had been allocated to the capital building fund
of the University of British Columbia in the field of the
arts, humanities and social sciences; and a meeting of the
Committee on Higher Education of the Canadian Conference on
Death of Mrs. Wesbrook
The President reminded the members of Senate that
Mrs. F, F. Wesbrook, widow of the first President of the
University, had died on September 17th at an advanced age.
It was agreed that a memorial should be prepared and recorded
in the minutes of Senate, with a copy sent to Mrs. Wesbrook's
Faculty Publications
Copies of publications by members of the University
Faculty received at the President's office during September
were on display for the benefit of any members of Senate
interested in looking at them. Wednesday, October 10th, 1957 2489
Scholarships Made Available to
Students at Victoria College
Mr. Gilliland expressed appreciation to the
Chairman of the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries for his award to students in the College of
Education at Victoria College, of a number of scholarships
usually restricted to students at the University.
The meeting adjourned at 11:10 p.m.
Chairman. /     L~A


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