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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1983-11-16

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Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
The Third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia for
the   Session   1983-84  was   held   on  Wednesday,  November 16,   1983  at  8.00 p.m.   in
Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Present: President K. George Pedersen (Chairman), Vice-President R. H. T.
Smith, Dr. R. A. Adams, Dr. C. E. Armerding, Mrs. H. M. Belkin, Dr. G. D. Bel I ward,
Dr. W. E. Benjamin, Dean D. R. Birch, Mr. W. H. Birmingham, Mrs. M. F. Bishop,
Rev. P. C. Burns, Dean P. T. Burns, Mr. G. D. Burnyeat, Dr. K. 0. L. Burridge, Dr. D. J.
Campbell, Dr. D. J. Connor, Dr. J. Dahlie, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Miss S. M. Dickinson,
Mr. E. Dixon, Mrs. S. Dodson, Dr. A. J. Elder, Dr. R. M. Ellis, Dean C. V. Finnegan,
Mr. H. J. Franklin, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Mr. B. A. Gilmour, Dr. A. M. Hickling, Ms. S. J.
Holmes, Mrs. P. Jones, Dr. W. M. Keenlyside, Mr. P. S. Kendall, Dean R. W. Kennedy,
Dr. A. Kozak, Mr. J. Kulich, Dean P. A. Larkin, Dr. L. M. Lavkulich, Dr. D. S.
Lirenman, Dr. D. Lupini, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Mr. M. A. McCann, Mr. J. F. McWilliams,
Dr. W. R. Morford, Mr. P. Nishihama, Miss A. H. Rahme, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. D. J.
Rimek, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr. J. G. Silver, Dr. C. E. Slonecker, Mr. J. B. Smith,
Dr. R. A. Spencer, Dr. P. Suedfeld, Dr. O. Sziklai, Dr. P. R. Tennant, Mr. M. B.
Thompson, Miss C. L. V. Warren, Mr. B. E. S. Waugh, Dean W. A. Webber, Dean L. M.
Wedepohl, Mr. V. G. Wellbum, Dean R. M. Will, Dr. D. LL. Williams, Mr. S. Williams,
Dr. J. L. Wisenthal.
Observer:  Mr. J. A. Banham
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor J. V. Clyne, Dean G. S. Beagrie, Dr. T. H. Brown, Dr. T. S. Cook, Dr. D.
Donaldson, Mr. D. B. Fields, Dr. H. E. Hirsch, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dean W. D. Kitts,
Dr. A. J. McClean, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Dr. J. M. McMillan, Miss J. H. Querie, Dr. J. F.
Richards, Dr. V. C. Runeckles, Dr. A. Van Seters, Dr. M. D. Willman.
Minutes of previous meeting
Dean Webber      )    That the minutes of the Second regular meeting of
Dr. Burridge       )    Senate   for   the   Session    1983—84,   having   been
circulated, be taken as read and adopted.
Carried From the Board of Governors
Wednesday, November  16,   1983.
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations — subject to the proviso
that none of the programs be implemented without formal reference to the President
and the formal agreement of the President; and that the Deans and Heads concerned
with new programs be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of such new
(i) Proposal by the Faculty of Medicine that the name of the Department of
Pharmacology be changed to the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
(ii) New courses, course and program changes recommended by the Faculty of Arts.
(iii) New course and curriculum change recommended by the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration. (P.8082)
(iv) New courses and a program change recommended by the Faculty of Education.
(v) New courses, course changes and a graduate program in Neurosciences
recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  (P.8083—5)
(vi)     New course recommended by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. (P.8085)
(vii) New course and course changes recommended by the School of Rehabilitation
Medicine. (P.8085)
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr. McWilliams   )   That  the  new  awards  listed  in  the  Appendix  be
Dr. Burridge        )   accepted subject to the approval of the Board of
Governors and that letters of thanks be sent to the
Candidates for Degrees
Dean Riedel )  That the candidates for degrees and diplomas, as
Dean Finnegan ) approved by the Faculties and Schools, be granted
the degree or diploma for which they were
recommended, and that the Registrar, in
consultation with the Deans and the Chairman of
Senate, make any necessary adjustments.
Carried 8088
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Continuing Education
The annual report on U.B.C. Continuing Education Activities for 1982—83 had been
circulated for information. Dean Birch, Chairman of the committee, commented
briefly on the report. He expressed concern that at a time when the University's
involvement in non—metropolitan programs continued to be very high that the
Ministry of Universities, Science and Communications intended to reduce
systematically and eliminate the special support for that category of activities over
the next three years. Dean Birch extended thanks and appreciation to Mr. Kulich for
the work done in compiling the report.
Mr. Kulich pointed out that enrolment in some professional continuing education
courses was down considerably, especially in the area of resource industries.
However, there had been some advances in areas such as Dentistry, Medicine, Social
Work and Computer Science programs. He also stated that it was significant and
encouraging that people were still participating in non-credit general continuing
education despite difficult economic circumstances.
In reply to a comment concerning distribution of the report Mr. Kulich stated that
copies were sent to all M.L.A.'s, all libraries, Superintendents of School Districts and
other educational institutions. The committee was, however, considering the
possibility of producing a two or four-page summary of the report which could
perhaps be more widely distributed in order to make the public more aware of the
continuing education activities of the University.
Ad hoc Committee on Breadth
Dr. Spencer, Chairman of the committee, explained that the majority and
minority reports of the committee had been circulated to Senate in February, 1983
(see Senate Minutes pp.7961—7) and at that time one of the recommendations in the
report was passed i.e. that Senate approve in principle that all students should
receive a broad exposure to a variety of disciplines in addition to a specialized
education in their chosen field of study before completing any baccalaureate degree.
There appeared to be widespread agreement that the objective was to provide a
thorough training in a particular area or discipline and to ensure that students were
competent to speak, read and deal with issues outside their particular area of study.
However, when the specific recommendations of the report were presented to Senate
a motion was passed to refer the report to Faculties and Schools for comment and
report back to Senate, which they had now done.
Dr. Spencer reviewed the recommendations of the majority and minority reports
and then briefly summarized the responses of the Faculties and Schools, as follows: 8089.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Breadth  (continued)
The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences supported the report in principle. It
indicated that it could meet the requirements of the report with only minor changes
to its own program. It was suggested, however, that the humanities requirements
were excessive.
The Faculty of Applied Science reported that its programs already met any
reasonable breadth requirements and that were the recommended breadth
requirements to be imposed its program would suffer.
The Faculty of Arts replied that it rejected the recommendations except for the
principle (Recommendation I) which had already been adopted. It suggested that
Senate should specify a portion of the total units which should be devoted to breadth
and that Senate should ask Faculties and Schools to submit their plans, presumably to
Senate. Dr. Spencer stated that he felt that the requirements for the B.A. as listed in
the Calendar were consistent with those suggested by the committee although they
were less specific. On the other hand there were programs in the Faculty of Arts,
such as the Bachelor of Music, which would not meet the proposed breadth
requirement without considerable change.
The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration responded that it
supported the minority report subject to some changes and that its program could
meet the breadth requirement without significant change.
The Faculty of Education supported the majority report except for a few details.
The Faculty of Forestry opposed formalized breadth requirements and suggested
that were they to be imposed the professional program in Forestry would be
compromised. It was also felt that the requirements in the report were grossly
inadequate if they were intended to ensure a civilized standard of breadth.
The Faculty of Law was principally concerned that their degree was not like other
undergraduate degrees and that there would be very real problems for the 30% or 50%
of students in the program who came from universities other than U.B.C. who would
perhaps not have been aware of the requirements while undertaking their
undergraduate study and would find it extremely difficult to meet requirements while
in the Faculty of Law.
The School of Nursing supported the concept except in the matter of a few
details. 8090.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Breadth  (continued)
The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences suggested that it could meet
Recommendations 2 and 3 but not Recommendation 4, which is the recommendation
allowing some free elective courses. They also stated that they did not agree with
the philosophy and felt that it would be better to allow students the opportunity to
pursue in depth one field of study outside their major discipline.
The School of Physical Education and Recreation could meet the requirements
although it had some reservations.
The School of Rehabilitation Medicine gave qualified support.
The Faculty of Science rejected Recommendations 2, 3 and 4. It did not like the
rigidity and it did not like preventing students pursuing a special area of interest
outside their major discipline. Dr. Spencer stated that he did not think that the
requirements for a B.Sc. degree as outlined in the Calendar would be consistent with
those recommended by the committee so the Faculty would certainly have problems
if the recommendations were to be adopted.
In summary, Dr. Spencer stated that in view of the fact that the responses were so
varied and that some of the larger Faculties did not agree with the recommendations
while many of the smaller Faculties did agree, and in view of the fact that there was
certainly no consensus in the responses from the Faculties and Schools, he wished to
suggest that Senate simply receive the reports of the committee, which had not yet
been done, and to recommend that the committee be discharged.
Dr. Spencer        )    That the majority and minority reports of the ad
Dr. Dahlie )    hoc Committee on Breadth be received and that
the committee be discharged.
In response to a query, Dr. Spencer stated that if the motion were to pass he
would make a further motion recommending that an ad hoc committee be established
to review the reports and the responses. Following a brief discussion it was agreed
that the motion on the floor be split into two parts.
Dr. Spencer        )    That the majority and minority reports of the ad
Dr. Dahlie )    hoc Committee on Breadth be received.
Carried Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Breadth  (continued)
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Dr. Spencer )   That    the   ad   hoc   Committee   on   Breadth    be
Dr. Dahlie )   discharged.
Dr. Spencer stated that the committee felt that it had completed its task in
bringing in the recommendations but recognized that it would be premature for
Senate to vote on the recommendations of the committee at this meeting because
there had not been time to consider the information from the Faculties and Schools
and to consider the implications of the suggestions contained in the responses.
The motion was put and carried.
Dr. Spencer ) That Senate strike an ad hoc committee to review
Dr. Suedfeld ) the reports on breadth dated January 31, 1983 and
the responses of the Faculties and Schools, and
consider what measures Senate should adopt to
ensure that all appropriate undergraduate programs
conform to the principle expressed in the motion on
breadth passed at the February 16, 1983 meeting
and further, that the committee report back at or
before the February 15, 1984 meeting of Senate.
In response to a query Dr. Spencer stated that one of the things that would have to
be considered by the proposed committee would be whether the degrees that are
offered by Faculties such as Law should be subject to the same requirements as Arts,
Science, Applied Science, etc.
Dean Will stated that in responding to the recommendations, the Faculty of Arts
had to keep in mind seven different degree programs and that the proposed breadth
requirements would indeed create problems in the professional programs. He further
stated that whereas the breadth requirements might be accommodated within the
B.A. program it would nevertheless result in distortion and reduction of choice.
The motion was put and carried.
On behalf of Senate the Chairman expressed thanks and appreciation for the work
done by the members of the committee.
Academic Year 1984-85
A draft of the section of the Academic Year for inclusion in the Calendar had
been circulated.
Dean Webber       )   That  the proposed dates for the Academic Year
Dr. Lavkulich      )    1984—85 be included in the Calendar.
Carried 8092.
Wednesday, November  16,   1983.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Applied Science - Faculty membership
Dean Wedepohl )    That the Director of the Pulp and Paper Centre be
Dean Kennedy   )    a voting member of the Faculty of Applied Science.
It was stated in the material circulated that because the Director was involved in
undergraduate and graduate teaching, it was deemed appropriate that he be a voting
member of the Faculty. At the request of the Agenda Committee additional material
was circulated at the meeting outlining the qualifications for the position of Director.
The motion was put and carried.
Faculty of Arts
School of Home Economics - proposed change in name
Dean Will )    That the name of the School of Home Economics be
Dr. Tennant        )   changed to the School of Family and Nutritional
The following rationale for the proposed change had been circulated:
"The change in name is a logical outcome to a process which began with
respect to the School of Home Economics in the mid-nineteen sixties. At that
time a review of the program of the School came to the conclusion that the
program should be substantially improved in its content and raised to University
quality or it should be discontinued.
Subsequent to this basic decision, it was decided to begin this attempt by
concentrating on the development of the human nutrition area in the School's
program. In 1967, Professor M. Lee was appointed Director of the School with the
mandate to carry out this development. By 1973 there had been appointments of
several well qualified human nutritionists, research laboratories had been equipped
and research grants received to support work in these laboratories, major
curriculum changes had been made and a graduate program to the doctoral level
was in place. In view of these accomplishments, it was decided that attention
should be turned to the development of the area of family science and human
development. In 1975 Professor R. Rodgers, a family sociologist, was appointed
Director of the School with the assignment to carry out similar appropriate
development of this area. Subsequently, several appointments were made of
individuals with the full range of scholarly competencies, a thorough restructuring
of the undergraduate program in family science and human development was
carried out which resulted in the offering of a major program in family science,
and a graduate program leading to the Master's Degree in Family Studies was
established. Today the faculty of the School is an interesting multidisciplinary
group of individuals with wide-ranging teaching and scholarly interests reflecting
the diverse concerns of the School. 8093.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Arts
School of Home Economics - proposed change in name (continued)
"As this faculty has been built and as the programs and courses of the School
have changed over the years, the teaching and research activity of the faculty
have only focussed in a minor way on issues related to the field of Home
Economics. The major focus of teaching has become the multidisciplinary activity
in both family and nutrition and the research and scholarly activitiy has been
directed to problems of research common in the disciplinary areas from which the
faculty are drawn. Thus, much of the activity in learned societies and in
publication is directed to disciplinary peers. This trend is not unique to the
program at U.B.C. Indeed, of the 20 programs in Canada which may be identified
as having some identification historically with Home Economics, only ten of them
(including the program at U.B.C.) use the term in their name. At least one other
university in Canada is currently considering a change in name. Similar changes in
names have occurred at a number of United States universities. While there is no
commonality in the non—Home Economics chosen, it is clear that these names
have been chosen to describe more specifically the primary focus of the programs
in existence. Perhaps only the University of Manitoba, where the name "Human
Ecology" has been adopted, is an exception to this generalization.
We see several advantages to the name change proposed. First, it more
clearly defines the focus of our teaching and scholarly interests. At the same
time it is a concise name, in contrast to some of the names which have been
chosen. Second, for those majority of the faculty who engage in research and
scholarly activity in one of the disciplinary areas, other than Home Economics, it
provides a more accurate identification of their academic situation. Third, the
findings of the student opinion survey indicate that current students and recent
graduates overwhelmingly believe that a name change will enhance their career
opportunities. Finally, it is anticipated that there will be a stimulation of interest
in our program among students who are not aware of the exact nature of the
opportunities available in the School. This might be expected especially among
male students who may have drawn erroneous, but understandable, conclusions
from the present name, as well as women students who hold interests more clearly
identified by the proposed name.
Finally, it should be noted that this recommended change has no program
change or budget implications. Rather than being anything involving new
programs, it represents an appropriate change in the title of an already existing
program which has been carefully developed over a considerable number of years."
In reply to a query as to whether the proposal also represented a change in
the name of the degree Dr. Rodgers, Director of the School, stated that the
School was exploring changes that would recommend that some students be
allowed to meet other degree requirements but they did not anticipate ceasing to
offer the present degree. There was a possibility that students would be allowed
to take a Family Sciences major as opposed to the general program and that some
students might meet the Faculty of Arts requirements for the B.A. degree but
that would be a separate proposal.
The motion was put and carried. 8094.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Arts (continued)
Change of Registration
Dean Will )     The Faculty of Arts recommends that Senate be
Dr. Elder )     requested     to     alter     the     present     University
regulations with respect to changes in a student's
program of courses to: "Except in special
circumstances, a student may not enter a course
after two full weeks of the term have elapsed and
the registration in a course may not be cancelled
after four full weeks of the term have elapsed."
It was explained that the intent of the motion was to give students more
time to judge a course, thereby reducing the number of courses currently
abandoned by students. The Faculty also thought that four weeks was too late to
begin a course and suggested that the present regulation, namely that no change
will be permitted after two full weeks of the term have elapsed, be changed to
four weeks for withdrawal and remain two weeks for entering a course.
Dean Lusztig      )   That the motion be tabled in order to give other
Dr. Adams )   Faculties   an   opportunity   to   comment   on    the
Faculty of Medicine
Establishment of the CKNW Orphans' Fund Chair in Paediatric Immunology
Dean Webber     )     That the proposal  of the Faculty of Medicine to
Dr. Lirenman     )     establish    the   CKNW   Orphans'   Fund   Chair    in
Paediatric Immunology be approved.
Other business
Dean of Graduate Studies
Congratulations were extended to Dr. Peter Suedfeld on his appointment as Dean
of the Faculty of Graduate Studies which will take effect on July I, 1984.
Mediaeval Workshop
Dr. Elder drew Senate's attention to the annual Mediaeval Workshop which this
year will discuss mediaeval urban institutions on November 18 and 19. 8095.
Wednesday,  November  16,  1983.
Report of the Tributes Committee  (in camera)
Memorial Minute
The following memorial statement had been prepared in accordance with the
custom of Senate in recognition by the University and the Senate of the late Thomas
M.C. Taylor.
1904- 1983
With the death of Thomas M. C. Taylor in Victoria on August 6, 1983, the Province
lost one of its most distinguished former U.B.C. graduates and colleagues, and a
major contributor to botanical education.
Born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1904, Dr. Taylor emigrated to Canada in 1911 and
settled with his family in Kelowna, where he obtained his early schooling. In 1919 at
the age of 15 he entered the Royal Naval College of Canada, Esquimalt, graduating
from that school in 1922. He then began his academic career at U.B.C, where he was
awarded the B.A. with Honours in Botany in 1926. He completed the M.S. at the
University of Wisconsin in 1927 and the Ph.D. at the University of Toronto in 1930.
He was a member of the academic staff of the Department of Botany at the
University of Toronto from 1932 — 1945, leaving there to join the faculty of the
Department of Botany at U.B.C. as Professor in 1946. He served as Head of the
Department of Botany at U.B.C. from 1954— 1965, and resigned to an early
retirement in 1968. Dr. Taylor was a member of Senate from 1949 to 1954 and from
1963 to 1966.
During the period 1942 — 1945 Dr. Taylor served the Department of National Defence
in both the Royal Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Navy, ending his military
service as Cdr. (S.B.) R.CN.V.R.
During his lifetime, he travelled extensively in Europe and about the Pacific and
greatly expanded his botanical knowledge of the vascular plants, with special
emphasis on the ferns. He contributed significantly to the British Columbia
Provincial Museum series of handbooks on the vascular plants of British Columbia.
This affiliation with the Provincial Museum continued after his retirement to
Vancouver Island until shortly before his death and yielded additional significant
published contributions to an understanding of the vascular plants of British
To his surviving family the Senate expresses its deepest sympathy.
Dean Larkin        )   That  the memorial statement for Thomas M. C.
Miss Warren        )   Taylor be spread on the minutes of Senate and that
a copy be sent to the relatives of the deceased.
Carried Report of the Tributes Committee  (continued)
Emeritus status
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
Dean Larkin reported that the committee recommended that the following be
granted emeritus status:
Dr. H. B. Graves        -    Clinical       Associate       Professor      Emeritus      of
Dr. Carl Kline -    Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Mr. W. Krayenhoff    -    Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and
Science Education
Dr. A. D. McKenzie -    Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Dr. W. J. Thompson -    Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Dean Larkin        )   That     the     recommendations    of    the    Tributes
Dr. Dennison       )   Committee     concerning     emeritus     status     be
Honorary Degrees
The   committee   recommended   that   invitations   be  extended   to   the   following
persons to receive honorary degrees at the 1984 Congregation:
The Hon. Henry P. Bell-Irving
- Former Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of British Columbia
Mr. Leopold L. G. Bentley
- Internationally renowned in the Forest Industry
The Hon. J. V. Clyne
- Prominent   businessman   and   Chancellor   of   The   University   of   British
Dr. Charles A. McDowell
- Distinguished   scientist    in    the    field   of   nuclear   magnetic   resonance
Mr. Saburo Okita
- prominent in the field of economics, science, diplomacy and scholarship
Mr. Mstislav Rostropovich
- Internationally renowed Cellist, Pianist and Conductor
(invited last year and accepted for 1984)
Mr. Thomas K. Shoyama
- Prominent     public     servant     in     Federal     Government     relations     and
internationally known economist. 8097.
Wednesday, November  16,   1983.
Report of the Tributes Committee
Honorary Degrees  (continued)
Dean Larkin       )    That    the    recommendations    of    the    Tributes
Mrs. Fulton        )    Committee    concerning    Honorary    Degrees    be
In reply to a query, the Chairman stated that he would be considering possible
changes in connection with the graduation ceremonies and would be pleased to
consider the proposal that one of the honorary degree recipients be asked to speak at
the ceremonies.
The motion was put and carried.
The meeting adjourned at 9.20 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, December 14, I 983.
Chairman 8098.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1983.
New awards recommended to Senate
Chemical Institute of Canada, Vancouver Section Prize - a prize in the amount of $50
has been made available by the Chemical Institute of Canada, Vancouver Section, to
the student who obtained the highest standing in a first year Chemistry course at
U.B.C. and who is maintaining satisfactory progress in an honours, majors or
combined honours program in Chemistry. The recipient will be chosen in January.
The award will be made on the recommendation of the Chemistry Department. (This
award will be made available in the 1983/84 Winter Session.)
Lawson, Lundell, Lawson & Mcintosh Service Scholarship - The firm of Lawson,
Lundell, Lawson & Mcintosh, Barristers & Solicitors, will provide a scholarship for
students proceeding from the second to third year of studies in the Faculty of Law.
The scholarship consists of employment with the firm (which has over 40 lawyers
carrying on a general practice) in the summer between second and third year and
payment of the student's tuition fees for the third year of study in the Faculty.
Candidates selected will normally stand in the top quartile of their class and have a
desire to practice in downtown Vancouver. The award will be made on the
recommendation of the Faculty. (This award will be made available in the 1984/85
Winter Session.  Service to take place summer preceding.)
Magnus J. B. Peterson Memorial Bursary in Anthropology - Bursaries to a total of
approximately $2,200 per annum have been made available by the late Magnus Julius
Benedict Peterson. The awards will be made to anthropology students in the
Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Preference will be given to
undergraduates.  (The awards will be made available in the 1984/85 Winter Session.)


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