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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1946-05-14

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May 14th, 1946.
The fourth regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia for the Session 1945-46 was
held on Tuesday, May 14th, 1946, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board
and Senate Room.
Present: President N. A. M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean D. Buchanan, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dean F. M. Clement,
Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. 0. J. Todd, Mr. W. H. Gage, Dr. H.J.
MacLeod, Mr. F. A. Forward, Dr. G. H. Harris, Mr. F. Read,
, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. A. R. Lord, Mr. H. 0. English,
Mr. W. R. McDougall, Mrs. K. M. Beckett, Mr. K. P. Caple,
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton, Dr. Sherwood Lett, Dr. A.E.
Grauer, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Dr. A. B. Schinbein, Dr.
F. A. Turnbull, Dr. J. F. Walker, Miss Forence S. Mulloy.
Regrets for their inability to be present were
received from Chancellor Hamber, Dr. J.M. Ewing, Dr. C.A.
Wright, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dr. H.J. MacLeod, Mr. A.E.Lord,
Dr. J.G. Brown and Dr. W. N. Sage.
Dean Curtis)
Mr.A.R.Lord) That the minutes of the third
regular meeting of February 20th
and the minutes of the special
meeting of April 4th, as corrected,
be adopted.
A letter was read from the Board of Governors stating
that it had accepted the resignation of Mr. H.T. Logan as
a representative of Senate on the Board of Governors.
Mr. McDougall)
Dr. Todd    ) That this resignation be accepted
with regret.
Eleotion of a Representative of Senate on the Board
of Governors
Nominations were called for a member of Senate to
replace Mr. Logan as a representative on the Board of 1216
May 14th, 1946.
Dr. Sherwood Lett was nominated by Dean Finlayson but
declined to accept nomination.
Mr. Kenneth P. Caple was nominated by Dean Buchanan.
Dr. Grauer )
Dr. Turnbull) That nominations close.
Mr. Caple was declared elected to serve out the term
of Mr. Logan.
Appointment of Standing Committees and Representatives
on University Committees for the Session 1946-47
Mr. McDougall)
Mr. Gage    ) That the appointment of these
Committees be left in the hands
of the Committee on Selection of
Personnel of Committees.
Notice of Appointment of a Committee on the
Establishment of a Chair of Music"
Dean D. Buchanan (Chairman)
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
Mrs. John H. Creighton
Mr. Walter H. Gage
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Mr. A. R. Lord
Additional Faculty Members:
Dr. A. F. B. Clark
Mr. Stanley E. Read.
From the Board of Governors
Recommendations forwarded from Senate
Dorbils Prizes and Scholarship - Approved
Canadian Daughters' League Bursary - Approved
Jack Cohen Bursary - Approved
Kiwassa Club Bursaries - Approved 1217
May 14th, 1946.
Increase in Mary C. Lipsett Bursary - Approved
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Fellowship
Canadian Club Lectureship - Approved
Shell Oil Fellowship - Approved
Comineo Fellowship - Approved
Recommendations of Senate tentatively approved by
the Board of Governors subject to financial arrangements and subsequently given full approval:
Extension of course in Commerce
Separate departments of French, German and Spanish
Calendar Material
Curriculum Changes, Faculty of Applied Science
Course in Agricultural Engineering
Department of Farm Mechanics
Five-year B.S.A. course with Commerce option
Course in Food Technology.
Courses for the Special Spring Session - Approved
Faculty of Arts and Science:
Biology 1 English 14
Botany la German, Beginners'
Botany lb German lb
Chemistry 1 History 2
Chemistry 2 History 19
Commerce 1 Mathematics 1
Commerce 9 Mathematics 2
Economics 1 Physics 1
Economics 6 Physics 2
Education 22 Psychology 1
English 1 Spanish, Beginners'
English 2 Zoology 1
Faculty of Applied Science:
Mathematics 2, 3, 4 (continuation)
Chemistry 2a
Mechanical Engineering 1 1218
May 14th, 1946.
Faculty of Agriculture
Agronomy 2
Agronomy 11
Poultry Husbandry 12.
The Board also approved of the recommendation that
Professor W. H. Gage be appointed Director of the
Special Spring Session.
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
stating that it had accepted an anonymous donation of
$25,000.00 for the endowment of funds to be used towards
research in preventive medicine with the proviso that
from time to time it may be used for any other research
purposes at the discretion of the Board of Governors and
the Senate.
Dr. Schinbein )
Dean Finlayson) That this recommendation be
approved in principle; that a
letter be sent expressing the
appreciation of Senate; and that
the President, in consultation
with members of Faculty and/or
Senate be authorized to deal
with the details of the conditions to be imposed.
The Board of Governors notified Senate that a bequest
of $25,000.00, to be known as the Thomas Holmes Johnson
Bursary, had been received under the will of the late
Thomas Holmes Johnson to provide bursaries to be awarded
to students from Prince Rupert, to become effective after
the death of the widow.
Dean Clement )
Mr. McDougall) That this bequest be approved in
principle and that a letter of 1219
May 14th, 1946.
appreciation be sent to Mrs.
The communication from Senate regarding the letter
from the Vancouver Board of Trade requesting the establishment of a Chair of Architecture and Town Planning
and a letter received from the Building Contractors'
Association also supporting a school of Architecture had
been received by the Board.  The organizations concerned
had been notified that their proposals were under consideration and would be dealt with as soon as the
necessary funds and accommodation were available.
The Board of Governors approved the report of the
Committee on Professors Emeriti with the exception of the
third recommendation which was amended to read:
"That the Board of Governors be asked to
leave in the hands of Senate the power of
appointment to emeritus rank."
Under the approved recommendations Mr. J. M.Turnbull
and Mr. G. A. Gillies automatically become Professors
Mr. Forward)
Dr. Walker ) That a letter go from Senate
informing these gentlemen of their
rank and that the name of Mr. A.
Lighthall be referred to the
Committee for consideration.
With regard to the recommendation that some recognition be given the work done in the interests of the University by the late Dr. H.E. Young, the Board of Governors 1220
May 14th, 1946.
stated that this matter would be considered in due course.
Examination Results Submitted by the Faculties
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean Buchanan presented the candidates for degrees
and diplomas in the Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage    ) That the degrees of M.A., B.A.
with Honours, B.A. in the General
Course, B.Com., B.H.E., B.Ed.,
B.S.W. respectively, be conferred
on the candidates listed in the
report, and that the candidates
for the Diploma in the Teacher
Training Course be approved.
Faculty of Applied Science
Dean Finlayson presented the candidates for degrees
and diplomas in the Faculty of Applied Science.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Forward  ) That the candidates listed in the
report for the degrees of M.A.Sc,
B.A.Sc, B.S.F., B.A.Sc. in
Nursing be approved.
Faculty of Agriculture
Dean Clement presented the report of the Faculty
of Agriculture.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Harris  ) That the degrees of M.S.A. and
B.S.A. be conferred on the candidates as listed in the report and
that the Occupational Course
Diploma be approved for those who
have successfully completed the
c ourse.
Carried 1221
May 14th, 1946.
Faculty of Law
Dean Curtis gave a report of the examination
results in the Faculty of Law.  As no candidates had
completed the degree course in this Faculty, the report
was received for information.
It was recommended that the case of one student who
had failed in five subjects with an average of 38% be
referred to the Dean for further investigation.  If
necessary, he should be reported to Senate at its next
meeting and action taken on the recommendation that he
be required to withdraw from the Faculty.
Prizes and Scholarships
Mr. Gage, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee on
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, presented the report
on the award of Medals, Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries
in the graduating years.
Mr. Gage)
Dr. Todd) That this report be accepted.
Dean Buchanan   )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the Chair be authorized
to make any necessary oorreo-
tions to the reports from the
Mr. Gage    )
Dean Buchanan) That the announcement of the
results of the lower years and
the additional Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries be made by
the President in due course.
Carried 1222
May 14th, 1946.
Reports of Committees
Committee to Consider the Affiliation of
a Roman Catholic Colle"ge
The President reported informally that the Committee
had met with Archbishop Duke and Father Carr and that the
minutes of the meeting and some further information to
be supplied by Dr. Carr would be circulated to the
committee.  The committee would then meet again and report
to Senate at the next regular meeting.
Committee on Building Programme
No detailed report was presented.  The President
stated that the smaller technical sub-committee had met
a number of times and that plans were going forward in
respect of the addition to the Library, the Pharmacy and
Biological Sciences Building, the Women's Residence and
the Applied Science Building. The plans for the Agriculture Pavilion and for land clearing had been referred to
Faculty of Medicine
The report submitted by Dr. Dolman had been circulated to members of Senate.  The President informed Senate
that the Board of Governors had authorized him to announce
as soon as possible that the University will not be able
to begin the teaching of medicine in September, 1946.  It
had been decided that the Board of Governors should consult with the Committee on Medical Education of the B.C. i. 1223
May 14th, 1946.
Medical Association and the Provincial Government and
that after consultation with the two above-mentioned
groups a committee be appointed to make further enquiry
regarding the situation here and report to the Board of
Governors.  The Board could then re-open with the Government the question of a larger appropriation for this
particular Faculty.
Physical Eduoation
A report was received from the Director of Physical
Education which would be circulated to Senate and would
be discussed at the next meeting.
Course in Pharmacy
Mr. Gage, Chairman of the Committee on the Course in
Pharmacy, presented the recommendation of the Head of the
Department that for the Session 1946-47 only,the requirement in Physics and Latin be waived for those students
entering the Second Year who had been accepted by the
Pharmaceutical Association and had served the required
apprenticeship. They would therefore be admitted to
Second Year Pharmacy with standing in English, Mathematics
Chemistry and two optional subjects. Students entering
First Year, however, would be required to take the course
as approved by Senate.
Mr. Gage   )
Dean Clement) That this change be approved by
Carried 1224
May 14th, 1946.
For the information of Senate the Registrar reported
that 2020 had registered for the Special Spring Session.
The Secretary read letters from Dr. John H. Craigie,
Mr. Richard C. Palmer and Mr. Lawren Harris accepting
Honorary Degrees from the University of British Columbia.
The President explained why Mr. John Read was unable to
accept at present the Honorary Degree as proposed by Senate
at a previous meeting.  Mr. Read would appreciate receiving the degree in person at some later date.
A letter was read from Mr. A.B. Fennell, Secretary-
Treasurer, National Conference of Canadian Universities, in
reply to the request for information regarding the conditions governing the awarding of the French Government
Scholarships. Mr. Fennell stated that in the University of
Toronto recommendations for the award of these scholarships
go direct from the Department of Modern Languages to the
French Consulate without reference to the Council of the
Faculty of Arts or the Senate.  No action was taken on this
The Secretary read a communication from a students'
group requesting the establishment of a course in Russian
Language and Culture. The President stated that the Board
of Governors and Senate had anticipated this request and
that negotiations were already under way for instructors in
this field.
The Secretary read a letter from the Board of Governors 1225
May 14th, 1?46.
approving in principle of the establishment of a Department
of Architecture, subject to the approval of the Faculties
and Senate and subject, too, to the provision of staff and
facilities being possible. A supporting recommendation
was received from the Faculty of Applied Science.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Forward  ) That Senate approve the establishment of a course in Architecture
as soon as staff and facilities
are available.
The President announced that the Men's Canadian Club
of Vancouver had been canvassing for funds for scholarships
and bursaries for the University of British Columbia. The
information would be presented in detail when terms of
award had been determined.  It was suggested that Senate
write to the President and officers of the Canadian Club
expressing appreciation of their efforts and interest.
On behalf of Senate the President congratulated two
members of Senate on recent honours conferred upon them.
Dr. A.E. Grauer had been made President of the B.C. Electric
Railway Co. and Mr. W.R. McDougall had been awarded the
Ferguson Medal for outstanding service to Education in
British Columbia during the past year.
Mr. English called attention to the outstanding
accomplishment of Mr. Allan Ainsworth who, in addition to
being President of the Alma Mater Society in a very strenuous year, had achieved First Class Honours in Economics and
English and had been awarded the Rhodes Scholarship.
i 1226
May 14th, 1946.
Mr. English )
Mr. McDougall) That Senate record this achievement and that a letter of congratulation be sent to
Mr. Ainsworth.
Mr. Gage  )
Dean Curtis) That the Committee on Prizes and
Scholarships be permitted to draw
up the terms of award of the proposed
Canadian Club Scholarships and
Bursaries and present them at the
next meeting of Senate but that in
the meantime, the Committee be
authorized to act.
The meeting adjourned.
ytyZ.&yiy^*   s? cocr*r*c_
Chairman. ^^


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