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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1963-09-20

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 Friday, September 20, 1963       3270
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia for the Session 1963-64 was
held on Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President J.B. Macdonald (in the Chair),
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross, Mrs. H.F. Angus, Dr. CS. Belshaw,
Dr. A.E. Birney, Rev. J. Blewett, Mr. F.K. Bowers, Mr. J.F.
Brown, Mr. W.T. Brown, Dr. W.A. Bryce, Mr. F.L. Burnham,
Mr. K.P. Caple, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers, Dean S.N.F. Chant,
Dr. J.D. Chapman, Dr. I.McT. Cowan, Dean G.F. Curtis,
Dean B.A. Eagles, Mr. H. Elder, Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dean
W.H. Gage, Dr. W.C Gibson, Dr. H.B. Hawthorn, Mr. W.E.
Ireland, Dr. J.A. Jacobs, Dr. S.M. Jamieson, Dr. F.H. Johnson,
Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Dr. H.L. Keenleyside, Dean S.W. Leung,
Mr. S.L. Lipson, Dean Helen McCrae, Mrs. H.J. MacKay,
Dr. K.C. Mann, Dean A.W. Matthews, Mr. D.F. Miller, Mr. F.A.
Morrison, Dr. D.C. Murdoch, Dean D.M. Myers, Dr. K.D. Naegele,
Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Rev. W. Nicholls, Mr. E.P. Nicol, Acting-Dean
V.J. Okulitch, Dr. M.A. Ormstoy, Mr. H.N. Parrott, Dean G.N.
Perry, Dr. J. Ranz, Dr. A.J. Renney, Dr. W. Robbins, Dr. B.
Savery, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. A.D. Scott, Dr. R.F. Sharp,
The Honouratole J. Sinclair, Dean F.H. Soward, Dr. T.M.C.
Taylor, Mr. E.C.E. Todd, Dr. F. Turntoull, Dr. H.V. Warren,
Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Dean T.G. Wright, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky,
Dr. K.F. Argue and Dr. J.K. Friesen. Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963       3271
Messages of regret for their inatoility to toe
present were received from Dr. J.F.K. English, Mr. J.S. Keate,
Dr. M.F. McGregor, Rev. W.S. Taylor, The Honouratole Mr.
justice D.R. Verchere and Mr. A.A. Wetoster.
Minutes of the Previous
Dean Soward)
Dean Gage  ) That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1962-63, having been circulated,
be taken as read and adopted.
Membership of Senate
In welcoming new members to Senate, the President
commented that this was a historic occasion as the first
meeting of the Senate of this University under the
Universities Act, 1963. The Secretary summarized the
composition of Senate, pointing out that the representatives
of the High-School Principals and Assistants who are actually
engaged in teaching, and of the British Columbia Teachers'
Federation, would hold office until the expiration of their
respective terms. Section 23(i) of the Universities Act
gave the Senate of each University power to determine which
societies, groups or organizations in the Province might be
represented on that Senate.
The Secretary then read the list of appointments
and re-appointments to Senate since the last meeting:
Faculty representatives:
(3-year term to August, 1966)
Arts Rev. William Nicholls
Science Dr. W. A. Bryce
Applied Science Mr. S. L. Lipson
Agriculture Dr. A. J. Renney
Law Mr. E.C.E. Todd
Pharmacy Mr. F. A. Morrison 1
Friday, September 20, 1963
Faculty representatives. Continued:
Medicine Dr. W. C. Gibson
Forestry Dr. R. W. Wellwood
Commerce and Business
Administration    Mr. R. R. Loffmark
Education Dr. F. H. Johnson
Graduate Studies    Dr. J. A. Jacobs
Union College of British Columbia:
(3-year term to May, 1966)
Rev. W. S. Taylor
Lieutenant-Governor in Council:
Mr. W. T. Brown
Dr. J.F.K. English
(It was noted that Mr. L. J. Ladner had resigned
from the Senate)
High School Principals and Assistants:
(3-year term to May, 1966)
Mr. F. L. Burnham
Alumni Association Board of Management:
(3-year term to August, 1966)
Mr. A. M. Eyre
Mr. D. F. Miller
Mr. N. T. Nemetz
Members elected toy the Joint Faculties:
(3-year term to August, 1966)
Dr. C S. Belshaw
Dr. A. E. Birney
Mr. F. K. Bowers
Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers
Dr. J. D. Chapman
Mr. H. Elder
Dr. S. M. Friedman
Dr. H. B. Hawthorn
Dr. S. M. Jamieson
Dr. K. C. Mann
Dr. D. C. Murdoch
Dr. K. D. Naegele
Dr. J. M. Norris
Dr. M. A. Ormstoy
Dr. W. Robbins
Dr. B. Savery
Dr. A. D. Scott
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
3272 Friday, September 20, 1963       3273
On the suggestion of Mr. Bowers, it was agreed
that the Senate Executive Committee should be asked to
consider, and recommend to Senate, whether memtoers of Faculty
elected to Senate as Faculty representatives were eligible
to attend Senate meetings while on leave of absence.
Appointment to Joint Board
of Teacher Education
The Joint Board of the College of Education,
established under the British Columbia University Act,
consisted of the Chancellor, the President, and the Dean of
Education of the University, or their nominees, and a
representative of Senate; four representatives of the
Department of Education; the Principal of Victoria College,
or his nominee; one representative from the British Columbia
School Trustees Association and two from the British
Columbia Teachers* Federation.
Section 73 of the Universities Act replaced this
board by a Joint Board of Teacher Education, consisting of
the President and the Dean of Education of each University,
or their nominees; a representative from each Senate; four
representatives of the Department of Education; and two
representatives each from the British Columbia School Trustees
Association and the British Columbia Teachers* Federation.
Dean Scarfe) That Dean Gage be nominated as
the representative of the Senate
of the University of British
Columtoia on the Joint Board of
Teacher Education.
Dean Myers  )
Dr. Friedman) That nominations close.
Carried. Friday, September 20, 1963       3274
Appointments to Academic Board
Section 76 of the Universities Act provided for
the establishment of an Academic Board, composed of two
memtoers appointed toy the Senate of each University and three
memtoers appointed toy the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.
The Senate Executive Committee had recommended that the
nominees of this University should toe Dean S.N.F. Chant and
Dr. I. McTaggart-Cowan.  Senate memtoers were advised of this
recommendation on June 27, 1963, and asked to inform the
Secretary to Senate within seven days of any opposition to
the recommendation.  If toy that time there were no indication
of opposition, the names would toe submitted to the Minister
of Education on the understanding that Senate at its
September meeting would toe asked for ratification.
Dr. Kania )
Mr. Miller) That Senate ratify the appointment
to the Academic Board, for three-
year terms expiring in 1966, of
Dean Chant and Dr. Cowan.
Election of Senate Memtoers
to the Board of Governors
Sections 16, 17, and 20(l) of the Universities
Act, referring to the election toy Senate of memtoers of the
Board of Governors, and a list of present Senate memtoers
eligible for such election, were circulated at the meeting.
Mr. Nemetz, Dr. Keenleyside, Mr. Miller, Mr. Caple,
Mrs. Angus, Mr. Keate and Mr. W. T. Brown were nominated.
Dr. Zbarsky)
Mr. Ireland) That nominations cease.
Carried. Friday, September 20, 1963       3275
The Chairman appointed Dean Leung and Mr. Bowers
scrutineers for the election.
After ballots had toeen counted, it was announced
that Mr. J. S. Keate, Mr. D. F. Miller and Mr. N. T. Nemetz
had toeen elected to the Board of Governors for three-year
terms ending in August, 1966.
Appointment of Senate Committees.
and Senate Representatives on
Other Committees and Bodies.
for 1963-64
It was customary for the Chairman of Senate to toe
authorized each year to review Senate committees, and
representatives on other committees and bodies, and to
report the membership to Senate.
Dr. Savery)
Dr. Cowan ) That the Chairman toe authorized
to review the membership of Senate
committees, and representation on
other committees and bodies, for
1963-64, on the understanding that
the composition of these committees
will be reported to Senate.
Executive Council of
Convocat ion
Section 9(2) of the Universities Act stated:
"The Senate shall make rules and regulations
governing the establishment of an Executive
Council of the Convocation, the appointment of
its Treasurer, and the quorum and procedure
necessary for the transaction of the business
of the Convocation."
It was agreed that the Chairman should appoint a
Committee to make recommendations to Senate in this regard. Friday, September 20, 1963       3276
Outside Groups to toe
Represented on Senate
Section 23 of the Universities Act, setting forth
the composition of the Senate of each University, Included
"one or more memtoers, as determined toy the
Senate, to toe elected toy any society or group
or organization in the Province which, in the
opinion of the Senate, contributes in a
significant way to the economic or cultural
welfare of the Province."
As had been mentioned earlier in the meeting, the
British Columbia Teachers' Federation and the High-School
Principals and Assistants actually engaged in teaching, were
represented on Senate until the expiration of the current
terms of their respective nominees. Memtoers of Senate
elected toy approved groups would, according to Section 23(j)
of the Act, be "matched" by an equivalent number of members
elected by the Joint Faculties.
The Chairman suggested that the Senate Executive
Committee might toe asked to recommend to Senate at its next
meeting for discussion, principles to govern its decisions
on the groups which should toe represented on this Senate.
Dr. Belshaw)
Mr. Nemetz ) That the Senate Executive Committee
toe asked to recommend such
principles to the Senate.
In reply to a query from Dr. Savery, the Chairman
stated that the Senate Executive Committee would toe asked
to include in its recommendations the method of selection of
groups to toe considered - whether Senate would invite groups
to appoint a representative, or whether groups desiring
representation might make application for consideration. Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3277
Rules for Elections
Section 27 of the Universities Act stated that
"The Senate shall make and publish all rules
necessary and not inconsistent with this Act
in respect of nominations, elections, and
voting, and the Registrar shall conduct all
elections as are required."
It was agreed that the Chairman should appoint a
Committee to make recommendations on this section.
Annual Financial Report
of the University
The financial report of the University for the
year ended March 31, 1963, approved by the Board of Governors,
had toeen deposited with the Secretary to Senate as required
toy statute. The President encouraged all members of Senate
to examine the report.
Moratorium on New Courses
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
on May 28, 1963, had approved the moratorium imposed toy the
Senate on new courses and expansion of course offerings
pending clarification of the financial position of the
University; and, on the assurance that any costs not
provided in the 1963-64 toudget were necessitated toy commitments previously made toy the Departments or Faculties, the
Board had approved new courses and changes in courses as
recommended toy Senate on May 22, 1963.
From the Faculties and Schools
At its meeting on Septemtoer 6, 1963, the Faculty
of Education had recommended that Education 421 toe withdrawn, Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3278
and the unit value of Education 422 increased from l£ to 3
units. Dean Scarfe commented that material was toeing withdrawn from one course and added to another.
Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Johnson) That this recommendation of the
Faculty of Education toe approved.
Report on 1963 Summer Session
The report of the Director of the 1963 Summer
Session was circulated at the meeting.  It was agreed that
this should toe left with memtoers of Senate, and returned to
the agenda of the next meeting for any comments or discussion
arising from it.
Extra-Sessional Courses
for 1963-64
For information of Senate, bulletins were distributed listing extra-sessional credit courses, and
non-credit classes offered by the Department of University
Extension, for 1963-64.
Dr. Friesen commented that these courses were
selected and organized by the various Faculties, and his
Department was merely the administrator. A study on guide
lines for the future of the extra-sessional programme had
toeen submitted to the Committee of Deans for consideration.
Prizes. Scholarships and
Lists Nos. 3 to 8 inclusive of awards of fellowships,
scholarships, prizes, etc., for 1963-64, were circulated at
the meeting. Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963       3279
Dean Gage )
Mr. Nemetz) That the awards listed toe conferred
on the winners indicated.
The following new awards were recommended to
Senate under the terms indicated:
The Thomas Francis Hurley Prize
A prize of $100.00, gift of Isaac Shulman, Esq.,
in memory of Thomas Francis Hurley, is offered
annually in the Faculty of Law.  It will toe
awarded on the recommendation, of the Faculty
to the student presenting the toest essay or
report on a subject relating to the ethical
problems and practice of criminal law. The
details of the competition will be announced
at the beginning of the session toy the Faculty.
Lamond. Dewhurst and Associates Ltd.
Scholarship in Industrial Psychology
A scholarship of $200.00, the gift of Lamond,
Dewhurst and Associates Ltd., is offered
annually to male or female students who intend
to pursue a career in the field of industrial
psychology. The award will toe made toy a
committee of the Department of Psychology to
the qualified student who attains the highest
marks in the work of the senior undergraduate
year.  In the event that the winner does not
continue his studies in the field of
industrial psychology, the award will revert
to the next highest qualified candidate.
The English Honours Medal
This medal will toe awarded to the outstanding
English Honours student who has completed the
full course requirements and is graduating in
May. Students taking Combined Honours or
Double Honours will toe eligitole, as well as
those taking the Single Honours Programme.
Recommendations for the award will toe made toy
the English Honours Committee and will toe
approved toy the Head of the Department. 1
Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3280
The Oswvn John Boulton Bursaries
These toursaries, to a total of approximately
$500.00 annually, are provided from a capital
bequest made toy the late Margaret Jane Boulton.
They will toe awarded to students in the Faculty
of Law on the toasis of academic standing and
financial need.
The Annie M. Mack Scholarship
A toequest from the late Annie M. Mack,
Vancouver, provides annually a scholarship
of approximately $250.00. This scholarship
will toe awarded to a worthy and deserving
student registered in engineering.
The William McMahan Scholarship
A scholarship of approximately $600.00,
established and endowed toy William McMahan,
Esq., Vancouver, is offered annually to students
entering the penultimate year or the final
year in chemical, civil, electrical, or
mechanical engineering, or in forestry or
forest engineering. This scholarship is open
to sons and daughters of employees of the
Logging Divisions, the Pulp Division, or the
Head Office Division of Canadian Forest
Products Ltd., or, failing a suitable
candidate from these divisions, to sons and
daughters of employees in other divisions
of the Company.  If no such candidate is
available, or, in the opinion of the
University, no candidate has a sufficiently
good academic record to merit the award,
the University may grant the scholarship to
a worthy and deserving student in Engineering
or Forestry from the student toody at large.
At the discretion of the University, if two
well qualified candidates are availatole,
the award may toe divided equally. Candidates
in the preferred categories should submit
their names and details of family service
with the Company to the Dean of Inter-Faculty
and Student Affairs toy March 15th.
The Lamtoda Kappa Sigma Alumni Bursary
A toursary of $100.00, donated toy the Alpha
Lamtoda Alumni Chapter of the Lamtoda Kappa
Sigma Sorority, will toe available in the
1963-64 session to assist a member of the
sorority who is continuing her studies in
the Faculty of Pharmacy. Friday, September 20, 1963       3281
The Charles Margolus Scholarship
As a memorial to Charles Margolus, Kent
Chemicals Ltd., Vancouver, provided a
scholarship of $100.00 in the Session 1963-64
for research and study related to liquid
scintillation counting. The award was made
on the recommendation of the Department of
The Dr. Rolf S. Manson Memorial Bursary
A bursary of $500.00, established and endowed
as a memorial to Dr. Rolf Stuart Manson by
Mrs. Manson and her son, Rolf S. Manson Jr.,
is offered annually to a worthy and deserving
student in the Faculty of Medicine. Augmented
toy contributions from friends and colleagues,
it serves to pay tribute to his professional
skill and to his generous and devoted public
service.  It is the hope of the donors that
those who benefit from this fund will themselves, if and when circumstances permit,
contribute to this or similar funds to give
assistance to other students.
The Rotoert Donald Mitchell Memorial
This toursary has toeen estatolished toy Mr. and
Mrs. R. F. Mitchell of Rossland in memory of
their son, Rotoert Donald, who attended this
University in the sessions 1961-62-63.  In the
amount of $300.00, it will toe awarded to a
student of good personal qualities and academic
record, and who is worthy of and in need of
financial assistance. The toursary is open to
students who have completed two years of study
in the Faculty of Science in a full programme
leading to a degree.
The Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary
As a memorial to Manly Cohen (B.Com., Brit.Col.,
1953), this toursary has toeen established toy
his friends. An annual award of $50.00 will toe
made to a worthy and deserving student in the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.
Dean Gage )
Dean Scarfe) That these new awards toe accepted
according to the terms indicated,
and that letters of appreciation
toe sent to the donors.
Carried. Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3282
Dr. Friedman moved a vote of thanks, which was
enthusiastically approved, to Dean Gage for his untiring
efforts in obtaining assistance for students.
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
had approved the establishment of the Graduating Classes of
1963 Student Aid Fund and the Dean E. D. MacPhee Student
Aid Fund.
Committee on Honorary Degrees
Recommendations for
Forthcoming Congregation
Dean Soward, in presenting the recommendations of
the Committee on Honorary Degrees for awards to toe made at
the Autumn Congregation, Novemtoer 1, 1963, outlined the
qualifications of the two candidates recommended, one an
outstanding scientist, the other a distinguished novelist
who might with particular appropriateness toe honoured at
the present time of controversy over colour and racial
Dr. Malcolm H. Hetoto - Manager, General Physics Research,
General Electric Company, New York - D.Sc.
Mr. James Baldwin - Negro essayist, novelist and
statesman - D.Litt.
Dean Soward)
Dean Scarfe) That the degrees indicated toe
conferred upon Dr. Hetoto and
Mr. Baldwin at the Autumn Congregation,
1963, if they are able to be
present to receive the degree.
Carried. Friday, September 20, 1963       3283
Gown and Hat for Doctor
of Letters Degree
Although the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters
had been conferred on two occasions, no distinctive gown
and hat had been selected. The Committee on Honorary Degrees
recommended that, to correspond with the colour of the hood,
the gown and hat for the Doctor of Letters degree should
have cream facings and trimmings.
Dean Soward)
Dr. Kania ) That, for the degree of Doctor of
Letters, a gown and hat toe approved
resembling those for the degrees
of Doctor of Laws and Doctor of
Science, tout with cream facings
and trimmings.
Central Budgeting for
Library Curias
The Committee of Deans had approved a recommendation from the Librarian that toudget funds for Library
purposes should toe centralized under the Litorary rather
than toeing partially dispersed among the Faculties. This
would not affect the establishment of branch or specialized
libraries where they would provide better service to a
particular Faculty or Department.
Dr. Scott inquired whether gifts to individual
Departments for Litorary purposes would toe channeled through
the main Litorary, with the possible result that the
allocation to that Department from general Library funds
would be reduced, and that the donor would be discouraged
from giving further assistance. 1
Friday, September 20, 1963       3284
A motion toy Dr. Gibson, seconded by Dean Myers,
approving the recommendation of the Committee of Deans in
the interests of efficient use of Library funds, was tabled
to the next meeting. It was agreed that in the meantime the
detailed recommendation from the Librarian should be
circulated to all memtoers of Senate for their consideration
and return to the agenda.
Death of Dr. W. N. Sage
Dr. Rootoins, Chairman of the Committee on Memorial
Minutes, read the following memorial to Dr. W. N. Sage:
In the death of Walter Noble Sage on
September 11, 1963, at the age of seventy-five,
the Senate of the University of British
Columtoia lost a familiar figure and one of its
most devoted memtoers. Serving his first term
in 1939-1942, Dr. Sage was re-elected in 1945,
and thereafter was regularly returned toy
Convocation, completing eighteen years of
continuous service in May of the present year.
As we look hack on his long career of teaching
in this university, from 1918 to 1953 and for
two further years after reaching retiral age,
we sense a passing of the old order, a
dramatic moment of completeness. His death
has come in the year of transition, between
the period of vigorous pioneering growth and
an era of institutional expansion and change
in higher education.
Born in London, Ontario, in 1888, Walter
Sage was educated in tooth Canadian and English
schools, and received his degrees from Oxford
University and the University of Toronto. He
lectured at Calgary College and at Queen's
University, and at the age of thirty started
his long association with the University of
British Columtoia, where for the last twenty
years of his teaching career he was Head of
the Department of History. His interest in
the history of his adopted province began 1
Friday, September 20, 1963       3285
early, with an article in 1921 on "The Gold
Colony of British Columbia". The interest
became a scholar's passion, reflected in his
fostering of regional studies and creation of
new courses, in his active concern with
historic sites and monuments, in the numerous
historical associations he assisted or
presided over, and in the steady output of
hooks and articles that contributed to the
historical knowledge of the Pacific Northwest.
A striking feature of Walter Sage's
writing was the predominance of the biographical
element, half of his twenty-six articles toeing
devoted to such figures as Simon Fraser,
Sir James Douglas, and the Spanish explorers.
To him history, whether of the British Empire
or of British Columtoia, was a living study,
absorbing for its revelation of human
personality in action.  It was this otovious
enjoyment that made him a popular teacher,
communicating his own pleasure in incident
and anecdote, and delighted to discover and
encourage a similar passion for history in
the young.  Generations of students at this
university share the classroom memory of a
tourly figure shaking with infectious laughter
while recalling the foitoles of the great, or
revealing an eager interest in the interrelationships of character and event.
That such memories persisted long after
the days of undergraduate lectures, strengthened
toy the image of a man kindly and helpful in
both student and community life, is evident in
the unswerving loyalty shown him toy Convocation.
This respect and this affection, happily accorded
the living man as professor and as professor
emeritus, are in themselves the finest memorial
to Walter Sage.
Dr. Rototoins) That this memorial toe spread on
the minutes of Senate, and a
copy sent to the family of Dr. Sage.
The motion was seconded jointly by Dean Soward,
colleague of Dr. Sage for many years and his successor as
Head of the Department; and Dr. Keenleyside, a member of
Dr. Sage's first class and a subsequent junior member of
the Department.
Carried. Friday, September 20, 1963      3286
Study of Academic Goals for
the University of British
When President Macdonald first came to this
University, he had undertaken, as all Senate memtoers knew,
a study of the future of higher education in the Province
of British Columtoia. The Report had received wide acceptance,
and. the pattern of development of higher education in
British Columtoia had toeen dramatically changed.
Now for the first time, the University of British
Columtoia was free to consider its role and purpose. The
President had proposed to the Faculty that during this year
the University should prepare a report on its academic
goals, so that not only the University tout the entire
Province would see clearly that large size and excellence
were compatible. A statement of educational philosophy
should include consideration of the programmes appropriate
to this University, the admissions policy, the size of the
University and distribution of students, the major changes
desiratole now or deserving consideration in the future to
strengthen the existing programme or to meet other needs,
the goals in staff, the goals for the Litorary and for the
Computing Centre. The study should toe completed within the
year to prevent its toeing overwhelmed in detail.
The President had asked Dean Chant, Dr. Belshaw,
Dr. Norris, Dr. Copp, Dr. Mann, Dr. Scagel and Dr. Chapman
to work with him in compiling the report. Selection had
toeen made on the toasis of toreadth of interest rather than Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963       3287
position in the University Faculty. The working committee
would report at frequent and regular intervals to a larger
and representative group of all the Faculty, in order to
ascertain the opinions and reactions of this group and to
disseminate its viewpoints through the Faculty as a whole.
The University was more likely to achieve its
goal of excellence if it knew what it was trying to
accomplish. This knowledge would also produce unity of
purpose, despite diversity in programmes.
Dr. Macdonald hoped the study would indicate the
responsibility of the University to the community in the
field of continuing education. He hoped also that it would
help to create putolic understanding and public support for
this University. A report on otojectives would protect the
University against careless and uninformed criticism of its
programmes. For the sake of other institutions of higher
education to be developed in the Province, it was important
to define the place of the University of British Columtoia
as accurately and precisely as possible•
To make this study an official undertaking of the
University, the President asked whether Senate would endorse
the proposal to undertake such a study, on the understanding
that the report arising from it would be submitted to Senate
as the senior academic toody.
Dr. Cowan expressed his enthusiasm for the proposal
as a means of meeting one of the most urgent needs of the
University at the present time.  He commended also the Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3288
decision that the study should toe accomplished in a short
Dr. Cowan )
Dr. Warren) That this Senate go on record as
wholeheartedly in support of
President Macdonald's proposal for
a study of the aims and academic
otojectives of the University of
British Columtoia.
Mr. Peter Baxter -
Petition to S-enate
Copies had toeen circulated at the meeting of a
petition from Peter Baxter (B.A., 1963) to the Senate for
permission to appeal through counsel from the decision of
the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
that he should not toe admitted to that Faculty; and to
register and attend classes at the University pending decision
on his admissibility to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
The Secretary outlined Mr. Baxter's academic
record. His first First Class mark had toeen in a graduate
course in Economics taken during 1962-63 when he was
completing his undergraduate work. He had applied in May,
1963, for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, tout
was referred to the Department of Economics and Political
Science since his general academic record did not meet the
standards prescribed. The Acting-Head of the Department
recommended to the Executive Committee of Graduate Studies
that Mr. Baxter toe permitted to attempt to raise his standing
in order to qualify for admission to the Faculty. This Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963       3289
recommendation was rejected toy the Executive Committee of
Graduate Studies, and Mr. Baxter was so notified on June 25,
Despite this, Mr. Baxter had repeated Economics 300
at Summer Session (obtaining 122/150) and had rewritten
Economics 303 (obtaining 106/150).
As a result of the First Class mark in Economics
300, the Registrar had asked the Department of Economics
and Political Science whether it would support a recommendation
to the Executive Committee of Graduate Studies on toehalf of
Mr. Baxter. The Department was not prepared to make such a
The Executive Committee of Senate had met with
interested memtoers of Faculty in the afternoon preceding
this Senate meeting, had discussed the situation in detail,
and recommended
That the petition of Mr. Peter Baxter for a
hearing and for authorization to register in
the Faculty of Graduate Studies on an interim
toasis pending such hearing, toe denied.
Dr. Savery inquired whether Mr. Baxter might toe
admitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies as an "unclassified"
student until he achieved appropriate standing, or demonstrated his inability to meet the standards required. The
Registrar stated that he could not admit Mr. Baxter to
graduate courses in Economics since that Department was not
prepared to accept him as a graduate student.
Dr. Birney asked whether the matter could toe
deferred to the next meeting to give all memtoers of Senate m
Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3290
an opportunity to study it. Mr. Sinclair suggested that
Dr. Scott, as a member of the Department, might speak to
the case.
Dr. Scott stated that his original recommendation
to the Executive Committee of Graduate Studies had toeen
made in the absence of his departmental colleagues and as a
result of the one First Class mark obtained toy Mr. Baxter
in 1962-63, in order to ensure that Mr. Baxter's case was
considered by a committee rather than an individual.
Dr. Savery referred to a statement in Mr. Baxter's
petition that "I was assured toy the written recommendation
of the Department of Economics, through the then Department
Head, Dr. A. D. Scott, that I would be admitted to the
Faculty on the specified performance required from me in
the summer." Dr. Scott explained that the only basis for
this statement was that Mr. Baxter was informed verbally of
the recommendation which Dr. Scott was making in writing to
the Executive Committee of Graduate Studies (letter to
•* Committee dated May 30, 1963). As indicated earlier,
Mr. Baxter had been informed prior to the opening of Summer
Session that this recommendation had been denied.
Dr. Savery)
Dr. Bryce ) That Senate concur in the recommendation of the Executive
Committee of the Faculty of Graduate
Studies, and of the Senate Executive
Committee, that Mr. Peter Baxter be
not admitted to the Faculty of
Graduate Studies.
-f Friday, September 20, 1963      3291
Calendar Statement on Admission
or Re-admission to the University
The President suggested it would be advisatole for
the University to include in its Calendar a general provision
empowering the Senate to consider all qualifications,
including academic, relating to the advisatoility of admitting
any student to this University, or retaining him. A draft
statement was read and discussed toy Senate.  It was agreed
that this statement should toe revised, referred to the
Executive Committee and to the University solicitors, and
returned to Senate at the next meeting.
Acting-Dean Okulitch and Dr. Bryce referred also
to the right and responsibility of each Department to decide
whether applicants for admission to graduate studies in that
Department could toe accommodated in view of facilities and
supervisory staff available.
Other Business
Purpose of Membership
on Senate
The President stated that, in his opinion, a wide
representation on Senate was highly desirable since it
provided variety of viewpoints and knowledge of specialized
areas. However, he felt each member of Senate, whatever the
basis of his membership, represented himself and not a
constituency.  It was useful for memtoers to present the
viewpoint of their particular Faculty, tout their decisions
should toe made individually. Senate indicated its general Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963      3292
agreement with this philosophy, and Dean Curtis stated this
was the toasis for the legislation providing that each
Faculty should have a representative other than its Dean,
and that additional members of Faculty should toe elected to
Form of Meetings
For information of Senate, the Chairman stated
that during the past year, matters which appeared to toe
routine had toeen considered toy the Senate Executive Committee,
and the details together with Executive Committee recommendation circulated to Senate memtoers in advance of the
meeting. Senate memtoers were urged to study this material,
and toe prepared to raise questions or make alternative
recommendations at the meeting. This procedure could not toe
followed this time in view of the nature of the items on
the agenda.
The saving in time required for consideration of
"routine" items permitted Senate to discuss important
academic issues. Among topics discussed in 1962-63 were
"The Impact of Science on Engineering Education",
"Architecture versus Architects", and "Art, Music and
Theatre - Their Place in the Curriculum".
Senate memtoers were invited to submit to the
Chairman topics which might toe appropriate for consideration
at future meetings. Friday, September 20, 1963       3293
Possible Amendment to the
Universities Act
Mr. Bowers asked whether, at some future meeting,
Senate might discuss a proposal that this Senate petition
the Government of British Columtoia to amend the Universities
Act toy deleting Section 20(l)(d):
20(1) "The following persons are not eligible to toe
memtoers of the Board (of Governors):-
(d) Other than the President, any appointee
of the Board who receives remuneration
from the University".
Opening of the new
Frederic Wood Theatre
Mr. Caple expressed the toelief that each opening
of a new building on the campus was a recognition of
excellent work done toy a group of people - Faculty or
Department. Forty-eight years ago a memtoer of Faculty had
started an undertaking now recognized throughout Canada,
and most recently brought to public attention in the opening
the previous night of the new Frederic Wood Theatre.
A motion by Mr. Caple that appreciation and thanks
toe expressed to Professor Emeritus F.G.C. Wood and
Miss Dorothy Somerset, was carried unanimously.
Results of Elections
by Convocation
Dr. Warren had toeen asked toy many friends of the
University throughout the Province about the results of the
1963 election toy Convocation in so far as candidates not
elected were concerned. He wondered whether detailed Friday, Septemtoer 20, 1963
standings could toe published as in the case of other
The Chairman suggested that this point be
considered toy the Committee to toe appointed to make
recommendations in respect to elections to Senate.
The meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.
{^_JS ecret&ry.


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