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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1941-02-19

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Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia for the session 1940-41 was
held on Wednesday, February 19th, 1941, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair),
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean J. N. Finlajrson, Dean D. Buchanan,
Dr. Blythe Eagles, Dr. D. G. Laird, Dr. M. Y. Williams,
Mr. A. H.Finlay, Mr. F. H. Soward, Mr. Lemuel Robertson,
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. A. R. Lord, Mr. Arnold A.
Webster, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr. W. N. Sage, Mr. A. E. Lord,
Miss A. B. Jamieson, Dr. J. F. Walker and Miss Florence S.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Dr.
C. A. H. Wright, Miss Isobel Harvey, Mr. J. N. Harvey and
Miss M. L. Bollert.
Mr. A. E. Lord)
Dr. Sage      ) That the minutes of the second
regular meeting of December 18th,
1940, and of the special meeting
of December 30th, 1940, be taken
as read, and adopted.
Notice was received from the Secretary-Treasurer of
the B. C. Secondary School Teachers' Association that Mr.
Arnold A. Webster had been elected as the representative
of the High School Principals and Assistants on the Senate.
The Chairman extended a welcome to Mr. Webster.
A letter from the President was read announcing that
James Sutherland Thomson, M.A., D.D., President of The
University of Saskatchewan, would give the principal 817
Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
address at the Congregation on May 15th, 1941.
From the Board of Governors
The T. Sato Loan Fund  -  Approved.
From the Faculties
Request of The Anglican Theological College and
Union College for extension of credit for Religious
Knowledge Options.
The following resolution, passed by the Faculty of
.Arts and Science and concurred in by the Faculties of
Applied Science and Agriculture, was received:
WHEREAS it has been the practice of the
University of British Columbia in connection
with work taken elsewhere than at the University of British Columbia to give credit
beyond the First Year only to work completed
at an accredited Junior College or University,
or to grant Religious Knowledge Options to the
extent of three units in each year to students
in the Affiliated Theological Colleges declaring their intention of graduating in Theology,
AND WHEREAS the extension of Religious
Knowledge Options to all students in the
Faculty of Arts and Science would mean releasing from the Faculty control over possibly
one-fifth of a student's course,
BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty of Arts
and Science reaffirm their opinion that there
should be no departure from the present practice.
Dean Buchanan )
Dean Finlayson) That the resolution of the
Faculties be approved.
Proposed Change in Regulations for Courses Leading
~" to the Master's Degree
A communication was received from the Faculties 818
Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
recommending a change in the regulations for courses
leading to the Master's degree for certain students
engaged in War Work, which matter had been referred back
to the Faculties by Senate at a previous meeting.
The Faculties recommended,-
That graduate students who spend two years to
qualify for their Master's degree but who, on
completion of one year of their work are called
upon by the Defence Industries, the British
Mission Board, Allied War Corporation, the
National Research Council, Research Enterprises
or similar Government departments connected with
the war, to engage in scientific work, be granted
their Master's degree on the completion of an
additional year's work outside the University,
provided that, in the opinion of the Head of the
Department concerned and the Committee on Graduate
Studies, the experience gained by the candidate
from this work is equivalent to that which would
probably be obtained by an extra year spent at
the University.
Dean Buchanan )
Dean Finlayson) That the recommendation of the
Faculties be approved.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Course in History 20 - Summer Session
A revised outline of the course in History 20 for
the Summer Session 1941 was presented.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sage     ) That the proposed change in
course be approved.
The David Bolocan Memorial Prize
The offer of a prize of $25, to be given by Mr.
and Mrs. Bolocan in memory of their son, David Bolocan, 1 819
Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
^* was received from the Faculty of Arts and Science with a
recommendation for its acceptance on the following terms:
The David Bolocan Memorial Prize
W A prize of $25 given by Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Bolocan will be awarded to the student in the
" Fourth Year of the Faculty of Arts and Science
i„ who is regarded by the Department of Philosophy
and Psychology as the outstanding student in
that subject in the graduating year.  The award
will be made on the recommendation of the Head
of the Department of Philosophy and Psychology.
1 Mr. Soward   )
Dean Buchanan) That the offer be accepted.
From the Faculty of Applied Science
Dean Finlayson introduced the subject of proposed
changes in the Curriculum of the Faculty of Applied
1 Science.  Mr. Finlay, Chairman of the Curriculum
Committee of the Faculty of Applied Science, presented
the report.
The proposed changes in the course provided for
a limited amount of specialization in the Third
Year, and, to accomplish this, divided the work
of the Third Year into Common Courses and
Specialized Courses, with provision for students
to take one extra subject of not more than two
hours per week to be selected from a specified
group of courses.
In the discussion it was noted that the principal
change affecting the curriculum for 1941-42, and
also the Calendar for that session, was the moving
back of Chemistry 2(b) - now taken in the Third
Year - to the Second Year.  It was noted, too,
that the proposed changes introduced a certain
amount of specialization in the Third Year, and
this matter was considered.  It was felt, however,
that it was desirable to include in the forth-
^ coming Calendar not only the changes for the 820
Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
session 1941-42 but also notice of further
changes to be effective in the session 1942-43.
Mr. Finlay  )
Dr. Williams) That Senate accept the report
in principle, and that the
matter be referred to a Committe<
of Senate with power to act, the
Committee to be appointed by the
Report of the Committee on Calendar
Mr. Robertson, Chairman of the Committee on
Calendar, presented the report of the Committee on the
Calendar for 1941-42.  Proposed changes, new courses,
courses dropped and courses re-drafted were set forth
in a synopsis, copies of which were distributed to
members of Senate.
Details with respect to the calendar material for
the Faculties of Applied Science and Agriculture were
presented by Mr. Finlay and Dr. Laird.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Finlay   ) That the material for the
Calendar for 1941-42, as
presented, including proposed
changes and new courses, be
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That the application of the
revised regulations re supplementals (page 106, paragraph 4)
be optional for the session
Carried 821
Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
A report in regard to a proposed course for members
of the Fire and Police Departments of Vancouver and
vicinity in Air Raid Precautions and Allied Work, prepared by Mr. Charles B. Wood under date of February 19th,
1941, was presented.  In the report reference was made
to the proposal to give an examination at the end of the
course and to issue a statement to each successful
candidate.  After discussion on this point,-
Mr. A. E. Lord)
Mr. Logan     ) That the procedure as outlined
in the Report on Fire Prevention
Course be approved.
Report of the Director of University Extension for the
Academic Year 1939-40
Copies of the report had been circulated to the
members of Senate.
Mr. A. E. Lord)
Mr. Soward    ) That the report be received and
A letter was received from Dean F. M. Clement
expressing appreciation of the token of sympathy sent
on the occasion of the death of Mrs. Clement.
The members of Senate stood as a tribute to the
memory of Mrs. Clement. )
Wednesday, February 19th, 1941.
For the information of Senate the President gave
a verbal report on the matter of Air Raid Precautions,
A survey of the buildings had been made with a
view to ascertaining what accommodation would
be available in the event of air raids or gas
The buildings found suitable for this purpose
were the Library, the Stadium and the Science
Building. The number of persons who could be
accommodated during air raids and gas attacks
was indicated.
The Provincial Police Officer for the University
Area, who assisted in making the survey, had
given assurance that all necessary precautions
were being taken.
The meeting adjourned.
£/<^&r &
tf.(9. '***—~<5~


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