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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1954-08-27

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 Friday, August 27th, 1954     2074,
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1953-54 was
held on Friday, August 27th, 1954, at 8:00 p.m. in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dr. John Allardyce, Dr. Walton J. Anderson, Dean G. C. Andrew,
Dean H. F. Angus, Mr. C. B. Bourne, Mr. Kenneth P. Caple, Dean
S.N.F. Chant, Dr. Harold Copp, Miss Mollie Cottingham, Mr.
L.G.R. Crouch, Dean George F. Curtis, Dean B. A. Eagles, Dean
W. H. Gage, Mr. B. C. Gillie, Dr. A. E. Grauer, Dr. W. H.
Hickman, Major II. C. Holmes, Dr. F. A. Kaempffer, Mr. J. Stuart
Keate, Mr. F. M. Knapp, Colonel H. T. Logan, Dr. M. M.
Maclntyre, Mr. E. D. MacPhee, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Dr.
H. Rocke Robertson, Dr. W. N. Sage, Mr. F. H. Soward, Dr.
II. V. Warren, Dean M. M. Weaver and Dr. R. W. Wellwood. .
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Dean G. S. Allen,
Dr. W. G. Black, Mr. F. C. Boyes, Mr. J. M. Buchanan, Dr.
J.J.R. Campbell, The Honourable Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne, Dr.
I. McT. Cowan, Miss Mary M. Fallis, Dean II. C. Gunning and
Dr. C.A.H. Wright.
Reference was made to the death since the last
meeting of Senate, of Mr. H. 0. English, of the Provincial
Normal School in Victoria, and a member of the University
Senate since 1944.  It was agreed that a committee composed
of Mr. II. T. Logan and Dr. W. H. Hickman prepare a statement Friday, August 27th, 1954     2075,
to be duly inscribed in the minutes.
The President extended a welcome to the new members
of Senate, and also conveyed from the Chancellor, who was
unable to be present, his good wishes and his appreciation
of their willingness to serve.  The President commented on
the difficult task which the Chancellor had accepted with
the Canadian Government in Indo-China, as Commissioner on
the Viet Nam Supervisory Commission.
The President introduced Mrs. Donald D. Coryell who
had been appointed to replace Mr. Reginald Moir as Information
Officer, and it was agreed that she should be permitted to
attend the Senate meetings on the understanding that only
matters authorized by the Press Committee may be made public
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Sage  )
Dean Chant)  That the minutes of the fourth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1953-54,
having been circulated, be taken as
read and adopted.
Report on Senate Elections.
May 31st. 1954
The following report of the Scrutineers on the
Senate Elections was presented by the Registrar:
"The Senate Election for 1954 was held on
May 31st, in conformity with the University Act and
the regulations of the Senate in reference thereto.
"The Chancellorship of the University having
been filled by the re-election by acclamation of
Mr. Sherwood Lett, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., E.D., Q.C.,
no ballot was received for that office. "The total number
members of Senate was
valid and 12 could not
Friday, August 2
of ballots received
Of these
'th, 1951
"The votes on the above-mentioned valid ballots
were counted by the scrutineers with the following
May 31st. 1954
(Names in order of votes received)
Candidates Elected Votes  Order of
Grauer, Dr. Albert Edward (Dal)
Sage, Dr. Walter Noble
Caple, Mr. Kenneth Percival
Lord, His Honour Judge Arthur Edward
Keate, Mr. James Stuart
McTaggart-Cowan, Dr. Ian
Agnew, Miss Marjorie
Clyne, The Honourable Mr. Justice John
Fulton, Mr. Edmund Davie
Warren, Dr. Harry V.
Logan, Mr. Harry Tremaine
Wright, Dr. Charles Alfred Holstead
Black, Dr. William Griffiths
Buchanan, Mr. John Murdock
Fallis, Miss Mary M.
Votes Received
Candidates not Elected
Ross, Dr.
Dr. Russell
Phyllis Gre
aory (Mrs.
F. M.)
Mi s s
David Binnie
William Carleton
Frederick William
Gordon Macintosh
Frederic William
Dorothy Louise
Hatfield, Mr. Harley Robert
Andrews, Mr. Henry Ivan
Brown, Mr. Joseph Frederick, Jr
Murphy, Dr. William
Smith, Mr. Henry Bertram
Campbell, Mr. Charles McKinnon
McDougal, Miss Mary
Ladner, Mr. Graham Booth
Brissenden, Mr. Perley 11.
H] equal
32 Friday, August 27th, 1954     2077
(Signed)  John Allardyce W. Harry Hickman
V. C. Brink Malcolm M. Maclntyre
M. D. Mawdsley F. M. Knapp
S. N. F. Chant R. B. Kerr   "
Representative on Senate of the High
School Principals and Assistants
Notice was received from the General Secretary of
the B. C. Teachers' Federation that Mr. Bernard C. Gillie
had been elected as representative of the Secondary School
Teachers of British Columbia on Senate for the period May 31st,
1954 to May 31st, 1957.
Election of Representatives of Senate
on the 3oard of Governors
The Chair called for nominations for representatives
of Senate on the Board of Governors to fill vacancies resulting
from the expiry of the terms of office of His Honour Judge
A. E. Lord, Mr. John M. Buchanan and Mr. Kenneth Caple.  The
following were thereupon nominated:
Judge Lord
Mr. Buchanan
Mr. Caple
Dr. Grauer.
Dr. Grauer declined the nomination.
Dr. Sage )
Dean Gage)  That, subject to verification of eligibility,
Judge Lord, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Caple be
re-elected to represent Senate on the Board
of Governors.
Annual Financial Report
Year Ending March 31st. 1951
A copy of the Annual Financial Report for the year Friday, August 27th, 1951      2078
ended March 31st, 1951, was received.
It was agreed that this should be filed with the
Secretary and available to the members of Senate.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the 3oard of Governors on
May 31st, 1951, had approved the recommendations of Senate,
at its meeting of May 12th:
(a) The establishment of a Department of Chemical
Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science,
(b) The establishment of a Ph.D. coarse in Geology,
as recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies,
(c) The authorization of a new course, Sociology 110 (3),
Sociology of Small Groups.
Approval. Subject to Approval
by Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
on May Slst had approved the acceptance of the following
awards, subject to approval of Senate:
The Dr. Hugh N. MacCorkindale Scholarship in Teacher
Socony-Vacuum Scholarship
Union Carbide Canada Limited Undergraduate Scholarships
The Hamber Gold Medal and Prize.
Report on Summer Session
Registrationf 1954
A report dated August 27th, 1951, on Summer Session
Registration, giving comparative figures for the years 1947
to 1951, was received from the Registrar. An increase from
971 in 1952 to 1161 in 1954 was noted. Friday, August 27th, 1954     2079
Dean Chant quoted from a report by Dr. Argue,
Director of Summer Session, drawing attention to the fact
that not only was the enrolment larger but that the
percentage of teachers had risen.  No classes had beon
cancelled because of small enrolment.  It was also noted
that 93^ of the students were from British Columbia.
A report from the Department of University
Extension on Student Registration in Extra-Curricular Summer
Courses 1954 was circulated and taken for information. The
President emphasized the importance of this Department and
commented on the fine work being done.
Mr. Caple stressed the importance of Summer Session
and felt that the University should do everything possible
to encourage students to come to The University of British
Columbia in the summer.
From the Faculties
Examination Results. Summer Session
and Candidates for Degrees in the
Faculty of Arts and Science
A list of candidates who had completed the requirements for degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Science, at the
Summer Session, was received from the Secretary of the Faculty
under cover of a letter dated August, 1954.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the candidates on the list be approved
for the degrees to which they are entitled
and that the Dean be authorized to make any
corrections that may be required.
Carried. Friday, August 27th, 1951      2080
Recommendation that Certain
Students be Required to Withdraw
A list dated August 27th, of students who had
failed twice in the work of the same year was received.
In this connection Dean Chant requested Senate to
approve of the practice which had been generally carried out,
but never formally approved, of permitting students required
to withdraw, to re-apply after one year.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That this approval be granted and that
the students listed be required to
withdraw, with the proviso that the Deans
of the Faculties concerned be permitted
to make any necessary alterations in the
Dean Weaver pointed out that three students listed in the
Faculty of Medicine had been permitted to repeat the First
Year in the 1954--55 Session.
Dr. Copp  )
Dean Weaver)  That the names of these students be
removed from the list.
The case of J. Ross Anderson, Second Year Law, who
had failed twice in the work of the year and had been required
to withdraw, was referred by the Chair to a committee
consisting of Dean Chant, Dean Gage and Dean Curtis (or anyone
designated by Dean Curtis) for further consideration.
Extra-Sessional Coursesf 1954-55
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science that the following be offered in the
Session 1951-55 as Extra-Sessional Courses: Friday, August 27th, 1954      2081
English 412 Dr. Marion B. Smith
German 110 Dr. Marion Cowie
History 419 Mr. Geoffrey Davies
Mathematics 201 Instructor to be announced
Physical Education 260    Mr. Robert Osborne
Social Work 575 Mrs. Helen Exner
Social Work 581 To commence Thursday,
January 6th, 1955,
Instructor to be announced.
It was noted that a further recommendation will be
made with reference to courses in Education to be offered to
teachers in Victoria and possibly in New Westminster.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the Extra-Sessional Courses listed
for the 1954-55 Session be approved.
From the Council of the School
of Physical Education
A report on Membership, Organization and Functions
of the Women's Athletic Committee, approved by Students'
Council on May 10th, had been circulated to Senate.  Dean
Mawdsley pointed out that this Committee hoped to work in
a parallel way with the Men's Committee.  She felt that it was
a good idea to have one or two members of Faculty who are not
full-time members of the School of Physical Education, on the
Dean Mawdsley)
Dr. Warren  )  That this report be adopted.
In reference to his report on Extra-Mural Men's
Athletics, Dean Gage stated that the chief change in the
constitution of the Men's Athletic Committee was provision
for Faculty representatives to alternate every two years and Friday, August 27th, 1954     2082
serve, at most, for two consecutive terms.  The students seemed
satisfied with the report.
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That this report be adopted by Senate,
contingent upon its approval by the
student body.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Lists No. 2 and 3, dated May 28th and June 9th,
1954, respectively, of awards of scholarships and prizes,
were circulated for the information of Senate.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That the students whose names appear on
these lists No. 2 and 3, be awarded the
scholarships and prizes for which they
are recommended.
It was recommended that an additional University
Scholarship of $175.00 be provided from the University
Scholarship Trust Fund because of a tie in one of the areas
in the province in the recent Grade XII examinations.  The
Chris Spencer Foundation had already agreed to provide $225.00
to bring the scholarship up to the full value of $400.00.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Sage )  That an additional University Scholarship
of $175.00 be provided from the University
Scholarship Trust Fund.
Postponements and Awards
Miss Margaret Sherr3r, who had been awarded a Jonathan
Rogers Scholarship of $100.00, requested postponement of the
award for one year on the ground that she will be teaching Friday, August 27th, 1954     2083
during the Session 1954-55.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Sage )  That a postponement of one year be granted
in this case.
It was recommended that the remaining University-
Fellowship loan of $1,500.00 be awarded to Miss Helen Chang
of the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology who proposes
during the coming year to study at the Pasteur Institute in
Dean Gage)
Dr. Sage ) That this University-Fellowship loan of
$1,500.00 be approved.
New Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards was
recommended, under the terms indicated:
The Hamber Gold Medal and Prize
A gold medal and a cash prize of $200.00, presented
by the Honourable Eric W. Hamber, C.M.G., B.A., LL.D.,
Chancellor of this University from 1944 to 1951 and
Chancellor Emeritus since 1951, will be awarded,
annually to the student graduating in the Faculty of
Medicine with the most outstanding record throughout
the Medical course.
The Dr. Hugh N. MacCorkindale Scholarship
in Teacher Training
In honour of Dr. Hugh N. MacCorkindale and in
recognition of his distinguished services as a teacher
and administrator in the Vancouver School System from
1914 to 1954, the Vancouver Secondary School Teachers'
Association has established an annual scholarship of
$100.00.  This scholarship is available to students
entering the Teacher Training Course.  In selecting
the winner, consideration will be given to scholastic
standing, personal qualities, and aptitude for and
interest in teaching. The winner will be selected
from those nominated by members of the teaching Friday, August 27th, 1954    2084
profession or University staff and those applying
personally.  Letters of nomination or application
must be received not later than August 15th.
Socony-Vacuum Scholarship
This scholarship of $500.00, gift of Socony-Vacuum
Exploration Company, Calgary, is available to a
student taking work in the field of sedimentary geology
and proceeding to the final undergraduate year.  In
making the award, consideration will be given not
only to scholastic attainment, but also to character,
personality, breadth of interest, initiative,
willingness to assume responsibility, and ability
to co-operate with associates. Preference will bo
given to a candidate who will be ready to enter-
industry upon completion of the work of the year in
which he holds the award.
Union Carbide Canada Limited Undergraduate
These scholarships, provided by Union Carbide Canada
Limited, are available for graduates of secondary
schools who need or deserve financial support to
begin and continue their studies at university and
who are interested in future business or industrial
careers.  Each scholarship has the value of $500.00
per annum which will be payable for each year of a
complete academic course.  To be eligible, an applicant
must have good scholastic standing and personal
reputation, and must be recommended by his school
authorities.  Renewal of a scholarship in any year
is dependent upon maintenance of high standing.
Letters of application for the scholarship available
for attendance at this University must be submitted
to the Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty
Affairs, from whom full information may be obtained,
not later than August 15th.
Agriculture Bursary (Anonymous)
This bursary of $50.00 was made available to assist
a student in Agriculture from a rural area, other than
the Fraser Valley, who had completed at least the
First Year.
The Summerland Kiwanis Club Bursary
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Kiwanis Club
of Summerland, is available annually for a student
from Summerland who is beginning or continuing studies
at the University of British Columbia.  The award Friday, August 27th, 1954
will be made in consultation with the Club to a
student who has academic promise and is in need of
financial assistance.
The Canadian Life Insurance Medical
A Fellowship of $5,000.00, the gift of the Canadian
Life Insurance Officers Association, was made available
in the Session 1954-1955 for special investigation
and research in the field of heart disease.
The Barley Improvement Institute
This fellowship of $1,000.00, gift of the Barley
Improvement Institute, Winnipeg, was made available
for special research and study on barley.
The Tri-Services University Training
Four scholarships of $150.00 each, established by
the Tri-Services Committee, are available to students
enrolled in the Canadian Officers Training Corps,
the University Naval Training Division, and the
R.C.A.F. (Reserve) University Squadron on the Campus.
Of these Scholarships one will be available to the
members of each of the three units and one to the
combined membership.  To be eligible for the awards,
candidates must have completed at least the first
phase of their practical and theoretical training
with the unit concerned, and be proceeding with their
University studies.  Winners will be selected by the
Scholarship Committee of the University, in consultation with the Commanding Officers of the units, on the
basis of academic proficiency and on qualities of
leadership as exhibited in the training programmes.
Financial circumstances of candidates may, however,
also be considered.  The awards will be announced as
soon as possible after the final examinations in April.
If no candidate is considered to be sufficiently well
qualified, the awards may be withheld.
Dean Gage )
Dean Eagles)  Tliat these new awards recommended be
accepted and appropriate letters to
the donors be sent.
Further with regard to awards, Dean Gage reported
that "The Samuel Nemetz Memorial Scholarship" has been renamed Friday, August 27th, 1954     2086
the "Samuel and Rebecca Nemetz Memorial Scholarship".  The
scholarship is now given by Nathan T. Nemetz and his brother
Herman Nemetz.  It was formerly provided by Mrs. Rebecca
Nemetz.  He reported further that the Princess Betty Chapter,
I.O.D.E., has decided to increase the amount of The Princess
Betty Chapter, I.O.D.E., Bursary from $75.00 to $100.00;
that Mr. W. Jack II. Dicks has contributed $400.00 to the capital
fund of the W. Jack II. Dicks Bursary and has given instructions
to forward a further $300.00 at the same time in 1955, and a
final $300.00 similarly in 1950; that a loan fund set up
several years ago by Dr. II. R. MacMillan to assist sons and
daughters of employees of the II. R. MacMillan Export Company,
had been made available to a wider group of students; and
that the Powell ltiver Company were providing a second scholarship this year.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus presented as recommendations of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees, that the degree of Doctor of
Laws, honoris causa, be conferred on Major-General Victor W.
Odium and The Honourable Sir Douglas Copland, High Commissioner
for Australia, in Ottawa, at the Fall Congregation.
Dean Angus )
Dean Weaver)  That the degree of Doctor of Laws,
honoris causa, be conferred on Major-
General Victor W. Odium and The
Honourable Sir Douglas Copland, at
the Autumn Congregation.
Carried. Friday, August 27th, 1954     2087
Reports of Department of
University Extension
Youth Training School
Programme for B. C. Fishermen
The President suggested that these reports, which
had been circulated to Senate, be taken as information and
returned to the agenda in October, when Dr. J. K. Friesen,
Director of the Department of University Extension, would be
asked to be present to give any further information which
might be desired.
Special Congregation
The President stated that the Archbishop of
Canterbury had accepted the invitation to receive an Honorary
Degree at a Special Congregation, to be held on September 15th,
at half past two o'clock, in the Auditorium, and would speak
at that time.  In addition to those invited by card, the
public were most welcome to attend.
Autumn Congregation
The President stated that a Congregation Speaker
had not yet been secured for the Autumn Congregation, to be
held on Friday, October 29th, at 8 o'clock.  More details
would be available at the October meeting of Senate.
Course in Logopaedics
Dean Weaver stated that the Faculty of Medicine
was not prepared to offer the fifth year of this course at
this time since the Board of Governors were unable at present Friday, August 27th, 1951     2088
to meet the extra expense involved.
Dean Weaver)
Dr. Copp  )  That Dr. Savery be authorized during
counselling of incoming students to
advise those students interested in the
Diploma Course of Logopaedics to take
Psychology 306 and 406, but if they do
so it would be without any assurance
that this course will be given.
Report of Alumni Association
"Iowa Plan" Committee
This item was tabled until there could be further
discussion with the representatives of the Theological
Colleges present.
B. C. Teachers' Federation
The B. C. Teachers' Federation had asked, through
the President, to appear' before Senate as a delegation to
present their views on Teacher Training.
Dean Gage
Dean Curtis)  That representatives of the B. C.
Teachers' Federation bo asked to attend
the meeting of Senate on October 20th.
It was suggested that they come at the beginning
of the meeting and that from twenty minutes to one-half hour
might be allotted to hearing their representations.
Report on B. C. Teachers' Federation
Policy re Toachor Selection
Training and Certification
This report had been circulated to members of Senate
but was tabled until the next meeting. Mi*. Gilloy stated
that, since the report had boon sent out, there had been an Friday, August 27th, 1951     2089
amendment on page two, paragraph three of the first sentence:
"All training would be given in a teacher training
college on the campus of the University of British
to read as follows:
"All training would be given in a teacher training
college under the auspices of the University of
British Columbia."
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman did not have anything to report since
the College Council had not been active during the summer.
Faculty of Dentistry
Letters requesting that a Faculty of Dentistry be
established at the University of British Columbia were
received from:
Dr. D. A. Clarke, Union Board of Health, Kelowna, B.C.,
dated June 14th, 1954,
Dr. A. F. Balkany, Union Board of Health, Trail, B.C.,
dated June 22nd, 1951,
Dr. S. F. Carr, Union Board of Health, Prince Rupert,
B.C., dated August 17th, 1951,
Dr. D. M. Black, Union Board of Health, Kamloops, B.C.,
dated August 17th, 1954,
Mrs. G. A. Binns, B. C. Teacher Federation, Vancouver,
B.C., dated June 30th, 1951,
Dr. A. N. Beattie, Union Board of Health, Saanich and
South Vancouver Island Health Unit, dated
June 25th, 1951,
Dr. E. W. Wylde, Union Board of Health, Simon Eraser
Health Unit, dated June 29th, 1951,
Dr. A. Larsen, North Fraser Valley Union Board of Health,
dated August 24th, 1951.
The members of Senate expressed appreciation of the interest
of these various groups. Friday, August 27th, 1951     2090
A letter had been received from the Bishop of
Johannesburg concerning racial segregation at the Universities
of Cape Town and Witwatorsrand.  The Faculty Association had
replied to this letter assuring him of their moral support
and expressing sympathy and admiration for his stand in
opposing this segregation.
The Chairman read a clipping from a student newspaper
at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, concerning
the students' appreciation and enjoyment of Dr. DaniellS'
lectures given at that University in June.
A letter was receive d from Dr. C. II. Wright, of Trail,
concerning Mr. R. Osborne's visit to Trail in August. Mr.
Osborne had been of great assistance in planning recreational
facilities in the area, and his visit had made a very valuable
contribution to the community.
Other Business
Chemical Engineering
The Chairman reported that as Chemical Engineering
is now recognized as a separate Department in the Faculty of
Applied Science, an Executive Committee has been constituted
implementing earlier decisions of Senate. The members are:
Mr. F. A. Forward (Chairman)
Dr. J. C. Hooley
Dr. L. S. Shemilt (Signing Officer)
Dean II. C. Gunning. Friday, August 27th, 1951     2091
Admission of Canadian Services
College Students to Universities
A letter was received dated August 9th, 1954, from
the Naval Secretary of the Department of National Defense
concerning the admission of Canadian Services College students
to universities.  It was felt that the Faculties should
discuss this item before it was brought before Senate for action.
Dean Gage )
Dean Angus)  That the admission of Canadian Services
College students to universities be
referred to the appropriate Faculties.
British Empire Games
The President commented on the success of the
British Empire and Commonwealth Games and said he felt that
the cooperation of the University had contributed greatly to
this success and wished to express his appreciation to all
A motion was passed unanimously that the congratulations of Senate be extended to the Rowing Team and their coach,
Mr. Frank Read, on their British Empire Games victory.
Dr. Sage   )
Mr. MacPhee)  That the meeting adjourn.
y2z£.£z^€&o  (Xi.


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