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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1972-01-19

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Wednesday, January  19,  1972.
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the session  1971-72 was held on Wednesday,  January  19,   1972,
at 8.00 p.m.  in the Board and Senate Room,  Administration Building.
Present:    President W,  H.  Gage  (Chairman), Mr. D. V. Anderson,
Dr. C S,  Belshaw,  Mr.   S.   Black, Dr.   C.  A.  Brockley,  Dr. T.  H.   Brown,
Dr. S, D.  Cavers,  Dr.  J.  D.  Chapman, Dr.  D, H.  Chitty, Dr.  R. M.   Clark,
Dean I. McT.  Cowan, Dr. R.  Daniells,  Rev.  R.  W.   Finn, Mr.  A.   C.  L.   Fox,
Dr. S, M.   Friedman, Dean J. A.  F.  Gardner, Mr. W.  Gerson,  Dr. W.  C.
Gibson, Dr. R.  F.  Gray,  Dr. D.  F.  Hardwick,  Dr.   S.   Israels, Mr.  R. W.
Jacobs, Dean D. T. Kenny, Dr. W.  D.  Kitts, Mrs.  W.  T. Lane, Dr.  P.  A.
Larkin, Mr.  S.  S. Lefeaux, Mr.   G.  A. Letcher,  Mr.  A.  J.  Longmore,
Dr. P. A.  Lusztig, Dean A.  J. McClean,  Dean Helen McCrae, Mr. J.  A.
McEwen,  Dr.  M.  F.  McGregor,  Mr.  K.  R.   Martin,  Dr.  L.   G.  Mitten,
Dr. B, N.  Moyls,  Dr.   J. M.  Norris, Mr.  R.  F.  Osborne,  Dr.   P.  II.   Pearse,
Mrs. A.  Brearley Pitemick, Mr.  P.  Plant, Dr.   R.  A.  Restrepo,  Dean B.  E.
Riedel, Mr. A. R.  Robbins, Dr.  G.  Rosenbluth,  Dean N.  V.  Scarfe,
Dr. R. F.  Sharp, Dean M.   Shaw,  Dr.  J.   H.  G.   Smith,  Mr.  J.  T.  Sydor,
Rev. W.  S.  Taylor, Dean G. M.  Volkoff,  Dr.  H.  V. Warren, Dr.  W.  A.
Webber, Dr.  B.  L. White, Dean P.  H.  White, Mr. D.  R.  Williams,  Dr.  W.  E.
Willmott, Mr.  A.  P. York.
Observers:    Mr.  J.  A.   Banham,  Mr.   P, Thompson
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from:    Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Deputy President W,  M. Armstrong,
Mr. D. M.  Brousson, Mr.  C M.  Campbell,  Dr. M.  F.   Clarke,  Mr.   C.  J.
Connaghan, Dean W. D.  Finn, The Hon. E.  D.  Fulton, Mr.   I.  F.  Greenwood,
Mr, J.  Guthrie,  Mr.  G.  H.  D.   Hobbs,  Dr.  J.  M.  Kennedy,  Dean S.  W.  Leung,
Dean J.  F. McCreary, Dr.  C.  A.  McDowell, Mr. D.  F.  Miller, Mr.  J.  V.
Rogers, Dr. R.  F.  Scagel, Dr.  J.  K.   Stager, Mr.  B.  Stuart-Stubbs,
Dr. W. D. Young.
Minutes nf the Previous Meeting
Dr. Hardwick    ) That thz Minutes oh thz hoarth regular mzzting
Dean Scarfe      ) oh Sznatz hor thz session 1971-71 having been
circulated, be taken as rzad and adoptzd.
Carried 5550.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972,
The Chairman asked Senate to join him in congratulating Dr. G. M.
Volkoff on his appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Science.
Congratulations were also extended to Dr. R. Daniells on receiving
the Companion of the Order of Canada.
Business arising from the Minutes
(i)  Membership of Committee on Architectural Planning and
Academic Functions
It was stated that recommendations for membership of this
committee would be made at the February 23, 1972 Senate meeting.
(ii)  Promotions Policies of the Faculties
Discussion of a proposal of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical
Sciences concerning promotions policies had been deferred at
the December meeting of Senate.
It was explained that Senate in 1970 asked those Faculties
and Schools that were facing imminently the need to limit
enrolment to facilities available, to investigate admission
standards of students at the initial entry level, of transfer
students with advance credit, and promotion standards within
a study programme.
The Faculty of Science responded in April 1970 with a
recommendation for a stiffer promotions policy.  Senate referred
the proposal to the Senate Admissions Committee and at the same
time asked other Faculties to consider the implications of the
Science recommendations and to make their own proposals.  The
Senate Admissions Committee was to attempt to meld the proposals
to establish, if possible, general University promotions
'i 5551.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Business arising from the Minutes
(ii) Promotions Policies of the Faculties (continued)
principles that would provide equity of treatment of students in
the various programmes and at the same time meet the academic
needs of the Faculties and Schools.  Subsequently the Faculty
of Agricultural Sciences submitted a proposal and now the
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences had a set of recommendations.
Dr. Gibson   )      That discussion oh thz promotions
Dr. McGregor )      policies oh thz Faculties be
deherred to the February mzzting oh
Senate in order that all Faculties
havz an opportunity to submit thzir
proposals to thz Sznatz Admissions
Committee on Prizes,  Scholarships and Bursaries
The Chairman drew Senate's attention to the Dr.  Joyce Hallamore
Scholarship.    Dr. Hallamore was for many years Head of the Department of
German and the bequest provided a very generous scholarship in the field
of German for an undergraduate.
Dr. Moyls        ) That thz new awards listzd in thz Appzndix
Dean Riedel   ) be accepted subject to the approval oh the
Board oh Governors, and that letters oh
thanks be sent to the donors.
Rgports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum ri».<n..
Dr. Norris presented the report of the Committee on items
referred to it at the December 15, 19 71 Senate meeting. 5552.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Report of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee (continued)
The Committee recommended approval of the following:-
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
New courses and course changes as outlined in Appendix 'B',
page 5533.
Faculty of Applied Science
New courses and course changes as outlined in Appendix 'B',
pages 5533-5, with the exception of the Metallurgy proposals which
were withheld pending detailed consideration by the Curriculum
Faculty of Arts
New courses and course changes as outlined in Appendix 'B',
pages 5537-40, with the exception of Economics 370 which was
withheld pending consultations between the Department of Economics
and the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration concerning
possible duplication of content of existing courses.
Faculty of Education - Elementary Division
Course changes as outlined in Appendix 'B', page 5540.  Approval
of proposed new courses Education 380 and 487 was postponed.  In
the case of Education 380 the Committee felt that a full
discussion of the aims and content of the course was necessary.
Approval of Education 487 was withheld pending discussions with , $
representatives of the Faculty of Education concerning possible ''
duplication of material in other courses.
Faculty of Forestry ||
New courses as outlined in Appendix 'B', page 5541, with the *|||
exception of Forestry 462 which was withheld pending consultation X;r
between the Faculty of Forestry and the Faculty of Commerce and -t-M
Business Administration concerning possible overlap with H
Commerce 221 and 322, and information as to whether or not the ' ■&
course is a required one for Forest Business Management students. .>$
Faculty of Graduate Studies (See Appendix 'B' pages 5541-5)
The Committee recommended approval of Anthropology 525 subject to
the deletion of "Computerized" from the title and a shortening of
the course description.
t 5553.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies  (continued)
Approval was recommended for new courses and course changes in
Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Commerce 596 (subject to shortening
of course description), Computer Science, Education, Electrical
Engineering (subject to the condition that the calendar
description of E.E. 572 make clear that written assignments will
be required of the students), Forestry, Mechanical Engineering
(excluding 576 and 577 pending discussions between the Departments
of Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry), Metallurgy, Oceanography,
Pathology, Physical Education and Recreation, Physics, Plant
Science (subject to change in description of Plant Science 516
as recommended by the Committee), and Theatre.
School of Physical Education and Recreation
New courses as outlined in Appendix 'B', page 5546.
Faculty of Science  (See Appendix 'B' pages 5546-7)
New courses, Biology 313 and Chemistry 208.
School of Architecture  (See Appendix 'B' pages 5535-6)
The Committee had examined this programme on two occasions and
recommended approval in general.  The Committee urged Senate to
maintain a continuous scrutiny of the programme over the next
two years, in order to assess the real effect of the changes
now instituted. The following amendments to the presentation
of the School of Architecture were suggested by the Committee
(it was stated that the Committee would report to Senate in due
course when all these changes had been made):
(a) That instructions in Appendix B (p.8) 2nd sentence of the
Architecture presentation, be amended to read:  "He must also
select three lecture courses for each term from the list of
courses given below:  one from Group A, one from Group B and
one from Group C."
(b) The statement on page 3 which reads:  "In certain
circumstances a student may elect to take lecture courses
given outside the school," be made more specific, naming the
circumstances and the types of courses to be taken.
(c) The statement concerning Supplemental Work and Supplemental
Examinations on p.9 be re-written to eliminate the words "at the
>i I
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
School of Architecture (continued)
discretion of the instructor" with reference to supplemental
examinations; the section on Supplemental Work be re-written for
(d) Architecture 460:  Study of Architecture Abroad - the unit
value be stated as 4*5.
(e) The instructions to students wishing to participate in
Architecture 460 be re-written to provide fuller and clearer
guidance than is provided by the present statement.
(f) Architecture 460 after this year be available only to Second
and Third Year students in Architecture.
(g) The total unit value of a year's work which includes
Architecture 460 be reduced from 10*5 to 9, by eliminating Directed
Study.  In reply to a query it was suggested that the Faculty of
Applied Science was the appropriate body to review the programme
over the next two years.  It was pointed out, however, that this
would be difficult since proposals of the School did not go to the
Faculty for ratification.  It was agreed that the Dean of Applied
Science should review the programme in consultation with the Staff
of the School of Architecture.
Dr. Norris  )    That thz recommendations oh the Sznatz
Mr. Osborne )    Curriculum Committzz be approved.
Tributes Committee
Proposed hood for M.L.S.   degree holders -'«!
Dr. Moyls reported that  the conmittee recommended that the ; ||
hood be the normal Master's degree hood fully lined with cadmium
Dr. Moyls      ) That the hood hor the M.L.S. dzgrzz be
Dr. Warren    ) approvzd. :A
Carried , '■$
vi 5555.
Wednesday, January 19,  1972.
Senate Membership
The Chairman reported that Dr.  R.  F.   Scagel would replace Dean
Volkoff as a Joint Faculty Representative on Senate for the remainder of
the  1971-72  session.
The Chairman thanked Dr.  Scagel on behalf of Senate for the
excellent work he had done during his  term as Acting Dean of the Faculty
of Science.
Academic Year  1972-73
The Chairman stated that  this was  the usual notice of events which
appear in  the Calendar each academic year.
Dean McClean informed Senate that the Faculty of Law was giving
some consideration to starting the academic year one week earlier than
the date listed.
The Chairman suggested that  the Registrar be informed of any
proposed change as  soon as  possible.
Proposal to  establish an Orientation College
The Senate Committee on Long-Range Objectives in Recommendations  18
made the proposal:
"That an orientation college be created in Arts and Science
disciplines  to assist students in the first two years of university work
to choose their programmes  for subsequent years"
At its meeting of March  18,   1970,   Senate resolved that the
recommendation "be referred to a joint committee of the Faculties of Arts
*ad Science for study there".
Committees were formed in both Faculties to study the recommendation,
t 5556.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Proposal to establish an Orientation College (continued)
and various people interested in this plan were interviewed. At a joint
meeting the conclusion was reached that the administrative structure
recommended was not the best way to solve the problem of adequate
counselling and orientation. The problem is less critical in Science
than in Arts but it was felt that improvement in the present departmental
advising would be more effective than the establishment of an orientation
Dean Cowan )      That Senate rzjzct rzcommzndation  18 oh thz
Dean Kenny )      Long-Range Objectives  Committzz.
It was pointed out that the recommendation called for an orientation
college to assist students in the first two years of university work to
choose their programmes for subsequent years and was not concerned with
improving a counselling service.
Dr. Belshaw explained that the committee had been set up to suggest
ways of handling the possibility of providing courses which would alert
students to other intellectual possibilities.  It was felt that the
committee should take a more general look at problems encountered by
those First and Second year students who were uncertain of their academic
After further discussion it was suggested that the motion be
referred back to the joint committee of the Faculties of Arts and Science.
However, it was stated that the proposal had received nearly unanimous
approval in the Faculty of Education and therefore it would be more
aPpropriate to refer the motion to a new and more broadly based committee. 5557.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Proposal to establish an Orientation College (continued)
Dr. Hardwick ) That thz proposal to establish an
Dr. Gibson   ) Orientation College be reherred to
a more broadly based committee to be
selected by the Chairman oh Sznatz,
hor discussion with mzmbzrs oh thz
original Long-Rangz Objectives Committzz,
Procedure for Senate Elections 1972
The Registrar had circulated the following proposed arrangements
for the election in 19 72 of the Chancellor and the fifteen Convocation
members of Senate:
1. That the notice of the election for Chancellor and for the
Convocation members of Senate be made in an issue of UBC Reports
to be distributed not later than February 2, 1972.
2. That the last day for the receiving of nominations of candidates
for the office of Chancellor and for Convocation members of Senate
be March 15, 19 72.
3. That any person who is nominated for the office of Chancellor or
as a member of the Senate may refuse to become a candidate for
the office for which he has been nominated, and his name shall not
be included in the list of candidates if he notifies the Registrar
of his refusal within five days after the day upon which the time
for nominations has expired.
4»  That in the event that after the close of nominations but before
the election date it is found that a nominee for the office of
Chancellor could not serve if elected, the Registrar be authorized,
If so instructed by the Chairman of Senate, to delay the election
and issue another call for nominations. 5558.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Procedures for Senate Elections 1972 (continued)
5. That the voting papers be designed to permit machine tabulation of
the election results. Furthermore, that provision be made for
validation of the ballots and key punching of votes to permit the
count to be taken on June 7, 19 72.
6. That the results of the election, in accordance with Section 32 of
the Universities Act be reported to the Senate at its regular
meeting on the evening of June 7, 19 72.
7. That the Chancellor and members of Senate elected by Convocation
take office on the first day of the Academic Year 19 72-73, namely
September 1, 19 72.
8. That the ballot paper carry the following instructions:
(1) Do not write anything on this envelope.
(2) After marking your ballot enclose it in this envelope, and
(3) Put this envelope into the identification envelope addressed
to the Registrar.
(4) Write your name and address plainly on the upper left-hand
corner of the identification envelope with your degree(s) and
year(s) of graduation.  Ballots of voters who cannot be
identified will be invalid.
(5) Return your ballot enclosed in the two envelopes to the
(6) When your name has been checked in the election register your
identification envelope will be opened and the ballot envelopes
will be mixed before opening, thus ensuring a secret ballot. 5559.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Procedures for Senate Elections 1972 (continued)
9.  That together with the ballot paper, the ballot envelope, and the
identification envelope, the mailing to eligible voters contain a
curriculum vitae of each candidate, instructions on voting procedure,
a list of candidate and a listing of current office holders.
Dean Cowan  )
Dean Scarfe )
That thz arrangzmznts h°i thz 1971 Sznatz
Elections recommended by the Registrar bz
A query was raised concerning the election date. The Registrar
explained that the Universities Act requires that the results of the
election be reported to the Senate at its mext meeting.  Counting of
the votes on June 7 would permit the results to be announced at the
meeting of Senate that evening.
An explanation was requested concerning item 4.  The Registrar
stated that there existed the possibility that a candidate for the
Chancellorship might find that he would not be able to serve if elected,
and item 4 covered this eventuality.
After further clarification of the proposed rules, the motion was
put and carried.
Report of the Tributes Committee
As the report of the Tributes Committee concerned the offering of
an Honorary Degree members of the gallery were asked to leave.
The Tributes Committee recommended that an invitation be extended
to Mr. Arthur Hill to receive an Honorary Degree at the Congregation
Ceremonies in 19 72.  Mr. Hill had been a member of the U.B.C. Players
Club and the Summer School Theatre, and had since had a distinguished 5560.
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Report of the Tributes Committee (continued)
and successful acting career.
Dr. Moyls  )
Dr, Warren )
That Mr, Arthur Hill bz ohherzd thz degree oh
doctor oh Laws  (Honoris Cooaa).
Following a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
The meeting adjourned at 9.00 p.m.
The next regular meeting of  Senate will be held on Wednesday,
February 23,   1972.
(        / Secretary
New Awards Recommended to Senate
Wednesday, January 19, 1972.
Certified General Accountants' Association of British Columbia
Continuing Education Scholarship - A scholarship of $250, the gift
of the Association, is offered annually to a deserving student who
is enrolled in the CCA. Financial Management programme. The
award is made on the recommendation of the Dean.
The Dr. Joyce Hallamore Scholarship - A scholarship of approximately
$1200, established by a bequest from the late Dr. Joyce Hallamore,
will be awarded annually to a student or students for proficiency
in the field of German Language and Literature.
The Fred W. Nesbitt Bursary - This bursary of annual value $250,
established as a memorial to her husband by the late Ellen Emma
Nesbitt, will be awarded to an undergraduate of good ability who
needs financial assistance.
Dr. Joseph Nicholas Sankey Scholarship Fund - This fund, established
by a bequest from the late Elsie Lavina Sankey, provides bursaries
or scholarships to the total of $2800 annually to aid medical
students for study and/or research in the field of surgery. Awards
will be made on the recommendation of the Department of Surgery.
The Dr. A. C Skerl Memorial Scholarship in Geology - A graduate of
Imperial College, London and an associate of The Royal School of
Mines, "Gus" Skerl, as he was popularly known, had a distinguished
career in geological work in Africa, The Philippines and Canada.
Interned with his wife and family in The Philippines after the 5562.
Wednesday,  January  19,   1972.
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The Dr. A. C. Skerl Memorial Scholarship in Geology (continued)
Japanese invasion, he succeeded during four years of notable hardship in saving lives among fellow prisoners by ingenious methods of
recovering nutrition from waste materials.  This scholarship,
established by his wife, honours his memory.  It is offered to
second or third year students.  The award will be made on the basis
of interest and proficiency in the field of Geology.
The Stanley Drug Products Scholarship - A scholarship of $500,
donated by Stanley Drug Products of Vancouver, will be awarded
annually to a student engaged in graduate study in the Faculty of
Pharmaceutical Sciences.  In selecting the winner preference will
be given to students whose research interest lies in the area of
Pharmaceutics, and in particular, in some aspect of Pharmaceutical


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