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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1985-10-09

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October 9, 1985
The Second Regular Meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1985-86 was held on Wednesday, October 9, 1985 at
8.00 p.m. in Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Present: President pro tem. R. H. T. Smith (Chairman), Acting Vice-
President D. R. Birch, Dr. C. E. Armerding, Ms. P. M. Arthur, Dr. T. M.
Ballard, Mr. D. W. Barron, Dean G. S. Beagrie, Mr. J. M. Beard, Mrs. H. M.
Belkin, Mr. N. B. Benson, Mr. J. Blom, Dr. T. H. Brown, Dr. N. R. Bulley,
Rev. P. C. Burns, Dr. T. S. Cook, Ms. L. M. Copeland, Dr. J. D. Dennison,
Dr. A. J. Elder, Dr. J. A. S. Evans, Mr. H. J. Franklin, Dr. J. Gaskell, Dr.
J. H. V. Gilbert, Mr. G. C. P. Gray, Mr. J. A. Hamilton, Mr. K. D. Hancock,
Dr. M. A. Hickling, Mr. S. H. Hill, Dr. K. J. Holsti, Dr. J. Ingman-Baker,
Dr. J. P. Kinmins, Miss A. Kimsing, Mr. J. Kulich, Dr. D. S. Lirenman, Dean
P. A. Lusztig, Mrs. A. Macdonald, Mr. J. M. McConville, Miss N. R.
McDougall, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Acting Dean T. D. McKie, Mr. M. G. McMillan, Dean
J. H. McNeill, Dean A. Meisen, Dean R. C. Miller, Jr., Dr. A. G. Mitchell,
Miss D. J. Moore, Mr. T. A. Orr, Dean J. F. Richards, Dr. D. F. Robitaille,
Dr. E. S. Schwartz, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr. L. de Sobrino, Dr. R. A.
Spencer, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. R. Stewart, Dean P. Suedfeld, Mr. M.
Sugimoto, Dr. R. C. Thompson, Dr. A. Van Seters, Dr. J. Vanderstoep, Dean
W. A. Webber, Dr. L. S. Weiler, Dean R. M. Will, Dr. D. LL. Williams,
Mr. J. A. Williamson, Miss N. E. Woo.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor W. R. Wyman, Dr. E. G. Auld, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Dr. M. A.
Goldberg, Mrs. C. J. R. Jillings, Dean R. W. Kennedy, Dr. B. C. McBride, Mr.
S. R. Pearce, Mrs. G. E. Plant, Dr. P. R. Tennant, Dr. J. L. Wisenthal.
Senate membership
Declaration of vacancies  (University Act, section 35(6) )
Miss D. J. Chow - Student representative at-large
Minutes of previous meeting
Dean Meisen   )  That the minutes of the First regular
Dr. Brown      )  meeting of Senate for the Session 1985-86,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
In response to a query the Chairman confirmed that the report of the
Budget Committee would be presented at the November meeting. 8487.
October 9j 1985
Business arising from the Minutes
(i)   Nominating Committee Membership (p.8469)
At the previous meeting Dr. T. S. Cook was nominated to replace
Dr. J. R. Stein on the Senate Nominating Committee.
Dr. Elder   )  That nominations close.
Mr. Gray   )
Dr. Cook was declared elected by acclamation.
(ii) Admissions  Committee  -  Admission to  First  Year Nursing  1986/87
A proposal that no students be admitted to First Year Nursing in
1986/87 had been tabled at the previous meeting. Dean Meisen read
to Senate the following statement concerning this matter:
"The proposal to accept no students into the School of Nursing in
1986/87 was first considered by the School in early May in response
to the need to accommodate a major budget cut over the coming two to
three years. Subsequently, the proposal went to the Senate
Admissions Committee and thence to Senate at the September meeting.
During the summer months, the School has continued its
considerations of revising the B.S.N, program. It has recently
become evident (and some Senators have also expressed the view) that
considerably more consultations are required before the concept of a
pre-nursing year or years can be adopted. While we do not intend to
abandon the concept, we do not believe that the timing and
conditions are appropriate for its introduction in 1986/87.
Therefore, the School will continue to offer the four-year B.S.N,
program with uninterrupted admissions. Some curriculum revisions
will, however, have to be made and these will be forwarded to Senate
in the established way."
(iii) Presidential  Advisory  Committee  for  the  selection  of  a  Vice
President Academic (p.8472-4)
Results of the election of three members of Senate to serve on the
Presidential Advisory Committee (listed alphabetically):
Dr. J. A. S. Evans, Dr. J. H. V. Gilbert, Dr. J. Ingman-Baker 8488.
October 9, 1985
Cha i rma n's Remark s
The Chairman drew Senate's attention to the annual meeting involving the
Board of Governors of the University with the members of the Universities
Council of British Columbia which took place on September 23, 1985. He
stated that the Board attempted to draw to the attention of U.C.B.C. the
serious shortcomings in the allocation formula in that it did not reflect
the special needs and special characteristics of this University.
The Chairman informed Senate that two Presidential Committees had been
established, one to look at the question of transfer credits from courses
offered by private colleges, and the other to advise the President on
developments and policy on Biotechnology in the next half decade. Referring
to the committee on transfer credits, the Chairman stated that there was
growing concern about the transfer credit for courses offered by a number of
essentially private colleges, many of which cater specifically to visa
students. He stated that there was a great deal of concern about the degree
to which such colleges had access to library facilities.
In conclusion the Chairman referred to the joint announcement by the
Minister of Universities, Science and Communications and the Minister of
State for Science and Technology about an agreement providing funds for the
industry liaison function at the three B.C. universities over the next five
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dr. Williams   )  That the new awards listed in the Appendix
Dr. Gilbert    )  be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that letters of thanks
be sent to the donors.
Carried 8489.
October 9, 1985
Student elections to Governing Bodies
That the schedule for the 1985/86 Academic Year be as follows:
call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Friday, November 15, Tuesday,
November 19 and Friday, November 22, 1985
- close of nominations, 4.00 p.m. Friday, December 6, 1985
- election date Friday, January 17, 1986
advertisement  listing the  candidates in The  Ubyssey on Friday,
January 10 and Tuesday, January 14, 1986
evening polls 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Wednesday, January 15, 1986
- daytime polls 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
January 15, 16 and 17, 1986
The rules and regulations will remain unchanged.
Mr. McMillan    )  That the recommendations for the
Dr. Ingman-Baker )  1985/86 student elections to
Governing Bodies be approved.
Preliminary Report on Enrolment  1985-86
The   preliminary   report   of   the   Registrar   on   enrolment    for    1985-86   was
received for information.
Other business
Dean Webber paid tribute to the Chairman of Senate, Dr. R. H. T. Smith,
who was attending his last meeting of Senate before taking up his duties as
Vice-Chancellor of The University of Western Australia. He stated that Dr.
Smith had presided over Senate in a fair and even-handed manner at some of
the most demanding meetings, and expressed appreciation on behalf of Senate
to Dr. Smith for his efforts both as presiding officer of Senate and as
President,   pro tern. 8490.
October 9, 1985
Report of the Tributes Committee (in camera)
Dr. Dennison presented the report.  The committee recommended that the
following be granted emeritus status:
Dr. D. Bankson
Mr. T. Bates
Mr. F. E. Bertram
Miss W. J. Bracher
H. Calam
M. Clark
0. J. Crichton
A. Dunell
Miss M
. Dutton
D. Fisher
F. Gray
J. Grove r
M. Gunn
Mr.   S.   Healy
Mr.   R.
Dr.   E.
G.   Herbert
J.   Hyde
Mr.   R.   R.   Loffmark
Mrs. M. W. MacAree
Mr. J.A.S. MacDonald
Dr. E. L. Margetts
Dr. H. W. Mcintosh
A. Rogatnick
S. Segal
J. D. Spouge
J. J. Stock
J. Walters
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky
- Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing
- Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and
Sc i enc e Educ a t ion
Emeritus  of  Language
Emerita  of
Family  and
Emeritus of  Social and Educational
- Associate  Professor
- Assistant  Professor
Nutritional Sciences
- Assistant   Professor
- Professor
- Professor Emeritus of Economics
- Professor   Emerita   of   Health   Care   and
Epi demi ology
- Professor Emeritus of Social and Educational
- Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
- Librarian Emerita
- Professor Emeritus of Zoology
- Associate Professor Emerita of Germanic Studies
- Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Science
- Professor Emeritus of French
- Professor Emeritus of Medicine
- Professor Emeritus of  Social
- Associate  Professor  Emeritus
Performing Arts
- Professor Emeritus of Law
- Assistant Professor Emeritus of Preventive and
Community Dentistry
- Professor  Emeritus  of  Commerce  and  Business
- Librarian Emerita
- Professor Emeritus of Visual and Performing Arts
- Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
- Professor Emeritus of Medicine
- Professor Emeritus of Architecture
- Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
- Professor Emeritus of Oral Medicine
- Professor Emeritus of Microbiology
- Professor Emeritus of Forestry
- Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry
Visual  and
Dr. Dennison
Dr. Stewart
That the recommendations of the Tributes
Committee concerning emeritus status be
Carried 8491.
October 9, 1985
The meeting adjourned at 8.35 p.m.
The  next  regular  meeting of   Senate will  be   held  on Wednesday,   November 13,
Chairman 8492.
October 9, 1985
New awards recommended to Senate
Charles Brenton Archibald Memorial Bursary in Chemical Engineering - A bursary
in the amount of approximately $1,000 per annum has been made available in
memory of Charles Brenton Archibald, P. Eng., by his wife Evelyn Elizabeth
Archibald. The award will be made to a student in Chemical Engineering. In
selecting the candidate, consideration will be given to both financial need
and academic standing. (The award will be available in the 1985/86 Winter
Douglas Bankson Scholarship in Creative Writing - A scholarship in the amount
of $225 has been established by colleagues, friends and former students to
honour Douglas Bankson on the occasion of his retirement in 1985 from the
Department of Creative Writing. The scholarship symbolizes the respect,
admiration and affection that many people have felt toward Douglas Bankson
because of his superb achievement over many years as a teacher, administrator,
originator and writer, and especially as a friend of promise, both inside and
outside the University. It will be awarded annually to an undergraduate
student who has completed a Creative Writing course in his/her first or second
year at U.B.C, who has shown unusual promise as a writer and who will major
in Creative Writing in the third year. The award will be made on the
recommendation of the Department of Creative Writing. (The award will be
available in the 1986/87 Winter Session.)
Thomas Beeching Scholarships - Scholarships to a total of $5,000 have been
made available by the late Thomas Arthur George Beeching. The awards will be
made to engineering students on the recommendation of the Faculty of Applied
Science.  (The award will be available in the 1986/87 Winter Session.)
Colin C. Gourlay Medal - A silver medal, offered by the Faculty of Commerce
and Business Administration, will be awarded to the student standing second in
the graduating class for the B.Com. degree. This award has been established
to commemorate Professor Gourlay's 34 years of dedication to students in the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. (The award will be available
in the 1985/86 Winter Session.)
Ralph Loffmark Medal - A bronze medal, offered by the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration will be awarded to the student standing third in the
graduating class for the B.Com. degree. This award is offered to commemorate
Professor Loffmark's 31 years of dedication to students in the Faculty of
Commerce and Business Administration. (The award will be made available in
the 1985/86 Winter Session.)
Physiology Prize - A prize in the amount of $50 has been initiated by the
graduating class of 1985. The prize will be made on the recommendation of the
Department of Physiology, for the best oral and written presentation of the
graduating essay.  (The award will be available in the 1985/86 Winter Session.)
Parminder Singh Uppal Memorial Bursary - An annual bursary in the amount of
$10 0 has been established by the friends of Parminder Singh Uppal, who died
tragically just after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
at this University. The bursary will be given to a needy student entering
third year in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  (The award will be
available in the 1986/87 Winter Session.)


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