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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1986-10-15

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October 15, 1986
The Second Regular Meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1986-87 was held on Wednesday, October 15, 1986 at
8.00 p.m. in Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Present: President D. W. Strangway (Chairman), Vice-President D. R.
Birch"^ Ms. P. M. Arthur, Dr. E. G. Auld, Dr. T. M. Ballard, Mr. D. W.
Barron, Dean G. S. Beagrie, Mr. N. B. Benson, Ms. M. Branson, Dr. T. H.
Brown, Rev. P. C. Burns, Dean P. T. Burns, Dr. T. S. Cook, Ms. L. M.
Copeland, Ms. H. E. Cowan, Miss A. M. Daszkowski, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Dr.
G. W. Eaton, Dr. A. J. Elder, Dr. J. Gaskell, Dr. J. H. V. Gilbert, Dr.
M. A. Goldberq, Mr. K. D. Hancock, Dr. M. A. Hickling, Dean R. W. Kennedy,
Dr. J. P. Kimmins, Mr. J. Kulich, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Mrs. A. Macdonald, Dr.
H. J. Matheson, Mr. J. M. McConville, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Acting Dean T. D.
McKie, Mr. M. G. McMillan, Dean J. H. McNeill, Dean R. C. Miller, Jr., Dr.
A. G. Mitchell, Mr. D. M. Mustard, Mr. C Niwinski, Mr. G. Olivotto, Miss M.
Parikh, Professor D. Pavlich, Mrs. G. E. Plant, Miss M. M. Reid, Mr. J. P.
Rinqwald, Dr. D. F. Robitaille, Mr. T. J. Savage, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr.
L. de Sobrino, Dr. R. A. Spencer, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. R. Stewart, Mr. M.
Sugimoto, Dr. P. R. Tennant, Dr. R. C. Thompson, Dr. J. Vanderstoep, Dean
W. A. Webber, Dr. D. L. Weiss, Dean R. M. will. Dr. D. LL. Williams, Mr.
J. A. Williamson, Dr. M. D. Willman, Dr. j. L. Wisenthal, Miss N. E. Woo,
Mr. R. A. Yaworsky.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor W. R. Wyman, Dr. C E. Armerding, Mr. G. D. Burnyeat, Dr. D.
Donaldson, Dr. J. A. S. Evans, Dr. C V. Finnegan, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Dr.
K. J. Holsti, Dr. B. C. McBride, Dean A. Meisen, Dean J. F. Richards, Dean
P. Suedfeld, Dr. L. S. Weiler.
Senate membership
Mr.    J.    Ringwald    replaces    Miss    D.    J.    Moore    as    student    representative
Dr. D. L. Weiss replaces Dr. E. S. Schwartz as Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration representative
Dr. M. D. Willman replaces Mrs. C J. R. Jillings as Faculty of Applied
Science representative
Minutes of previous meeting
Dean Beagrie  )  That the minutes of the First regular
Dr. Goldberg  )  meeting of Senate for the Session 1986-87,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Ca r ri ed 8781.
October 15, 1986
Business arising from the minutes
Financial Statements - Statement 6, Athletics and Sport Services (p.8764)
In response to a query raised at the previous meeting regarding an
earlier proposal to establish a residual account for facilities
development, the following information was circulated at the meeting:
Athletics and Sport Services
Comparison of 1985/8 6 Year-End Actual Revenue and Expenditure
with the approved Budget
(in Thousands of Dollars)
University Grant
Student Fees
Athletic Fees
Student Activity Fees
Participation Fees
Federal Travel Subsidy
Sponsorships/Donat ions
Gate Receipts/Misc.
Salaries & Wages
Publicity & Promotion
Supplies & Expenses
Grants to Athletic Committees
Facilities Development
$ 524
$ 253
$ 525
$  70
NOTE: The University reimbursed Athletics and Sport Services in 1986-87
for the $95,000 benefits costs not budgeted for 1985-86 thus
reducing the deficit to $158,000.
The  Chairman read   to  Senate a   letter   received from Mrs.  W.   M.   Keenlyside
expressing   appreciation   for   the   tribute  paid   to her   late husband   Dr.   W.   M.
Keenlyside. 8782.
October 15, 1986
Correspondence  (continued)
The Chairman read to Senate the following letter from the Honourable
Anthony J. Brummet, Minister of Education, addressed to Dr. McKie and copied
to the UBC Senate:
"Since my appointment to the Education portfolio, it has come to my
attention that UBC is in the process of announcing additional
requirements for degrees in both the elementary and secondary
teacher education programs.
While UBC may consider it their prerogative to set graduation
requirements, I am surprised that you have gone ahead with the
scheme in view of the serious reservations that have been expressed
by the BCTF, the BCSTA and the Ministry. The addition of a full
year at the elementary level and a significant increase in the time
requirement for secondary degrees seem to be ill-timed.
Recent meetings with the BCTF, the BCSTA and discussions with
members of my Ministry lead me to the conclusion that further
discussion and study are necessary before the new requirements are
T hope we can take the necessary steps towards consensus as soon as
possible.  I expect I may hear from you soon."
The Chairman informed Senate that he had written to the Honourable R.
Fraser, Minister of Post Secondary Education, reminding him that there had
been extensive consultation with the BCTF, the BCSTA and the Ministry. He
also reminded the Minister that before the proposals were presented to
Senate he personally had consulted the Minister and his colleagues and the
Deputy Minister and colleagues in the Ministry of Education. He stated that
at that time the move had been greeted with great enthusiasm. The Chairman
concluded that prior to that there had been very extensive consultation over
a period of almost five years, including committees and subcommittees of the
bodies referred to and he felt that it was important that Senate understood
that the consultation had been quite profound. 8783.
October 15, 1986
Chairman's remarks
Dr. Strangway stated that proposals with respect to the operating grants
through the funds for excellence program had been prepared and submitted in
time for the October 15 deadline.
The Chairman informed Senate that a booklet called "UBC Engine of
Recovery", describing some of the activities at UBC, had been prepared and
would be distributed to members of Senate.
Dr. Strangway noted that as President he is required to prepare annual
reports. He stated that his reports would be in a different format to those
previously published and that his first report would include an in depth
report on the library's history, background, and the many contributions made
by individuals, and would also cover the issues and problems facing
libraries and universities.
The President reminded Senate that Open House would take place in March
1987 and that all Faculties would be participating.
Dr. Strangway stated that the President's Task Force on Liaison,
Recruiting and Admissions had held its first meeting and anticipated that
recommendations would eventually come forward for the attention of the
Senate Admissions Committee.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee
Dr. Elder presented the following report:
Vacancies on Senate Committees
The Nominating Committee nominates the following persons to fill
vacancies on Senate Committees: 8784.
October 15, 1986
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee
Vacancies on Senate Committees  (continued)
Budget Committee
Mr. C Niwinski - replacing Mr. G. C P. Gray
Dr. D. L. Weiss        - replacing Dr. E. S. Schwartz
Continuing Education
Dr. G. W. Eaton        - replacing Mrs. C J. R. Jillings
Dr. G. W. Eaton        - replacing Dr. N. R. Bulley
Professor D. Pavlich    - replacing Mrs. C J. R. Jillings
Extracurricular Activities
Faculty of Applied Science
representative        - replacinq Professor J. Blom
Liaison with Post Secondary Institutions
Mr. C. Niwinski - replacing Mr. G. C P. Gray
Student Appeals on Academic Discipline
Professor D. Pavlich    - replacing Professor J. Blom
Student senator at-large - replacing Miss D. J. Moore
University Library
Student senator at-large - replacing Miss D. J. Moore
Ad hoc Committee on Grades and Grading
Faculty of Applied Science
representative        - replacing Dr. N. R. Bulley
Dr. Elder     )  That the recommendations of the
Dr. Cook      )  Nominating Committee be approved.
Membership and Officers of Senate
Item 2.3 of the report of the ad hoc Committee on Senate Procedures,
adopted at the April 23, 1986 meeting, states that "Senate shall
elect a vice Chairman at least annually, who shall chair meetings in
the absence of the president; but in no case shall a vice chairman
serve more than two consecutive terms."
The Nominating Committee recommends that the Chairman of the Senate
Nominating Committee, Dr. A. J. Elder, be elected vice Chairman for
the 1986-87 session. 8785.
October 15, 1986
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee
Membership and Officers of Senate  (continued)
Dr. Elder noted that since the motion approved by Senate at the
previous meeting stated that in the absence of the President the
Vice-President Academic should serve as Chairman of Senate, the only
occasion when the Vice Chairman would be called upon to chair meetings
of Senate would be in the absence of both the President and the
Vice-President Academic.
Dr. Elder     )  That the recommendation of the
Dean Beagrie  ) Nominating Committee be approved.
Committee on Student Awards
Dr. Williams   )  That the new awards (listed in the Appendix)
Dr. Gilbert   ) be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
Tributes Committee
Proposal to revise eligibility for emeritus status for early retirees
Dr. Dennison, Chairman of the Tributes Committee, presented the
following report:
"Present Policy - Under current Senate policy, early retirees must be a
minimum of sixty years of age and have at least ten years of service to
the University to qualify for emeritus status.
Proposed Policy - Early retirees will be eligible for emeritus status
with a minimum of seventy "points", in a combination of age and years of
service. For example, an individual aged 55, with 15 years of service,
would now qualify for emeritus.
Under the present circumstances there have been several expressions of
concern over the ineligibility for emeritus of individuals with twenty
or more years of service but less than sixty years of age at the time of
retirement. 8786.
October 15, 1986
Reports of Committees of Senate
Tributes Committee
Proposal to revise eligibility for emeritus status for early retirees
It is in the interests of the University to make early termination
agreement packages as attractive as possible to those considering a
decision of this kind. The present policy creates a great deal of
dissatisfaction for many members of the University community with
appointments of long standing.
The Senate Tributes Committee is prepared to make this policy
retroactive to 1980 for those affected."
Dr. Dennison  )  That the proposed new policy be
Dr. Tennant   )  approved by Senate.
In the discussion that followed it was suggested that the minimum of
10 years service contained in the present policy should be retained in
the proposed policy.
In amendment:
Ms. Arthur    )  That early retirees will be eligible
Dr. Birch     )  for emeritus status with a minimum of
10 years service and a minimum of
seventy "points", in a combination of
age and years of service.
The motion, as amended, was put and carried.
Ad hoc Committee to Review Appeals Procedures
Dr. Stewart, Chairman of the Committee, presented the following report:
"At the January 1986 meeting of Senate an ad hoc committee was
established "to inventory procedures for dealing with student appeals
and, if appropriate, to recommend campus-wide procedures to be adopted,
in addition to allowing each Faculty and School to maintain procedures
distinct to that Faculty or School." This followed a request from the
Senate Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing for such a review in
its annual report to Senate. The original request did not include the
words "if appropriate", which Senate in its wisdom inserted in the
motion that was passed. 8787.
October 15, 1986
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee to Review Appeals Procedures  (continued)
In its report the Senate Appeals committee also expressed concern about
the large number of cases that reached it in which the decision being
appealed turned on the exercise of academic judgement. Its term of
reference state that it "has no jurisdiction where the sole question
raised in an appeal turns on the exercise of academic judgement by a
Faculty." Although this matter was not a part of the motion that set up
the ad hoc committee we nonetheless gave it some consideration.
We asked all Deans to provide us with an account of the appeal practices
that are followed in their Faculties and, further, asked for their views
on the effectiveness of current practices. We found that there is,
indeed, a wide variation in the practices followed in different
Faculties. In approximately half the Faculties the procedures are what
might be called informal. That is not to say that they are casual but
rather that problems and disagreements are handled on an individual
basis at several levels. Those that cannot be resolved at the
instructor/student level are dealt with by the Department Head (or
Director) and then, if the problem remains unresolved, by a responsible
person in the Dean's Office, either the Dean or an Assistant or
Associate Dean. If the problem still has not been resolved the student
is advised of his/her right to appeal to the Senate Committee on Appeals
on Academic Standing. The practices described above are in place in the
Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Arts, Dentistry, Forestry, Graduate
Studies, and Science and seem to be working well, as far as we can judge.
There are a number of other Faculties that follow practices similar to
those outlined above but, in addition, have standing committees that
deal with appeals of certain kinds. Appeals of denial of eligibility to
continue in a program are handled by standing committees in both Applied
Science and Commerce and Business Administration. The Faculty of
Education has a Committee on Admissions, Standings, and Courses that
handles appeals, with a separate committee being struck for each
appeal. (We were informed that the Faculty of Education is now
establishing a new appeals committee.)
The Faculty of Law has an Examinations Committee that reviews an appeal
of assigned standing, the terms of the committee being described in the
Faculty's Manual of Examination Practice. It should be noted that the
Faculty of Law is unique among Faculties at U.B.C. in basing failure on
year-average rather than on failed courses.
The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a Revisions Committee to
which a student may appeal. Unlike the case in other Faculties such an
appeal follows an appeal to the Dean.
The Faculty of Medicine has no formal review committee but has a student
Internal Affairs Officer (ombudsperson) to whom students are encouraged
to go for help in resolving problems and disagreements. 8788.
October   15,   1986
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee to Review Appeals Procedures  (continued)
The most formal set of appeal procedures are those of the School of
Nursing. The School's nine page document entitled Policies and
Practices for Student Appeals gives a detailed account of the steps to
be taken within the School when an appeal is launched.
Our comnittee, like the Senate Appeals Committee, was struck by the way
in which the appeal process varies from Faculty to Faculty. We have
concluded, however, that there is nothing to be gained by forcing or,
indeed, encouraging the use of uniform campus-wide procedures. Each
Faculty seems to have developed a procedure that meets its needs and
works reasonably well. It should be remembered, too, that the nature of
an appeal in a professional faculty may be quite different from those of
other Faculties.
The Senate Appeals Committee expressed some concern about the number of
appeals that reach it that turn solely on the question of academic
judgement, a matter that its terms of reference preclude it from
considering. The Committee can only allow an appeal "where it decides
that the decision has been arrived at through improper or unfair
procedures, and that as a result a wrong decision on the merits has or
may have been arrived at." While our conmittee does not feel that the
number of appeals reaching the Senate Committee is unmanageable or,
considering the size of the University, inordinately large, it would
nonetheless save time and effort for all concerned if appellants were
advised at an earlier stage of the limits that are placed on the
committee by its terms of reference. It is true that the appellant
receives a copy of the Senate appeal regulations spelling out the
questions of academic judgement and improper or unfair procedures but
this occurs only after the appeal is launched- the Calendar description
of the appeal procedure includes no such statement. We believe that
aggrieved students could benefit from the help of student ombudspersons
and class representatives, provided the latter were familiar with the
practices of the particular Faculty involved in the case and, with
respect to the present concern, with the terms of reference of the
Senate Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing.
One other matter that was drawn to the Committee's attention was the
question of time limits on appeals, limits that have not been strictly
enforced by the Senate Appeals Committee in the past. We decline to
give advice in this matter except to enjoin the Committee to be as
consistent as possible in this regard.
In conclusion we recommend:
1. That no attempt be made to impose campus-wide appeal procedures.
2. That efforts be made, primarily by divers student representatives, to
acquaint prospective appellants with the terms of reference of the
Senate Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing.
3. That this committee be discharged." 8789.
October 15, 1986
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee to Review Appeals Procedures  (continued)
Dr. Stewart   )  That the report be accepted.
Mr. McMillan  )
In response to a query, Dr. Stewart stated that it had been suggested
that  student  members  of  Senate  might  take  the  responsibility  of
disseminating  information  by  contact  with  the  various  student
representatives in the Faculties.
In response to a further query Dr. Stewart stated that in many cases
Faculties did not have published appeal procedures.
It was suggested that perhaps the Deans of the Faculties should be
responsible for providing students with information concerning appeal
In responding to a question as to whether the committee had considered
publishing the Statement of Policies and Procedures for Senate Appeals on
Academic Standing in the Calendar, Dr. Stewart stated that the committee
had not come to grips with that question.
In amendment:
Dr. Stager    )  That the report be accepted and that
Ms. Branson   ) the Statement of Policies and
Procedures for Senate Appeals on
Academic Standing be published in
the Calendar.
The motion, as amended, was put and carried.
Dr. Elder     )  That, with the permission of the authors,
Mr. Hancock   ) the Secretary of Senate file with the
student senators the information on
appeals procedures obtained from the various
Faculties by the ad hoc Committee to
Review Appeals Procedures.
Carried 8790.
October 15, 1986
Student elections to Governing Bodies
That the schedule for the 1986/87 Academic Year be as follows:
- call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Friday, November 14, Tuesday,
November 18 and Friday, November 21, 1986
close of nominations, 4.00 p.m. Friday, December 5, 1986
- election date Friday, January 16, 1987
- advertisement  listing the candidates  in The Ubyssey on Friday,
January 9 and Tuesday, January 13, 1987
- evening polls 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Wednesday, January 14, 1987
daytime polls 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
January 14, 15 and 16, 1987
The rules and regulations will remain unchanged.
Dr. Birch     )  That the recommendations for the
Mr. Hancock    )  1986/87 student elections to
Governing Bodies be approved.
Preliminary Report on Enrolment  1986-87
The   preliminary   report   of    the   Registrar   on   enrolment    for    1986-87   was
received  for   information.
Other  business
Senate agreed unanimously that a letter be sent by the President to Mr.
K. G. Young, Registrar and Secretary of Senate, conveying best wishes for
his speedy recovery.
Report of  the  Tributes Committee     (in  camera)
Memorial  Minute
The following memorial statement had been prepared in accordance with
the custom of Senate in recognition by the University and Senate of the
late  Barry Mah. 8791.
October 15, 1986
Report of the Tributes Committee
Memorial Minute  (continued)
BARRY MAH (1960 - 1986)
Barry Mah, a former student representative on the Senate from the Faculty
of Commerce and Business Administration died in tragic circumstances on
September 11, 19 86.
During his student years, Mr. Mah contributed a great deal to his own
Faculty and to student affairs generally at the University. He was an
ideal student in many respects in that he both gave and received all of
the best which a university experience can provide.
Barry Mah also participated in public affairs as a delegate to the
leadership convention of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and
hoped to enter political life sometime after graduation. He ran for
election to the Alma Mater Society executive and became actively involved
in numerous campus organizations.
Mr. Mah served on the Senate in 1984-85 and met his responsibilities with
dedication and enthusiasm.
Barry Mah was an active, energetic, and involved representative of the
student body. His promising career was terminated in most tragic
circumstances. To his parents and to other members of his family the
Senate of this university extends its deepest sympathy.
Dr. Dennison   )  That the memorial statement for
Dean Lusztig  )  Barry Mah be spread on the minutes
of Senate and that a copy be sent
to the relatives of the deceased.
Emeritus status
Dr. Dennison reported that the conmittee recommended that the following
be granted emeritus status: 8792.
October  15,   1986
Report of the Tributes Committee
Emeritus status  (continued)
Dr. C. B. Bourne
Dr. W. Cohn
Dr. R. J. Cowan
Dr. L. B. Fratkin
Mr. W. H. Gilbert
Dr. A. M. Goodeve
Dr. J. Hingston
Dr. G. M. Hougham
Dr. H. Krivel
Mr. R. c. Lewis
Miss B. L. McGregor
Mr. C. L. Mitchell
Dr. P. M. Mullins
Dr. W. J. Mullins
Mr. W. Nicholls
A. L. Ogilvie
S. A. Perkins
M. E. Prang
G. D. Reubart
C. L. N. Robinson
R. A. H. Robson
G. Rosenbluth
S. Rothstein
Dr. J. 0. Runikis
Dr. R. F. Scagel
Dr. R. W. Spitzer
Mrs. M. Tadych
- Professor Emeritus of Law
- Professor Emeritus of Anthropology & Sociology
- Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
- Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Surgery
- Associate Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts
- Assistant Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical
- Clinical Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
- Professor Emeritus of Social Work
- Clinical Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
- Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics &
Science Education
- Assistant Professor
- Professor  Emeritus
- Associate  Professor
Education and Recreation
- Associate Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
- Professor Emeritus of Social Work
- Professor Emeritus of Oral Medicine
- Professor Emeritus of Education
- Professor Emerita of History
- Professor Emeritus of Music
- Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
- Professor Emeritus of Anthropology & Sociology
- Professor Emeritus of Economics
- Professor  Emeritus  of Library,  Archival  and
Information Studies
- Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Sciences
- Professor Emeritus of Botany
- Clinical Professor Emeritus of Pathology
- Assistant Professor Emerita of Social Work
Emerita of Rehabilitation
of Commerce and Business
Emeritus  of  Physical
Dr. Dennison   )
Mrs. Macdonald )
That the recommendations of the Tributes
Committee concerning emeritus status be
Honorary Degrees
The   committee   recommended  that   invitations  be   extended   to  the   following
persons to  receive  honorary degrees  at the  1987  Congregation:
Agnes McCausland  Benidick son
- A  distinguished  contributor   to   the   enhancement   and   cultural   life   in
Canada and presently Chancellor  of Queen's University 8793.
October 15, 1986
Report of the Tributes Committee
Honorary Degrees  (continued)
Alfred Earle Birney
- A graduate and former professor at this University whose poetry has
earned nationwide recognition
May Brown
- Former alderman of the city of Vancouver, a graduate of this
University with an outstanding record of public service
Reginald Norman Colbeck
- A collector and international authority on rare books, particularly
19th Century poetry and belle letters which now form part of the UBC
George R. F. Elliot
- Former Deputy Minister of Health who played a major role in the
development of health care facilities in this province and this
John Arthur Jacobs
- A distinquished academic whose contributions to research in
geophysics has earned him an international reputation
David C. Lam (See-Chai)
- A prominent businessman, whose acts of philanthropy have and are
contributing much to the quality of life in this University and this
John Ross Mackay
- An outstanding academic, former professor of geography at UBC with an
international status in his field of research in perma frost studies
William Robert Wyman
- Retiring Chancellor of the University who has given extraordinary
service to the cause of higher education in this province
Dr. Dennison  ) That the recommendations of the
Dr. Tennant   )  Tributes Committee concerning
Honorary Degrees be approved.
Dr. Dennison informed Senate that James Pattison had been unable to
attend the Spring Congregation 1986 graduation ceremonies to receive his
honorary degree but that he had accepted for 1987. 8794.
October  15,   1986
Dr. Birch asked Senate to join him in extending congratulations to
President Strangway on being awarded an Honorary Degree at Victoria
University,  Toronto.
The meeting adjourned at  9.10 p.m
The    next    regular    meeting    of    Senate    will    be    held    on    Wednesday,
November   12,   1986.
Chairman 8795.
October  15,   1986
New awards recommended to Senate
Campney & Murphy Service Scholarship - Thr firm of Campney & Murphy,
Barristers and Solicitors, will provide a scholarship to a student who is
proceeding from second to the third year of legal studies in the Faculty of
Law. The scholarship will consist of employment with the firm during the
summer between second and third year, the payment of tuition fees for the
third year of study, and a book allowance of $200. (Available in the
1987/88 Winter Session)
Casey, O'Neill & Bence Prize in Business Associations I - The firm of Casey,
0'Nei11 & Bence, Barristers and Solicitors, has donated an annual prize of
$500 to be awarded to a second year law student who has achieved the highest
standing in Law 325 (Business Associations I). The award will be made on
the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.  (Available 1985/86 Winter Session)
Eli Lilly Book Prize - A book prize consisting of the copy of the latest
edition of Martindale's Extra Pharmacopoeia and $100 is provided annually by
Eli Lilly Canada Inc. The prize is awarded, on the recommendation of the
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, to a student in either the first or
second year of the program who has an academically sound record, who
participates in the affairs of the undergraduate society and shows potential
as a leader.  (Available 1985/86 Winter Session)
Levin, Kendall and Company Scholarship - The firm of Levin, Kendall and
Company, Barristers and Solicitors, of Kelowna, B.C., has donated an annual
scholarship of $500 to be awarded to a first or second year law student who
has achieved high academic standing in his or her course of studies and who
is either a resident of the interior of British Columbia or intends to
practice in that region. Students must submit a letter to the Office of the
Associate Dean of Law indicating their eligibility before May 1st. The
scholarship will be awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law in
consultation with the firm.  (Available in the 1987/88 Winter Session)
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter BD - Evah Chase Butler Memorial Bursary - A
bursary in the amount of $200 is offered by the P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter
BD. The award will be offered to a female student who graduated from South
Delta Senior Secondary School, and is beginning or continuing a program of
study in the Faculty of Education.  (Available 1986/87 Winter Session)


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