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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 14, 1919

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Array r
Wednesday, May 14th., 1919.
(315) She fourth regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia was held on Wednesday, May 14th. at 2 P.M. in the
Board Room, University Offices.
(316) President: The Chancellor, Dean Klinck, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Boggs,
Mr. Killam, Bishop de Pencier, Mr. Brough, Judge Howay, Dr. Brydone-
Jack, Mr. Gordon, Dr. Clark, Mr. Argue, Magistrate Shaw, Miss
Jamieson, Prinoipal Vance, Miss Clement, Mr. Turnbull and the
Secretary .     ,
Principal Vance)
" Judge Howay   ) That Dean Klinck take the Chair.    Carried.
Judge Howay   )
Prinoipal Vance) That the minutes of the third regular meeting
of February 12th., 1919 and of the two adjourned meetings of March 5th
and April 2nd., 1919 having been received and read by the members of
Senate, be taken as read and adopted. Carried.
(317) The Secretary then read the following recommendations of the
Faculty Committee on Scholarships with reference to the Terminal City
Olub Memorial Scholarship:
1. That a scholarship be awarded upon the results of the examinations of the Second Year in Arts to the full undergraduate
who stands highest in the courses in English and Economics.
2. That to be eligible for this scholarship a student must take
the Distinction work in both courses.
The Directors of the Terminal City CL b had expressed their
agreement with the recommendations of thiis Committee and these were,
on the motion of Dr. Clark and Mr. Argue, adopted.
(318) A letter was read from the Women's Canadian Club stating their
desire to establish a scholarship in the University of British
Columbia. A cheque for ^25.00 was received from the Club, being the
interest on $500 inve\£ed in Victory Bonds by them for this purpose.
The wish was expressed that the scholarship be awarded to a returned
soldier or a dependent of a returned soldier. The Faculty Committee
on Scholarships, Prizes and Loans in consultation with Mrs S. D.
Scott, President of the Women's Canadian Club, recommended that for the
present session the sura available - ^25.00- be called a Prize and be
awarded to the returned soldier who stands highest in the work of
the Graduating Year in Arts, and who does not receive a higher Prize,
Mr. Gordon)
Judge Howay)  That the thanks of Senate be extended to the
Women's Canadian Club and that the Prize be allocated as recommended
by the Committee. Oarried.
^ (98)
(319) The report of Faculty on the Sessional Examinations was then
submitted in mimeographed form and dealt with in the  following
gACUiOT Of Afigfl
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay    '   j    That the degree of Master of Arts be granted
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay        )    Tha t the report of the Fourth Year in Arts be
adopted and the degree of B.A. granted to the
candidates who have passed. Carried,.
Mr. Gordon )
Magistrate Shaw)    That the report of the Third Year in Arts be
adopted. Oarried.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Brough )     That the report of the Second Year in Arts be
adopted. Oarried.
Dr. McKechnie)
Dr. Boggs   )   That the report of the First Year in Arts be
adopted. Carried.
FAWHX Of AffliffiP Sfflfflgg
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Boggs,)
That the report of the First Year be
adopted. Carried.
Dr. Boggs )
Dr. Ashton)
That the report of the Seoond Year be
adopted. Oarried.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Gordon )
Mr. Turnbull)
That the report of the Third Year be
adopted. Oarried.
That the report of the Fourth Year be adopted.
^4 (99)
(319) gACUIffY QF AmWMffll
Dr. Boggs )
Mr. Killam)    That the report of the Second Year be adopted.
Dr. Clark      )
Bishop de Pencier) That the report of the First Year be adopted.
(320) MFiPMfl.  flffMiRgKPg an/i ffiJSfig
Dr. Ashton  )
Miss Jamieson) That the report of the Fourth Year be adopted.
Dr. Boggs )
Mr. Killam)    That the report of the Third Year be adopted.
-Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Brough) )   That the report of the Second Year be adopted.
The Seoretary pointed out that but for the rule making it
impossible for one student to hold more than one scholarship, Miss
Dorothy Blakey would have carried off besides the McGill Graduates'
Scholarship, the Terminal City Club Memorial Scholarship and the
University Scholarship for general standing in the year. It was
agreed that this fact should be clearly indicated and the following
form was, on the suggestion of Prinoipal Vance, adopted*
1. The McGill Graduates' Scholarship, ^125.00
(First in English and French) Dorothy Blakey
2. University Scholarship, .#75.00 Dorothy Blakey
by reversion ..... Victoria Herman
4. The Terminal City Club Memorial Scholarship
in English & Economics $100.00 Dorothy Blakey
by reversion Isabella Elliott Crozier
Judge Howay)
Dr. Clark ) That the standing of Dorothy Blakey be made clear
in the press report, in the programme of
Congregation and in the calendar lists. Carried.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Boggs ) That the report of the First Year be adopted.
M4^ (100)
(320) fATO? o? APflhlfiP SSfflfiB
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Killam.     ) That the report of the Fourth, Third, Second
and First Years be adopted.        Carried.
FAflJMY flg Afai^ULXutffl
Judge Howay)
Mr. Gordon )   That the report be adopted. Carried;.
(321) The  advisability of awarding Scholarships to Returned Soldiers
in the Second and Third Years of Arts and Applied Science then
received some consideration. The matter was finally disposed of in the.
following resolution:
Mr. Gordon    )
Principal Vance) That Faculty be recommended to determine the
disposition of the funds - $500.00- for
Scholarships as well as for bursaries and loans
for the current year. Carried.
(322) A letter from the Deputy Provincial Secretary, acknowledging on
behalf of the Minister of Education, the receipt of the notice of this
meeting was read and ordered filed.
(323) A letter from Professor J. A. McLean, regretting his inability
to attend the meeting of Senate, was also read and ordered filed.
(324) A letter was read from Mr. Pollock, Principal of Dawson School,
on behalf•of the Executive of the British Columbia Federation of
Teachers, asking that Summer Courses for teachers be given by the
The Chairman explained that since the letter was received the
Department of Education had decided to reopen  its Summer School and
to extend its scope and he thought that the needs of the teachers
v;ould be fully met in this way.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Killam ) That a reply be sent to Mr. Pollock in line with
the Chairman's statement. Carried.
(325) A letter received from the Acting President stating "that the
recommendation of Senate that a Faculty of Home Economics be established
was considered by the Board of Governors and ordered to be laid on the
Mr. Gordon asked how long it was to lie on the table. The
Chancellor stated that little could be done in the present state of
our finances but thought that the Board of Governors would endeavor
to do something in this line next year. (101)
(325) Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough) That while we appreciate the difficulty of the Board
of Governors, if not the impossibility, of tailing
steps in connection with the establishment of a
Faculty o.f Home Economics in the University that will
entail the expenditure of money in 1919, we as a
Senate strongly reco^e^d to the Beard of Governors
that they pit forth every effort to-ho-ve this
Faculty of Home Economics opened in the autumn of
1920, so as to make provision for Home Economics
students who for the past two years have been studying in the Province in the hope that they will be
able to matriculate into the University at the close
of their three years' High School work in 1920.
(326) The following report of the Committee on Eursing w«*s presented*
by Dr. Brydone-Jack.:
The Committee of Senate appointed to consider the establishment
of a Facility of Nursing in connection with the University, beg to
1. That a Department of iha-sing be established in connection
with the Facility of Science, leading to the degree of B,ao,
2. AdmissionsMatriculation or oquivalort, at discretion of
Senate. (Present standard of other Faculties.)
3. University training (as distinct from practical work.)
First two years of Arts.
, Practical work can be taken in any institution that cornea up
to the standard set down by the University authorities and
such institution or hospital will make formal applications
and submit evidence of fitness,
4. Examinations will be conducted by a Board appointed u^  the
Senate and such Board shall consist of five at least.
5. Graduate nurses may be awarded the degree by complying with
*■ such conditions as may be laid down, by Senate.
It is further recommended:
1. That the Medical Council of British Columbia be asked to
draw up a standard of qualifications for the guidance of
Senate in reference to proposed hospital requirements.
2. That a Committee be appointed by Senate to consider the
question of standardization of nurses' certificates for this'
-     *...*.:. ■ . .^■■^■■..-...■hMlifa^H,.^ (102)
(326) Dr. Brydone-Jack)
iiagistx'ate Shaw )    That the report be considered clause by clause.
K Dr. Brydo.-e-Jaok)
Magistrate Shaw ) That Clause 1 be adopted.
The suggestion of Mr. Killam taut, the Clause be tended to read
"a. degree" instead of "the degree of B. So." was accepted by the
mover and seconder and the Clause with this change was adopted.
I Dr. Brydone-Jack)
t# Dr,  Ashton     ) That Clause 2, omitting the part in brackets,
be adopted. Carried.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Mr. Gordon    ' ) That Clause 3, omitting the part in brackets,
be adopted. Carried.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dr. McKechnie  ) That Clause 4 be adopted. Carried.
Dr. Brydone-Jaci)
Magistrate Shaw ) That Clause 5, with "Hospital" inserted before
Graduate Nurses, bo adopted.        Carried,.
Dr* iirydone-Jack)
Dr. Ashton     ) That No. 1 under "It is farther recommended" •
be •,-.-,;jbered 6 and adopted. Carried.
No action was taken with regard te the
following clause Ik). 2 under "It is further
(327) The Secretary read a letter from the Minister of Education
covering communications from the Honourable W. 0. Howell, the Colonial
Secretary and others with regard to assistance to Imperial Service
men completing their studies in Canadian Universities. After
explanations by the Chairman and some discussion, it was moved by
Principal Vance and seconded by Bishop de Pencier, that a Committee
consisting of Dean Klinck, Mr. Brough and Dr. Ashton be appointed to
deal with this matter with power to act. Oarried.
Mr. Gordonj
Dr. Ashton) That ths meeting adjourn. Carried.
Chairman Secretary.'


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