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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Jul 25, 1921

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Array (242)
Monday, July 25th, 1921
608 An adjourned special meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia was held on the evening of Monday,
July 25th, 1921, at 8 o'clock, in Room 23, Arts Building.
Present: Mr. W. Sadler, Mr. E. G. Matheson, Dr. E. H.
Archibald, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. H. Ashton, Bishop de Pencier,
Mr. D. M. Robinson, Mr. T. A. Brough, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. J. M.
Turnbull, Mr. G. E. Robinson, Mr. G. Scott, Mr. H. F. G. Letson,
Dr. W. Burnett, Rev. A. H. Sovereign, Mr. C. Killam.
On motion of Bishop de Pencier, seconded by Dr. Boggs,
Mr. G. E. Robinson was appointed Chairman.
The Secretary read the call for the meeting.
609 The Chairman outlined the object of the meeting and the
Secretary read the report of the Committee appointed to investigate
and report upon the question of additional accommodation, as
The Committee went into the matter as thoroughly
as the brief time at their disposal would allow and
were assisted in their inquiry by the University architect.
It was felt that it would be an act of wisdom to plan
for a period of approximately three years and the
following estimates of the architect are made with the
thought Of such a period of time. The needs of expansion
are primarily in connection with the Department of Chemistry
and the various Departments of Applied Science but the
expansions proposed will be of material assistance in
providing lecture room and other accommodations for
Departments besides those mentioned.
Architect's Estimates
Chemistry Building. Add second story with new
equipment, plumbing, heating and electric and other small (243)
Monday, July 25th, 1921.
changes required to existing lower floor.     $31,500.00
Applied Science.  New three story
building, between Arts and Commercial Building. $18,000.00
Mr. Brough  )
Mr. Sovereign) That the report be received.   Carried
After a careful discussion of the report and the
existing conditions, the Senate adjourned to meet with the Board
of Governors in the Board room.
A (p. /4l>L*_^^?   s£^"-#l&fes
Chairman ^ Secretary (244)
Monday, July 25th, 1921
610 a. A joint meeting of the Board of Governors and the Senate
of the University of British Columbia was held in the Board room
at the University offices on the evening of Monday, July 25th, 1921,
at 9 o'clock.
The following members of the Board of Governors were present:
Dr. S. D. Scott, Mr. R. P. McLennan, Dr. R. L. Fraser, Mrs. J. W.
deB. Farris, Mr. Justice Murphy, Mr. R. L. Reid, Mr. Campbell Sweeny
and the Acting President, Dean Coleman.
Kr. Campbell Sweeny occupied the Chair.
Dean Coleman, on behalf of the Senate, outlined the
acuteness of the present situation and submitted the recommendations
of the Senate as based on the report of the Faculty members of the
Senate and the University architect.
Mr. Justice Murphy pointed out that the permission of
the Hospital Board would have to be obtained before any additional
buildings could be erected, and that a request for this privilege
had been made last year and had been refused.
Mr. Justice Murphy placed before the Senate the
position of the Board of Governors; he reviewed the steps that
had been taken to place before the Government of the Province the
urgent needs of the University and outlined the Government's
attitude in reference to the University's requests for increased
Bishop de Pencier, on behalf of the Senate, stated that
the Senate was fully in accord with the Board of Governors in }ts
endeavor to get the University to Point Grey as soon as possible (245)
Monday, July 25th, 1921.
and that the present scheme as proposed by the Senate was simply
supplementary and complementary to that of the Board.
Dean Coleman expressed the opinion that as there was now
a reliable estimate of the attendance for the coming session and
as the situation had been fully canvassed it seemed advisable that
a delegation from the University should wait upon the Government
and place before them these new facts.
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Burnett ) That the Board of Governors and the
Senate, in this joint meeting, again
express their sense of the serious crisis
which confronts the University in the fact
that the present buildings are not sufficient
to accommodate the number of students who
will, according to careful estimate, present
themselves for admission at the beginning
of the forthcoming session.
That they again call the attention of
the Government and the general public to the
serious injury which will result to the
Province, both in its material interests and
in its good name, if large numbers of students
are denied the opportunity of obtaining the
higher education for which they are qualified
under the law, and if the life, as well as
the legitimate growth, of the University,
is thus imperilled.
That an effort be made to secure an
interview with the Premier and Cabinet at as
early a date as possible, with a view of
making a specific statement of the present
situation and of the need of immediate
financial assistance.
Mr. Killam      )
Mr. Justice Murphy) That a copy of this resolution be handed
to the press.
Carried (246)
Monday, July 25th, 1921
Mr. Killam     )
Bishop de Pencier)  That we adjourn.
^ S£«<^^'/7?aZ^*


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