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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1936-04-22

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 19 36
A special meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia was held on Wednesday, April 22hd, 1936,
at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: Dean D. Buchanan, Dean F. M. Clement,
Aoting Dean J. M. Turnbull, Dr. G. G. Moe, Mr. H. F.
Angus, Mr. H. C. Holmes, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Dr.
G. Roy Sanderson, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,
Mr. Sherwood Lett, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. A. S. Lord,
The Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier, Mr. John C. Oliver, Dr.
C. Killam, Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Miss Isobel Harvey and
Mr. 0. J. Thomas.
Dr. Killam )
Archbishop de Pencier) That Dean Buchanan take
the Chair.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from the President, Dean Bollert,
Judge Howay, Judge Swanson and Mr. Sydney Anderson.
A letter from the President was read, stating that
Sir Ernest MacMillan had consented to give the Congregation address on the afternoon of May 7th, 1936.
With the consent of Senate, Item 3. (c) - the
Report of the Committee on Honorary Degrees - was considered first.
A report of the Committee on Honorary Degrees was
presented by Dr. Farris,-
(a) Recommending that the honorary degree of
Doctor of Laws be conferred on Mr. E. A.
Cleveland of Vancouver at the Special
Congregation on May 6th. I
Wednesday, April 22nd, 1936
(b) Reporting that Dr. Skelton would be
unable to be present to receive the
Honorary Degree in May*
(c) Recommending that the entire list of
recipients of Honorary Degrees be
given to the Press.
Dr. Farris)
Dr. Killam) That the report be adopted.
It was agreed that a letter be sent to Dr. Skelton
informing him that Senate would be glad to confer upon
him the Honorary Degree at such time as he could find it
convenient to attend a University Congregation.
Dean Clement took the Chair in the temporary
absence of the Chairman.
From   the  Board   of  Governors
David  Thorn Bursary  for   student  who  has   completed
Third  Year  -  Approved.
Gladstone   Chapter  No.6.,   Order   of  Ahepa  -   offer   of
a  Scholarship   in  Greek -  Approved.
Offer  of  the  University Graduate  Historical  Society
of Vancouver - Annual  Book Prize   of  $25.00.
^ Accepted,   subject   to  approval   of Senate.
Mr. Logan )
Mr. Holmes) That Senate approve the acceptance of
■ this prize; that the Secretary of
Senate be asked to write the Graduate
Historical Society thanking them for
the gift of the Prize; and that the
Secretary of the Graduate Society be
communicated with in order to clarify
the terms of the gift.
Carried 478.
^ Wednesday, April 22nd, 19 36
^k Gift of Dr. Farris - Graduation Fee Loan Fund, to be
( known as "The E. M. Keirstead Fund".
This gift, of $105, was accepted by the Board of
(j Governors on February 24th, and the terms of the gift
are as follows:
i 1.  The fund shall be known as "The E. M. Keirstead
2. The fund shall be made available by way of loan
^ to members of any graduating class of any
Faculty of the University.
3. Any student who, having qualified for a degree of
The University of British Columbia, shall at the
date of acquiring such qualification be unable to
pay the amount of the University Graduation Fee
^ shall, if recommended by a resolution of the
Senate, be entitled to borrow from the said fund
the amount of his or her Graduation Fee or any
portion thereof.
'^fc 4.  All loans shall be made upon condition that the
^■* borrower shall sign a written obligation or
promise to repay the amount borrowed, on or
{ before the 1st day of April in the year following
that in which such loan is made.
'<■ 5.  Every borrower shall be informed that the object
of requiring repayment of the loan as aforesaid
is that the fund may be restored eaCh year and
y made available to students annually in perpetuity.
6.  Bo publicity shall be given to this gift.
Dean Clement, on behalf of Senate, expressed to
Dr. Farris the thanks and appreciation of Senate  for
establishing this loan fund, which would be of inestimable value not only to the University but to the
boys and girls graduating.
Dean Buchanan resumed the Chair. 479.
Wednesday, April 22nd, 1936
Reports of Committees
To have the University Recognized by Institutions in
the British Empire
The Committee appointed "To have the University
recognized by Institutions in the British Empire" reported that the Institution of Civil Engineers, London,
had granted recognition of our Bachelor of Applied Science
Degree in the Department of Civil Engineering, and that
an expression of the appreciation of the University had
been sent to the Institution of Civil Engineers and the
thanks of the University had been expressed to the
Secretary of the Universities Bureau of the British Empire
for the help that he had rendered.
Mr. Oliver)
Mr. Lord  ) That the report of the Committee be
received and filed.
Mr. Lett )
Mr. Angus) That a standing committee consisting of
the President and the Deans of the
three Faculties be appointed to give
consideration to matters of this kind.
On Plans for the Celebration of the 21st Anniversary
of the Opening of the University
A report of the Central Committee on Plans for the
Celebration of the 21st Anniversary of the Opening of the
University was presented.  An appropriation had been made
by the Board of Governors to defray the various items of
expense in connection with the Celebration, and a general
plan of events had been drawn up.  In reference to the
location of The Brock Memorial Building a meeting had
been called for April 27th, on the suggestion of the
Committee of the Board of Governors on Buildings and
^ Grounds, of representatives of all organizations inter
i Dr. Sedgewick)
Dean Clement ) That the Chair be asked to select
two representatives to attend the
( meeting called by the Committee of
the Board of Governors.
Carried 480.
Wednesday, April 22nd, 1936
Mr. Lett)
Mr. Lord) That the Committee be now instructed as
to the wishes of Senate with regard to
the site, for the purpose of presenting
their views to the Board of Governors.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Killam   ) That the Senate Committee be instructed to advise the Board of
Governors that, in the opinion of
Senate, the Memorial Building be
placed on the main mall to the
north of the tennis courts.
The Chair appointed Dr. Sedgewick and Mr.
MacCorkindale to act as the representatives of Senate.
A letter was received from the Secretary of Convocation together with a copy of the proceedings of the
Twentieth annual meeting of Convocation.
Hr. Lord  )
Mr. Oliver) That these be received and filed.
Letters were received from the B. C. Teachers'
Federation and the Vancouver Schools Principals*
Association expressing appreciation of the action taken
by Senate in regard to courses in Education.
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Lord  ) That these communications be received
and filed.
A letter was received from Dr. Harold Hibbert, of
McGill University, containing the following paragraph: •
Wednesday,  April   22nd,   193 6
May  I  extend  to   the  University  ray   congratulations  not   only  on your  Twenty-first
Anniversary but  also   on  the  uniformly  high
type   of  student,   trained   in your  Department
of   Chemistry,  with  whom  I   have   had   the   good
fortune  to  be   associated  in  our  post-graduate
work   at McGill   University.
Mr. Oliver)
Mr. Lord  ) That the communication be received
and the information sent to the
Head of the Department of Chemistry.
The reports of the Scrutineers and the Registrar
in reference to the Election of Chancellor and Members of
Senate on April 2nd, 1936, were received.
To the Senate of The University of British Columbia
The Senate election for 1936 was held on April
2nd in conformity with the University Act and the
regulations of the Senate in reference thereto.
As there was only one candidate nominated for
Chancellor, namely, Robert Edward McKechnie, Esq.,
he was duly elected by acclamation.
In the matter of the election of members of
Senate, the total number of ballots received was
1193.  Of these, 1163 were valid; 30 were spoiled
(not signed, etc.)
The   votes   on  the  above-mentioned  valid ballots
were   counted by  the   scrutineers  with   the   following
result:- 482*
Wednesday, April 22nd, 1936
In order of
Votes Received Votes Received
Anderson, Sydney
Banfield, William Orson
Baynes, George Edgar
Bollert, Mary Louise, Miss
Boving, Paul A.
Burnett, John Napier
Davidson, James Grant
de Pencier, Adam Urias
Eagles, Blythe Alfred
Emmons, William Frank
Farris, Evlyn Fenwick, Mrs.
Fournier, John Raymond
Gilley, Janet Kathleen, Miss
Harvey, Isobel, Miss
Howay, Frederic William
Jamieson, Annie B., Miss
Killam, Cecil
Kingham, Joshua Rowland
Laing, Arthur
Lett, Sherwood
Lewis, Hunter Campbell
Logan, Harry T.
Lord, Arthur Edward
Oliver, John Craig
Patterson, Frank Porter
Sedgewick, Garnett Gladwin
Swanson, John Donald
Webster, Arnold Alexander
Whitley, Paul Nelson
Wright, Charles Alfred Holstead
Young, Henry Esson
# Tie
468 13
414 18
220 29
811 4
630 8
292 27
404 21
483 12
367 24
349 25
490 10
210 30
351 26
490 10
778 5
657 7
405 19
234 28
209 31
844 3
405 19
907 1
644 6
554 9
454 17
879 2
460 15
467 14
380 22
573 23
455 16
Candidates Elected
Logan, Harry T.
Sedgewick, Garnett Gladwin
Lett, Shewwood
Bollert, Mary Louise, Miss
Howay, Frederic William
Lord, Arthur Edward
Jamieson, Annie Bruce, Miss
Paul A.
John Craig
Evlyn Fenwick,
Isobel , Miss
de Pencier, Adam Urias
Anderson, Sydney
Webster, Arnold Alexander
Swanson, John Donald
Votes Received
460 483.
Wednesday, April 22nd, 1936
(Signed) J. M. Turnbull
" A. H. Hutchinson
" D. M. Robinson
" A. H. Finlay
" H. N. MacCorkindale
" G. G. Moe
E. A. Lloyd
F. A. Wilkin
"     S. W. Mathews
Mr. Lord  )
Mr. Oliver) That the reports be received and
recorded in the minutes.
Attention was called to a number of suggestions
that had been received with regard to the next Senate
election, such as (a) the sending out of a brief
statement in reference to each candidate; (b) allowing a
greater length of time between the date at which the
ballots are sent out and the date on which they are to be
returned; and (c) the devising of some plan so that
signatures on ballots would not be necessary.
Mr.   Angus)
Mr.   Lord   )   That  a  committee  be   appointed by  the
Chair   to   investigate   these   matters
and   report*
A letter was  received  from the  Deputy  Provincial
Secretary advising  that His  Honour  the  Lieutenant-
Governor   in  Council  had  re-appointed Major  H.   C.   Holmes,
B.A.,   of  Victoria,   as  a  member  of   the   Senate   of  The
University of British Columbia for  a period   of   three 484.
Wednesday, April 22nd, 1936
years, dating from April 10th, 1936 and until a
successor is appointed.
Dr. Farris)
Dr. Moe   ) That the letter be received and
Appointment of Committees and representatives on
University Committees - Session 1936-57
Mr. Oliver      )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the Chair be instructed
to appoint members of the
Standing Committees of Senate
and representatives on
University committees for the
coming session and to report
at the first meeting in the
The Chairman stated that since the last meeting,
two members of the staff who had been associated with
the University for some considerable time, had passed
away - Professor E. E. Jordan, who had been a member of
the Department of Mathematics since the opening of the
University, and Miss Helen English, a member of the
Registrar's Department.
Members of Senate stood in tribute to their memory.
The Secretary waa instructed to write letters of
condolence to the bereaved families.
The meeting adjourned.
_?_&~^ cV • ZrtaO%Zus
/<* QX   /<s


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