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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1921-02-16

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Wednesday, February 16th, 1921.
516 The third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the session 1920-21 was held on Wednesday,
February 16th, 1921, in the Board Room at the University offices.
517 Present: The President, in the Chair, the Chancellor, Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. W. Sadler,
Mr. E. G. Matheson, Dr. E. H. Archibald, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. H. Ashton,
the Right Rev. A. U. de Pencier, Mr. L. F. Robertson, Mr. D. M. Robinson,
Mr. T. A. Brough, Judge F. W. Howay, Dr. W. D. Brydone-Jack, Mr. J. S.
Gordon, Mr. G. E. Robinson, Dr. N. Wolverton, Mr. W. P. Argue, Magistrate H. C. Shaw, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Principal W. H. Vance, Mr. J. M.
518 Mr. Argue )
Mr. Brough) That the minutes of the regular meeting of
December 15th, of the special meeting of
February 2nd and of the adjourned special
meeting of February 5th, be adopted.
The telegrams sent to Toronto, Queen's and
McGill, asking if these Universities ever
excluded students at mid-session because of
unsatisfactory record, were ordered to be
incorporated in the minutes of the adjourned
special meeting of February 5th, 1921.
519 A letter was read from Mr. A. E. Lord, President of the
Alma Mater Society, requesting permission to appear before Senate to
state the attitude of the student body on the question of Christmas
Mr. Brough  )
Miss Jamieson) That the request be acceded to.
Mr. Lord then presented a resolution passed, with two dissenting votes, at a meeting of the Alma Mater Society on February 14th,
1921. (206)
520 Letters from Rev. W. Leslie Clay, Principal E. B. Paul, and
Mr. J. H. Senkler, expressing regret at their inability to attend the
meeting of Senate, were read. Mr. P. A. Boving had telephoned re his
inability to be present.
Bishop de Pencier)
Dean Coleman    ) That these letters be received and filed.
521 Unfinished Business from adjourned special meeting of February 5th,
1921 and Solicitors' letter in reference thereto.
Report to Senate from Faculty:-
Clause 1 of Faculty's report was then read.
Mr. G. E. Robinson)
Dr. Boggs       ) That Clause 1 be adopted.
The Chair ruled that the withdrawal of the motion was in
order. Mr. Robinson appealed the ruling. The matter was put to vote
and the ruling of the Chair sustained.
Mr. Robinson, with the consent of his seconder, withdrew
the motion.
Mr. G. E. Robinson)
Dr. Boggs       ) That Senate proceed to consider the first
Clause of Faculty's report.
Bishop de Pencier)
Dr. McKechnie   )  That Clause 2 be read and considered.
Clause 2 read.
Bishop de Pencier)
Principal Vance )  That Clause 3 be read and considered.
Clause 3 read.
Dean Coleman  )
Principal Vance) That Clause 4 be read and considered.
Clause 4 read. (207)
Dr. Boggs   )
Dr. Archibald) That Clause 5 be read and considered.
Clause 5 read.
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   ) That Clause 5 be stricken from the report.
Lost by a vote of 11 to 8.
Mr. Argue )
Dr. Ashton) That the report be filed for reference.
Dr. Ashton )
Dean Coleman) That the results of examinations at Christmas of the following:-
First Year Arts:
A. McK. Bull,
G. F. Elliot, .
M. D. Ford,
V. G. Hillman,
A. V. Jacobson,
M. Macaulay,
K. G. MacKenzie,
D. B. Pollock,
W. E. Raymer,
S. M. Roberts,
M. Smith,
B. M. Collins,
J. A. Shotton,
W. R. P. Williamson.
Second Year Arts:
P. V. Mclane,
G. Russell,
K. B. Knowlton,
First Year Applied Science:
L. H. Evans,
R. N. Shakespeare,
E. G. B. Stevens,
W. A. Bain,
Second Year Applied Science:
E. M. Molyneux,
W. R. Baker,
G. S. Kidd,
F. J. McRae,
D. W. Wilson.
W. H. Fanning,
H. S. A. Johnson,
P. B. Jones,
V. S. Carlyle.
being such as to constitute an unsatisfactory
record (Calendar,pages 74 and 138), these
students be asked to withdraw from the University for the session 1920-21.
In the course of discussion, the following telegram sent to
Toronto, Queen's, McGill, was read:- (208)
"Does (Toronto-, Queen's-, McGill University) ever
exclude students at mid-session because of unsatisfactory
record. Reply collect.
S. W. Mathews,
The University of British Columbia."
Mr. Brough   )
Principal Vance) That a Committee, consisting of the three
Deans of Faculty and three non-Faculty
members of Senate, with the President as
Chairman, be named to bring in a recommendation regarding the future policy of the
University with respect to the suspension
or expulsion of students.
Mr. Brough    )
Principal Vance) That the President make the appointment of
the three non-Faculty members of Senate.
522 A recommendation from Faculty was presented that the following
petition of the members of the class of Arts '21 be granted:-
That, at the Congregation of 1921, the members of the class
be called up for their degrees in alphabetical order instead
of in order of merit.
Mr. Argue      )
Bishop de Pencier) That this recommendation be adopted.
523 The following letter from the President setting forth the
action of the Board of Governors in the matter of an increase in
Alma Mater Society fees, was read:-
The recommendation from Senate endorsing the request of
the Alma Mater Society for an increase of the Alma Mater
Society fee, from $5.00 as at present, to a total of $6.00
in the session 1920-21 and to $7.00 in the session 1921-22
and to authorize the insertion of the $7.00 fee in the calendar
for 1921-22, was presented to the Board of Governors at the
meeting held on December 27th, 1920. The Board ordered that
the fee for the 1920-21 session be made $6.00. No action
was taken on the recommendation for 1921-22.
Dr. Wolverton)
Dean Coleman ) That the letter be filed.
Carried. (209)
524 A letter from the President was read, stating that the
Minister of Education had asked for an expression of opinion as to
the advisability of increasing tuition fees for the coming academic
Dr. Ashton )
Judge Howay) That a committee be appointed to go into the
question of tuition fees - the Committee to
be appointed by the Chair.
525 A letter from Mr. S. Ukita, Consul for Japan, at Vancouver,
was read, re his proposal to have his Government induce one or more
Japanese Universities to send professors over here to give lectures
on Japanese civilization,arts, philosophies and histories at the B. C.
University, without causing the latter much financial burden, if
such an arrangement is acceptable.
Judge Howay )
Dean Clement) That the matter be referred to a Committee to
be appointed by the Chair.
526 A report of progress was received from the Calendar Committee,
Dean Clement explained that as the course is now outlined,
Agricultural students are required to take fourteen units in the
Faculty of Arts. These, with the units in Agriculture, make the total
number in excess of the requirements. It was therefore decided to drop
Mathematics in the First Year.
527 The report of the special committee to Consider the Constitution of Faculties was presented:-
That the Co-ordinating Committee consist of the President
and Deans of Faculties (ex officio) and the two professors
elected to the Senate from each of the Faculties as provided
in Clause 56 b of the University Act. (?10)
Principal Vance  )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That the matter be referred back to the
Committee and the advice of the various
Faculties secured.
528   The Senate Committee on Affiliation of Westminster Hall reported:-
Your Committee recommend that Clause 4 of the Senate statute,
February 12th, 1919, be amended to read as follows:-
Students who have qualified under Clause 2 may, during each
year of their course, offer Religious Knowledge options,
to the extent of three units, taken from the following list:
Hebrew, Biblical Literature, New Testament Greek, Church
History, Christian Ethics and Apologetics.
In the case of such students these options will be accepted
by the University pro tanto In place of optional subjects
set down in the University Calendar for the year and course
in which these students are registered.
NOTE - Clause 2, to which reference is made above, reads as
follows: "Religious Knowledge options to students in Arts
shall only be permitted to students who file with the
Registrar a written statement expressing their intention of
graduating in Theology".
Dean Coleman)
Judge Howay ) That this report be adopted.
529 A report on the request of Royal Bank of Canada to use
the University Crest was presented:-
(a) That the University has no Crest.
(b) Assuming that the use of the University Arms is desired,
your Committee is of the opinion that any action to
be taken should be taken by the Chancellor.
(c) Your Committee Is of the opinion that, in view of the fact
that all other Canadian universities have granted the
request, the University of British Columbia should do
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dr. Ashton     ) That the report be adopted.
Carried. (211)
530 A report of the Faculty of Applied Science re the standard
suggested, by the British Columbia Hospital Association, for Training
Schools desiring to affiliate with the University of British Columbia,
was submitted:-
I beg to report that the Faculty of Applied Science has
considered the standard suggested by the British Columbia
Hospital Association for Training Schools desiring to
affiliate with the University of Briti'sh Columbia, in connection with the course in Nursing, and respectfully recommends
its adoption by Senate.
Dean Brock     )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That the report be adopted.
For Training Schools of British Columbia desiring to affiliate
with The University of British Columbia for the combined course
in Nursing leading to the University degree.
That all students desirous of taking the University
course must possess Matriculation standing and must take
the course as laid down by the University of British Columbia.
(a) Size and Scope of hospital to which it is attached.
Such hospital must possess a daily average of not less
than 100 patients of which seventy-five per cent, shall
be public patients and shall include the following
Medical     Obstetrical   Pediatric
Surgical    Infectious    Dietetic
It is also necessary that, in addition, students in the
Combined Course should be afforded experience in social
service and public health activities. If these are not
available within the hospital, arrangements should be
made with the social agencies in the district to give
the necessary instruction and clinical experience in
order that the University fifth year requirements for
combined hospital service and academic work may be
provided for. (212)
(b) Faculty.
That the Faculty shall comprise the following:-
Superintendent of Nurses,
Graduate Night Superintendent,
Graduate Supervisors of Departments, viz:
Medical Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetric
and Operating Room, Dietician.
A staff of medical and special lecturers.
(c) Curriculum,
The course of study shall approximate as closely as
possible that recommended by the British Columbia
Association of Graduate Nurses, it being understood
that necessary qualifications and changes may be made
from time to time as desired by the University of
British Columbia.
(d) Teaching material, class roons, library, etc.
Adequate provision for all the above must be made.
(e) The University shall reserve the right to investigate and
report upon all training schools asking affiliation
Judge Howay )
Mr. Matheson)
That the application of the Anglican
Theological College for affiliation with the
University of British Columbia be received,
and, in accordance with our statute, be
referred to the several Faculties.
Principal Vance)
Dr. Ashton    )
That the application of Westminster Hall
for affiliation with the University of
British Columbia, in accordance with our
statute, be referred to the several
Dr. Ashton)
Dean Brock)
That we adjourn.


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