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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1918-02-28

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° Thursday,  February 28th.,  1918.
^■* (204) A special meeting of the Senate of the University'of British
,       ,       at Columbia was held on Thursday,  February 28th.,  1918 at 8 P.M. in
^vm*."?**1*'        the Board Room, University Offices.
(205) '        Present:  The Chancellor, Dr. Mcintosh, Dr. Ashton,
- e>~-^ Mr. Robertson, Mr. Chodat, Mr. Burns,  Dr. McKechnie,  JudgB Howay,
f    ftut* Mr. Gordon, Mr. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack and the Secretary. ^
'She Chancellor)
i ^, Mr. Burns )   That  Judge Howay take the  chair.      Carried.
^—. Dr. Brydone-Jack)
PA^U^ ^r' Robertson      )     That the notice calling the  special
^     jjZP meeting for the special purpose indicated be taken as read. Carried.
i      ** Jkx.   rryjLj£ty*Ji   A.oJ -Lush.   CmM^i ~C  <*-n.+^tt~i  a^>—fi*+4    -/in*
'      (206) The following ■was* 1*» resolutions:*^—C-
l.That the Executive Council be empowered to fill vacancies
occurring in the Council - their appointees to serve until
the next meeting of Convocation.
2. That Section 20 of the British Columbia University Act be
amended to read as follows:
"The Elective Officers of Convocation shall be a
Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall be elected annually.
'The Executive Council shall consist of the Chancellor, the
Secretary and the Treasurer (all of whom shall be ex
officio members) and fifteen ordinary members. At the
Convocation to be held in 1913 the fifteen ordinary members
shall be elected; the five candidates receiving the highest
'P l/* <i"%r"r*        number of votes shall hold office for three years; the five
"   ttyty receiving the next highest shall hold office for two years;
iff* and the five receiving the next highest shall hold office
*£    w-*^ for one year'Succeeding Convocations shall, in each year,
hft1 elect five members to fill the vacancies on the Council, who
*ff shall hold office for three years. Elections shall be held
in such manner as the Convocation may determine."
3. That Section 12 of the British Columbia University Act be
amended by inserting in the third line thereof, after the
word "Convocation" the following words: "and all graduates
of any University in His Majesty's Dominions who were
actually residing in the Province and were graduates previous
to May 1st., 1916, who shall register on or before December
31st., 1918".
Mr. Robertson)
/a\        Mr. Argue   ) that the first recommendation be concurred in.
•Dr. McKechnie      ).
(bj Dr. Brydone-Jack) That the  second recommendation be endorsed.
M4^ (57!
Question       Mr. Gordon  )
re-opened a        Dr. McKechnie) That we concur in recommendation number three
'later        as it stands.     Carried,
Mr. Robertson)
(d) Dr. Ashton  ) That the names of all persons holding academic
t                               appointments within the University shall be added to the roll of
Convocation by the Registrar upon instructions from the President.
Dr. Ashton     )
(e) Dr. Brydone-Jack)  That recommendation number three which had
been adopted in its entirety,  be .reconsidered.        Carried.
Mr.  Gordon    )
, (f) Mr. Robinson)   That clause three be amended by striking out
the word "register"  in the  last line,  and substituting therefor "wfee
ohall  forward satisfactory proof of their qualifications,  accompanied
by a fee of £2.00 to the  Registrar". Carried. "     ^A^
Mr.  Gordon )
Mr. 3urns     )  That the  Secretary be  instructed to forward .these
(207)   -resolutions  endorsed h-j Senate  to   the  Board of Governors with  the
QfoJ^Z £* request that  they take the necessary steps  to get  them before the
"\M4       Legislature. Carried,
jj/jb+*^ Qj-y  motion, meeting adjourned.
Chairman Secretary


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