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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1970-05-20

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Wednesday, May 20, 1970
The ninth regular meeting of The Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the session 1969-70 was held on Wednesday, May 20. 1970 at
8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Deputy President W. M.
Armstrong, Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Mr. S. Black, Rev. J. Blewett, Mrs. A.
Brearley, Dr. D. G. Brown, Dr. T. H. Brown Mr. F. J. Cairnie, Mr. C. M.
Campbell, Jr., Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. D. H. Chitty,
Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. M. F. Clarke, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. R. Daniells,
Mr. A, Dobrey, Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, Mr. W. A. Ferguson, Dr. S. M. Friedman,
The Hon. E. D. Fulton, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. R. F.
Gray, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Mr. D. S. M. Huberman, Dr. S.
Israels, Mr. R. W. Jacobs, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dr. D. T.
Kenny, Dr. W. D. Kitts, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Dean S. W. Leung, Miss E. K.
McCann, Dr. A. J. McClean, Dean J. F. McCreary, Dr. M. F. McGregor,
Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Dr. J. M. Norris, Mr. E. O'Brien,
Dean V. J. Okulitch, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Dr. R. A. Restrepo, Mr. J. V.
Rogers, Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dr. I. Ross, Dr. R. F. Scagel, Dean N. V.
Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. J. D.
Spouge, Dr. J. K. Stager, Rev. W. S. Taylor, Mr. B. B. Trevino, Dr. H. V.
Warren, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Mr. E. Wood Dr. W. D. Young.
Observers: Miss D. Hopper, Mr. T. A. Myers, Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Dr. A. E. Aho, Miss D. Allen, Mr. C. B. Bourne,
Mr. D. M. Brousson, Dean W. D. Finn, Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Mrs. W. T. Lane,
Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Dean Helen McCrae, Dr. H. P. Oberlander, Miss D. J.
O'Donnell, Mr. P. Plant, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. G. R. Selman:, Dr. R. F.
Sharp, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. G. M. Volkoff. Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the eighth regular meeting of Senate were circulated
at the meeting. 5267
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Business Arising from the Minutes
The Chairman stated that the report of an ad-hoc committee studying
the proposed athletic eligibility rules would not be available until the
June meeting of Senate.
Dr. Clark stated that as requested by Senate at the previous meeting
he had asked CAUT for information on studies current or contemplated on
career opportunities for university graduates. Dr. Clark said he expected
to have this information in time for the June meeting.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the necessary funds being available
(i)   New courses and course changes to be offered as recommended
by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, subject
to description changes in Commerce 446 and 447.  (Page 5234)
(ii)  Fine Arts 238, 335 and 435 to be offered as recommended by
the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Arts, subject to
the inclusion of a satisfactory statement of criteria to
indicate to potential students the standards against which
their performance will be assessed.  (Pages 5234-5)
(iii)  Course and calendar changes to be made as recommended by the
Faculty of Medicine subject to a clear statement being given
that History of Health Sciences 400 and Preclinical Sessions
400 will be taken by all students on the regular programme
but that students on special programmes and transfers from
other medical schools will be exempt.  (Page 5235) 5268
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the necessary funds being available (Continued)
(iv) New courses to be offered as recommended by the Faculty of
Medicine.  (Page 5190)
(v) Nursing 252 Human Behaviour and Nursing 281 Introduction to
statistics and Research methods to be offered as recommended
by the School of Nursing.  (Page 5238)
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
The Chairman referred to the Alumni bursaries available for students
entering The University of British Columbia from the Secondary Schools of
the Province.  He stated that while some preference is given to students
entering from Secondary Schools, students from other institutions in
B.C. would be considered.
Mr. Fulton   )   That thz new awards listed in Appzndix 'A'
Dean Okulitch )   be accepted subject to the approval oh the
Board oh Governors, and that Izttzrs oh
thanks bz sznt to thz donors.
Scholarship List No. 1 named the leaders of the various degree
programmes and noted other awards made in the graduating classes.
Mr. Fulton )     That the mzdals, prizes and scholarships
Mr. Shaw   )      be awardzd as rzcommzndzd in List No.  1.
Carried 5269
Wednesday, May  20,   1970
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Dr. Hall explained that the Curriculum Committee would report at the
June meeting of Senate on the submissions of the Faculty of Science and
the Faculty of Arts referred to the committee at the April 29 meeting.
Nominating Committee
The report of the Nominating Committee suggesting membership of a
committee to produce a proposed introductory programme for native Indian
students was circulated.  It was agreed that Mr. A. Marriage be substituted
for Dr. Ian Ross who requested that his name be withdrawn from the
suggested list.  It was also agreed that the committee could consult
persons who might be of assistance to them.  The following names were
Mr. J. deBruyn
Dr. J. D. Dennison
Mr. Wilson Duff
Mr. D. B. Fields
Dr. C. V. Finnegan
Mr. D. S. M. Huberman
Dr. Ruth McConnell
Mr. A. Marriage
Miss D.  J.  O'Donnell
Mr.   Black       )
Dr.   Cavers     )
That those named bz appointzd to a committee
to study thz desirability oh establishing a
spzcial introductory study programmz hoi
Indian students and. ih appropriatz. to
suggest a suitable hormat hor such a programme.
Carried 5270
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Dentistry
It was agreed that the proposal to replace Sociology 200 with
Sociology 100 as a required course in the Dental Hygiene Programme be
referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The proposal for an Institute for Applied Mathematics and Statistics
was referred to the Senate New Programmes Committee. New courses and
course changes, outlined in Appendix 'B', were referred to the Senate
Curriculum Committee.
Faculty of Medicine
The proposal to offer a new course, Paediatrics 351 was referred to
the Senate Curriculum Committee.
Candidates for Degrees - Congregation 1970
Lists of candidates for degrees to be awarded at the Spring
Congregation 1970 were circulated at the meeting.
Dean Scarfe  )    That the candidates h°i degrees as approved
Dr. Hardwick )    by the Faculties bz granted thz degrees h°i
which they wzrz rzcommzndzd, and that the
Registrar, in consultation with the deans
concerned and the Chairman oh Senate make
any necessary adjustments.
Condensation of Recommendations 22 to 25 of the Long-Range Objectives
Committee Report
At the April 29 meeting of Senate Dr. Belshaw agreed to submit a
re-worded motion on proposed five-year review procedures. 5271
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Condensation of Recommendations 22 to 25 of the Long-Range Objectives
Committee Report (Continued)
Before discussion of this proposal commenced, the Secretary read a
statement submitted by the Faculty of Medicine on proposed five year
review procedures.
Dr. Belshaw explained that the revised motion attempted to make
clear the lines of action which would come following review by the
Dr. Belshaw )     That Sznatz elect a standing committee on
Dr. Norris  )     academic review to implement by appropriate
and acczptablz mzans thz gznzral principle
oh the hivz-yzar academic review policy as
accepted by Senate and reherred to in
recommendations 11 to  25 oh the Long-Range
Objectives Report and,  j$oicowting such review,
(a) to recommend suitable courses oh action
to the President or to Sznatz as
circumstances may warrant and
(b) to makz thz results oh such review
known to appropriate Senate committees
hor their inhormation and guidance.
Concern was expressed by some members that the wording of the motion
implied that Senate might want to insist on a form of review that was
inappropriate to a particular discipline or Faculty.
Following considerable debate on the wording it was agreed that
the words "appropriate and acceptable means" be deleted and that the
words "means appropriate to the discipline and the Faculties and
acceptable to Senate" be inserted.
A further query was raised on the necessity for the words "to the
President or" in clause (a) of the motion. 5272
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Condensation of Recommendations 22 to 25 of the Long-Range Objectives
Committee Report(Continued)
In amendment:
Dr. Brown  )     That thz pliTasz "to thz Przsidznt or"
Dr. Chitty )      be dzlztzd.
After further discussion the amendment was lost.
The motion was then put and lost.
Dean White felt that the difficulty was that Senate wanted to look
at the regulations to implement the principle of the five-year review
Dean White   )    That Senate appoint an ad hoc committzz
Dr. Daniells )    to recommend to the Senate regulations
and procedures necessary to implement the
principle oh hive year reviews oh Faculties
and oh departments.
Proposals of Senate Members
(a)  Statement of University policy on research
A statement was circulated at the meeting following a request made
by Dr. Volkoff at the previous meeting.  The statement contained
information on current research grants and a complete listing of all
research grants on campus from American military organizations and the
Canadian Defence Research Board.
Dr. Cavers )     That the statzmznt oh univzrsity policy
Mr. Jacobs )      on research bz received.
Attention was drawn to the paragraph marked with an asterisk on the
second page of the report which reads "This contract will be closed out
as of June 30, 1970 by U.S. Air Force because it does not meet the 5273
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Proposals of Senate Members
(a) Statement of University policy on research (Continued)
relevancy requirement of Section 203 of Public Law 91-121 which requires
'... such project or study has a direct and apparent relationship to a
specific military function or operation'." It was felt that this
statement could be mis-read and implied that the other contracts were
directly related to a military function.
It was agreed that this paragraph would be clarified before being
released for publicity.
(b) Motion by Dr. Rosenbluth
Dr. Rosenbluth )   That thz Nominating Committzz oh Sznatz bz
Dr. Scott     )  instructed to appoint a committzz oh thrzz
membeAa to inquirz immzdiatzly into thz
govzrnmznt, management and carrying out oh
curriculum, instruction and education,
(a) by thz dzparXmznt oh Psychiatry
(b) in thz Faculty oh Mzdicinz as a whole,
with particular rzhzrzncz to thz thrzz
topics enumzratzd below:
(i)        thz determination oh which members
oh the teaching and administrative
stahh* shall participate in
department and Faculty decisionmaking;
(ii)      the carrying-out oh instruction by
part-time, instructors; and
(iii)    the provision oh proper supzr-
vision hoi graduatz studznts in
Dr. Rosenbluth stated that he had to deal with a variety of rather
complex issues in order to convince Senate of the importance of this
motion.  He then read from a prepared statement giving background
information for the motion. 5274
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Proposals by Senate Members
(b) Motion by Dr. Rosenbluth (Continued)
It was pointed out that Senate had just passed a motion to set up
an ad-hoc committee to make provision for the type of enquiry suggested
by the motion.
Dean McCreary explained the situation from the point of view of the
Faculty of Medicine, particularly in reference to the necessity for
part-time instructors.
Dr. Israels   )   That thz motion bz tablzd.
Dean Okulitch )
A query was raised as to the reasons for tabling the motion. It was
explained that a review of the organization of the Faculty had been under
way for some time and a report would be ready in the Fall which could be
made available to Senate.
The motion to table carried
(c) Statement by Dr. Scott concerning proposed Water Resources
Research Programme
Dr. Scott informed Senate of the existence of a group called the
Water Resources Steering Committee. He explained that interest was
increasing in the study of water resources and that ultimately some
form of organization to coordinate efforts of those involved would be
There was no other business raised and the Chairman then called for
an in camera meeting of Senate to discuss a recommendation of the Senate
Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing. 5275
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Dr. McClean reported on behalf of the committee. A student in a
Faculty preparing for a profession had been failed in his practical work
and had appealed for another opportunity to demonstrate his competence.
Although the student had already had the usual "second chance" the
Committee recommended that an additional review be made by the Faculty
of the student's ability, but not sooner than 1972.
Dr. McClean )     That thz rzcommzndation oh thz Committzz
Mr. Fulton  )     be approvzd.
The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, June
10, 1970.
\^A  Secretary
Confirmed, ^
Chairman.     -   sT 5276
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
New Awards
The John B. Macdonald Alumni Bursaries
In honor of Dr. John B. Macdonald, President of the University of
B.C. from 1962 to 1967, ten bursaries of $350 will be awarded to
students entering the University of B. C. in the fall from the
regional colleges in British Columbia. Selection of the winners
will be based on academic ability and financial need.
The Southern California UBC Alumni Scholarship
A scholarship of $500 gift of the Southern California UBC Alumni,
is offered, with preference in the following order, to a student
(a) whose home is in Southern California;  (b) whose home is in
the United States;  (c) at the discretion of the university. The
award will be made on the basis of academic standing, personal
qualities, and need.
The UBC Alumni Bursary Fund
Bursaries amounting to $13,500 have been made available for
students with sound academic standing who have need for financial
assistance.  Preference will be given to recipients of N.A.M.
MacKenzie Alumni Scholarships.  Each bursary shall not exceed
$350. 5277
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Poultry Science
New Course   Poultry Science 506 - Advances in Poultry Development
and Physiology
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Changes     Commerce 552 change in description
Commerce 651 change in title and unit value
Commerce 658 change in title
Commerce 554 change in title and description
Commerce 555 change in title and description
Commerce 556 change in title and description
New Course   Commerce 595 Seminar on Computer Applications in
Faculty of Science
Change      Microbiology 509 change in description


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