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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 20, 1929

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Array 22.
Wednesday, February 20th, 19 29
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1928-29
was held on Wednesday, February 20th, 1929, at 8:00 P.M.,
in the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean F.M.
Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. H. M.
King, Mr. A. F. Barss, Mr. Wm. Duckering, Dr. R. H.
Clark, Mr. H. F. Angus, Mr. J. Henderson, Mr. G. W.
Clark, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr.
G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. Sherwood Lett, Mr. G. W. Scott,
Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam, Miss A. B. Jamieson,
The Most Rev. A. U. dePencier, and Mr. Sydney Anderson.
Dean Clement )
Dr. R.H.Clark) That the minutes of the aecond
regular meeting of December 19th,
1928, and of the 8pecial meeting
of January 4th, 1929, be taken
as read, and adopted.
Expressions   of   regret   at   their   inability   to   attend
the   meeting  were   received  from  Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign  and
Dr.   M.   Y.   Williams.
Notices of Appointment of Committees
To Draw up a reply to the communication from
the Native Sons of Canada
Dean Buchanan, Convenor
Dr. R. E. McKechnie
Dr. R. W. Brock
To Draw up Resolutions of Condolence
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Convenor
Mr. J. Henderson
Dr. W. H. Vance
From the Board of Governora
Proposed amendments to the University Act -
Senate Elections 23.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
That the Acting President inform the
Senate of the advice of the solicitor
in regard to the lack of necessity of
opening the University Act in order
to put in the amendments.
Dean Brock       )
Dean  Buchanan)   That   the   letter  be   received  and
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Recommended that Melbourne MacKenzie,
First Year, who did not write on his
Christmas examinations, be required
to withdraw.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Angus    ) That Senate approve of
this recommendation.
That, as Louis P. Lalonde, holder of a
Canadian Club Bursary, has withdrawn
from the University, the unexpended
amount of $66.70 stand over for next
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Angus    ) That the recommendation be
The Beverley Cayley scholarship in
English given by Hia Honour Judge
and Mrs. Cayley has been made permanent.
This was previously given for one year
only.  Recommended that this be approved.
Archbishop dePencier)
Dr. Killam ) That this recommendation
be approved.
Carried 24.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
Reports of Committees
At the request of Dr. Killam, the Senate agreed to
place item (a) - Report of Calendar Committee, after
item (d) - Junior Colleges.
On Resolutions of Condolence
The Senate records its sense of the loss which
this University has sustained in the passing
of Campbell Sweeny, late member of the Board
of Governors.  From the time of its opening,
the University has enjoyed the benefits of his
wise counsel and his exceptional stores of
experience in business, finance, and public
affairs.  His death has deprived the community
at large of a citizen whose public spirit for
more than a generation was generously exercised
in the service of good causes: education,
sportsmanship, public health, patriotic duty.
And the many men who were fortunate to know
him in his personal relations will not lightly
forget his gracious manner, his unaffected
dignity, his kindliness.
In the death of Henri Chodat, Associate
Professor of Modern Languages, The University
of British Columbia has lost a valuable and
faithful servant.  He brought to ita 8ervice
a mind of many interests, an experience ripened
in years of successful study and teaching, and
a character moulded by cheerful and courageous
effort in the face of circumstance.  His work
in the University itself was a model of self-
effacing effectiveness.  The Senate puts on
record this tribute to his worth.
Dean  Clement)
Mr.   Barss        )   That   these   resolutions  be
spread   on  the   minutes.
Passed   by   a   standing   vote. 25. ^^
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
The President.  "I think it is most appropriate
at thia time that reference should be made to the
passing of a member of the staff who had been connected with the University for many years and who had,
during his connection with the institution, rendered
most acceptable service, not only in the classroom
but in the capacity of advisor to large public bodies.
I refer to Professor S. E. Beckett whose sudden
passing a few days ago came as a great shock to all
of us and it is fitting that we pay a tribute of
respect to Professor Beckett at this first meeting
of the Senate.  I would ask the members of Senate
t o r i s e ."
Mr. G. W. Clark     )
Archbishop dePencier) That a letter of sympathy
be sent to the family of
the late Mr. Beckett.
It was agreed that this be placed in the hands of
the Committee which had been appointed at a previous
meeting to draft resolutions of condolence.
To draw up a reply to the communication from
the Native Sons of Canada.
•rhe Committee reported that they had endeavored to
meet a delegation from the Native oons, but that
up to the present time they had not been successful
in getting a meeting.  The Committee asked, however,
that this be considered simply as an interim report,
aa they planned to go further into the matter and
hoped for a satisfactory conclusion.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Brock   ) That this report be received and
On Junior Colleges
Mr. Scott)
Mr. Barss) That the first paragraph of the
report of the Committee as presented
at the meeting of the Senate on
May 9th, 1928, be adopted.
J 26.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
With the consent of the mover and seconder and the
approval of the members of the Committee - Dr. Killam
dissenting - the paragraph was amended by inserting the
clause "other than victoria College" in the fourth line
after the word "college".
The paragraph as amended was put to vote and carried.
Mr.   Scott)
Mr.   Barss)   That   the   remainder   of   the   report  be
The report as adopted is as follows:
Your committee reports that they do not favour
at this time the principle of affiliation of
Junior Colleges with this University, nor are
they in favour of any "credit system" whereby
graduates of the second year in any College,
other than Victoria College, in British Columbia
may pass into the third year of this University.
We consider the objections to affiliation apply,
for the most part, to the system of granting
On Calendar
The report of the Calendar Committee was presented
and considered section by section.  It was agreed that
Paragraph 7, page 42, remain as it stands in the present
In view of the uncertainty as to the personnel of
the Department of Economics during the 1929-30 session
it was recommended that the course in Social Service
which had been approved by the Senate, December 19th, 1928,
be withdrawn.  This recommendation was approved. 27.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
Dr. Clark)
Mr. Angus) That the action of Senate in this
regard be forwarded to the Board
of Governors.
Dr. Clark)
Mr. Angus) That the report as a whole, aa
amended, be adopted.
The report, as amended and adopted, is as follows:
1. Matriculation  Requirements
No changes in Requirements this year.  Statement
added defining the Junior Matriculation options
that should be taken by students proceeding to
a University course in Applied Science.
Proposed changes in the Course of Study for
High Schools and Junior High Schools are under
consideration by the Education Department, and
suggestions in reference to changes in Matriculation Requirements will probably be presented next year.
2. Summer Session Announcement
This will be prepared by Dr. Weir, Director of
the Summer Session, and will be presented by
the Committee at a later meeting.
3. Calendar
Section 1.  Pages 1-60 - Introductory
Page 38, paragraph 1, reworded to include Summer
Page 41, paragraph 2, reworded to include atudents
with Normal Entrance and Normal School certificates.
Page 48-60, Medals, Scholarships and Prizes.
This part of Calendar revised to date.
Section 2.  Pages 61-146 - Faculty of Arts and
Page 70.     Note re preparation for admission to
Applied Science reworded.
Page 71.     Statement added in reference to the
ba3is on which graduation standing is
determined. 28.
Wednesday, February 20th, 19 29
Pages 71-2.  Subjects re-grouped.
Page 72.     Statement in reference to First and
Second Year courses taken by Third or
Fourth Year students reworded.
Page 79.     Paragraph 4.  Statement in reference
to Major and Minor subjects reworded.
Page 80.     Change in regulation in reference to
graduate students who are doing
tutorial work.
Page 84.     First sentence of paragraph 2 in
reference to the passing mark reworded.
Insert between paragraphs 3 and 4
statement in reference to the rereading of examination papers.
Paragraph 4.  Statement in reference to
the 50/9 and 30% rules reworded.
Page 85.     Paragraph 5.  Statement in reference to
supplemental examinations reworded.
Paragraph 6, in reference to a
student who fails twice in the same
examination reworded.
Paragraph 8.  Statement in reference to
advancement of students with defective
standing reworded.
Page 107.    Paragraph 5.  Statement in reference to
credit for Teacher Training Course
Page 110.    Courses in Methods defined and put
under the separate Departments.
New Courses
Biology 2(b) - Principles of Genetics
Economics  (General Announcement)
English 19 - Contemporary Literature
German 3(b)
History 11 - British Expansion Overseas
History 20 - The Evolution of Canadian
Self-Government 29.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
Physics 7 - Introduction to Theoretical
Physics 10 - Elementary Spectroscopy
Physics 18 - Experimental Physics
Physics 20 - Spectroscopy
Physics 21 - Radiation and Atomic Structure
Physics 22 - Advanced Electricity and
Magneti sm
Physics 23 - vector Analysis
Physics 24 - X-rays and Crystal Structure
Physics 25 - The Theory of Sound
Physics 26 - The Theory of Potential
Physics 27 - The Theory of Relativity
Section 3.  Pages 147 - 23b - Faculty of Applied
Page 150.      Note added advising students to
register with the Association of
Professional Engineers.
Pages 150-2.   Reworded and rearranged.
Page 153.      General outline of University
courses reworded.
Pages 160-1. Electrical Engineering heading rewritten, courses rearranged.
Page 163.      Note added advising students to
become student members of the
Canadian Institute of Mining and
Page 165.      Mechanical Engineering heading
rewritten, courses rearranged.
Page 171. Statement added,- Nursing students
must satisfy entrance requirements
of the Associated Hospital Schools
of Nursing.
Page 172.      Paragraph 1.  Statement in reference
to probationary period for Nurses
Page 179.      Paragraph 5.  Statement in reference
to credit for Teacher Training Course
_J 30.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
Page 180.      Paragraph 4.  Statement in reference
to supplemental examinations reworded.
Page 181.      Paragraph 8.  Second sentence reworded.
Pages 186-8.   Courses in Chemistry 4, 7 and 8
re-def ined.
Page   189. Statement   added   re   visits   to
Chemical   Engineering   Plants.
Pages   212-24.     Most   courses   in  Mechanical   and
Electrical   Engineering  re-stated.
New  Courses
Mechanical Engineering 14 - Mechanical Design
Mechanical Engineering 15- Prime Movers
Mechanical Engineering 17 - Mechanics of
Mechanical Engineering 18 - Aeronautics
Electrical Engineering 4 - Direct Current
Machine Design
Electrical Engineering 5 - Electrical and
Magnetic Measurements and Instruments
Section 4. Pages 237-268  -  Faculty of Agriculture
Page 245.  Third Year required subjects.
Principles of Genetics - Biology 2(a)
increased from 1 to 1-|- units
Page 249.  Insert under 5(a) a second paragraph
calling for,-
second class standing in the subjects of
the minor.
Page 251.  Paragraph 9, second sentence, reworded.
Page 253.  Course 6 reduced from 1^- units to 1 unit.
Page 254.  Course 8 reduced from 1^- units to 1 unit.
Course 11 increased from \  unit to 1 unit.
New Courses
Genetics 1(a) - same as Biology 2(a)
Genetics 1(b) - same as Biology 2(b). 31.
Wednesday, February 20th, 1929
Section 5.   Pages 269-320. - Statistics, Societies,
Affiliated Colleges.
Page 314.   Statement in reference to Canadian
Officers' Training Corps.
Page 315.   Additions made to list of Scientific
Page 318.   Statement in reference to Inter-university
Exchange of Undergraduates.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Brock   ) That the Faculties be authorized
to extend the period of lectures
and decrease the period of
examinations if deemed advisable,
provided that there shall be no
change in the length of either
term or of the session.
Corre spondence
Letter from Mrs. W. C. Nichol
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Brock   ) That this letter be filed.
Letter from Dr. s. J. Willis
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Brock   ) That this letter be received and
Carrie d
Parent-Teacher  Federation   -   Home   Economics
Letter   of   January   25th,    1929,   from  Mrs.
Charlotte   E.   Rae ,   Convenor   of  Home  Economics   Committee
Mr. Lett )
Mrs. Wood) That a copy of the letter he forwarded
to the Board of Governors and that the
Secretary be instructed to send a
suitable letter to the Home Economics
Committee informin-- them that the 32.
Wednesday, February 20th, 19 29
Senate will give its assistance
whenever the opportunity offers.
; >
Letter of February 18th, 1929, from Home
Economics Committee
Mr. Angus    )
Miss Jamieson) That this be dealt with in the
same way as the preceding letter.
Vancouver Local Council of Women - Home Economics.
Letter of January 24th, 1929, from Mrs.
Christine Lab3ik, Hon. Corresponding Secretary.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Angus    ) That Senate acknowledge the
receipt of this letter from the
Local Council of Women and that
they be informed that it ia
impossible for the Senate to
include in the calendar courses
involving financial expenditures
which have not received the
approval of the Board of Governors
Carrie d
Dean   Buchanan)
Dean  Brock        )   That  we   adjourn.
yC*   (7)     fSji   ^SX-    M   J(^
Chai rman


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