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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1919-08-11

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Monday, August 11th, 1919.
328 A special meeting of the Senate of the University of British
Columbia was called for on Monday, August 11th, 1919, at 8 p.m., in
the Board Room at the University offices, to consider the matter of
329 Present: The Chancellor, Mr. McLean, Bishop de Pencier,
Mr. Gordon, Mr. Boving, Mr. Clement, Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Mcintosh
and Mr. Robertson.
It was found that those present did not constitute a
quorum but it was thought advisable to take up the question of calendar
for the forthcoming year at this meeting in order to avoid further
delay in its publication, such action to come up for ratification
at a subsequent meeting of Senate.
It was moved and seconded that Bishop de- Pencier take the
Mcintosh )
McKechnie) That Mr. Robertson act as Secretary.
330 A letter was read from the President stating that he had
been advised by the Deputy Provincial Secretary that the undermentioned
persons were appointed from the 21st day of June, 1919, as members
of the Senate of the University of British Columbia
Lemuel Fergus Robertson, M.A., of Vancouver,
Rev. William Leslie Clay, B.A., D.D., of Victoria, and
that Bishop de Pencier, of the City of Hew Westminster, was
re-appointed a member of the said Senate. 4;
331 A letter was read from the President announcing the appointment of Mr. F. M. Clement, B.S.A., as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture. '.
332 Mr. Robertson presented the final copy of the calendar as
approved by Faculty at the meeting of August 5th, 1919.
McKechnie) That it be adopted by Senate.
333 The Secretary stated that since the call for the special
meeting was issued, one or two matters of routine had come up which
should be dealt with at this time. It was agreed that they should
be considered at this meeting and that Senate be asked to endorse
them at a subsequent meeting.
334 The following letter, dated July 25th, 1919, from David
Wilson, Secretary of the Board of Examiners, was read:
"I am directed to request that you will be good enough
at an early date to bring to the attention of the Senate
of the University of British Columbia the following
resolutions which were passed on thel8th instant at a
meeting of the joint Board of Examiners composed of University
and High School men as well as of Officials of the
Education Department:-
1.  That the following candidates from the
Chilliwack High School who failed to write the paper
on Agriculture at the recent examination be recommended
to the Senate of the University of British Columbia
for pass standing in Agriculture:-
Charles McKenxie Barton, Theodore George Currie,
Robert Allan Muir, Viola Jane Evans, Harry Graham
Fulton and Alice Frances Stringer.
The first three of the above left the Chilliwack school
before the end of June 1918, as soldiers of the soil, and
claim to have been granted pass standing by the University
authorities. The other three claim that they wrote the
Junior Matriculation paper in Agriculture, in June 1918,
and were of the opinion their answer papers had been
forwarded to the Education Department. The papers were
never received by this office but as the candidates acted
in good faith, the committee felt they should not be
made to suffer.
1 2.  That Norman Alexander Robertson, a Junior Matri-
i ' culation candidate of King Edward High. School, who, though *!BK*".[-'."'»'.
seriously ill during the examination week and unable to
write the paper on English Composition, had made excellent
marks in the other subjects, be recommended to the Senate
of the University for pass standing in English Composition.
3. That Matriculation candidates Nos.1011,
(Scholarship District JTo.3) and 1668,(Scholarship District
Ho.l) whose marks were so near those of the winners of
scholarships in their respective districts, be recommended
to the Senate of the University for special scholarships.
4. In view of the fact that the University is now
under no expense in connection with the June Matriculation
examinations, that the Board of Examiners recommend to the
Senate of the University that the fee of $5.00 for Junior
Matriculation and that of $10.00 for Senior Matriculation
be no longer charged,"
Gordon  I That Clause 1 be adopted.
Boving)     ) That Clause 2 be adopted.
Gordon  ) That a committee, consisting of the Chancellor,
Mr. Gordon and Mr. Turnbull be appointed,with
power to make recommendations to the Board of
Governors on behalf of Senate, with regard to
the special scholarships mentioned in Clause 3.
Carri ed.
Molntosh ) That Clause 4 be endorsed by Senate and sent
up to the Board of Governors.
Meeting adjourned.
Chairman. Secretary.


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