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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1925-06-08

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Uonday, June 8th, 1925
A speoial meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia was held on Honday, June 8th, 1925, at
8:00 P.H. in the Board Room.
Present:  The President (in the Chair), Dr. R. E.
HcKeohnie - Chancellor, Dean F. H. Clement, Hr. A. F.
Barss, Ur. H. R. Christie, Dr. R. H. Clark, Dr. H. Y.
Williams, Dr. E. J. Rothwell, Judge P. S. Lampman, Hr.
James Henderson, Hr. D. H. Robinson, Hr. D. L. HacLaurin,
Hr. G. A. Fergusson, Dr. E. B. Paul, Dr. G. 0. Sedgewick,
Dr. C. Killam, Right Rev. A. U. de Pencier, Hr. A. E. Lord,
Hr. Sherwood Lett, and Hiss A. B. Jamieson.
The Secretary read the call of the meeting.
Letters from Prinoipal Smith, Hr. J. S. Gordon, Rev.
A. H. Sovereign and Hr. A. E. Richards, expressing regret
at their inability to attend the meeting, were presented
and ordered filed.
Notice of appointment Qf Committee on granting 0f
896 Honorary Degrees and on Programme for Opening Ceremonlea.
was read, as follows:
Dean Clement, Convenor
Dean Coleman
Dean Brock
Dr. Sedgewick
Principal Vance
Hr. Lett
Hr. Killam.
Dean   Clement,   Convenor of  the   Committee   on Granting
897 of Honorary Degrees  and  on  Programme   for Opening  Ceremonies,presented   the   report   of   the   committee.
Dean   Clement   )
Dr.   Sedgewick)     That   the   report be   considered.
Carried 421
Uonday,   June   8th,   19 25
Dr.   Paul )
Bishop  de   Pencier)     That   the   report  be   considered
clause   by   clause.
Clause   (1)        That honorary  degrees be   granted.
Dean   Clement)
Dr.   Killam     )     That   Clause   (l)   be   adopted.
Dr.   Sedgewick)
Hr.   Lett )     That   the   consideration  of   Clause
> (2)   and   Clause   (4)   be   deferred un
til   Clause   (8)   has  been   considered.
Clause (3)   That we favour the recognition of a
broad and high principle based on distinguished and impartial service on the
part of those who shall receive degrees,
to the honor of themselves and the
Dean Clement)
Dr. Killam  )  That Clause (3) be adopted.
Clause (5)   That no degrees be granted in absentia
on this occasion (first decennial
Dean Clement)
Ur. Lett    )  That ClauBe (5)  be adopted.
Clause   (6)        That  preference   in   the   choice   of   candidates be   given as  follows:-
(a) British Columbians
(b) Canadians
( c)   Britishers
(d)   Foreigners.
Dean   Clement   )
Dr.   Sedgewiok)     That   Clause   (6)   be  adopted,   with
the  addition  of   the  word "other"
before   "Canadians"   and before
"Britishers". Carried
Clause   (7)        That   LL.D.   be   the   only honorary  degree
granted. 422
Uonday, June 8th, 1925
Dean Clement)
Dr. Killam  )  That Clause (7) be adopted.
Clause (8)   The following names are recommended:
Sir Arthur Currie
Dr. H. E. Young
Dr. J. S. Plaskett
Sir Robert Falconer
Dr. Henry Suzzallo
Dean Clement )
Dr. Sedgewick)  That Clause (8) be adopted.
In amendment:
Dr.   Killam)
Hr.   Lett     )     That   the   names  De  as   recommended  in
Clause   (8),   with  the  addition  of  the
names  of   the  Hon.   W.   C.   Nichol,
Lieutenant-Governor of  British
Columbia,   and   the  Hon.   J.   D.   HacLean,
Uinister  of Education.
Amendment to amendment:
Mr,   Fergusson)
Dr. Clark    )  That the name of Dr. R. E.
McKechnie be added to the list,
with the President to confer the
degree, if possible.
Amendment to amendment put to vote and Carried.
Clause (2)   That the dignity of the occasion would
be enhanced by limiting the degrees in
number; not less than three and not
more than five.
Clause (4)   That no nominee be directly or indirectly connected with the University at
the present time.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Killam  )  That Clauses (2) and (4) be
Carried 423
Honday,   June   8th,   1925
Clause   (9)        That   invitations  be   extended  to   representatives   of  each   Canadian University,
each  State  University and Universities
of   recognized  standing of   the  United
States   of America;   to   each  British
University of   recognized  standing,   and
to   all   such   other Universities   as   the
President  may  direct.
Dean   Clement   )
Dr.   Sedgewick)     That   Clause   19)   be   adopted.
Clause   (10)       That   the   following programme   be
recommended  I subject   to  modification) :-
Oct.   15th     2:00   to  3:30     Assembly meeting  to
consist  of  Students,
Alumni,   Faculty,   Board
of  Governors,   Senate.
To  be   formal.
3:30   to  4:30     Inspection   of  Buildings.
4:30   to   5:30     Tea   to   be   served   in
the   Cafeteria.
7:00 Official   dinner:    Class
Re-unions   for Alumni
and  Students.
Uot.   16th     12:15 Civic  luncheon  or
Canadian   Club   luncheon.
2:45   to  4:00     Opening  ceremony at
Point Grey  to   Include
dedication   ceremony and
public addresses   by
three   of   the  proposed
recipients  of honorary
4:00   to  5:00     inspection  of  Buildings.
8:00 Congregation.
Dean   Clementi
Dr.   Killam     I     That   Clause   (10)   be   adopted  as  a
tentative   report,   subject   to  modification by  a   committee   at  a
later  date.
^ **
Uonday,   June   8th,   1925
Clause   (11)        That  a hood be   presented  by   the  University  to  the   recipients  of  the honorary  degree  and  that   the   Committee  on
Ceremonies  be   requested  to   design  the
gown  and hood  for  the  honorary degree.
Dean   Clement J
Hr.   Lett )        That   Clause   (11)   be  adopted.
Dean Clement i
Dr. Sedgewiok)  That the report as a whole, as
amended, be adopted.
Report   of   Ceremonlea   Committee   on  aoademio   costume
for   the  Honorary Degree   of  LL.D.
Gown:-     A blaok  silk   gown   of   the   pattern prescribed
for  the   Cambridge  H.D.   (Blaok  silk:   Doctor's
gown)   but with  silk facings  of   claret-coloured  silk  (the   shade   of   the   cloth  of   the
London   Ph.D.,   member  of   Convocation,   gown).
Hood:-     Black silk hood  (pattern  of  the  M.A.   hood,
British   Columbia)   but   fully  lined with
claret-coloured  lUoire)   silk.
Cap.-       The   square   oap with  long blaok  tassel.
Dr.   Sedgewiok)
Ur.   Let* )     That  this   recommendation  be
adopted as  a resolution  of
Senate,   with   the   addition   of   the
word  "moire"   after "claret-
The Seoretary was instructed to draw the attention
of members of Senate to the fact that the action of
Senate with regard to nominees for honorary degrees
should be considered confidential, for the time being. 425
Honday, June 8th, 1925
Dr. Sedgewiok)
Dr. Killam   )  That full exeoutive powers for
carrying out these reoommendations
be left in the hands of the
Dean   Clement)
Hr.   Barss        )     That we  adjourn.


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