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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1923-03-20

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Tuesday, March 20th, 1923.
A special meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia was held on Tuesday,
March 20th, 1923, at 8:00 P.M., in the Board Room.
Present:  The President (in the Chair),
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brook, Mr. Wilfrid Sadler,
Dr. E. H. Archibald, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. D. Buchanan,
Mr* G. A. Fergusson, Rev. Dr. W. H. Smith, Rev. W. H.
Vance, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. G.W. Scott, Mr. C. Killam,
Mr. J. S. Gordon, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. G. E. Robinson.
The Secretary read the oall for the meeting.
742  Reoommendations from the Faculties:
(a)  Changes in Alma Hater Constitution - Injuries
Trust Fund.
Clause 7.  Finances*
(e).  Twenty per cent of the total net receipts of
each activity of every organization under the control
of the Alma Mater Society shall, when the said
receipts come into the possession of the Alma Hater
Society, be placed in a separate fund to be known
as "The Injuries Trust Fund".
Disbursements may be made from this fund as compensation for injuries sustained by members of the
Alma Mater Society while engaged in activities
recognized by the Alma Mater Society.  Such compensation shall be payable as may be directed by the
Students' Council, which shall frame regulations
governing the conditions under which the compensation
is to be paid, and may amend the said regulations from
time to time as it sees fit.  Nothing in this
constitution nor in the said regulations shall be
taken to make the payment of such compensation a
lega'l obligation of the Alma Mater Sooiety, or of
the |hjuries Trust Fund. (327)
Tuesday, March 20th, 1923.
If, on the 30th day of April in any year, the unallocated portion of the Injuries Trust Fund shall
exoeed the sum of five hundred dollars, the excess
OTer and above that sum shall be returned to the
general funds of the Alma Mater Society.
No disbursements whatsoever shall be made from the
Injuries Trust fund except as provided in the two
preceding paragraphs.
Scott   )
That Senate adopt this amendment
to the Constitution of the Alma
Mater Sooiety. Carried
743    (b)  Scholarships.
(i)   Letters Club Prize:  Mr. R. L. Reid.
The Faculty of Arts and Science recommend the
acceptance of the following prize .Offered by
Hr. R. L. Reid, -
An annual prize of $25*00, to be known as
the Letters Club Prize, offered for the best
essay by an undergraduate student in Arts on an
assigned subjeot in Canadian Literature.  The
donor wishes the prize to be awarded during the
present academic year.  He suggest that the
award be made on the recommendation of the
members of the department of English.
Mr. Gordon  )
Dr. Buchanan)
That the recommendation of the
Faculty of Arts and Science be
approved and that the donor be
thanked for his gift.   Parried
(ii)  W. P. Maodonald Post Graduate Scholarship in
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Smith )  That this offer be accepted on
the terms outlined in the letter
from the donors. Parried
(ill) Award of Seoond Year Applied Science Scholarship 1921-22, - Peter H. Demidoff. » *
Tuesday,   March  20th,   19 23.
That the Royal  Institution  Scholarship in
First Year Applied Science,   originally awarded
to Mr.   Roy  Gray,   be  awarded to  Mr.   Peter
Demidoff of  the  Second Year  of Applied Science,
who was  seoond to Mr*   Gray in general  standing
in   the work  of  the   First Year.     Mr.   Gray's
average was  84  per cent.,  Mr.   Demidoff*s  83
and that   of the  third man   only  80.6.
Dean Brook  )
Mr. Turnbull)  That this recommendation be
adopted. Oarried
744   Report of Committee on Galendar.
Dr. Archibald placed before Senate, the
complete calendar material.
Dr.  Archibald)
Mr.   Killam       )     That  the  report  be  received and
considered  section  by   section.
Pages   1-68  and  220 -   261.
Speoial attention,   -
Table  of contents.
Page  38,   seotlon   5   (o),   changed to  read:
"Two   of   the  following Sciences,   etc."
54 -  55  Fees revised.
56 -   67  Soholarships  approved   throughout
year,  added*
220 Regulations re Master's  degree
changed slightly.
Dr. Arohibald)
Hr. Killam   )  That these seotions be adopted
and approved for printing.
Hr. Killam - That the page dealing with
fees be passed at such amounts and
items as are indicated to the
Registrar by the Board.
Mr. Gordon - That the date of Convocation
be included in the announcements for
the academic year.
Dr. Archibald agreed to incorporate these
changes in his motion.
V 1
Tuesday, Haroh 20th, 19 23.
Pages 69 - 132 .
Special attention,   -
Changes  in  ease  of courses  given   in
alternate years.
83* Note re  special  examination  for
students whose  English  is   defeotive.
100.   Two courses  in Agricultural Economics,
to   take   the  place  of Scientific Basis
of Agriculture  on page  85.
113-118.     Courses  in History re-defined.
123-126.     Courses   in  Modern   Languages
Dr*  Archibald)
Mr. Killam   )  That pages 69 to 132 be adopted
and released for prHating.
Pages 133 - 197,
Special attention, -
First two years in all courses in Applied
Soience (except Nursing) made the same.
Full four years in Civil and in
Electrical Engineering.
Dr* Archibald)
Mr. Gordon   )  That pages 133 to 197 inclusive,
excepting as regards Fourth
Year Eleotrioal and Fourth Year
Civil Engineering, be adopted
and reoommended for printing.
Dr* Archibald)
Dean Clement )  That the courses necessary to
complete Eleotrioal and Civil
Engineering as outlined in the
Calendar be adopted and approved
for printing.        Carried
Pages 199 - 219.
Special  attention,   -
200. Paragraph  re   graduate work.
201. Paragraph re advancement  to   the
fourth year.
219.     Oourses in  Agricultural Economics. (330)
Tuesday,   March   20th,   1923.
Dr. Archibald)
Hr. Killam   )  That pages 199 - 219 be
approved and recommended for
printing. Parried
Dr. Archibald)
Dean Brook   )  That the report as a whole be
adopted, subject to the amendment regarding Fourth Year
Eleotrioal and Civil Engineering
Prinoipal  Vance)
Dr.   Buchanan       )     That we adjourn. Parried


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