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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1969-10-08

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 Wednesday,  October 8,   1969
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for  the Session  1969-70 was held on Wednesday,
October 8,  1969  at 8:00 p.m.  in the Board and Senate Room, Administration
Present:    President W.  H.  Gage  (Chairman), Dr.  A.  E.  Aho,  Dr.   C.  S.
Belshaw, Mr.  S.  Black, Mr.   C  B.  Bourne,  Dr.  D. G.  Brown,  Dr.  T.  H.  Brown,
Mr.   C.  M.   Campbell Jr.,  Dr.   S.   D.   Cavers,  Dr.  D.  H.   Chitty,  Dr.   R.  M.   Clark,
Dean G.   F.   Curtis,  Dr.   R.   Daniells, Mr.  W.  A.   Ferguson,  Dr.   S.  M.   Friedman,
The Hon.  E.   D.   Fulton,  Dr.  W.   C.  Gibson,  Dr.  R.   F.  Gray, Mr.   I.   F.
Greenwood, Mr.  J. Guthrie,  Dr.  N.  A.  Hall,  Dr.  R.   F.  Kelly,  Dr.  J. M.
Kennedy,   Dr.   D.   T.  Kenny,  Dr.  W.   D.  Kitts, Mrs.  W.  T.  Lane, Mrs.  J.  MacD.
Lecky, Mr.   S.   S.  Lefeaux,  Dean S.  W.  Leung,   Dr.  A.   J. McClean,  Dr.  M.   F.
McGregor, Mr.  K.   R. Martin, Mr.  J.   R. Meredith, Mr.  D.   F. Miller, Dr.  B.  N.
Moyls, Dr.   J. M.  Norris, Mr.   R.   F.  Osborne, Mr. P. Plant,  Dr.  R.  A.
Restrepo,  Dean B.   E.   Riedel, Mr.  J.   V.   Rogers,  Dr.   I.  Ross, Mr.   S.   A.   Rush,
Dean N.   V.   Scarfe,   Dr.   A.   D.   Scott,   Dr.   R.   F.   Sharp,   Dean M.   Shaw,
Dr.  J.  D.  Spouge,  Dr.  J.  K.   Stager, Mr.  B.  Stuart-Stubbs,  Dr.  G. M.
Volkoff,  Dr. H.  V. Warren, Dr. W.  A. Webber,  Dean P. H. White, Mr.  D.  R.
Williams,  Rev.  R.  A. Wilson.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Miss D. Hopper, Mr. T. A. Myers,
Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from,
Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Mr. F. J. Cairnie, Dr. J. D.
Chapman, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary,
Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Mr. G. R. Selman, Dr. J. H. G.
Smith, Dr. W. E. Willmott.
The Chairman welcomed to Senate The Hon. E. D. Fulton who was unable
to attend the last meeting.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Norris    ) That thz Minutes oh the hii*t regular mzzting
Dr. Moyls      ) oh thz Senate hor the Session 1969-70, having
bzzn circulated, bz takzn as rzad and adopted.
Carried Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Results of the election of Senate Representatives on the Board of
Governors for the term 1969-72^
The Secretary reported that the following members of Senate had
been elected  to serve on  the Board of Governors  for the  three-year  term
Mrs.  J.  MacD.   Lecky
Mr.  P.  Plant
Mr.   D.  R.  Williams
Committee on Prizes,  Scholarships  and Bursaries
The report of the Committee giving a summary of the  terms of the
proposed new awards had been circulated.
Dean Scarfe    ) That the new awards  listed in Appzndix A
Dr. Volkoff    ) be accepted, subject to thz approval oh
the Board oh Governors, and that letters
oh thanks be sent to the donors.
Dean White brought to the attention of Senate The Leslie C J. Wong
Scholarship which had been made possible by a fund raised by friends of
the late Professor Wong. The Dean paid tribute to the contribution made
to the University and the business community by Professor Wong.  The fund
at the present time would provide annually approximately $2,200.00 for
the scholarship.
Dean White       ) That the statement oh the terms oh Thz Leslie
Dr. McGregor   ) G.  J. Wong Scholarship be sent to Mrs. Wong.
Carried Wednesday,  October 8,   1969
Results  of  the Election of  the Senate Nominating  Committee  for the  term
The Chairman reported that  the following members of Senate had been
elected  to serve  on the Senate Nominating Committee  for the  three-year
term 1969-72:
*    Dr.  G. M. Volkoff   (Chairman)
Dr. A. E. Aho
Dr. S. D. Cavers
Dr. J. D. Chapman
Mr. W. A. Ferguson
Dr. W. D. Finn
Dr. S. M. Friedman
Dr. N. A. Hall
Dr. B. N. Moyls
Mr. D. R. Williams
* Dr. Volkoff had been elected Chairman at the first meeting of the
Report of the Nominating Committee
Dr. Volkoff explained the principles underlying the nominations being
made for the elected members of the various Senate Committees and other
appointments to be made by Senate. The report had been distributed to all
members present.  It was pointed out that nominations for student members
of the committees could not be made before the November 12 meeting of
Dr. Volkoff    ) That the rzcommzndations oh thz Nominating
Dr. Moyls       ) Committee be approved. Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Report of the Nominating Committee (Continued)
In the discussion it was noted that ad hoc committees would continue
with substantially the same members as formerly since they would normally
be discharged as  their reports were presented to Senate.
The motion was carried^.
The Secretary then  read a list of  appointments  to Senate Committees
made by the Chairman of Senate in consultation with the Chairman of the
Nominating  Committee.     It was  also noted  that  the Chancellor,  President
and Registrar were ex-ojficio members of all Senate Committees and for
some   committees   there were  additional   ex-officio members;   an  example was
the Librarian as ex-officio member of the Senate Library Committee.
Committees would be assembled  as  soon  as  possible   to  permit election
of their chairmen and a start on  their respective commissions.
Proposals ^of  the  Faculty of Graduate Studies
(i)     New Courses  in Paediatrics  and Creative Writing  recommended  for
Dr. Moyls    ) That the new courses in Paediatrics and
Dr. Ross     ) Creative Writing be o^eAed subject to the
approval oh the Curriculum Committee.
(See Appendix £>)
(ii)  The  offering  of  a Master of Engineering  (M.Eng.)  Master's  Degree
without Thesis
Dr. Moyls      ) That a Master oh Engineering degree (M.Eng.)
Dr. stager    ) without thesis, be approved, to conhorm to
all txz regulations governing thz non-thesis
Masters ' dzgrzes approvzd by Sznate dzczmbzr
4,  196%. Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Proposals of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
(ii)     Th£ offering of  a Master of Engineering  (M.Eng.)  Master's  Degree
without Thesis   (Continued)
The question was raised as  to whether this was simply a change
in title.     It was stated that  this was not  the case.    The regular
M.A.Sc.   is  to be offered but this requires  a thesis and the M.Eng.
does not.     The motion was  then put and carried.
(iii)   To revise the regulations covering the Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Dr. Moyls       ) That the regulations covering thz Master oh
Dean Scarfe    ) Education degree be revised to conhorm to
those governing the M.A., M.Sc, M.B.A.  and
M.F.  degrees,  except that the provision be
continued hor exemption hiom the obligatory
winter session residzncz rzquirzmznt.
After a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
Memorial Statement on Professor Frank Noakes
The Tributes Committee, chaired by Dean Curtis, had prepared the
following statement in accordance with the custom of Senate, in
recognition by the University and the Senate of the late Frank Noakes:
Frank Noakes, Head of the Department of Electrical
Engineering and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science,
died suddenly on the evening of August 1st, 1969, at the age
of 55. Wednesday,  October 8,   1969
Memorial Statement on Professor Frank Noakes   (Continued)
Born in Edmonton,  Alberta,   Frank Noakes  took his
baccalaureate degree at  the University of Alberta in 1937.
He proceeded  for advanced study  to Iowa State University,
where he won the M.S.   in 1938 and the Ph.D.   in 1940.    His
first academic appointment came  from the University of Toronto,
where he served for three years.    After a similar period in
industry as a research engineer, he came to The University of
British Columbia in 1946  as Associate Professor of Electrical
Engineering.    He soon rose to the rank of Professor and in 1953
he  assumed the Headship  of  the Department,   in which post he
worked continuously until his  death.
Professor Noakes,  in a sense,   adopted the University as
his own.    He built a Department that commanded respect throughout
the  continent; he served on innumerable committees dealing with a
broad  range of  the University's  activities,  his  devotion  to his
profession and  to  this  institution led to his  election in 1957  to
Senate, where he sat  a full terra.    More recently,  his deep knowledge
of his  Faculty  and its problems  and of the University as  a whole
made natural his  appointment as Acting Dean of the Faculty of
Applied Science.
A mere  recital of  the  facts  of his  academic  life  does  scant
justice  to Professor Noakes.     A man of diverse interests, he was
known in all parts of the University,  by humanists and by social
scientists,  by scientists  and by engineers,  by doctors  and by  teachers,
And he was  known by  generations  of students,   for whom he never ceased
to struggle.    He was  a humanist himself and he possessed an enviable Wednesday,  October  8,   1969
Memorial Statement on Professor Frank Noakes (Continued)
sense of curiosity. He was just as ready to discuss the
Greek way of life as he was to expound the intricacies of
his own specialized field. Wherever he went on this campus,
from office to classroom to committee room to the Club, he
was a genial and stimulating colleague. The institution
was still young when Professor Noakes joined its staff.
He can be justly considered one of the builders of the
present University of British Columbia. We shall all of
us miss him.
Dean Curtis  )    That tiis Memorial Statement be spread on
Dr. McGregor )    tie minutes oh Sznatz and that a copy be
sent to close relatives.
Report of  the Long-Range Objectives Committee
Before moving  that  the  report be  received,  Dr.  Belshaw  gave  a brief
explanation.    He pointed out that Senate's directive to the Committee:
"To prepare  a statement  of objectives  to apply to  the next  ten years",
left  to  the  committee members  the decision on the  form and content of
the statement requested.    Where specific problems were subsequently
assigned the  committee had provided its recommendations.
Dr.   Belshaw expressed his   thanks  to  the  committee members,  and
in particular for the interest and participation of the  then Chancellor,
Mr.  Buchanan,   of Mr.  Williams  and of the graduate  student member,
Mr. Munton.    He commended Dr.   Clark for his  contribution as editor of
the report. Wednesday,  October 8,  1969
Report of  the Long-Range Objectives  Committee   (Continued)
Dr.  Belshaw expressed appreciation on behalf of the committee  for
written reports  that the committee had received.     Although these
submissions had not been listed they had influenced the  committee
members in their deliberations and decisions.
Dr.  Belshaw in urging prompt consideration of the report,
emphasized that  the recommendations were not supported unanimously
by  committee members  and where strong minority  opinions were held
these were also reported.
Dr.  Belshaw    ) That thz report on Long-Rangz Objectives be
Dr. Norris      ) Aeceived.
The Agenda Committee had met with Dr.  Belshaw to investigate means
of promoting a thorough discussion of the report by all concerned as a
guide to Senate in possible action that might be taken as a result of
recommendations emanating  from the report.     Dr.  Kenny explained the
suggestions  of  the Agenda Committee.
Dr. Kenny    ) That the report be made available to thz
Dean Shaw   ) Faculties in order that they might provide
guidance concerning it and that they be
asked to have their advicz hormulatzd and
madz known to their deans and Sznatz
representatives by January 1,  1970.
In amendment:
Dean White    ) That the date by which Faculties be asked
Dr. Kitts     ) to give their advice by February 1,  1970.
The amendment was  lost and the motion carried. Wednesday,  October 8,   1969
Report of the Long-Range, Objectives  Committee  (Continued)
Dr. Kenny      ) That a special meeting oh Sznatz bz held
Dean White    ) Saturday, November 1,   1969,   j^Aorn 9:00 a.m.
to 11:00 noon, in order to discuss thz
rzport.    No i$0Amac action would bz takzn
conczrning rzcommzndations in tiz rzport
at this mzzting.
The Chairman stated that the meeting would be conducted as all other
meetings with the usual provision for visitors.
The motion was carried.
Dr. Kenny        ) That thz Agznda Committee be instructed to
Dr.  Belshaw    ) |JoAmu£ate a plan to organize thz discussion
oh the rzport at thz spzeial mzzting.
Dr. Kenny )      That tie. report be considered more hu^-y &£
Dr. Scott )      the regular mzzting oh November 11.
The Chairman suggested that a formal motion was not necessary if it
were agreed that further discussion, if required, following the November
1 special meeting, would be held at the November 12 regular meeting.
Senate agreed.
Dr. Belshaw asked if it would be in order to bring to the Agenda
Committee one or two of the recommendations of the report that would not
involve Faculty interests for consideration at the November 12 meeting.
The Chairman agreed that this procedure was acceptable. Wednesday,  October 8,   1969
Report of  the Long-Range Objectives  Committee   (Continued)
Dr. Kenny      ) That copies oh thz rzport be madz availablz
Dr. Webber    ) to thz Studznt Council and to thz Exzcutivzs
oh thz Faculty Association, Graduatz Studznts'
Association, and the Alumni Association.
Submission of a Student to the Senate questioning the legality of the
collection of A.M.S. fees by the_ University
The Chairman pointed out that the question raised did not concern
Senate alone. He stated that steps had already been taken to clarify the
legal matters involved.  As soon as possible after the facts had been
gathered there would be a discussion of the question with the student who
made the submission and others concerned. He emphasized that there would
be no unnecessary delay in the resolution of the question.
Registration figures 1969-70
Received for information.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
A special meeting will be held November 1 and the next regular meeting
will be held on November 12, 1969.
Chairman. CA Wednesday, October 8, 1969
New Awards recommended to Senate
Andres Wines Ltd., Scholarship
A scholarship of $500, gift of Andres Wines Ltd., will be awarded to
an undergraduate who is proceeding to his final year.  This award
will be made to a student with high standing who has interests in
the wine industry, in microbiology, engineering, agriculture or
commerce.  The award will be made by the Scholarship Committee of
the University in consultation with the donors.
Elwood Peskett. Memorial Jtorsjary.
As a memorial to Elwood Peskett, a student in the final year of
Mechanical Engineering at this University who tragically lost his
life on Christmas Day, 1968, this bursary has been established by
his friends.  It serves to pay tribute to his fine sportsmanship
and athletic prowess, his outstanding academic record, and his
exceptional qualities of character. This bursary, in the amount
of $250, will be awarded to a student whose home is in School
District #15 (Penticton, Kaleden, Naramata), who has satisfactory
academic standing, participates actively in athletics, and needs
financial assistance.
The Vancouver General Hospital Department of General Practice Prize
This prize of $100, donated by the Department of General Practice
of the Vancouver General Hospital, will be awarded annually to the
student in the first year class in Medicine who presents the best
family report in the Pre-clinical Sessions course.
The Leslie G._ J. WorigJUemorial Scholarship
This scholarship, in memory of Leslie C J. Wong, pays tribute to his
qualities of scholarship and interest in the business community. Out
of the proceeds of a fund raised by his many friends, a scholarship
shall be awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student who is
doing work at the Master's or Doctoral level in the Faculty of Commerce
and Business Administration.  The recipient shall be known as the
Leslie Wong Scholar.  The award will be made on the basis of academic
standing, personal qualities, interest in and participation in
business and community affairs, on the recommendation of the Dean of
the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and his faculty.
Applications, on forms available at the Office of the Dean of Inter-
Faculty and Student Affairs, must be received not later than 15th May. Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Faculty of Graduate Studies.
New Courses
PAED 500 (2)
PAED 501 (2)
PAED 502 (2)
PAED 503 (2)
PAED 504 (1*5-3)
PAED 505 (1*5-3)
PAED 546 (1-3)
PAED 547 (1*5-3)
PAED 548 (1)
Advanced Phonetics
Experimental^ Phonetics
Advanced Audiology
Experimental Audiology
Development of Speech
Development of Language
Seminar in Problems of Audiology and
Speech Sciences
Directed Reading and Conference
Departmental Seminar
Creative Writing
Creative Writing 515 (3)  Advanced Workshop in Translation


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