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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1965-09-08

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 Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3547
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for the Session 1965-66 was held on Wednesday,
September 8, 1965, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  President J.B. Macdonald (Chairman),
Mrs. H.F. Angus, Dr. K.F. Argue, Mr. R.M. Bibbs, Mr. F.K. Bowers,
Mr. F.L. Burnham, Mr.K.P. Caple, Dr. J.D. Chapman, Dean B.A. Eagles,
Mr. H. Elder, Dr. J.F.K. English, Dr. J.G. Foulks, Dr. S.M. Friedman,
Dean W.H. Gage, Dr. D.M. Healy, Dr. J.A. Jacobs, Dr. J.E.A. Kania,
Dr. H.L. Keenleyside, Dean S. Wah Leung, Mr. S.L. Lipson, Mrs. H. McCrae,
Dean J.F. McCreary, Dr. M.F. McGregor, Mrs. H.J. MacKay,
Dr. G.W. Marquis, Dr. W.H. Mathews, Dean A.W. Matthews, Mr. D.F. Miller,
Dr. D.C. Murdoch, The Honourable Mr. Justice N.T. Nemetz,
The Reverend C.W. Nicholls, Mr. E.P. Nicol, Dr. J.M. Norris,
Dean V.J. Okulitch, Dr. M.A. Ormsby, Dean G.N. Perry, Dr. W. Robbins,
Dr. B. Savery, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. A.D. Scott, Dr. R.F. Sharp,
Dr. D.V. Smiley, Dr. Ross Stewart, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs,
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor, Dr. F. Turnbull, Mr. F.E. Walden, Mr. A.A. Webster,
Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky, Dean I. McT. Cowan.
Messages of regret for absence were received from
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross, Mr. C.B. Bourne, Mr. W.T. Brown,
Dr. G.J. Parfitt, The Honourable James Sinclair, Dr. H.V. Warren,
Dr. A.J. Rennie, The Reverend W.S. Taylor. Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3548
The Chairman welcomed members of Senate to the first meeting
of the new Session, and particularly welcomed back those who, during
the past year, had been away on leaves of absence.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Zbarsky )
Dean Gage  )  That the minutes of the fifth regular meeting
of Senate for the Session 1964-65, held on
May 19, 1965, having been circulated, be taken
as read and adopted.
Senate Membership
Appointment of Replacements for
Representatives of the Joint
Faculties on Leave of Absence
Three Faculty members who had been elected to Senate in 1963
by the Joint Faculties, had been granted leave of absence during the
1965-66 Session.  In accordance with the procedure approved by Senate,
the Chairman had appointed to Senate the following replacements:
Dr. Ross Stewart to replace Dr. C.S. Belshaw
Dr. G.W. Marquis to replace Dr. S.M. Jamieson
Dr. D.V. Smiley to replace Dr. A.E. Birney
Appointment of Faculty
The Faculty of Law had elected Professor C.B. Bourne to
replace Professor E.C.E. Todd for the Session 1965-66.  Professor
Todd had been granted leave of absence for the period July 1, 1965 to
June 30, 1966. Wednesday, September 8, 1965      3549
Appointment of Representatives
of Affiliated Colleges
The Reverend E.C. LeBel replaced Mr. J.F. Brown as the
representative for St. Mark's College.
Matters Arising
It was agreed that consideration of matters arising from the
minutes of the meeting of May 19, 1965, should be deferred to the next
meeting of Senate since no further information was available at that
Approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate Recommendations
The Board of Governors had approved the following Senate
1. The establishment of a Department of Theatre and a
Department of Creative Writing in the Faculty of Arts.
2. The offerings of new courses and course and curriculum
changes as specified for 1965-66.
3. The offering of courses in Arts, Education and Science
by the Department of Extension during 1965-66.
The notification of approval was received for information.
Annual Financial Report of
the University, 1964-65
As required under Section 50 of the Universities Act, the
Board of Governors had forwarded to the Senate a copy of the Annual
Financial Report, Balance Sheet and Financial Statements of the
University, March 31, 1965.  The Chairman recommended that those Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3550
members of Senate who had time to do so should examine the report in
the office of the Secretary to Senate.
Senate Committees for the
Academic Year 1965-66
The Chairman said that, with the approval of Senate, he
wished to recommend a change in procedure regarding membership of
Senate Committees for the Academic Year 1965-66.   The Chairman
suggested the setting up of a Striking Committee to assist in
proposing membership of committees and to examine Committee structure
with a view to modifying it.  He proposed that Dean Gage, Professor
Bourne, Mr. W.T. Brown, Dr. D.C. Murdoch, should serve on such a
Committee to bring forward recommendations at the next meeting of
Dr. Savery )
Mr. Miller ) That a Committee be set up, comprising
Dean Gage, Professor Bourne, Mr. W.T. Brown,
Dr. D.C. Murdoch, to assist in proposing
membership of Committees;  to examine
Committee structure with a view to modifying
it;  and to bring forward recommendations at
the next meeting of Senate.
Recommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
Submissions of the Faculty
of Graduate Studies
Master of Science Degree
in Computer Science
In the absence of Dean Cowan, and at the request of the
Chairman, Dean Perry spoke to the proposal for a Master of Science Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3551
Degree in Computer Science.
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had recommended that a Master
of Science Degree in Computer Science should be offered by the
University of British Columbia in the Session 1965-66.  The course
structure was based on courses already available in the University,
some of which were listed as mathematics courses but which could be
taught by qualified Computing Centre staff.  Within the Computing
Centre there was the desire to advance research work, but it was not
proposed that the Centre should become a separate Department;  the
proposal was that other members of Faculties should collaborate with
the Computing Centre to enable it to offer a Master's degree course.
The proposal was supported by Dean V.J. Okulitch, Faculty of
Science, and Dr. D.C. Murdoch, Department of Mathematics.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Scott ) That the proposed Master of Science degree
programme of studies in Computer Science be
approved as recommended by the Faculty of
Graduate Studies.
Master of Arts Degree
in Religious Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had approved the offering of
a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Senate was asked to
approve, in principle, the offering of the degree.
In the absence of Dean Cowan, the Chairman asked Dean Gage to
speak to the proposal.  It was the recommendation of the Senate Wednesday, September 8, 1965 3552
Executive Committee that Senate should express its views on the
desirability of the establishment of a programme of graduate studies
in Religious Studies before giving consideration to the proposal of
approving, in principle, the offering of a Master of Arts degree in
Religious Studies.
Dean Cowan, whose arrival at Senate had been delayed, said it
was proposed that a Master of Arts programme should be offered in
limited areas as presented in the document before Senate.
In the discussion which followed, Reverend Nicholls said
that approval in principle was sought to enable him to plan ahead.  If
approval in principle were given it would be at least two years before
the programme could be put into effect.
Dr. Savery )
Dr. English ) That the offering of the Master of Arts
degree in Religious Studies be referred
to the Faculty of Arts for further study.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Lists Nos. 2, 3 and 4 of awards for the Session 1965-66 were
circulated at the meeting.
The Senate Executive Committee recommended approval of the
following new awards and changes in awards, subject to approval of the
Board of Governors:
Quote  (see page 3559) Wednesday, September 8, 1965 3553
Dean Gage )
Mr. Miller ) That prizes, scholarships and fellowships be
awarded as recommended on Lists 2, 3 and 4;
that the new awards be accepted and the
changes in awards be approved, subject to the
approval of the Board of Governors, where
necessary;  and that letters of thanks be
sent to the donors of new awards.
Report of the Director of
Summer Session, 1965
The Chairman asked Dr. McGregor to comment on the Report of
the Director of Summer Session, 1965.  The Report had been circulated
to members prior to the meeting, from which it would be seen that
registration was about the same as for 1964.
Dr. McGregor )
Mr. Caple   ) That the Report of the Director of the
Summer Session be received;  that an
expression of appreciation for the Report
be sent to the Director.
Report of the Senate Committee
on Appeals of Academic Standing
The Chairman asked Dean Gage, as Chairman of the Senate
Committee on Appeals of Academic Standing, to comment on the Report of
the Committee.
Two appeals had come before the Committee.  The first was
an appeal from Mr.  Russell Neville on the standing granted to him in
the Field Work of the course of the first year of study in the School
of Social Work.  The Committee had recommended to the School that
provision should be made for a further assessment of Mr. Neville's Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3554
standing following a supplementary period of field work.  The
arrangement appeared to be satisfactory and no action by Senate was
The second was an appeal from Mr. Alan Chu against the
decision of the Faculty Council to expel him for breaking into the
Chemistry Building.  The Committee had recommended that the expulsion
ruling should stand.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Savery ) That the action taken by the Committee be
Dean Gage    )
Dean McCreary ) That the decision of the Faculty Council
to expel Mr. Alan Chu be upheld.
Report of the Registrar
The Chairman asked the Registrar to comment on the Report.
The Registrar referred to Section I of the Report which dealt
with the standing of freshman students for the Session 1964-65.
Students admitted to that Session had had to comply with new admission
requirements and the Registrar thought the overall failure rate of
15.4% was extremely good.
Section II of the Report showed the standing of students
admitted in September 1964 from Grade 12, with less than 60% average.
A standing of 58% permitted one examination repetition;  5970 permitted
two examination repetitions;  students with a standing of less than 56% Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3555
were refused admission.  Of the 177 students admitted, 25 had obtained
clear passes in May;  89 had obtained at least nine units, some of whom
would clear their standing through supplementals;  63 had obtained no
credit.  The same policy was used in the admission of students to the
1965-66 Session.
Dr. Kania asked that a summary of figures should be provided
showing a comparison of results before and after the new admission
requirements came into effect.
In turning to Section III of the Report, the Registrar said
that there had been a problem in connection with re-admission of
failures.  The problem had arisen because at the time of issue of
students' marks it was known that Grade 13 would no longer be available
in Vancouver.  To safeguard the students1 opportunity for a second
chance, the Registrar had taken it upon himself to permit 202 students
to re-enrol for the First Year, although they were not entitled to do
so under the regulations laid down in the 1965-66 Calendar.  The
regulation was as follows:
"A student who passes in fewer than six units (two courses) in the
first year of University following Grade 12 will not be permitted
to re-enrol at University to repeat the studies of that year.
Consideration will be given to re-admitting a student in this
category following his satisfactory completion of Grade 13 or its
equivalent" page F23, 1965-66 Calendar.
It was anticipated that approximately one-third of the
students would re-enrol, all of whom would be on probation.  At
Christmas the cases would be reviewed by the Faculties. Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3556
The Chairman said he thought Senate should review the position
and that there should be a special Standing Committee of Senate on
Admissions.  There was also the question of whether or not a change
should be made in admission standard.  That Committee could then make
its recommendations to Senate.  The President said he hoped to have
the matter of a new committee up for approval later during the Fall.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Justice )
Nemetz    ) That Section I be received for information;
that Senate agree to continue the admissions
policy as indicated in Section II for one
more year, until the new senior secondary
school curriculum came into effect; that
Senate concur with the action of the
Registrar as described in Section III and
ask for a review of the regulation in view
of the change in post Grade 12 education.
Municipal Administration Course
The Report of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration in connection with the Municipal Administration Course,
which had been circulated in advance, was received for information.
Proposed New Courses - Department
of Mineral Engineering
Dean Cowan told the meeting that the Faculty of Graduate
Studies, at its meeting on August 26, 1965, had approved by a
substantial majority two new courses to be offered by the Department
of Mineral Engineering.  The courses were as follows:
Min. 590 (1-3) Special Advanced Topics
Min. 598 (1)   Seminar Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3557
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had recommended the two
courses to Senate for implementation in the Session 1965-66.
Dean Cowan )
Dean Gage  )  That the proposed new courses be
Letters of Appreciation
Letters of appreciation had been received from Mrs. Allardyce
and Mrs. Naegele for memorial tributes spread on the minutes of Senate
at its previous meeting.
Other Business
Student Fees
The Chairman commented on the announcement by Simon Fraser
University that all students who made first-class honours on high
<• school graduation examinations would get the other half of their fees
* paid by the University.  One-half of the fees would have already been
* paid by Provincial Government scholarships.
* Survey by Students of Teachers
* in Faculty of Science
The students of the Faculty of Science had carried out a
survey of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Science and had
published a report.  Dean Okulitch explained that the report was
based on questionnaires distributed to students by a student
committee;  of one hundred instructors whose teaching was analysed,
% Wednesday, September 8, 1965
about eighteen had unfavourable reports.
The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.
\.       /Secretary.
Coittirmed, Wednesday, September 8, 1965       3559
New Awards and Changes in Awards
(see page 3552)
The Dr. Ernest Billig Memorial Bursary
Bursary of $150 to be awarded annually to a student proceeding
to a degree in Medicine or in Education.
Financial Executives Institute Graduate Scholarship
Annual scholarship of $100 to encourage graduate studies in
Controllership and Financial Management.
The Catholic Women's League of Canada, Vancouver
Diocese, Bursary
$50 offered as a tribute to the women who have voluntarily
served at the Catholic Library and Information Centre.
The St. Joseph's Unit, Local 180, Scholarship
$250 offered to students proceeding in the fall from Grade XII
or XIII of secondary school to a full programme of studies at
the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, or
Simon Fraser University in any field leading to a degree.
The Dr. Wallace Wilson Leadership Award
Annual award of $100 to be given in appropriate form, such
as books, to a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the
University of British Columbia.
The Bennett & White Construction Co. Bursaries
Bursaries totalling $2,000, to be offered annually for a
period of five years to deserving students in the Totem Park
International College of Dentists Scholarship
$100 to be offered to students completing the Third Year of
Changes in Awards
Valcartier Camp Chapter, I.O.D.E. Bursary
A bursary of $100, offered to students in any year and faculty
at the University of British Columbia.


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