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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1969-05-21

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 Wednesday, May 21, 1969,
The ninth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the Session 1968-69 was held on Wednesday, May 21,
1969 at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong,
Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Dr. M. Bloom, Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Mr. C. B. Bourne,
Mr. D. M. Brousson, Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, Mr. F. J. Cairnie,
Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dean I. McTaggart-Cowan, Dean G. F.
Curtis, Mr. W. Ferguson, Mr. D. A. Freeman, Dr. S. M. Friedman,
Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. N. A. Hall, Mr. J. S. Keate,
Dr. D. T. Kenny, Rev. E. C. LeBel, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Dean S. W. Leung,
Mr. K. M. Lysyk, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary, Dr. C A.
McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, Mr. I. S. McNairn, Mr. D. F. Manders,
Mr. K. Martin, Mr. J. R. Meredith, Mr. D. F. Miller, Mr. D. Munton,
Dr. J. M. Norris, Dr. H. P. Oberlander, Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. G. J.
Parfitt, Dr. A. J. Renney, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dr. G. Rosenbluth,
Mr. S. Rush, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dean M. Shaw, Acting Dean C E. Smith,
Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. M. W. Steinberg, Dr. R. W. Stewart, Mr. B.
Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. G. H. N. Towers, Mr. M. Waldman, Dr. H. V. Warren,
Dr. Wm. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Rev. R. A. Wilson, Dean J. H. Young,
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Mr. T. A. Myers, Mr. J. F. Stott
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Mr. S. Black, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. D. H. Copp,
Mr. J. Guthrie, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. Macdonald, Dr. F. A. Morrison,
Mr. J. V. Rogers, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Mrs. B. E. Wales, Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
It was pointed out that on Page 5044, under the heading: Faculty
of Dentistry, New Courses, Restorative Dentistry 448, Human Growth and
Development IV, had been inadvertently omitted.
Dean Gardner)      That the Minutes oh the eighth
Dr. Norris )      regular meeting oh Senate hoi the
Session  J968-69, having been
circulated, be taken as read and
adopted, with the above correction.
Carried Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
The Chairman congratulated Dr. McDowell on his receipt of the
Chemical Institute of Canada Medal, and also congratulated Dean
Armstrong, Dr. Belshaw and Dr. Scott, on their election to the Royal
Society of Canada.
The Chairman noted that this was the last Senate at which Chancellor
Buchanan would be present and thanked Mr. Buchanan on behalf of the
University for his fine services over the past three years.
Notification of approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate Recommendations
(a) Proposals of the Faculty of Graduate Studies for new courses and
course changes in Poultry Science shown in Appendix B of the
previous Senate Minutes.
(b) Proposal of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences that English 100
be a required course either of the First or Second year of the
B.Sc. (Agr.) programme of studies so that those students who
require three sciences in the First Year may postpone English 100
until the Second year.
(c) Course proposals of the Faculty of Law shown on Pages 5026-27
and 5041 of the Senate Minutes.
(d) Recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies that an M.Sc.
Programme in Audiology and Speech Sciences be offered by the
Department of Paediatrics in the Faculty of Medicine, subject
to receipt of the necessary capital funds.
The Chairman explained that there was a very great likelihood not
only of operating grants but also of capital grants being obtained
for item (d), which had been held up for some time on the basis of
financial problems.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Columbia Corrections Association Bursary
Increased from $50 to $100. Wednesday, May 21, lyby.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
List No. 1 named the leaders in the various degree programmes and
noted other awards made in the graduating classes.
Dean Okulitch)      That the change in award be
Dean Cowan  )     accepted subject to the approval
oh the Board oh Governors, and
that a letter oh thanks be sent
to the donor, and that the medals,
prizes, scholarships and hellowshlps
bz awarded as recommended in List
No.   1.
Curriculum Committee
New courses and course changes from the Faculty of Arts
referred to on Pages 5043-44 of the previous Senate Minutes
In recommending approval of the proposals of the Faculty of Arts,
the Curriculum Committee suggested that in connection with the new
Inter-departmental course History 115/Philosophy 100 (6 units)
(Science and Society in the Modern West), it would be useful if the
course were made available to a number of Science students.  The
Committee also suggested that the course might be strengthened in its
instruction if some way could be found of involving at least one member
of the Faculty of Science, perhaps on a guest lecturing basis.
Dean Okulitch on behalf of the Faculty of Science, and Dr. Norris
on behalf of Professors Straker and Levy, who would be conducting the
course, indicated their willingness to act on the recommendations of
the Curriculum Committee.
New courses and course changes from the Faculty of Science
referred to on Page 5045 of the previous Senate Minutes
Approval confirmed. Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
New Programmes Committee
(i) Proposals of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to offer a
Ph.D. Programme in Business Administration in the field
of Accounting.
The Committee had noted that in the last year Senate had
approved the Ph.D. Programme in Business Administration in the
fields of Finance, Marketing and Organizational Behaviour and
now supported the proposal to extend that programme to the field
of Accounting.
Mr. Bourne)        That the proposal oh the Faculty
Dr. Smith )        oh Graduate Studies to ohh^i &
Ph.d. Programme in Business
Administration in the iield oh
Accounting be approved.
(ii)  Proposal of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to offer Ph.D. and
M.Sc. Programmes in Astronomy within the Department of Geophysics.
The Committee had fully discussed the proposal with Professors
Ovenden and Slawson and recommended Senate's approval.  The
Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies that had dealt with
this proposal recommended that "all previous recommendations should
be subject to review, either within stated periods of two years,
or as requested in a personal application to the Dean of Graduate
Studies".  The New Programmes Committee concurred with this
Mr. Bourne) That the proposal oh the Faculty
Dean Cowan) oh Graduate Studies to ohhn Ph.d.
and M.Sc. Programmes in Astronomy,
within the department oh Geophysics,
be approved.
Carried Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
New Programmes Committee  (Continued)
(iii)  Proposal to change the name of The Institute of Fisheries
to "The Institute of Animal Resource Ecology", submitted
by the Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Committee reported that the curricula of the Department
of Zoology and the Institute of Fisheries in the theoretical and
applied aspects of the ecology of wild animal resources had been
revised in recent years and the proposal under discussion was
now to change the name of the Institute of Fisheries to a name
that reflected these new arrangements.  The Committee felt the
new name to be appropriate.
Mr. Bourne   )     That the proposal oh the Faculty
Dr. Oberlander)     oh Graduate Studies to change the
name oh the Institute oh Fisheries
to The Institute oh knimal Resource
Ecology be approved.
Following an explanation of the proposal by Dean Cowan, the motion
was carried.
Long-Range Objectives Committee
Drafts of the first few chapters of the report of the Committee
had been circulated.
Before discussion commenced, Dr. Belshaw graciously accepted the
gift of a safety helmet from Mr. Munton.  He considered it to be an
appropriate gift in view of the dangerous and subversive nature of
the document!
Dr. Belshaw stressed that the Committee at this stage did not wish
Senate to pass any resolutions on the recommendations contained in the Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
Long-Range Objectives Committee  (Continued)
report but had made the draft available in order to receive criticism,
discussion, reaction and views, prior to presenting their final report.
Dr. Belshaw hoped that the draft could be circulated to the Faculties,
Alumni, Faculty Association, and Alma Mater Society, and also to the
newly elected Senators.
The Chairman then asked for comments from the floor.
It was pointed out that the term "foreign students" used in Table 1,
on Page 23, could be misinterpreted and clarification of this status was
thought desirable.  It was suggested the wording be "students who give
their home addresses as being outside Canada" would be more appropriate;
if this were done the figure of 13.2% would be approximately halved.
Mr. Meredith)      That members oh Senate take note
Dean Young )      oh the receipt oh the drahted
sections oh the report and agree
to make their views known to the
Chairman or the Secretary oh the
Committee with suggestions regarding
wording or points that have not been
A deadline for the submission of comments was suggested and also
the possibility of holding an open hearing. However, it was considered
that since the majority of people would be away during June and July,
a hearing would not be well attended.
Some sections of the report such as restriction of enrolment
required definitive action by September and whilst other recommendations
such as those contained in Chapter 4 were less urgent, it was felt that
even if Senate did not discuss the whole report in one night it would
be desirable to have a complete structure available for Senate by September. Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
Long-Range Objectives Committee  (Continued)
It was reported that the Academic Board for Higher Education in B.C.
had requested that they be brought into discussions of the Long-Range
Objectives Committee on the subject of restricting enrolment, before
the recommendations were finalized for submission to Senate. There
waa considerable support for this proposal.
Concern was expressed at the omission of suggestions as to the
method of restricting enrolment and it was hoped that consideration
would be given to the role of the various faculties within the University
in relation to the requirements of the Province as a whole, and the
nation.  It was pointed out that the faculties of Arts and Science had
a dual role which should not be overlooked, in that they serviced other
faculties. It was suggested that some of the smaller faculties such
as Agricultural Sciences, Forestry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, were
the only source of instruction in their fields of study in the Province.
It was therefore essential to consider the needs of the community when
discussing restriction of enrolment in such areas.
It was agreed that ideas and comments must be in the hands of
the Chairman or the Secretary of the Long-Range Objectives Committee
by mid-August if they were to be considered in time for inclusion in
the final report.
The motion was then carried.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Graduate Studies
(1)   New Courses and Course Changes (Listed in Appendix A.)
Referred to the Curriculum Committee. Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Graduate Studies (Continued)
(ii)  Proposal to offer an M.Sc. Programme in Surgery
Referred to the New Programmes Committee.
(iii)  Proposal to offer a Ph.D. Programme in Business
Administration in the field of Management Science
Referred to the New Programmes Committee.
(Iv)  Proposal to offer a Ph.D. Programme in Community
and Regional Planning
Referred to the New Programmes Committee.
The President reported that at recent meetings of the faculties
there had been other proposals for programmes of study, some of which
should be considered for offering in September.  He therefore asked
the Curriculum Committee and the New Programmes Committee to make
every effort to review the proposals of the faculties as soon as they
become available, in order that they may be considered by Senate at
its meeting of June 25, 1969.
Candidates for Degrees - Congregation 1969
Lists of candidates for degrees to be awarded at the Spring
Congregation 1969 were circulated at the meeting.
Dr. Warren   )   That the candidates h°i degrees
Dean Okulitch )   as approved by the Faculties be
granted the degrees h°i which
they were recommended, and that
the Registrar, in consultation
with the deans concerned and the
Chairman oh Senate make any
necessary adjustments.
Carried Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
Candidates for Degrees - Congregation 1969 (Continued)
It was reported that three candidates for degrees had died during
the term and special consideration for the granting of their degrees
posthumously was requested.
Dean Cowan)
Dean Young)
Dr. Webber)
Dr. Gibson)
Dean Armstrong)
Mr. Brousson )
That, as recommended by the
department oh GeAman, the
M.A. degree be granted
posthumously to Miss Irma Kriese,
who had completed course work
in a non-thesis programme, and
whose lihe had tragically ended
behore she could receive her
That the degree oh doctor oh
Medicine be granted posthumously
to Mr. Paul Alexander donaldson
who had maintained high academic
standing in spite oh progressive
disease throughout his second and
third years and who had died this
That the degree oh Bachelor oh
Applied Science be granted
posthumously to Mr. Elwood Arthur
Peskett, an outstanding student
who received hin>t- class marks
at Christmas in his (Jinat year
and who died ahter a skiing
accident on Christmas day.
B. C. School Trustees' Association
An application for membership on Senate under Section 23 (i) of
the Universities Act had been circulated.
The size of Senate was already giving cause for concern and in the
course of the discussion it was suggested that Section 23 (g) of the Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
B. C School Trustees' Association  (Continued)
Universities Act be brought to the attention of the Association, namely:
"Four members to be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council, only one of whom shall be an official of
the Department of Education."
Representation could be achieved through this section of the Universities
Act or under Section 23 (h), i.e. members of Convocation. It was also
pointed out that two school trustees were on the Senate at the present
time both of whom were members of faculty, namely Mr. Bowers and
Dr. Oberlander.
It was decided that no final decision would be made until the
Chairman had had an opportunity to discuss the request with Simon
Fraser University and the University of Victoria, since it was thought
likely that they too would have been approached.  The Chairman agreed
to report back to Senate at a later date.
Student unemployment during the Summer
Mr. Rush had circulated information concerning the difficulties
students were having in finding employment during the summer months to
assist them in financing their studies during the Winter Session.  He
was extremely concerned at the financial burden placed upon students
who are unable to find employment during the summer.
Mr. Rush   )      That the U.B.C. Senate recommend
Mr. Ferguson)      to the Board oh Governors that it
reduce tuition  jjeea on a sliding
scale hor students who are umemployed
during the summer and who demonstrate
financial need, and that this
recommendation be reherred to the
President's Committee on PJLacement
Services hoi determining specihically
how it may be implemented. Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
Student unemployment during the Summer  (Continued)
Members of Senate were in sympathy with the difficulties experienced
by students but could not support a recommendation to reduce fees for
those students who were unable to find employment during the summer.
It was made clear that the Board of Governors may not incur any
liability or make any expenditure which puts the University in a deficit
position.  It was pointed out that the budget for the coming year had
already been fixed and was insufficient for the needs of the University
as it was.  It would therefore be impracticable to recommend to the
Board of Governors that a reduction in fees be authorized for some
It was suggested that the main issue was not the lack of employment,
but the lack of funds, and therefore increased financial assistance for
students in the form of bursaries and scholarships was a more realistic
Dr. Gibson)       That the motion be amended to read:
Mr. Bibbs )        That the Senate recommend to the
Board oh Governors that h^Hher
loan  jjond* and bursaries be
sought  fjAom the Provincial Government and  jjAom the University
Resources Council, in an attempt
to meet the problem oh student
summer umemployment.
After further discussion the motion, as amended, was carried.
Other Business
A question was raised as to the regulations concerning the place
of residence and payment of travelling expenses of Convocation members
of Senate. One of the nominees for the coming election of Convocation Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
members resided in Quebec, and another in Calgary.  Concern was expressed
at their possible inability to attend meetings regularly and also at
the expense if it were to be covered by the University.  It was explained
that the two people concerned had made arrangements for their own
travel should they be elected.
The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 25, 1969.
Chairman. Wednesday, May 21, 1969.
Proposals of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
New courses and course changes
Commerce and Business Administration
New Courses
658 (1*5) Research Seminar in Accounting
659 (1*5) Directed Studies in Accounting
and Information Systems
Management Science
584 (3) Mathematical Programming
585 (3) Applied Stochastic Processes
681 (1*5) Seminar on Theoretical Developments
in Management Science
682 (1*5) Seminar in Optimization Methods
551 change in number, title and description
and an upgrading to the Ph.D. level:
651 (l*s) Advanced Accounting Seminar
Management Science
581 change in title, description and unit
value: 581 (1*5-3) Seminar in Business
Applications of Management Science
582 - change in title and description
583 unit value changed 1*5 to 1*5-3
New course:
(3) L
New Course:
New Courses:
Literature of the French-Speaking World
Studies in Literary Criticism
Problems in Phonology
Problems in Comparative and
Historical Linguistics
Problems in Grammatical Analysis
Linguistic Problems in a Special Area
Field Methods in Linguistics
Problems in Dialectology
Master's Thesis


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