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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1947-12-17

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Wednesday, December 17, 1947.
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia was held on Wednesday, December 17,
1947, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N.A.M.MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean D. Buchanan, Dean J.N. Finlayson, Dean G.F.Curtis, Dr.
O.J. Todd, Mr. W.H.Gage, Dr.H.J.MacLeod, Mr.F.A.Forward,
Dr.J.C.Berry,Dr.G.H.Harris, Mr.F.Read, Mr.G.D.Kennedy, Mr.
H.N..MacCorkindale, Mr. J.F.Burd, Mr. A.R.Lord, Mr.H.O.
English, Mr.K.P.Caple, Brig.Sherwood Lett, Mr. A.E.Lord,
Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. G.G.Sedgewick, Dr.F.A.Turnbull, Dr. H.V.
Warren, Rev. K.E. Taylor.
Expressions of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Dr. J.M. Ewing, Dr. J.F.Walker, Dr.A.E.
Grauer, Dean Clement, Mrs. Creighton, Dean M.Dorothy
Mawdsley and Mrs. K. E. Beckett.
The President called attention to the death since the
last regular meeting of Senate of the late Dr. H.R.Trumpour,
former Principal of the Anglican Theological College.
Dr. Sage  )
Dr. Warren) That the Committee on Memorial Minutes
prepare a statement to be spread on
the minutes of Senate and a copy sent
to Mrs. Trumpour.
Accordingly, the following memorial statement has been
The members of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia wish to express their deep regret
at the passing of Dr. H. R. Trumpour.  They
remember with respect and affection his cheerful
personality, his willing co-operation, and his
generous tolerance during the period he served
as Principal of the Anglican Theological College.
His years of service to the University and to his
profession merit the grateful memory which the
Senate now records. 1360
Wednesday, December 17, 1947-
Mr. A.E. Lord)
Dr. Turnbull ) That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of October 22nd
be approved.
Mr. A.E.Lord)
Brig. Lett  ) That the minutes of the special
meeting of November 27th be approved.
Notice of Appointment of Committee on Senate Elections
In accordance with the resolution passed at the meeting on October 22nd, the following members of Senate were
appointed to serve on the Committee on Senate Elections:
Mr. A. R. Lord (Chairman)
Mr. F. A. Forward
Dr. J. C. Berry
From the  Board of Governors
Sherritt-Gordon Fellowship in Metallurgy     - Approved
New courses in Social Work 559, Anthropology 300 and
400 - Approved
Course in History of Living Religions - Approved
Faculty of Medicine
The Board of Governors at the meeting on
December 1st passed the following resolution concerning
the recommendations of Senate regarding the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine at the University of
British Columbia:
1. That this report from Senate be made available
to the Press as a release from Senate;
2. That this report be received, laid on the table
and discussed with the Provincial Government in
due course;
3. That the Committee appointed to consult with the
Hospital Board with respect to the Hamilton
Report be authorized to co-operate with the
Vancouver General Hospital Board, the City of 1361
t  *
Wednesday, December 17, 1947.
W Vancouver and such other authorities as may be
interested in order to see that sufficient
hospital teaching beds are made available at the
earliest possible date.
The following new awards had been accepted by the
Board of Governors subject to the approval of Senate:
1. The Canadian Forest Industries Scholarships
To encourage undergraduates to work in the field
of forest entomology the forest industries of
Canada, including the B.C. Loggers' Association,
the B.C. Lumber and Shingle Manufacturers1 Association, the Pulp and Paper Association of
Eastern Canada, and the Canadian Lumberman's
! Association have donated through the Forest
Insects Control Board eight annual scholarships
of $200.00 each.  Of these scholarships two are
available for forestry students registered in
the second or a higher year at the University
of British Columbia.
Awards to students in British Columbia will
A be made on the recommendation of a Committee con
sisting of two members appointed by the President
of the University, the Provincial Representative
on the Forest Insects Control Board, and a representative of the Dominion or Provincial Entomological Services.  Applications, on forms
available at the Registrar's Office, must be
submitted to the Registrar not later than
October 1st.
In making awards, special desire and aptitude
for research in forest entomology will be governing factors.  Due weight will also be given to
scholastic standing and physical fitness.
2. British Columbia Teachers' Federation Scholarship
s Notice was received from the British Columbia
Teachers' Federation that they had increased their
Scholarship from $50.00 to $100.00 annually.
3*      The Hewitt Bostock Memorial Lecture Prize
A prize of $25.00 will be awarded for the best
essay on the lecture given under the terms of the
Hewitt Bostock Lectureship.  The award is open to
A students in any year and faculty.
M 1362
Wednesday, December 17, 1947.
4«  The Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of
 Pharmacy Bursaries	
A grant of $600.00 from the Canadian Foundation
for the Advancement of Pharmacy is given to provide
two teaching bursaries of $300.00 each in the
Department of Pharmacy.
5. The Merck Awards
Through the generosity of Merck & Company,
Limited, Montreal, two awards, each consisting of
the Merck Index, the Merck Manual of Therapeutics
and Materia Medica. and Reagent Chemical and
Standards by Joseph Rosin, are available annually
for students in Pharmacy.  The awards will be made
to the two students obtaining the highest standing
in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
Mr. Gage     )
Dean Finlayson)That these awards be accepted
by Senate and letters of thanks
sent to the donors.
Mr. Gage, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee on
Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries, announced the following awards made since the October meeting of Senate
The Canadian Forest Industries Scholarships
($200 each)
James Myles Kinghorn (4th Year B.S.F.)
Eric David Dyer (4th Year B.S.F.)
Cariboo Gold Quartz Company Limited Scholarship
James William Lee, B.A.Sc. ($100)
The Britannia Mining and Smelting Company Limited
Scholarship ($250)
James Thomas Fyles, B.A.Sc.
Mr. Gage  )
Mr.A.E.Lord) That these awards be approved.
For the information of Senate Mr. Gage stated that the
United Odd Fellows Bursary had been awarded to Miss Marilyn
Betty Anne Gray instead of the formerly announced recipient 1
Wednesday, December 17, 1947-
who had received another award.
Report of the Committee on Senate Elections
Mr. A. R. Lord, Chairman of the Committee on Senate
Elections presented a report including the following
1. That the election of the Chancellor and the fifteen
elective members of Senate be held at the Registrar's
Office on Wednesday, May 26th, 1948.
2. That the following be asked to serve as scrutineers:
(a) Rev. Principal J.G. Brown, Rev. Principal
K.E. Taylor, Mr. H.O. English and Mr. H.N.
(b) The representatives of the Faculties on Senate
or their successors.
3. That no change be made in the election procedure
adopted by Senate on December 21st, 1938.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Berry  ) That this report be approved.
Mr. English)
Mr. Forward) That the personal information to be
printed concerning the candidates
nominated be left in the hands of
the Registrar.
The Secretary drew attention to the increasing cost of
publishing the Election Register and raised the question
whether, in the event that the University Act should be
opened in the Legislature at some future date, a change in
the election procedure should be proposed which would
eliminate the necessity of printing and distributing the
list of Members of Convocation. 1364
Wednesday, December 17, 1947*
Mr. A.E.Lord)
Dr. MacLeod ) That the suggestion be laid on the
table for future consideration and
that the question be referred to the
Alumni Association for their opinion.
Report of the Committee on a Faculty of Pharmacy
The report of the Senate Committee on a Faculty of
Pharmacy, tabled at a previous meeting of Senate, was again
presented for consideration.  The Chairman suggested that
the matter might stand over until the February meeting to
allow the Committee time to review the question and to
gather additional information.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. A.R.Lord ) That the Senate Committee be asked
to consider the matter further prior
to the February meeting of Senate.
Report of the Library Committee
The Report of the Library Committee which had been
laid on the table at the October meeting was taken up for
consideration.  Dr. Sedgewick stated that he thought the
book expenditures were too small for the University as it
is now or will be, especially if graduate work is extended.
General discussion followed regarding ways and means of
increasing grants for books, in particular for the departments dealing with the Humanities, which have no appropriation comparable to that allowed science departments for
laboratory supplies and equipment.
Mr. A.E.Lord )
Dr. Sedgewick) That the report of the Library
Committee be received and a vote 1365
Wednesday, December 17, 1947-
of appreciation sent to the Librarian,
the Library Staff, and the Library
Committee, and that the suggestions
made regarding possible increases to the
Library be brought to the attention of
the Board of Governors.
It was also suggested that a "Friends of the Library"
group might be organized to give more publicity to the
needs of the Library.
Dr. Turnbull )
Dr. Sedgewick) That the Chair appoint a small
committee to consider the advisability of establishing a "Friends
of the Library" organization.
Interim Report of the Department of University Extension
The Interim Report of the Department of University
Extension which had been tabled at the October meeting was
taken up for consideration:
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sedgewick) That the report be received and
filed and that Senate express to the
Department of University Extension
its appreciation of the admirable
work that is being carried on.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. A.E.Lord ) That the Extension Department be
asked to make such regular reports
to Senate as agreed upon by the
Chair in consultation with the
Director of the Department of
University Extension.
Speaker for the Spring Congregation
The President stated that as yet there was no announcement of the speaker for the Spring Congregation. 1366
Wednesday, December 17, 1947*
Victoria College Council
Dean Buchanan reported that progress had been made by
Victoria College in its efforts to accommodate the increased
enrolment.  He stated that most satisfactory conditions prevailed generally throughout the institution.
The question ofa suitable date for the special meeting
of Senate to consider Christmas examination results was
Mr. A.E.Lord)
Mr. Gage   ) That the special meeting of Senate
be held on Tuesday, December 30th.
Dr. G. H. Harris presented a request from students in
the Department of Horticulture who wish an additional 1^
units in Ornamental Horticulture,  lt was suggested that 1^
units be given in the Second Term to supplement the course
in Horticulture 316 increasing it to the value of 3 units.
The course would be limited to upper year students who have
completed the First Term work and who would have no other
opportunity to obtain further instruction in this particular branch of Horticulture.
Dr. Harris)
Dr. Berry ) That this request be granted.
Dr. Warren asked if members of the Faculty and Alumni
might have access to information concerning the Government
grant to the University and to other sources of information
which would show comparative expenditures on University
education in British Columbia, the United States, and the 1367
Wednesday, December 17th,1947.
British Isles.  He felt authoritative information of this
sort would be useful in replying to criticisms of the University and in efforts to publicize the work of the University and its need of support.
The President replied that most of this information
could be obtained from government documents and stated that
he would be glad if those interested in supporting the University would use the available information to advantage.
Dr. Todd referred to the report of the Senate Committee
on the Colour of Hoods for Degrees in Law, Home Economics
and Social Work presented to Senate in February, 1946.  At
that time the colour for the hood for the degree of Bachelor
of Laws was only tentatively chosen.
Dr. Todd   )
Dean Curtis) That the colour for the Bachelor of
Laws hood be amethyst violet as
found in Ridgeway's Colour Standards
and Nomenclature, Plate XI.
In amendment
Mr. MacCorkindale)
Dr. Lett        ) That this be left with the
Committee to consult with Dr.
Lett and other members of the
Legal profession with power
to act.
The amendment was put to vote and Carried.
The President read a letter from Archbishop Duke asking
that Senate hear a delegation from the British Columbia
Catholic Education Association regarding the affiliation of
a Roman Catholic College with the University.  The President
stated that three gentlemen, Mr. J. F. Brown, Dr. David A.S. 1368
Wednesday, December 17th,1947<
Steele, and Mr. A.E. Branca (two of them graduates of the
University of British Columbia) had been to see him in this
connection.  After some discussion
Mr. Lett    )
Mr. A.E.Lord) That the informal request of the
British Columbia Catholic Education
Association to be allowed to present
their views before Senate be granted
and that their delegation be received
at some suitable time.
The meeting adjourned.
c^Z*^^  ^ y*»^£-


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