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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1942-12-16

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Wednesday, December 16th, 1942
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia for the session 1942-43 was
held on Wednesday, December 16th, 1942, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  Dean D. Buchanan, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dr.
J. C. Berry, Dr. G. H. Harris, Dr. H. J. MacLeod, Mr. F. A.
Forward, Dr. 0. J. Todd, Mr. A. R. Lord, Rev. Dr. H. R.
Trumpour, Dr. M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. A.
E. Dal Grauer, Dr. J. F. YJalker, Mrs. Sally Murphy
Creighton, Mr. Lyle A. Atkinson, Mr. Fergus Mutrie and the
Most Rev. A. U. dePencier.
Archbishop dePencier)
Dr. Warren ) That Dean Buchanan be
appointed Chairman pro-tern.
A letter was received from Mrs. Klinck expressing the
President's regrets at being unable to attend the meeting
and extending to the members of Senate their Greetings and
Best Wishes for the Christmas Season.
Dr. Todd    )
Mr. A.R.Lord) That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of October 21st,
1942, be taken as read, and adopted.
Appointment by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council of
Representatives on Senate
The Secretary stated that, in accordance with the
resolution passed by Senate on October 21st, he had again
written to the Honourable the Minister of Education with
respect to the appointment by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-
Council of three members of Senate but that no reply had
been received up to the present time. 922
Wednesday, December 16th, 1942.
Appointment of Committee on Lecture and Laboratory
Accommodation and Student Aid
The Chairman requested an expression of opinion from
the Senate as to whether this Committee should be struck at
the present time or its appointment be deferred pending the
passing of the Order-in-Council naming the Government's
representatives on Senate.
Dr. Walker )
Archbishop dePencier) That the President be authorized to proceed with the
appointment of this Committee.
Speaker for the Spring Congregation
Dr. Todd   ) That the matter of the selection of a
speaker for the Spring Congregation be
left in the hands of the President.
From the Board of Governors
Re-establishment of a Department of Home Economics -
Courses discontinued - Received for information.
From the Faculties
In reference to the question of Spanish (a) as a
subject of instruction in the University and (b) as a
subject for University Entrance, referred to the Faculties by Senate, the following resolutions adopted and
referred to Senate by each of the Faculties at its
regular December meeting, were received:
(a) That Faculty approve the offering of courses in
foreign languages other than those now taught, as
soon as the University is in a position to undertake them;
1 923
Wednesday, December 16th, 1942.
(b) That until such time as Spanish is offered as a
University subject, it be recognized as a subject
for University Entrance if taken as a second foreign language.
Archbishop dePencier)
Mr. A. R. Lord      ) That the recommendations of
the Faculties be approved.
In reference to the request of Carleton College,
Ottawa, that courses given in that institution be accepted
as the equivalent of those offered in the first two years
by the University of British Columbia, the following resolution adopted by each of the Faculties at its regular
December meeting, was submitted for the approval of Senate:
"That courses taken in Carleton College be accepted
insofar as they can be equated to those given in
the University of British Columbia."
Dr. MacLeod )
Mr. Atkinson) That the recommendation of the
Faculties be approved.
A communication was received from the Faculties in
reference to the following requests of the Canadian Legion
War Services, Inc.,
1. That the University of British Columbia recognize
for pro tanto credit toward University Entrance
standing all courses offered by the Canadian Legion
Educational Services approved by the Provincial
Department of Education.
2. That the University likewise recognize for first
year credit Senior Matriculation correspondence
courses offered through the Canadian Legion Educational Services by the various provincial
Departments of Education. 7
Wednesday, December l6th, 1942.
On the basis of resolutions adopted by the Faculties,
Mr. Forward)
Dr. Grauer ) That the Senate go on record as in
favour of accepting those courses
offered through the Canadian Legion
Educational Services which are
approved by the various Provincial
Departments of Education.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of Arts
and Science that Cornelius W. Keller be granted the degree
of Bachelor of Commerce on the basis of enlistment for
active service in the Canadian army.  Mr. Keller had been
granted standing by Faculty in one three-unit course
necessary to complete the requirements for the degree.
Dr. Todd    )
Mr. A.R.Lord) That the degree of Bachelor of
Commerce be granted to Cornelius W.
Keller to be conferred at the
Spring Congregation.
The following calendar changes, to become effective in
the Summer Session, 1943, were recommended by the Faculty
of Arts and Science:
1. That Psychology 6 (Psychological Measurement and
Statistics) be allowed to count either as
Psychology or as Education.
2. That the title of Education 29 be changed to "The
Secondary School" and that the word "Elementary"
be deleted from the title of Education 32.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Todd    ) That these calendar changes be
Carried 925
Wednesday, December 16th, 1942.
The following list of courses to be given in the
Summer Session 1943 was presented:
Biology 2a/b, Chemistry 3> Economics 1, Economics 6,
Education 25/29, Education 32/39, English 2,
English 9a, French 2, Geography 2a/b, History 11a,
History 15, Mathematics 2, Mathematics 10,
Philosophy 1, Psychology 3i Psychology 6, Physics 1.
Dr. Grauer    )
Dean Finlayson) That these courses be approved.
A letter was received from the Faculty of Arts and
Science relative to the possibility of a change in the
dates of opening and closing the Summer Session 1943, in
view of a proposed change in the date of closing the
public schools in June.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Berry   ) That the President be authorized
to make any necessary change in
the dates of opening and closing
the Summer Session 1943 upon the
recommendation of the Dean of the
Faculty of Arts and Science and of
the Director of the Summer Session.
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science that Geoffrey T. L. Ashe, a student in
the Fourth Year of the Honours Course in English and
Classics, who as a conscientious objector, had been required to leave the University for alternative service, be permitted to continue as reading courses, the course work for
which he had enrolled.  The question was raised as to
whether, under the regulations of the Department of
National War Services, it is permissible for a student to 926
Wednesday, December 16th, 1942.
continue his registration and take correspondence courses
for credit toward a degree, after having been required to
report for alternative service.
Dr. Walker)
Dr. Warren) That this matter be referred to the
proper Federal authorities and that
the President be given power to act
in accordance with the ruling
Appointment of Committee on Course in Home Economics
Mr. A. R. Lord      )
Archbishop dePencier) That the President be
empowered to appoint a
Committee to consider the
course in Home Economics.
Application for the Establishment of a Faculty of Pharmacy
A letter under date of November 23rd was received from
the Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Association of the
Province of British Columbia, requesting that consideration
be given the formal application of the Council of the
Association for the establishment of a course or Faculty
of Pharmacy at a time that would meet with the approval of
the Board of Governors.
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
transmitting the following resolution passed by the Board
at the meeting on November 30th, when the application of
the Pharmaceutical Association was considered: 927
Wednesday, December 16th, 1942
"That the Board of Governors take no action at
this time with respect to this request and that
the Pharmaceutical Association be so informed."
Archbishop dePencier)
Mr. Mutrie ) That Senate concur in the
resolution adopted by the
Board of Governors.
A letter from the Secretary and President of the P.E.O,
Sisterhood, commending the decision to re-establish a
Department of Home Economics, was received and ordered
Election of Representative of Senate on the Board of
The Chairman pointed out that at the meetings of
Senate on August 21st and October 21st, 1942, the election
of a representative of the Senate on the Board of Governors
had been deferred pending the appointment by the Lieutenant-
Governor-in-Council of representatives on Senate.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Trumpour) That the election of a representative of Senate on the Board of
Governors be deferred until the next
regular meeting and that a list of
eligible members of Senate accompany
the call of the meeting.
The Senate has learned, with deep regret, of the
death of two former members, Mr. J. N. Harvey, and Mr. E.
G. Matheson.
Mr. Harvey had been the Senate representative of the
Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council from 1931 until the time of T2b"
Wednesday, December 16th, 1942
his death on December 6th, 1942.  During those years he
was a faithful attendant of the Senate meetings, and he
made the interests of this institution a major concern of
his thought.  The Senate records its high appreciation of
his public spirit and his devotion to the University.
Mr. Matheson was Senate representative of the Faculty
of Applied Science in the years 1920-21 and 1922-24; and
he had served as Instructor, Assistant Professor, and
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering from the University's beginning until his retirement in 1935-  His long
years of service to the University and to his profession
merit the grateful memory which the Senate now records.
The Chairman extended best wishes for Christmas to
all members of Senate.
The meeting adjourned.
O .(?. A^Ay—~J<^


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