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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1933-12-20

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Wednesday, December 20th, 1935
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1955-54 was
held on Wednesday, December 20th, 1955, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Hr.
E. A. Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe, Mr. F. A. Wilkin, Dr. H. F. G.
Letson, Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Mr. H. N.
MacCorkindale, Mr. G. W. Clark, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Mr.
H. T. Logan, His Honour Judge F. W. Howay, Miss M. L.
Bollert, Mr. Sherwood Lett, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. John
C Oliver, Dr. C. Killam and Miss Isobel Harvey.
Expressions of regret at their inability to be present
at the meeting were received from the Honourable George M.
Weir, Minister of Education, Mr. V. L. Denton, The Most
Reverend A. U. de Pencier, Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. J. N.
Harvey, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Mr. A. E. Lord and Mr. Sydney
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Clark ) That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of October 18th, 1953, be taken
as read, and adopted.
The President extended a welcome to Mr. MacCorkindale
as a member of the Senate.  Mr. MacCorkindale succeeds
Dr. F. J. Nicholson, resigned.
From the Board of Governors
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
giving approval to the recommendations of Senate in reference to changes in courses adopted at the meeting of
Ootober 18th, 1933. 299 .
Wednesday,   December   20th,   1935
A  letter was   received from the Board  of   Governors
approving  the   recommendations   of  Senate   with  regard   to   the
abolition of  the   Summer Session preparatory  reading
examinations   and   Summer  Session general   examinations.
Notice of appointment of Committee:
On Extra-University  Teaching
Mr.   H.   F. Angus,   Chairman
Mr.   J.   N. Harvey
Dr.  W.   H. Vance
Dr.   R.  W. Brock
Mr.  P.  A. Boving
Appointment  of  Press  Committee
Dr. Vance )
Mr. Lett ) That the Chair appoint the Press
Committee for this year.
Autumn Awards of Prizes and Scholarships
A supplementary report of awards made by the Chairman
of Senate upon the recommendation of the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes and Scholarships in conformity with
the resolution of Senate, December 18th, 1929, was read
for the information of Senate:
The Royal Institution Scholarship in first year Arts
and Science, first in general proficiency, $150.00, relinquished by George Arthur Fallis - re-awarded to Charles
William McLeish; the scholarships for second and third
places - awarded to Peter James Disney and William George
Trapp; the special grant of $50.00 each to Peter James
Disney and William George Trapp, thus released, divided
equally between William M. Morris and Mary Margaret
Buchanan. 500.
Wednesday,   December   20th,   195 5
Mr.   Logan,   Chairman   of  the   Joint Faculty  Committee
on Prizes   and Scholarships,   reported  with  regard  to   the
steps   taken   to   secure   additional   bursary   funds   to  assist
leading  students  who  were   in  financial   difficulties.     A
sum of   $2,100.00  was   raised,  and twenty-one  students
were   assisted  to   the  extent  of  $1,950.00.
President Klinck,   on behalf  of  Senate,   expressed
appreciation   of   the   very   excellent   work   done   by
Professor   Logan  and his   committee   in  connection with
these   special  bursaries.
Report   of  Committee   on  Extra-University  Teaching
Mr.   Angus,   Chairman,   presented   the   report.
Mr. Angus)
Mr. Clark) That the report be received and that
Part II - Recommendations - be considered clause by clause.
The recommendations were considered section by
section and, with slight amendments, were adopted.
Mr. Angus )
Dr. Killam) That the report as a whole, as
amended, be adopted.
Mr. Lett asked that his vote dissenting, be
The recommendations as amended and adopted are
as follows: r*"»
Wednesday,   December   20th,   1955
1. The   Committee   recommends   the  recognition  of   the   two
following  principles,   to which   its   subsequent
recommendations  are   subject:
(a) No extra-university instruction shall be undertaken under conditions prejudicial to the interests
of  the   students  of   the  university.     In  particular:
i.     All   work   shall  be   self-supporting
ii.     No  university   instructor   shall  be   overloaded  with  outside   lecturing,
iii.     No  university   instructor   shall  be   absent
from university   lectures  for  an unreasonable   time   on account   of   extra-
university   teaching.
(b) All   instructors  engaged  in extra-university
teaching   shall  be  appointed by the  university,   and
the   content  of  every  course   of   lectures   shall  be
approved  by  the   Head   of   the   Department   concerned.
Of   these  principles  the   first  is   in  substance   a
recommendation  to   the   Board   of   Governors;   the
second  a   recommendation  to   the   Faculty  Council.
2. The   following   specific   recommendations  are   made:
(a) That  the   Senate   assume   direct   responsibility
for   extra-university   instruction.
(b) That extension lecture work of the type hitherto   in  operation be   approved.
(c) That   organizations   inviting  lecturers  be
allowed   to   charge   an  admission  fee   to   defray  the
expenses   incurred  -   but  not   to   raise   money  for
other purposes.
(d) That  organized  extra-university   instruction
(i.e.   courses   of   lectures   designed  as   teaching
courses)   be  also   approved  on the  following
i.     That  the   classes   shall   not   carry
university  credit,
ii.     That,  as   already provided,   they   shall
be   self-supporting,
iii.     That as  many  departments   of   the  university as  possible   shall  offer  courses,
though not  necessarily  in  the   same  year. 502.
Wednesday, December 20th, 1933.
(e) That these policies, in their purely academic
aspects, shall be elaborated and carried out by a
Senate Committee of five to be appointed by the
(f) That this Committee shall make an annual
report to Senate on its detailed policy - the
first report to be made as early as possible.
3. It is suggested for consideration that the Late
Afternoon and Saturday morning classes, which do
carry university credit in the case of students
with proper qualifications, be held at some
central point more accessible than the university
4. The Committee recommends that the Senate thank
Mr. Falk for the offer contained in his letter to
President Klinck, and suggests that if the Senate
adopts the recommendations set out in the preceding paragraph, the proposed Senate Committee
will have time to consider the desirability of
offering this particular course of lectures in the
current session, i.e. beginning in January, 1954.
5. The President referred to the Committee certain
correspondence with Mr. Corbett, writing on behalf of the Radio Commission of Canada.  It
appears, however, that the general policy, as
between Canadian Universities and the Radio Commission,was settled at the Universities Conference
at Ottawa in 1952.
The execution of this policy, its application
within the University and the arrangements to be
made with local stations for such part of the
extra-university instruction of the University of
British Columbia as may be given by the Radio,
would appear to be matters for the proposed
Senate Committee to deal with.
Report of University Committee on Public Relations
Miss Isobel Harvey, the Senate representative on the
Committee, presented, for the information of Senate, a
report of the activities of the Committee.  Attention was 505.
Wednesday, December 20th, 1955
drawn particularly to the good work done by the Students'
Press Bureau, under the supervision of the Committee, in
sending contributions to quite a number of the newspapers
in leading cities and towns of the Province.
Selection of a Speaker for the Spring Congregation
Dr. Vance)
Mr. Clark) That the matter be left to the Chair.
A letter was received from the Institution of Civil
Engineers (London), in reply to the application of the
University for recognition, asking for a statement
giving definite information in regard to (1) requirements
for Matriculation, with sets of papers, (2) subjects of
the course with content of each and with sets of papers,
(5) instruction given in engineering drawing with samples
of work, and (4) the standard required in the courses in
the various departments, both for ordinary and honorary
Dean Brock suggested that the Secretary of the
Universities Bureau of the British Empire be asked to
undertake to have the University recognized by the institutions in the British Empire.
Dr. Vance  )
Judge Howay) That this matter be referred to the
President and Dean Brock to deal
with further.
Carried 504.
Wednesday,   December   20th,   19 55
Provincial  Parent-Teacher  Federation  of  British  Columbia
The  Federation  reported   for   the   information  of   Senate
that   out  of  the   Home   Economics  fund bursaries  to   the  extent
of  $5000   in  all  had been  awarded  to   eight  students   to
enable   them  to   carry  on their  courses   in Home  Economics   in
other universities.     The   Federation expressed  the   hope
that   some   time   in  the   future   the  course  would be  reestablished  in  the  University.
Dr.   Killam)
Mr.   Clark   )   That  the   report be   received  and filed.
An application was received from the Rev. Charles
Whyte for an honorary degree.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Clark  ) That the letter be received and
filed, and that the applicant be
Informed that the Senate does not
see its way clear to accede to the
re que st.
Recognition of British Columbia Matriculation by the
University of London
Letters were received from Major E. C. Rigby and
Mr. Derek M. Warner asking if it would be possible to
have the University of British Columbia put on the list
of universities whose matriculation examinations exempt
from the matriculation examination of the University of
London. 505.
Wednesday, December 20th, 1955
Dean Brock)
Dr. Vance ) That this matter be combined with the
other (recognition by the Institution
of Civil Engineers) and taken up with
the Secretary of the Universities
Bureau of the British Empire.
For  the   information  of   the   Senate ,a   letter   from
the   Carnegie   Corporation  of   New  York waa   read   stating
that  the   Trustees  had   set aside   $200,000  to   support
some worthy undertaking which  would   cost  not  more   than
$50,000  at  each   of   the   four  western  Canadian  universities. J   The  Chairman   reported   that  upon  receipt   of   the
letter  he  had   conferred with  the   Deans,  and  a  number  of
projects  had already been brought   forward.
Matriculation Board  -   withdrawal   of  time   limit   on
Matriculation  Examinations
A   resolution,   passed  by the   High   School   and   University Matriculation Board,   was   presented:
That  the   regulation  respecting   completion
of Matriculation within  a   specified   time
(5  years  for  Junior Matriculation  and 4
years  for  Senior Matriculation)   be   rescinded.
Dean Buchanan )
Mr.   MacCorkindale)   That   this   question be
referred   to   the   Faculties
for report   to   Senate.
Dean Brock)
Mr.   Logan   )   That   the   Secretary be   asked   to
express   the   deep   sympathy  of   the
Senate   of  this  University  to  McGill
University  on  the   loss  it  has   sustained  in  the   death of   its   distinguished  Principal,   Sir  Arthur  Currie.
Carried by  a   standing   vote. 506.
idnesday, December 20th, 1955
Dean Buchanan stated that at the next meeting of
Senate, a recommendation would be presented from the
Faculty of Arts and Science with regard to courses for the
Summer Session of 19 54.
The Chairman wished the members of Senate a very
merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Vance  ) That we adjourn.


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